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Rating: NC 17
Warnings: AU, older Xander, younger Spike
Summary: Spike is a rising star on the racetrack and Xander is his crew chief
Disclaimer: I own nothing

A/N: I know little about cars or racing so I’m leaving most of that to your imagination. I just pictured Spike as a cocky race car driver and it fit.. *shrugs* veerryyy loosely based on Days of Thunder.

Beta'd by the lovely mofetash

Thank you [info] dollydani for all your help and information about the California Speedway and the town and pizza joint! also, the announcer parts are mostly from, with a little word tweaking here and there.

Speed Demon

Denied Heaven

Banner by [info] vamptastica

Part One

It was eerily quiet, every small sound echoing loudly in the crowded garage, where there should have been laughter and the dull roar of starting cars. Raking his hand through his already disheveled black hair, Xander swore and looked down at his watch again.

Taking a deep breath in, he once again wondered if he and his crew were making a mistake taking on this young hotshot driver. He might win them more races than any other driver with twice his experience, but he would surely drive them all mad before then.

The kid was an excellent driver and had a very promising career ahead of him, but the young ones never seemed to have the control and dedication to keep winning. At twenty-three, it was his first year on the circuit, his first year with the big boys, and he didn’t seem to understand that he couldn’t just show up on race day, drive and win.

The media loved him, fans loved him, and he had so many sponsors that they were turning them down left and right. He also had the ego to go with it, one that had Xander gritting his teeth and wishing he could take the kid over his knee and beat it out of him.

Just as he was turning to dismiss his team, the door opened and Spike swaggered in, pushing up his dark sunglasses and jamming his keys into his already too tight faded jeans. He glanced at Xander with his eyebrow arched, as if to say ‘Why is everyone just sitting around?’

“You’re over an hour late,” Xander bit out, gritting his teeth. He made a mental note to make an appointment with his dentist, surely day after day with this cocky son of a bitch would result in him shattering a tooth or two or three.

Will “Spike” Thomas just smirked. “Yeah, ‘bout that. Can’t we like, move these meeting things farther up in the day? Bloke’s gotta have some time to sleep, eh?”

Tilting his head up to stare at the ceiling, Xander started counting. Not to ten, oh no, at ten he would still want to grab the thoughtless twerp by his too blonde hair and shake some sense into him.

After he felt his nerves start to calm a bit, he looked back at Spike and breathed in deep. “If you didn’t stay out till four in the morning, then maybe you could get up in time to make these ‘meeting things’, yes?” he said quietly, slowly, as if talking to a confused child.

Rolling his eyes, Spike grabbed a chair and straddled it, resting his arms along its back. “Yes, Da,” he snarked back.

Growling, he was up on his toes about to lunge at the idiot, when Oz, the calmest member of the crew grabbed him by the arm.

“Hey, boss, let’s just get started, okay? We’ve got a shitload to get done before tomorrow’s race.”

Giving him a slight smile to thank him for not letting Xander thrash the kid, he nodded. Clapping his hands, he called, “Okay, boys, you know what to do. We get this done before midnight and I’ll take you all out for pizza and beer, how's that?”

Cheers and laughter echoed in the garage as the men started pulling tools out and checking over the cars. Xander called out to Oz, and tossed him a cd to stick in the player.

Oz grinned at him when he realized it was his band’s new record and soon, hard thumping drums and loud guitar riffs were shaking the metal of the garage walls.

Turning back to Spike, he couldn’t help the twitch of his lips as he took in the boy’s face. Head resting on his arms, eyes closed and sound asleep. Shaking his head in exasperation, he walked over to him and knelt down.

Beautiful boy, he thought, startled by how much he looked like an angel when he sleeps. Blinking rapidly, he shoved the thought from his head. Woaahh now, Harris. You need this kid, can’t go scaring him off by lusting after him, now. Besides, you’d end up killing him after a week.

Reaching up to tug on a soft lock of hair, his eyes were level with the boy’s when they blinked open. Sleepy, puzzled blue eyes met amused and chiding brown.

“Mornin, sleepy head.”

“Christ, Harris. Sorry, late night,” Spike mumbled, looking down sheepishly. Xander sighed, he always forgot how young he was, too young for the amount of pressure he had placed on him.

He should know, because he had been in his shoes not so long ago. Xander had ruled the world of racing from twenty-four to twenty-eight. He’d only retired after his wife had insisted, threatening divorce. Of course, they had divorced, anyway, but he found he loved his job now too much to go back to racing himself.

At just thirty, he was one of the youngest crew chiefs and he was damn good at his job. He could have had his pick amongst the already established winners, but he had seen something promising in the young Brit. Although he had often pondered about the wiseness of his decision, the boy always pulled through and proved he had made the right one.

He didn’t always win, but he always gave it his absolute best shot. That’s really all he could ask of the kid.

That and coming to the meetings where they tested everything and ran the car over and over again. It bored the boy, often, but it was best for the driver to have some say in what goes on with the car he would be racing in.

Straightening up, he held out a hand to Spike and pulled him up. “C’mon, lets go see that beauty of ours and see how Oz is treatin’ her.”

Glancing at the standoffish and aloof expression on the blonde’s face, he said, “I know you don’t know everyone here well but these are all great guys. Loosen up a bit and show them the side you let me see occasionally and I’m sure you’ll make some great friends. They are already behind you one hundred percent, anyway.”

When Spike just looked at him, Xander sighed and slung his arm over the younger man’s shoulders, leading him to the car that Oz was currently under.

“I also know you aren’t sure about what everyone is up to in here and that bores you, but you need to understand this stuff if you are going to racing in these machines. Can’t believe your daddy didn’t teach you anything about cars cept how to drive one.”

A few hours later and Xander was torn between tearing his hair out or laughing uncontrollably. Spike had taken his advice and let down his usual cocky and arrogant persona and was getting to know the guys, but they were getting absolutely nothing done. Finally breaking up the impromptu karaoke/dancing lessons, he pulled Spike to the other end of the garage.

The kid really knew absolutely nothing about cars. Between him explaining what did what and the boy wanting to try stuff for himself, it was almost eleven o’clock before Xander considered the car raceable for the next day.

Xander stretched, yawning and rolling his head around on his neck to ease some of the pressure. He felt the sweat roll down his back and grimaced. Pulling his shirt over his head, he wiped it across his brow and thought about a shower. The other men had gone to get cleaned up before heading over to the bar/pizza joint in town.

Feeling a touch on his back, Xander jumped, startled. Turning around, he saw Spike’s smirking face.

“Sorry, Harris, din’t mean ta scare ya. C’mere and sit down a few minutes, you’re so tense you are gonna break in half.”

Letting himself be led to a nearby chair, he lowered himself into it with a groan. When fingers began kneading the muscles in his shoulders, Xander almost whimpered. The kid might be smallish and compact but he did have some muscle in him.

He let his head roll forward so those talented fingers could work on his neck. A slight brush of a fingertip against the sensitive side of his neck made him twitch, the slow burn of arousal seeping into him.

He hadn’t wanted a guy this much since his college years, preferring the soft curves of his wife, but he hadn’t forgotten how a hard muscled body felt underneath his.

Xander reached back and grabbed Spike’s hand, before he lost control and decided to pull the boy into his lap. “That was great, thanks. Let’s get washed up so we can catch up with the boys. I owe ‘em dinner, after all.”

As he stood up, he saw the boy’s eyes flicker down his body. Pulling Spike after him, he told himself he was just imagining the interest sparking in his eyes. Xander’s stomach clenched at the thought the kid might share his awareness, but he shoved all notions about acting on it away.

He was seven years the boy’s senior and they had to work together closely every day. Not to mention the fact that if the kid wasn’t gay he could be looking at losing his job or the very least, his winning racer. Sighing, he shook his head. Harris, what in hell are you getting yourself into, now?

Part Two

After they drove back to the Marriot to shower in their rooms and get cleaned up, Xander let Spike drive him the ten miles back to town to meet up with the guys. Grinning wickedly, he made the trip in less than six minutes.

Spike watched as Xander pried his hands from the dashboard and muttered a thank you to whatever gods were watching out for him that they made it in one piece. Looking over at him, Xander glared.

“I am never letting you behind the wheel of another car that isn’t on a racetrack. You’re a menace to society!”

Snickering at Xander’s pale face, he followed him into Maxwell Street Pizza, sneaking glances at the older man’s ass, which was cupped perfectly in tight jeans.

Swallowing a groan, he glanced around the place. He had never been there before when he was in this town for the Busch races, but he had heard it was a favorite of this crew when they came out this way.

There was a low murmur of voices and the sound of a jukebox playing old country songs. The place had a nice dark ambience about it and smelled of beer and rising dough, very American and not what he was used to in London.

It wasn’t very crowded, being so late at night, and it was easy to find the guys over at a corner table.

It took them a minute to get over to the crew because everyone kept stopping Xander to talk to him. Spike could tell which were fans and which were friends by the way Xander smiled and ducked his head, almost in embarrassment, when a fan stopped him. He heard a lot of teasing, asking Xander when he was going to come out of retirement.

There were a few nods and smiles Spike’s way but he was still new on the Nextel circuit and Busch series racers weren’t quite as well known as the big named stars of Nextel, even though he had won here last year.

There were already four huge pizzas on the table in front of the men and several pitchers of some kind of beer. He was pretty sure it would be American brewed and sighed in his head. He stood for a second, knowing he looked aloof but he didn’t know where to sit.

Xander beckoned him over with a jerk of his head and Spike smiled at him gratefully, even though he wasn’t sure he wanted to sit so close to the man. After having his hands on that smooth, sweaty naked flesh, he wasn’t sure he could keep from touching it again.

Grabbing a few slices of pizza and a glass of the (yes it was American but not as bad as some of the brews) beer, he scowled down at his plate in thought. Spike had wanted to touch the older man for so long, in a way that wasn’t father/son like Xander seemed to treat him, that he could hardly believe he’d had his chance and somehow blown it.

He knew how the southern American blokes felt about gay and bisexual men, so he hadn’t ever tried to make an overt pass at him, but it was getting harder and harder to ignore the feelings he was having towards the man.

It wasn’t just lust, although from the moment he had seen Xander’s dark eyes and long shaggy black hair, his face scruffy and muscles bulging in his arms as he shook his hand…Spike barely managed to bite back a whimper at the memory and shifted in his seat to subdue his growing erection.

Looking up, he realized Xander was frowning at him and noticed with embarrassment that he hadn’t taken a bite yet and had been staring down into his plate for a minute or two. Shrugging at the man, he picked up a slice, took a bite and moaned; it had to be some of the best pizza he had ever eaten. He downed the rest of it in a few bites, licking the grease from his fingers in ecstasy.

Glancing over at the dark haired man again, he saw him watching him with a strange expression on his face and Spike flushed, his eyes darting back down to his plate.

The rest of the men were talking and laughing, making jokes at Xander’s expense as he just playfully scowled at them and Spike was feeling awkward. He had finally started opening up to the pit crew tonight, even though he had been polite to them before, knowing that they were the backbone of his career, but he still didn’t feel comfortable enough with them to joke around like that.

He felt someone’s eyes on him and looked up to see Oz’s calm face looking at him, smiling when he saw that Spike had finally looked up. Oz asked him a few questions about his time spent racing in the Busch series and Spike felt himself relax at being able to contribute to the conversation impersonally.

Talking bout his career was easy for him, but anything personal he kept locked up deep inside. Even as close as he had gotten to Xander, not as close as he would like to but the older man had taken him under his wing, he knew little of Spike’s life before he came to America a few years ago to race.

Spike shifted on the bench as he got into a humorous tale about one of his last races in the Busch series and felt his thigh rub against Xander’s. His breath hitched unnoticeably and although his mouth still told the tale, his mind had wandered back earlier in the evening.

He had walked back in to get his sunglasses, which he had forgotten on his chair, and had been unable to resist touching the man’s back as he took his shirt off and wiped his face. The broad expanse of bronzed skin, muscles flexing and sweat rolling down… it had almost been enough to knock Spike to his knees.

After Xander had jumped, he realized that he had walked up to the man and had touched his bare skin. Before his face could flush, he made up an excuse of wanting to release the man’s tension, bloody hell, can I think of ways to release all of that tension, and sat him in a chair to knead the tight muscles in his neck.

It might have been a spur of the moment excuse to take away from the fact he had reached out and touched the man, but he had to admit Xander had needed it. The man was wound so tight, he needed a lot more massaging than he had let Spike give him.

Spike sighed. He had obviously been uncomfortable with another man touching his bare skin for a long period of time, damn repressed yanks. He had loved the feel of Xander’s shoulders under his hands, though. The strength coiled up inside the man made his stomach quiver even though he wasn’t a wuss himself by any means.

Something about him made Spike feel secure and protected, which was strange because he had sworn to himself that he would never again get into the position to be hurt by someone that much stronger and larger than him.

A sharp nudge in the ribs caused him to jerk and look over at Xander. The dark haired man was grinning and nodded towards the tv on the other side of the room. Spike groaned and felt his face flush as he saw himself on a commercial for motor oil.

After the commercial was over, thankfully it was short, the announcer started talking about the race that was planned for the next morning.

“Once again, folks, its Labor Day weekend, time to watch the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series stars as they ‘Race to the Chase!’ NASCAR reinvades Southern California for a finish under the lights racing spectacular at California Speedway that will be sure to catapult drivers in, or out of the ‘Chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup’.”

There were more nudges as flashes of his No. 2 car and Jeff Gordon’s No. 24 car were shown racing towards the finish line from the race last week. He had come in a close second in that one, solidifying his points standing. As long as he didn’t screw up totally in the race tomorrow, he was a shoe-in for the ‘Race to the Chase.’

The announcer continued on, “As the 25th points paying race on the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series circuit, this is an exciting event that is like none other as the cars line up side-by-side in the sunny summer afternoon to take the green flag, and 500-miles later only one driver will be celebrating in Gatorade Victory Lane under the Southern California stars.”

Spike cringed as his picture was put up on screen.

“NASCAR Nextel Cup superstars Jeff Gordon, current points leader Dale Earnhardt Jr., reigning series Champion Matt Kenseth and the newest, youngest, star of the circuit, William Thomas, or Spike as the fans know him, will take to the 2-mile, D-shaped oval for the Inaugural "Finish Under the Lights" Pop Secret 500 tomorrow. Of these four top picks, only Matt Kenseth and Spike Thomas have won on this track, Spike having won in the Busch race here just last year, going on to win the Busch series! It is sure to be an exciting race and we will be looking for all of you out here in the morning!”

Overwhelmingly glad the segment was over, Spike pushed back his chair and grinned at the guys. “As good company as you are, I gotta get goin’.” At Xander’s raised eyebrow, he smirked at him. “You want me to give you a lift back, Harris?”

Xander shook his head, “Nah, I can catch a ride with one of the guys. Don’t tell me you are actually going to bed at one in the morning?” he asked, disbelievingly.

Spike laughed, “No bloody way. Got me a date, I do.”

He watched as Xander’s eyes sparked.

“Oh, the fuck you do.”

The table went quiet as they watched the two men stare each other down, Xander’s eyes holding anger and Spike’s amusement.

“Oi, come on, Harris, I’ll tell Angel I have to be home and in bed by three! I promise, Da!”

Rolling his eyes, Xander huffed out, “Fine, whatever, Spike. I don’t know why you just don’t tell her to come and watch you race tomorrow. It’s a very important race.”

Spike bit his lip to suppress his amusement at Angel being called a girl and nodded, “Yeah I know, and I’ll be sure to invite h- er, her. I won’t let you down, Harris, I’ll be ready tomorrow.”

Xander nodded. “I know you won’t, Spike. Just please try to get a little sleep tonight.”

Spike breathed out a sigh as he stepped out into the parking lot. It wasn’t really a ‘date’ date he was going on, but he and Angel had decided to at least try one date since there was some attraction there.

Spike had met him here last year and gotten to know him, they had kept in touch by email and some long distance phone calls. Both wanted other people, but he figured it wouldn’t hurt anything; they would still be good friends regardless.

Besides, Angel had the same coloring as Xander and wasn’t as irritated by Spike as Xander often was, so maybe he could transfer the attraction over. He shook his head, disgusted with himself and the whole hopeless situation.

Part Three

Glancing over at the big black boots that clomped into his line of vision, Xander sighed when he heard the snick of a lighter.

“I really wish you wouldn’t do that when I’m under a car, covered in gasoline. No desire to become a screaming ball of fire, orange just isn't my color,” he complained.

Spike chuckled and stepped back.

Xander rolled out from under the car, wiping his oil and grease blackened hands on the towel slipped into the waistband of his jeans.

“You’re here early, anxious about today?” he asked, wiping at the sweat rolling down his face with his forearm.

Spike blinked at him a moment and shook his head, “Wha- yeah. A bit,” he admitted.

He smiled at the kid and looked around for his shirt, giving up the search after a minute in the already smoldering heat of the morning. Motioning Spike to follow, he walked towards the air conditioned garage, feeling a cold chill as it cooled the sweat rolling down his spine.

Grabbing a coke out of the cooler, he tossed one to the blonde standing next to him and waved him down to his ‘office’ at the back of the building.

A tiny shabby room with nothing more than a desk and a few chairs, and a telephone, it was all he needed for the short few days they were in town.

Collapsing into his chair, Xander leaned it back on two legs and kicked up his feet to the top of the desk, opening the coke and drinking half of it down in one long swallow. His eyes blurry from the burn of the carbonation, he almost missed the look that flashed across Spike’s eyes.

There was no mistaking the hot look in the boy’s eyes as he took in Xander’s shirtless and sweaty state, gulping down a coke as if it were the last thing on earth to drink.

Shaking his head in confusion and almost telling the boy straight out to stop sending him so many mixed signals, Xander told his body to behave.

“Come in and sit down, Spike, why you hoverin’ over there?” he said, ignoring the tense moment. Getting out an ashtray, he sat it on the corner of his desk and waited for Spike to come in.

After he sat down in one of the chairs, Xander told him about the adjustments they had made that morning, and what they would mean for him. The moment passed and Xander sighed silently in relief, glad he didn’t have to make a decision just yet.

Later that afternoon, after Spike was suited up and had already test drove the car around and they were putting the finishing touches on it, Xander smiled as he watched the boy talking with some young fans, signing shirts and posing for pictures.

He was very much the younger generation of racing fans’ idol. Not that he didn’t have fans in the older, but with his cocky ways and ‘who gives a shit’ attitude, younger fans loved him.

He might follow the rules, but he followed them his way.

When it was time for the cars to line up, he gripped Spike’s shoulder and smiled, putting on his headset and heading for the pit.

“Okay boys, give me everything you’ve got,” he told the crew, as they turned to watch the cars explode past the green flag.

Closing his eyes, Xander let the roar and rumble pulse through him, into his veins, knowing that soon he would be too hot to notice anything but the blistering sun and the position of the number two car.

Spike had qualified twentieth, and after only fifty laps, he was up in the top ten, working his way through the pack.

A couple of cautions later, with the crew getting him out of pit road first and gaining him positions, he was running third, with fifty laps to go.

With twenty-two laps to go, he eased in front of Tony Stewart, taking the lead. The crew cheered and jumped up and down, but Xander watched with speculation in his eyes. The tires were old and Spike needed badly to come in and get new ones, but he knew there would be a fight to make him give up the lead, even temporarily.

When the leading cars after him started talking through the radio about taking a pit stop, he told him to come in. After some bickering back and forth, it went quiet and Xander turned to Oz in shock.

“The cocky bastard turned off his radio! Son of a bitch.”

Near vibrating with anger, he watched Spike keep the lead even though the cars behind him had fresh tires.

One more caution and they were out, if he didn’t blow a tire before then and get himself killed.

Xander waited tensely, cringing at every almost collision.

Luckily, there were no more cautions and he passed under the checkered flag a foot before Tony Stewart.

As the deafening roar from the crowd rose up, Xander sighed in relief, making a mental note to check in the mirror later for gray hairs.

A few minutes later as he grasped Spike’s arms to help him from the car, he smiled and leaned forward, hissing into his ear, “If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I swear by all that’s Holy that I will wear. you. out.”

Letting him go, he smiled at the camera crew and picked Spike up, tossing him at the other crew members, who caught him and rose him up over their shoulders.

After much laughter and filming, they let the fans in and everything went crazy. Suddenly, a big dark haired man came over and picked Spike up by the waist and hugged him, before setting the smaller man down.

Xander frowned and walked over, about to interfere, but Spike laughed up at the man and turned to Xander.

A look flickered across his face but Xander couldn’t tell what it was. Guilt or uneasiness, maybe?

Biting into his lower lip, which made Xander shiver cuz well, he wanted to bite that lip, Spike motioned to the man.

“Xander, this is A-uh, Liam. Liam, Xander, my crew chief.”

The man gave Spike a long, considering look before turning to Xander. “Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about you, Xander. And call me Angel, please.”

Xander blinked. He looked from Spike to uh… Angel… and blinked again. Opening his mouth to comment or ask for clarification, nothing came out.

Finally he shook Angel’s hand and nodded at Spike before turning and walking back over to the other crew members.

Part of his brain, the part left over from his teenage years, was whooping and jumping up and down. He’s gay, I told you he was gay! Those looks he’s been giving you, total gayage!

The more adult part was torn between the desire to laugh or the desire to cry.

Yeah, he might be gay but he’s got Anngeell now. What the fuck kinda name is Angel? Oh god, does that mean I haven’t been imagining those looks? Have I been given my chance already and blown it? Not that it matters, cuz I can’t anyway. He’s just a kid, man. A hot, sexy, blue-eyed temptation of a kid.

Then a recurring thought.

What the fuck. Angel?

Groaning and shaking his head, he smiled weakly at Oz and Gunn, the newest member of the crew. He sensed something between the small, calm redhead and the tall black man, but it was hard to tell with Oz’s laid back personality.

Oh man, has my entire crew gone gay and no one told me?

After everything was packed up into the trailer, he walked over to his car to head back to the hotel.

He heard the sound of jogging footsteps behind him and turned around, looking into Spike’s wary expression.

Oh god, not the lip again. Fuck.

After nibbling on his lip way too long for Xander’s comfort, he looked up and said, “Can I catch a ride, Harris?”

Xander nodded and they climbed in his car, neither saying a word the whole ten miles out to the hotel.

He could feel the glances Spike kept sending his way, though, and he tightened his fingers on the steering wheel so he wouldn’t give in and ask Spike what hell he wanted from him.

Pulling into the parking lot, he sighed and turned to Spike. “Good race, kid, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Getting out of the car and locking his door before Spike could respond, he made his way inside, stopping at his suite of rooms to unlock the door.

Feeling a hand on his arm, he rolled his eyes upwards and breathed in before turning to Spike.


Big blue eyes looked at him, then down, studying the cream carpeted floor. He didn’t know where cocky Spike had ran away to, but this Spike had a kicked puppy look to him, which made him want to cuddle and –yeah, no cuddling the big bad annoyances.


The blonde sighed and looked up at him again, motioning towards the door. “Can I come in?”

Mentally scolding his body that the boy hadn’t meant it the way he took it, he nodded and opened the door, following Spike inside.

Tossing his keys and wallet onto the table by the door, he tugged his sweaty, dirty t-shirt over his head and wiped some of the grease off of his face.

Spike was pacing in front of the couch in the sitting area and looked up at him as he walked in.

“Christ, do you ever keep your clothes on?”

Xander shrugged, dropping down onto the couch with a moan. “My room,” he reminded him. “And you better hurry because in five minutes I’m stripping and walking into the bathroom to take a shower.”

Blinking his eyes rapidly at him, Spike shook his head.

“Why are you so pissed at me?” he asked.

“What?” Xander did some blinking of his own. “You know good and well why I’m pissed off at you, Spike.”

Spike studied the floor a minute and looked up, squaring his shoulders. “Is it because I’m gay? Is it going to be a problem?”

Xander’s mouth dropped open. “Jesus fucking Christ, Spike! I was pissed at you before that, not that I’m pissed at you over that. I mean, I’m mad because you turned your fuckin’ radio off, mad that you coulda gotten yourself killed running on old tires. I’m not mad at you because you’re gay, why would I be mad?”

He blinked again. “I coulda sworn I got over babbling in college.”

Spike’s mouth twitched. “I think it’s cute.”

Xander narrowed his eyes at him. “Yeah well, don’t expect a lot of it. But no, Spike, I’m perfectly fine with you being gay.”

He watched as Spike breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Why does it matter what I think?” he asked calmly, stretching out on the couch and groaning as his muscles protested.

Spike shrugged, “Just does. You’re more than just a soddin’ crew chief to me, ya know.”

He wrinkled his nose as if he was about to say something he really didn’t want to and Xander grinned at the cuteness of it.

“I need your approval, wanker. Don’t want to need it, but there it is.”

He stared challengingly at Xander as if daring him to comment. Xander just stared back, his mind whirling.

He wasn’t sure if he should be glad or annoyed over that fact. Did that mean Spike saw him as some kind of replacement father-figure?

He didn’t really want that, although the thought of bending Spike over and making him call him ‘Daddy’-

He grunted, shifting. Yeah let’s not go there.

“We’re fine Spike, I promise. I know I might snap at you a lot, but it’s because I care, you know that, right?” He got up and stood near Spike, willing him to look up at him.

When he didn’t, Xander reached down and grasped his chin, tilting his head up. “Right?”

Melting at the naked need that shone from the bright blue eyes, he moaned and bent his head, helpless to resist.

Pausing an inch or so from his lips, he waited to see what Spike would do, smiling against his lips when Spike brought his mouth up to meet Xander’s.

He brushed his lips gently over Spike’s, once, twice, before sliding his tongue into that hot sweet mouth.

They both moaned at that first intimate contact and Xander thrust his tongue deeper, wrapping his free arm around the boy’s waist and pressing him closer.

As their arousals brushed, he hissed and Spike brought his hands up, running them along Xander’s naked spine.

Drawing back, he looked down into those dazed huge eyes and thought that no angel could have eyes that blue.

Mm, angels… Angel! Fuck.

Xander stepped back, shaking his head. “We can’t do this, what the hell am I thinking?”

He ran his hands through his hair, trying not to look at the boy’s lost expression. “I’m going to take that shower, now. Make sure you lock the door on the way out.”

He walked into the bathroom and closed the door softly, leaning his back against it as his legs gave out.

He winced at the sound of the hotel room door slamming shut and closed his eyes, rubbing his hands over his face.

Laughing harshly, Xander stared up at the ceiling.

He could still taste the boy.

Part Four

The echo of the slamming door followed Spike down the brightly lit hall. Striding quickly down to the lobby and out the front doors, he ignored the looks from all the people he passed.

No one dared approach him, he had his ‘Don’t fuck with me’ mask firmly in place.

Unlocking the door to his rental car, he got in and sat there a minute, hands gripping the steering wheel as the kiss just moments before flickered through his mind.

He hadn’t been expecting it and to say he had been stunned would be an understatement.

Not that he hadn’t liked it.

Just the memory of those firm lips on his, that hard body rippling with muscle pressed against him, made his heart pound and his knees weak.

Cursing, he slammed his fist into the steering wheel.

What the bloody hell went wrong?

Spike started the car and drove aimlessly as his mind wandered.

Big brown eyes that could be so sweet or so demanding and stern.

Huge calloused hands that could do such delicate work and still hold immense strength.

That crooked grin that made his eyes twinkle and the bashful smile that was accompanied with a flush when he was complimented.

And oh bloody hell that body...

Swearing again, he shifted in his seat, forcing his thoughts away from images that made his pants tighten.

Realizing he had circled the small town three times, and really, he was sick of driving in circles today, he turned and made his way out of town.

Eleven minutes later, he pulled into Angel’s driveway in Rancho, in the foothills above the community college where his twin sister, Dru, taught.

Spike looked up at the grey two-story house and sighed. His life would be so much easier if he and Angel clicked that way, but their whole farce of a date had been spent talking about fuckin’ Xander Harris and Angel’s ex wife.

Angel opened the door rubbing his eyes and yawning, his hair stuck up in the back like a little boy’s.

Glaring sleepily at Spike when he saw who it was, he tried to shut the door back, but Spike barged on through.

Sighing and shutting the door, Angel leaned against it and sarcastically drawled, “Why, do come in, William, please, make yourself at home.”

He watched for a moment as Spike paced, then ran his hands through his disheveled black hair and grabbed the energetic man by the arm, leading him to the kitchen.

“I’m making coffee but that doesn’t mean I want you here all night. Some of us do have to work more than two days a week.”

Spike paced back and forth in the spacious kitchen, waiting for Angel to get done so they could talk. After starting the coffee maker, the bigger man turned and snorted, pointing to a chair.

“For Christ’s sake, Will, sit down and be calm. It can’t be that bad.”

Spike dropped down into the chair, leaning his elbows on the table and rubbed his palms over his face, mumbling.

Angel frowned. “What?”

Spike moved his hands, staring up at Angel, blue eyes wide and vulnerable.

“He kissed me, Angel. Out of nowhere! He kissed me then pushed me away, saying we can't and left to take a shower and told me to lock the door on the way out!”

His voice had started out soft and wondering but was high and annoyed by the end.

Angel sat down at the table with a thud.

“Huh. The man has some issues.”

Spike snorted and placed his palms back over his face. “Yeah, no shit.”

Frowning, Angel got up and poured them both a cup of the fresh-brewed coffee. He placed Spike’s on the table and brought his up to his face, savoring the aroma and trying to clear his head.

It was going to be a long night.


Xander paced in his hotel room with his cell phone to his ear, listening to the autocratic voice on the other end.

It was mid-morning and he had spent most the night going back and forth between berating himself for kissing the boy and disbelief that he had let him go.

After coming to the decision to pretend like nothing had happened, he had finally fallen into a fitful sleep, only to awaken hours later to the news that Spike was missing and had been most the night.

Then their car owner decided to call and bawl him out over the stunt the boy had pulled yesterday, and it was giving him a severe headache.

“Yes, Mr. Wolfram, I totally agree with you.”

Frowning, Xander opened his door at the loud knock, not surprised to find Spike standing there.

He waved him in and continued into the phone, “Yes, it was a stupid and very reckless thing he did and I will be sure to talk to him about it.”

Spike glanced up from the couch where he had sat down to wait and cocked an eyebrow. Xander glared back, mouthing, “You are so going to get it.”

Speaking in soothing tones, he replied, “No, Mr. Wolfram, I’m positive he will never do it again. Yes, I understand.”

Spike rolled his eyes and kicked his booted feet up onto the coffee table.

Xander walked by and smacked him upside the head, motioning for him to take his feet off the glass table.

“Yes, I agree. He really should be disciplined for such thoughtlessness.” This was said with a long dark look in Spike’s direction, causing the younger man to flush and look down before smirking at him cockily.

“I assure you, it’s under control. Yes, I’ll be sure to tell him. You, too. Okay, goodbye.”

Turning his phone off, he dropped it onto the coffee table and turned to look at Spike.

He shook his head as the boy raised his eyebrows and gave him his best innocent look, widening his baby-blue eyes and looking concerned.

“Was that the car owner, then?”

Xander scoffed and walked towards him, “You know damn well who it was, Spike.”

He leaned in against him, arms braced on either side of Spike’s shoulders, palms against the back of the couch. Xander spoke in low, serious tones, his voice gravelly deep from anger and lack of sleep.

“If you ever do something that stupid again, if I ever get a phone call at eight o’clock in the morning again from that arrogant asshole because you fucked up, I swear I will bend you over my knee and put stripes on your ass.”

Spike gaped at him in shock, before ducking under his arm and bounding up, moving around to the other side of the table.

“You wouldn’t dare!” he finally managed to sputter out, his eyes wide and the tips of his ears red.

Xander smirked and slouched down on the couch, enjoying the kid’s discomfort. He was dead serious, though.

“Don’t try me, boy. You act like a thoughtless child and I will damned well treat you like one.”

Spike huffed and growled, before turning to walk out the door.

“Spike?” Xander called out, before he took two steps.

He turned back around warily. “Yeah, Harris?”

Xander narrowed his eyes at the blonde pain in his ass. “Where were you all night?”

Spike barked out a laugh in disbelief. “You’re my crew chief, not me damned Da, aint none of your business.”

“Spike…” Xander growled out, warningly.

He threw up his hands in exasperation. “At Angel’s, okay?”

Grunting, Xander frowned, seething with jealousy. “So you always kiss people, then run out to spend the night with someone else?”

Then he winced. Yeah, good going, nice not-mentioning of the kiss there.

“What, you callin’ me a whore now, wanker?” Spike asked in astonishment, his fists clenching and a hurt look in his eyes.

Xander sighed, annoyed with himself and the whole damn morning. He stood up again.

“No, I didn’t mean that. Just gah, this whole morning has sucked.” Xander ran a hand over his face and tilted his head back. “Look, can we just forget this whole thing? We have to go get everything packed up and shit.”

Spike gazed at him consideringly, blue eyes bright with some un-known emotion. Appearing to come to some sort of conclusion, he sauntered over to Xander.

“Yeah, we can do that. But first…” He pressed his body tight to the older man’s, fisting his hands in Xander’s dark locks and bringing his head down to his own.

Licking and biting at his lips, he invaded the other man’s mouth, devouring it and leaving him hard and breathless. He rocked his erection against the one pressing into him and moaned up into Xander’s mouth.

Oh my dear sweet Jesus, was Xander’s last fleeting thought, before he gave in to the desire before him and brought his own hands down to tightly grasp the boy’s firm ass and press him even harder against his aching dick.

One of Spike’s hands came down out of Xander’s hair to slide up underneath the bigger man’s t-shirt, running his palm over smooth, hard muscles.

Xander groaned at the light touch and shivered, slipping his big hands around to the front of Spike’s jeans and unzipping them, before sliding them under the back and cupping the soft, firm globes of the boy’s ass.

Arching back into his hands, Spike brought both of his hands down to Xander’s hips and gripped hard, before running one hand down to skim over the man’s hard jean-encased arousal.

Still plunging his tongue into the soft sweet depths of the boy’s mouth, Xander maneuvered him over so that he was straddling his thigh and rocked him into it as Spike unzipped his jeans and wrapped a soft hand around his large throbbing cock.

Xander moaned deeply into Spike’s mouth as the talented hand of the smaller man made a fist and started stroking his erection, causing his knees to weaken and starting a slight buzzing in his ears.

Digging his fingers into the soft flesh of Spike’s ass, Xander ground the boy against his thigh, causing him to pant and shiver, gripping oh so tightly on Xander’s sensitive cock.

When Spike’s gasping moans became hoarse cries, Xander brought one hand around to the front of the blonde’s jeans and wrapped his fist around his cock, pumping twice as he stroked the fingertips of the other hand firmly along the boy’s perineum and quivering hole.

Spike shouted roughly, his teeth clenched and head thrown back, as his cock twitched and spasmed in the bigger man’s hand. His own hand tightened and pulled, causing Xander to hiss and cry out in painful pleasure.

A few more strokes and he too was coming, hips bucking against the smaller man, moaning hoarsely as he coated Spike’s hand and the front of his jeans.

As Xander stood there panting, his mind blank and body quivering, Spike stepped back and tucked himself back in, doing up his jeans.

Looking Xander in the eyes, he brought his dripping hand up to his devilish mouth and proceeded to lick it clean of the other man’s essence.

Xander shuddered and was about to reach for him again, when Spike smirked and said, “Now, we can forget it. If you can.”

This time, it was Xander left standing in shock in the middle of the room, body flushed and aching, needing the man who had just walked out. He collapsed back onto the couch, reeling.

“Well, fuck," he moaned out, his head in his hands. "That went well.”

Part Five

Half an hour later, as hot water poured down over his aching muscles- all day in a car going 200 miles an hour and then only 4 hours of sleep on Angel’s leather couch did not make for comfort- Spike closed his eyes and moaned.

Disbelief still rocked through him, he just couldn’t believe it had actually happened. A kiss, maybe some groping if he was lucky, that’s all he had been expecting when he had walked up to the man and kissed him.

Spike had been pissed off that he had wanted to forget anything had happened and wanted to prove to Xander something was there, not to mention how turned on he had been by Xander growling threats towards his backside in his deep husky voice.

The moment Xander had ground his hips against him, though, every other thought had left his head.

It had been like catching on fire; a spark and then whoosh!, the whole world went up in flames. All he could think about was the big hard body pressing into him, those massive rough hands.

Bloody hell, those hands.

Within minutes he had been humping Xander’s leg like a horny teenager and was on the verge of coming from that alone. When the older man had wrapped his big hand around his throbbing dick, that had been it for Spike.

He shivered, remembering the feel of it, the strength of it. And when he had felt the firm stroking of Xander’s fingers between his ass cheeks…

Spike whimpered as the memory made him shiver. Pressing his hot forehead against the cool tiles and wrapping a hand around his once again aching cock, he slowly stroked his hard flesh.

He wasn’t as experienced as his cocky attitude led people to believe he was, but he did have some. He had never gone up in flames like that before, however. It actually frightened him how much he wanted Xander.

The steam and water poured down over him as he braced his arm on the wall and started stroking faster, remembering the feel of Xander’s pulsing cock in his hand. Spike wasn’t small by any means, but Xander’s was just as large and thick as the man was.

Spike had always been the top in his other relationships, never trusting anyone else with that much control over him, but the other man’s beautifully thick cock made his knees weak with longing, even as it sent a trickle of fear up his spine. He was just so big, everywhere, to the much slighter man.

A choking moan spilt from his throat as he thought about being completely enveloped by the older man, his strong body pressing him down, all around him and inside him.

The image of the bigger man thrusting into him, filling him up and stretching him unbearably was more than Spike could take and his hoarse shout echoed in the small bathroom as he came hard in his fist.

Panting, his knees weak and his head spinning, Spike snorted. Oh bloody fuck, I’ve got it bad.


Everyone but Spike was already at the garage when Xander got there and he smiled at the controlled pandemonium as everyone tried to get everything packed up for the plane ride out the next day.

After about an hour of double checking lists and shouting orders, he walked back into his office to make a few phone calls before the phone had to be packed up.

He also wanted to be in a room behind a closed door, so maybe he would stop looking for Spike every five seconds. Gunn’s possessive looks towards Oz and Oz’s sultry looks back weren’t helping any, either. He hadn’t known Oz could do sultry.

Shaking his head, he had to admit he was happy that one relationship seemed to be progressing nicely.

He blinked. Not that I’m in a relationship!

Fuck, I do want to be, though, he admitted to himself. Everything about the boy called out to him. He wasn’t a poacher, though, and he didn’t do one night stands.

He had seen how comfortable and close Angel and Spike had been.

Already feeling guilty, horny, by the memory of what had happened earlier, he swore to himself he wouldn’t touch the boy again. Ha!

Growling at the mocking voice in his head, Xander dropped his head to his desk and thumped it down, once, twice.

Startled by the cough, he jerked his head up and glared sheepishly at Angel, who was trying not to smile as he stood in the doorway.

“I knocked,” he said, with an almost straight face.

Xander waved him in, although he couldn’t think of anyone he wanted to talk to less. “Bad morning,” was all he said in explanation to the younger man.

“Yeah, I heard about that,” Angel replied, dropping down into a chair.

Xander’s eyes widened and he could feel a babble coming on, however hard he tried to suppress it.

“What? Oh-we um, yeah, I guess he would tell you, huh? It was nothing, really, well not nothing because obviously it was something but- It won’t happen again. Well, again, again because I’m sure he told you about last night, too, so that’s two agains and I think I’m going to shut up now.”

Angel blinked, opened his mouth, and blinked again.

“Actually, it was last night I was talking about, but it doesn’t matter.”

Xander cringed and cursed his wayward mouth for the tenth time in the past ten seconds.

“Look, Spike would kill me if he knew I was here, but since you’ve obviously talked to him today, I’m sure you know he spent the night over at my place,” Angel continued, arching his eyebrow at the narrowing of Xander’s eyes.

Obviously uneasy about what he had come to say, Angel brushed a hand through his hair and looked around the room, not making eye contact as he said softly, “He’s a really good guy, Will is. I know he pretends to be all hard and cocky, but he’s not.”

He breathed out a sigh and looked back into Xander’s eyes.

“I don’t want you to hurt him again. Make up your mind and stop leading him on, he doesn’t deserve that shit.”

Xander’s mouth fell open.

What? But I, he-you, he told me you were dating!” he finally managed to say.

It was Angel’s turn for his mouth to fall open and he gaped at Xander, before grinning. “So that’s why you pushed him away last night. And this morning by the sound of things. That’s what he gets for being such a little idiot and letting you think that.”

He shook his head. “We had one date, and he spent it talking about you. Like he has been for months. Sure, I’m attracted to him, he’s a very hot man, but he’s like family to me. We would wind up killing each other.”

Xander sat there in shock as Angel got up and smiled. “Think I’ll be going now before Spike runs into me. I meant what I said before, he doesn’t deserve to be led on, however stupid he can be sometimes.”

Angel left and Xander still sat there, his mind whirling with the information it had been given. A slow, deliberate smile spread across his face and it was still there a minute later when Spike poked his head in the door.

“Oi, Harris, I just saw Angel leaving. He said you wanted to see me?”

Xander’s eyes glowed in appreciation as he looked over Spike’s tight faded jeans and black t-shirt, hair still wet from his shower, and his smile turned wicked.

“Yeah, come in and close the door. Actually, lock it,” he mused, still hungrily eyeing the boy.

Spike’s eyes widened as he looked at Xander’s expression and he nervously bit his lip before entering the office and closing the door.

He paused for a second and then turned the lock, the soft click magnified by the silence in the small room.

“Now, come here and sit on Daddy’s lap and tell me why you’ve been letting me think you were dating Angel.”

Blue eyes went huge as they stared into hot, lust-filled brown.


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