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    On the third day, there will be silence the

    Crows will feed on the carrion plague

    Will dance amongst the ruins the last of

    The wild ones will leave this place the

    Last of the moon-beasts will fight and

    Fall and the Antediluvians will make for

    Themselves an empire of blood they will

    Rule with iron talons they will wrench

    The hearts of all still alive and the full

    Sum of the earth’s living will come and

    Live in the last city, called gehenna. And

    And there will be a reign of 1000 years,

    And there will be no love, or life, or pity,

    The mighty will be as slaves the virtuous

    Will be made foul by the father of

     Darkness, whose power will come from

     The nether realms. When the snows

     Consume the earth and the sun gutters

     Like a candle in the wind then, and only

     Then will there be born a woman, the

     Last daughter of eve, and in her there

     Will be decided the fate of all. And you

      Will not know this woman, except by the

      Mark of the moon on her, and she will

      Face treachery, hatred, and pain, but in

      Her is the last hope!