Part 9

The sounds of Willow's screams drew Drusilla to Angelus' bedroom. The delicious sounds of the human's cries following the sound of leather on flesh called to her like a siren's song. Since her sweet prince was resting, and was therefore unable to draw the same cries from her body, she decided to see if her Daddy would play with her too.

It had been ever so long since Daddy had played with her. Not since he'd gone and found himself the warm redheaded toy. Now he spent his days sleeping and planning on how to play with his toy when she arrived. All week it was the same; except for a few days ago when he let Spike play with his toy. Maybe if she showed that she was being a good girl, keeping the minions away like she had been asked to do, he'd let her play with the pretty doll too.

Silently pushing open the door, Drusilla watched as Angelus stroked his plaything's thighs, soothing the red marks the crop left behind. His toy, Willow he called her, was kneeling on a cushion on the floor next to the bed. Her breasts were pressed into the mattress as she presented her ass to Angelus. Her pretty long hair was pulled around so that it all hung over one shoulder, exposing the bite mark on her neck.

Sensing they were no longer alone, Angelus turned towards the open door, causing Willow to whimper in protest when he removed his cool, soothing hand.

"What is it Drusilla, can't you see I'm busy?" Angelus snapped.

"Your toy was making pretty noises," she said. "I wanted to play with it too."

Willow's eyes grew wide with fear. She didn't want to find out what games the insane vampiress wanted to play with her. She looked pleadingly to her Master, hoping he wouldn't let his childe anywhere near her. Unfortunately his back was to her.

Angelus sensed his pet's fear. The scent rolled off of her, perfuming the air, mixing with the already present scents of her blood and arousal. It was a heavenly mixture, one that he was sure Dru could sense as well. He wished he could see the panicked expression on his pet's face right now.

"I'm already playing with her, Dru," Angelus pointed out, placing a possessive hand on Willow's ass. Willow sighed in contentment at his touch.

"You let Spike play with her while you did. He told me all about it," she pouted.

"Spike helped me punish her," Angelus pointed out.

A wicked gleam entered Drusilla's eyes and her face filled with delighted enthusiasm. "I could help you punish the wicked pet. Naughty animals need to be put in their place."

"She's already been punished, Dru," Angelus said, tiring of explaining things to his insane childe. He wondered where Spike was, wanting to be rid of Dru so that he could get back to Willow.

"I want to play with the new toy," she whined, stamping her foot like a child.

Angelus swiftly crossed the room to stand before Drusilla. "I thought that I made it clear that Willow is MY pet, my toy. I said you can't play with her and that's final." He slammed the door closed, throwing the lock.

Through the door he could hear Drusilla's protest of "But Daddy…"

"Leave us," Angelus bellowed, causing Willow to cringe slightly at his tone of voice, even if it wasn't directed at her.

Willow had relaxed throughout her Master's exchange with Drusilla. He wasn't going to share her. She wondered why she wasn't offended by the idea of Angelus treating her like a possession. She was a human being, not some pet or toy as the vampires referred to her. Yet she willingly called Angelus Master.

In all honesty, she liked it when Angelus treated her so possessively. No one had wanted to keep her for themselves before. No one wanted to protect her from the possibility that another would be too rough or maltreat her in any way.

A little voice in the back of her head said that her friends wanted to keep her safe, to keep her away from harm. But they wanted to do that by keeping her locked away in a house or in the library. They didn't confront the danger and tell it to go away like her Master did.

Angelus was pleased to notice that Willow was in the same position he'd left her in when they'd been so rudely interrupted. He took a moment to admire the picture she made, bent over the end of the bed, angry red marks highlighted against the pale flesh of her back, buttocks and thighs.

"I'm sorry for that interruption," Angelus needlessly apologized, returning to Willow's side. "Drusilla gets bored easily when no one's paying attention to her."

"Thank you for not letting her play," Willow said, the silent "with me" was left hanging in the air.

"I meant what I said." Angelus ran a possessive hand from Willow's neck, down her spine, over her sensitive ass and around to cup her wet cunt. "You are mine, and mine alone. That's what the necklace means. That's what the bite mark means. Mine." He slid a finger inside her.

"Yours," Willow gasped, pressing against her Master's hand.

Angelus chuckled at her eagerness to be claimed. He slowly withdrew his finger, adding another one before pressing back into her heat.

"Mmm," Willow sighed. "Please Master…"

"What is it you want?" Angelus asked, watching his fingers move within his pet.

"You," Willow panted, "inside me, please."

"And what do I get?" he teased, curious as to what her answer would be.

"Wh-what?" Willow risked looking at him over her shoulder, pausing mid-back thrust.

Slowly moving his fingers inside Willow, Angelus enunciated, "What will you do for me if I fuck you now?"

"Whatever you want," Willow moaned as Angelus withdrew his fingers completely.

"Anything?" he purred, unzipping his pants in the silence that followed.

"Yes, please," Willow promised. "Anything you want, just fuck me."

Naked, Angelus slid onto the bed, leaning against the headboard. "No, I think you should come and fuck me."

Willow felt herself grow even wetter at her Master's words. Lust-darkened green met gold-flecked brown as Willow crawled onto the bed and over her Master, her claiming necklace bouncing off her heated skin with every movement. She paused when she was positioned over his straining cock, waiting for permission to continue. Angelus grabbed her hips and pulled her down to engulf his cock.

Angelus hissed as Willow sighed in pleasure. She slid all the way down his length until she was seated on his thighs, taking a moment to revel in being so filled. Her ever-impatient Master's tug on her hips had Willow begin a comfortable, slow pace. With her Master's help, Willow continuously moved against him, her hands rhythmically clutching his shoulders.

Angelus would never tire of this. Willow was hot and wet for him, readily taking his thick shaft within her still-virginal tightness. Her lithe body eagerly moved against his, following his slightest direction. He reached down to squeeze her red-marked ass.

Willow yelped in surprise when Angelus squeezed her still slightly sore ass-cheeks. Then the squeeze turned into a massage and her yelp turned into a moan. Willow leaned forward to kiss her Master. She didn't want to draw Drusilla's attention again by vocalizing her pleasure too loudly. What better way to silence herself than with her Master's tongue? Angelus readily kissed Willow, instantly opening to her seeking tongue. Her whimpers of pleasure were caught by his mouth, and returned in the form of pleasured growls. Her hands were on his face, holding him to her as she rode his cock with an ever-increasing pace. Knowing he was close, Angelus rolled Willow onto her back, pulling almost all the way out of her before slamming back in.

Willow cried out in pain and surprise at finding herself on her abused back. The next time she cried out it was in pleasure as Angelus filled her completely, driving all thoughts of pain from her mind as he repeatedly filled her with his cock. She pressed up to meet him, ignoring the slight protests her body made. She could rest later; right now all she wanted to do was make her Master cum, and cum herself.

Angelus didn't even realize he was in game face until his fangs had pierced Willow's breast. His tongue laved her nipple as he took small sips of her delectable blood. The combined pleasures sent Willow over the edge and she arched into his mouth as her muscles clenched around him in climax. The taste of her blood, along with the feel and sound of Willow's climax sent Angelus into his own release and he filled Willow with his dead seed.


"You know, when you said I had to do anything you wanted, this isn't what I had imagined." Willow said, trying to relax into the position Angelus had chosen.

"This is something that I have wanted to do with you all week, but the time wasn't right yet." Angelus told her, twisting her a bit more.

"I didn't think you'd want to do this with me," Willow admitted, shyly.

"And how did you know about this?" Angelus teasingly asked.

"I've read the Watcher's Diaries," Willow told him proudly.

"Have ya now?" he asked, a bit of a brogue slipping out, knowing the Watcher wouldn't have shown them to her.

"I kinda sneaked a look at them when Buffy wanted to see what kind of girls Angel liked."

Angelus was pleased to note that she didn't even stumble over saying 'Angel' as opposed to 'you.'

"There we go, now don't move," Angelus said, sitting in the chair he had moved next to the bed. He picked up a sheet of vellum from the pile he had recently purchased and a new piece of charcoal.

"I feel a little silly," Willow admitted as Angelus began to draw seemingly random lines on the parchment.

"It's not silly," Angelus corrected her. "You're posing."

Willow tried to look down her body, still thinking she felt silly. She was lying on her side, mostly, her shoulders pressed back against the pillows stacked behind her. Her hair had been fanned out behind her head so that her bite mark was clearly visible. Her pendant was lying against her breast, next to another bite mark. Her hips were twisted towards Angelus, a few red welts still showing on her hips and thighs.

"Why do you want to draw me anyway?" Willow couldn't help asking after several minutes of silence.

"Why wouldn't I?" Angelus distractedly countered. Willow's body on the paper had now taken form and depth was being added.

"I mean, I'm here, in the flesh, what do you need a picture of me for? Or better yet, you could just take a photo. After all, human here, we photograph."

"I like to make sketches," Angelus said. "I find it calming. There's something wonderful about creating a piece of art, from looking at a piece of art." Willow blushed at his compliment and he was quick to add it to the picture before him.

"Plus, I guess they didn't really have cameras when you were alive."

"No," he chuckled, "they didn't."

More time passed and Angelus was onto his second sketch when Willow asked, "What are you going to do with them?"

Angelus sighed in frustration, her curiosity starting to annoy him. "Look at them," he gruffly responded. Standing, he said, "Look, I'm going to be doing this for a while, why don't you take a nap in the mean time."

"Really? That won't ruin your drawings?" Willow asked, having been blinking back her fatigue for the last several minutes.

"No, I'll just do some different ones," he said. He helped Willow to turn onto her stomach, repositioning the pillows so that Willow lay on only one. He carefully brushed her hair back, keeping his mark exposed.

Willow slid her arms under the pillow, hugging it to her face. "Is this okay?" she sleepily asked.

"It's fine," Angelus allowed. He ran his hand over her head and down her back. Then without warning he slapped her on the ass.

Willow's eyes snapped open and she glared over her shoulder at the smirking vampire.

"The marks were fading," he said without apology and resumed his seat, losing himself again in his sketching.

Part 10

Xander loved Sunday mornings. On Sundays he could sleep late, take it easy, and not have to worry about vampires and other demons while he relaxed.

He finally crawled out of bed around 10:30am, and only to answer the call of nature. Thankfully, his parents were still sleeping off the effects of last night's drinking, so he had the house to himself. He stumbled down to the kitchen and made himself a bowl of sugary goodness and milk.

He thought that maybe Willow would want to go see a movie with him, realizing they hadn't done much one-on-one hanging lately. He opened the front door to grab the Sunday paper, figuring he could look at the comics too. He was surprised to find an envelope with his name in the mail slot.

Curious, he set the newspaper on the kitchen counter and opened the envelope. He opened the piece of paper that was neatly folded in thirds… and nearly lost his balance.

"God, no," he gasped, fumbling for a chair. His wide eyes surveyed the drawing, not wanting to believe what he was seeing.

It was Willow, but not. She was on a bed, naked, her hands handcuffed above her head. Her back was arched off the bed, thrusting her breasts in the air - a bite mark easily seen on one breast. Her head was thrown back and she was crying out, but not in pain as he first thought. Xander looked farther down the picture and had to look away in embarrassment - someone's fingers were disappearing between Willow's widespread legs. The drawing was signed with the letter A.

To his horror he felt himself start to harden from looking at the erotic image of his best friend.

'This has to be fake,' he desperately told himself. 'There's no possible way that this is really Willow. That sick bastard took her face and put it on someone else's body.' He nodded his head in agreement with himself. But just to be safe he figured he should call the others and let them know what Angelus' newest game was.

Xander quickly got dressed before phoning Giles and Buffy, asking them to meet him at the library in an hour. Then he tried calling Willow, but she wasn't answering. He hoped that she was already at the library. She liked going there on the weekends for some strange reason - something about getting ahead on her homework.

Exactly one hour after making his phone calls Xander walked into the school library, the drawing back in its envelope in his hand. Buffy and Giles were staring at similar pieces of parchment, mouths agape, when he walked in.

"I guess you got one of these too," he said in greeting, holding up his envelope.

"Th-they w-were here when we a-arrived," Giles stuttered. He and Buffy were both a little red-cheeked.

"Well I got mine delivered to my house," Xander said. "Lucky me. I didn't ask for home delivery."

"Is yours of Willow too?" Buffy asked, turning over the image of Willow being whipped with a crop.

"Kinda." Xander opened the envelope and handed the drawing to the two at the table. "It's gotta be a fake though. There's no way that could really be Willow. Right?"

"Where is she?" Giles asked, fearing that her absence would prove that it was indeed her in the pictures.

"Don't know. She didn't answer the phone when I called." Xander settled himself next to Giles, looking over the pictures they had received.

Giles and Buffy exchanged worried glances over the table.

"These are from Angelus," Buffy needlessly said. "He left one of my mom sleeping for me. I recognize the style."

"The big honkin' A kind of gave it away for me," Xander said.

"When was the last time either of you saw Willow?" Giles asked, fearing the girl had been kidnapped.

"Friday, at school," Buffy said, her fear growing too.

"Same here," Xander admitted. "What are you getting at?"

"I fear these may be real," Giles hesitantly divulged. "The bindings and whippings. Hopefully not the pleasure she appears to be experiencing."

"No," Xander adamantly denied. "These can't be real. Willow's too good and sweet to be subjected to that monster like this."

"Which would make her a perfect target," Buffy countered. "Angelus is the king of mind games. Who better to take hostage than Willow? Who better to corrupt with his sick games?"

Xander's face turned pale and a little green. Buffy was right he realized. Willow was a paragon of virtue and wholesomeness. Perfect sadistic vampire bait.

Jumping up, he headed straight for the book cage; where the weapons lived. "Well, what are we doing sitting here then? Let's go get her back."

"You want us to go charging into a vampires' lair, during the day when they'll all be home?" Giles asked in disbelief. He wanted to rescue Willow as much as Xander, but that would be suicide.

"I am not going to leave my best friend in the hands of that, that animal, for one minute longer than I have to," Xander responded. "C'mon Buffy, it's just you and me."

"Giles might be right," she quietly said, looking down at her hands.

It didn't make any sense for her to be jealous of Willow, but in a way, she was. Willow was being held captive, being forced to perform sexual acts for Angelus against her will, but even so, Buffy couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy that it wasn't her. Why hadn't he come after her? She was the Slayer after all. All bad-ass vampires wanted to kill her. And Angel was HER lover, not Willow's.

'And what if she wasn't being forced…' she couldn't help wondering. Willow looked awfully happy in those drawings. Of course Angelus could have faked that part, but what if he hadn't?

"How can you say that?" Xander gasped. "Willow is your best friend too. How can you leave her there?"

"What do you want me to do?" Buffy asked, standing to face Xander. "Rush into the factory where Angelus, Drusilla, Spike and I don't know how many minions are living, and demand they turn over Willow?"

"Yes," Xander exclaimed. The 'duh' was implied.

As the children argued, Giles lined the three drawings up next to each other. As he tried to not become aroused by the beautifully erotic scenes depicted, he noticed that in all three pictures Willow was bound - just her hands, sometimes blindfolded, sometimes being whipped. She wore a different expression in each of them, but they all showed pleasure. He had the frightening thought that Willow may not have been an unwilling participant.

Giles was drawn out of his contemplations by Xander's defiant statement of "I'm going. You can either come with me, slayer, or stay here cowering in the library with Giles."

"You cannot go in there alone," Giles stated.

"Then I guess you're coming with me, because I'm going."

"Fine," Buffy huffed, not wanting to confront Angelus, but also not willing to send Xander off to his death.
"Just let us grab some weapons," Giles said.


On the way over, Giles suggested that they enter quietly. Hopefully the vampires would be asleep as it was still rather early in the day. Buffy insisted on going in first, crossbow at the ready.

Working their way through the factory, they headed in the direction they assumed the bedrooms would be. Buffy spotted a minion supposedly on guard as they crossed the main floor of the factory, dusting it before they were spotted. The repetitive cry of "Please" sent them running to a closed door, which Buffy kicked in. They nearly tripped over each other upon viewing the scene before them.

Willow's wrists were shackled to a long chain that ran through rings embedded in the wall on either side of her head, allowing them some movement. Her body was being pressed into the wall by Angelus, who was obviously fucking her. She had one hand holding his head to her breast as she pleaded with him for release.

With her eyes closed, Willow begged, "Please, Master, bite me, make me cum."

Angelus was so close. The sound of Willow begging for release was music to his ears. In this moment, he wanted nothing more than to do as she asked. He vaguely heard the door open, but he chose to ignore the internal pull the intruder invoked, assuming it was Drusilla again. Angelus growled in pleasure and sank his fangs into the breast he had been feasting on.

"Yes, Master," Willow cried out as her body contracted in release.

Angelus thrust into her several more times before finding his own release. After lapping the new bite mark closed, Angelus began to speak to the intruder, still not looking towards the door as he recovered from his orgasm.

"Drusilla, I already told you, you can't play with Willow."

"It's not Drusilla," Buffy said quietly.

Willow's eyes popped open at the sound of her friend's voice. She took in the stunned expressions on Buffy, Xander and Giles' faces and closed her eyes tightly again. She began to mutter quietly, "No, no, no, they're not here, it's just a figment of my imagination." She wrapped her legs more securely around her Master, trying to shield herself from prying eyes, trying to burrow into his body.

Angelus turned his head to face the slayer and her shadows. A knowing, lecherous smirk spread across his face at the looks on theirs. If his pet weren't trying to hide inside him, he would have moved away to confront them. He knew the smart thing to do was to comfort his pet, so instead he shielded her body from prying eyes.

"It's not nice to come barging into a person's bedroom," Angelus said, running a soothing hand over Willow's head. He pressed her further into the wall.

"You're not a person," Giles countered, a Ripperish tone in his voice.

"Willow?" Xander tentatively asked, disbelief clear in his voice at what he had just witnessed.

Willow lifted her head from Angelus' shoulder to stare at her oldest friend and former crush. "Uh, hey Xan."

Xander started to take a step towards her, but Angelus' warning growl halted his steps.

"Do you, um, think you could turn around so I can get dressed?" Willow nervously asked her friends, not liking the looks on their faces. She was embarrassed at being caught having sex with her Master - chained to the wall no less.

"Of course," Giles said, physically turning Xander to face the door, as Buffy did the same.

All three humans cringed at the sound of chains being unlocked and clattering against the wall as Willow was released. They also tried to ignore her soft sigh as Angelus slid out of her and set her on her feet. There was a sound of rustling clothing. Buffy rolled her eyes at Angelus' whispers to console Willow.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Willow asked. "Oh, and you can turn around."

Willow was now sitting on the very large bed in the center of the room, wearing a robe. Angelus had only put on his pants, and was standing protectively in front of the bed.

"We, uh, came to save you," Xander weakly told her.

"Does it look like she needs to be saved?" Angelus smirked.

"How did you even know I was here?" Willow asked.

"These were left for us," Xander said, holding out the drawings. He looked at Angelus, silently asking permission to approach the bed. Angelus nodded.

Willow recognized the drawings from the other day when Angelus had sketched her. Her face reddened at the scenes before her.

"We thought you'd been kidnapped. That he'd faked the drawings." Buffy added. "They aren't fake, are they?"

Willow met the blonde's eyes, seeing the hurt in them. "No, they aren't."

"Do you mean to say that you are here willingly?" Giles asked, aghast.

Xander shuddered as he remembered what Willow had been saying when they walked in. "Did you call Angelus Master?"

A slow smile slid over Angelus' face, and behind him a matching, shyer, one was on Willow's. "Yes, I did. He's my Master."

"You mean because he's a Master vampire right?" Xander asked hopefully.

"No." Willow denied. "I mean that I am sub to his Dom."

"He's brainwashed you," Xander confidently said. "You're under some kind of vampire thrall. And what does that mean anyways?"

It was Giles who answered him. "It stands for Dominant and submissive - roles most often assumed for sex games. In this case, Willow would willingly submit herself to Angelus."

"Rupert," Angelus said in admiration. "Didn't know you had it in you."

"You've been willingly having sex with him?" Buffy asked, her voice laced with the pain of betrayal.

"Why wouldn't she," Angelus taunted. "You did."

"I made love with Angel, not you," Buffy spat. "Willow? How long?"

"A couple of weeks," Willow guessed.

"Why? How? Why him?" Xander sputtered.

"I was hurting and he wanted me." Willow said, her eyes beginning to tear remembering her pain over seeing Xander with Cordelia. "And he made me feel good."

Angelus wanted to preen from the way his pet was defending him. He loved her submissiveness, but he also loved her fire, especially when it wasn't directed at him.

"What could hurt you so much to take that," Xander pointed at Angelus, "into your bed?"

Willow glared at him, marveling at how dense he could be. "Does Cordelia ring any bells? Or have you forgotten all about your girlfriend?" she snapped.

Xander stumbled back a step as if he'd been slapped. 'This is all my fault,' he thought before realizing that his actions did not dictate Willow's.

"Look, I'm sorry you had to find out about us like that, but that is no reason to have sex with the enemy!"

"What's got you more upset?" Willow asked, moving to stand next to Angelus. "The fact that I went out and had sex and am happy or that your sweet, innocent Willow did it before you?"

"As if I could be jealous of you wasting your virginity on him."

"Oh, I don't know," Angelus purred in Willow's ear, loud enough for the others to hear. "I think he's jealous. He just didn't realize what a great body you have until he saw you with me."

"Enough," Giles interrupted. "Willow get dressed, we are taking you home."

"No," she said, leaning against Angelus.

"No?" Giles was a little shocked. "Can't you see that he is using you? Trying to get to us? To Buffy?"

"Buffy didn't even know we were together until today," Willow pointed out. "How is he using me if none of you even knew?"

"He's making you choose," Buffy accused. She met Angelus' eyes. "That's it, isn't it? You're trying to take her away from us."

"I'm not doing any such thing," he said innocently. "You're the ones making her choose. I was perfectly fine allowing Willow to help you." He ran a hand through Willow's hair and she leaned into the touch.

"This is stupid," Xander huffed. "Willow, he's keeping you chained up to have sex with him."

"I, um, I like it when he does that," she admitted with a blush. "It makes things more intense."

"Yeah, keeps us up all bloody day," Spike grumbled from the doorway. He wheeled himself into the room, followed by Drusilla.

"What are you doing up?" Angelus asked his childer.

"There was yelling," Dru pouted. "And not the good kind."

"We have visitors," Angelus said, gesturing to the three humans nervously looking at the newcomers.

"Yes, I could smell the nasty slayer," Dru agreed. "Come to take Daddy's new toy away."

"Good luck with that," Spike grinned. "Grown quite fond of her we have," he said, openly leering at the redhead.

Drusilla whimpered. "Daddy, he's gloating again."

Giles watched the interaction between the vampires with rapt fascination. Angel had tried to disassociate himself from his childer, so this was his first chance to watch them together as a family.

"Did you just call Willow a toy?" Xander asked, appalled that his best friend was being referred to as an object.

"That's what she is," Dru confirmed, as if speaking to a child. "She is here for Daddy's amusement and pleasure."

"She is a person," Xander insisted.

"Yes, a nice, living body to warm Angelus' bed," Spike drawled.

"Look, guys," Willow's voice drew their eyes back to her, seeing her with her arms wrapped around Angelus. "I think you should go now. I'll see you in school tomorrow."

"We're not leaving you here, with them," Buffy said.

"I'll be fine." Willow insisted. "My M-- Angelus will keep me safe."

"Are-- are you quite sure?" Giles asked, not liking the idea of leaving the girl here with the vampires.

Willow looked up at Angelus, pure adoration on her face. "I'm sure."

"I don't want to leave you," Xander insisted.

"I know. And thank you, but this is where I belong."

"We'll see you in school tomorrow then?" Giles asked.

"I'll be there," Willow agreed, nodding in confirmation.

Buffy turned to leave without saying anything, too bewildered by the situation to know what to say. Xander took one last look at Willow in the arms of a monster, and shook his head in bafflement before following Buffy. Giles gave Angelus a look of warning, silently promising a slow and painful death should Willow be permanently harmed.

Once they were sure the humans were gone, Willow turned to her Master and asked, "So how did they happen to get their hands on those sketches?"

Part 11

"That… isn't… going… to… work," Willow panted. The ragged moan that accompanied the final word did nothing to lend conviction to her words.

As soon as the question had left Willow's mouth, Angelus had ordered his childer out of his bedroom, locked the door, tossed Willow on the bed and buried his face between her thighs.

Willow's fingers dug into her Master's hair, trying to push him away to make him give her a straight answer, trying to pull him closer to bring her release.

Angelus chuckled against her skin, the vibrations against her clit sending shivers of delight up Willow's spine. He had no intention of telling Willow that he had hand delivered the drawings to her friends after she had gone to sleep last night. Much better to distract her with orgasms.

Blindly, Angelus reached up and unknotted the belt holding Willow's robe together, smoothing the material away from her chest. His fingers immediately began to pinch and flick one of her nipples.

Willow sat up enough to pull her arms out of the loose robe. As she lay back down she raised her hips, aiding her Master's movements as his tongue moved inside her. She knew she was supposed to be getting an answer from him about something, but when he curled his tongue inside her like that, she could think of nothing but the sheer pleasure he was giving her. She was a very lucky girl to have a Master that didn't need to breathe.

"M-master, please, cum with me," she pleaded. If she was going to have as good an orgasm as he was priming her for, he should be able to share her pleasure.

Angelus' grin was hidden by Willow's thighs. He schooled his features before standing to remove his pants.

Willow whimpered in protest when he pulled away from her, only to sigh in satisfaction when her Master's naked body pressed hers into the mattress.

"Is this what you want, Little One?" Angelus purred, easing the head of his cock inside her. "Is this what you wanted from me?"

"Yes," Willow hissed as Angelus slid fully inside her in one long, smooth stroke. Her arms immediately wrapped around Angelus' back, pulling him down on top of her, her mouth seeking out his.

Angelus eagerly returned her kiss, taking control of it, plunging his tongue into her mouth. He was tempted to hold her wrists down above her head, but he was enjoying the bite of her nails on his back. He had the random thought that he should see about her getting her nails manicured, maybe Drusilla would like to do it. She always loved making her dollies pretty.

Willow arched into each thrust of Angelus' body. Her hands and nails sought purchase in his back, feeling the muscles move beneath the smooth flesh as he moved within and over her. This was one of the few times they'd had sex where she didn't have her hands bound, and Willow was going to make the most of it.

She let her hands explore every inch of flesh she could reach. She lovingly caressed his broad back, traced his spine down to squeeze his ass, raked her nails back up to run her fingers through his hair. And through it all he was thrusting his magnificent cock inside her.

Angelus abandoned Willow's mouth to taste the sweet saltiness of her skin. He ran his tongue over his mark on her neck, causing Willow to whimper in pleasure and her internal muscles to squeeze his cock. Angelus growled his corresponding pleasure and moved to take a breast into his mouth. Willow's enthusiastic exploration of his body was rapidly pushing Angelus to the brink and he wanted to take her over with him.

Releasing the nipple he had been worrying with human teeth, Angelus withdrew almost completely from Willow's channel, holding his body completely still. When she glared up at him, her need clearly written on her face, Angelus lowered his body, quickly burying himself fully inside her as he bit into the mark on her neck. The dual sensation had the desired effect, sending them both spiraling into climax.

Willow loved this moment, when her Master lost control and released his seed inside her while taking in her life's blood. She cradled his head to her neck, savoring the feeling of him lapping the fresh wound closed. He made the most wonderful growly purring sound when he licked all the traces of her blood from her neck. She wondered if he even knew he was making such delicious noises.

Angelus loved this moment, when his pet was completely relaxed under him. He contemplated letting her have her hands free more often if she would massage his head, like she was now, again. He felt like a whipped pussycat purring against her skin, but he was in too good a mood - on too good a high from her blood and his orgasm - to really care. It was only his pet after all, and who was she going to tell?

Reluctantly, Angelus pulled out of Willow's warm body and flopped down next to her. She rolled onto her side and curled up next to him, tracing random patterns on his chest with her fingers.

"Master?" she ventured, darting her eyes up to his face.

"What is it?" Angelus asked as he played with her hair.

"How did my friends get those drawings?" she innocently asked.

Angelus rolled his eyes. He should have known Willow wouldn't forget her question simply because of some great sex.

"What does it matter how they got them? They did. Now they know. What's done is done."

"Why did you do it?" she asked. There was no tone of accusation, only curiosity.

"You're mine," he growled. "And it's high time they knew it."

"I would have told them if you'd asked me to," Willow demurely said, resting her chin on his chest. "All you had to do was ask, Master. Always."

A surge of pride went through Angelus at his pet's words. 'She would have willingly told her friends she is mine,' he thought. Growlingly playfully, Angelus swooped down to capture Willow's mouth, kissing her soundly.

When he finally pulled back to let Willow breathe, Angelus traced a finger along her cheek as he whispered, "That's good to know, my pet."

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