Sometimes In Darkness There Is Love

Buffy's pov past:

Seeing Vampire Willow at The Bronze almost tore me apart. I was heartbroken. My best friend was dead, and nothing in my training had really prepared me for that feeling. In that moment, I wanted to join her. I had failed to protect one of the people I cared about most.

I also felt guilty for thinking that she looked hot in that outfit. I couldn't help but notice.

Anyway my relief at seeing Willow alive and well was total. I realized in that moment while I was hugging her that I loved her. Maybe even loved her as much as Angel.

Xander's pov past:

As Willow touched me, I repeated to myself that what Willow and I had was a fling, nothing more. However, when she touched my ass, I knew I was lying to myself, but I wasn't ready to admit it.

I babbled something and she backed off.

What shocked and disturbed me was the look of disgust on her face, and her muttering that I was alive. What did she mean by that?

As Buffy walked up to my side, for once I hardly noticed her. That was a first for me, I am always hyperaware of Buffy.

When Willow told Buffy that she didn't like her, I could see the heartbreak clearly etched on her face, and it hurt me as well.

Then when Willow showed her Vamp face, I was crushed. In that moment, a part of me died. I regretted that I had never told her how much I loved her.

Then later when we saw Willow and learned what had actually happened, I wanted to grab hold of her and never let her go again.

Buffy's pov past:

I stood over Vamp Willow ready to kill her for daring to hurt my Willow, when Willow cried out stop.

Before the words were completely out of her mouth I froze. I would do anything she asked of me.

And· we did. Instead of killing her, as my training told me I should, we decided to send her back to her world. And in the end I don't really think I could have killed this creature with Willow's face and Willow's memories anymore than Willow wanted me to.

And that's when I knew. The Watchers were right. Having friends was dangerous for a Slayer. Because I knew in that moment if Xander, Willow, or Giles were to become a Vampire I would never be able to kill them. I should have realized this with Angel. I couldn't kill him either, but I told myself that in the end, when it was necessary, I did it.

But even then as I watched him get sucked into hell, a piece of myself went with him, and has never really come back. I couldn't bear that feeling again.

Alternate Universe:

Unknown to the Scoobies was that their spell sent Vamp Willow back before she was taken.

As Vamp Willow opens her eyes she finds herself leaning over the Puppy.
Rubbing him absently she thinks about what happened to her and how she can use that here.

"What's wrong Wil?" Xander asks, wondering why she suddenly stopped playing.

Willow looks up at him smiling, "need to talk to The Master."

"Does Willow want something?"

"Yes, Willow does."

Our Universe:

As Percy walks away Willow turns to Buffy feeling ready to party.

Buffy smiles as she sees the sparkle return to her friends eyes, and makes a promise to herself to make sure that sparkle never leaves again.

Later that night finds them at The Bronze laughing and talking. But Willow is aware that something is different.

And she wonders if her friends think less of her after seeing Vamp Willow. Willow frowns, wanting to forget Vamp Willow.

She wants things back to the way they were and hopes she can find a way to make that happen.

However Buffy and Xander aren't holding Vamp Willow against her, they are thinking about their love for her and for each other.

"Guys I'm going to head home," Willow says trying to sound light and happy.

Xander and Buffy look at each other and by unspoken agreement they rise to follow her.

As Willow walks she becomes aware of eyes on her.

Spinning around putting her mean Willow face on ready to fight and hoping it's not a Vampire.

Her heart stops and she sighs with relief as she sees Buffy and Xander.

"Why are you guys following me?"

"Just want to make sure you stay okay," Buffy replies.

"Thanks, but really I'll be fine. I've walked home from The Bronze before."

"Sure but after what happened we reserve the right to be overprotective, right Xand?"

"Right on Buff. Want to make sure my Willow stays okay."

Willow's heart warms at the open expressions of caring on their faces.

Suddenly Willow is enveloped in another group hug.

Alternate Universe:

Hanging around outside the action is making Xander restless, he wants to fight and kill something.

He doesn't like being on the outside but after hearing Willow's plan he wants to see it work. Wondering just how big a bitch the Slayer will be brings a smile to his face.

Then he thinks about the other group Willow told them about. Frankly he's glad that this Buffy hadn't come to Sunnydale sooner. He didn't want to be the weak Xander that Willow had told him about.

Meanwhile inside The Factory all hell is breaking loose.

As Buffy approaches The Master she thinks he looks way to happy. She decides it's time somebody taught him a lesson.

While they fight somehow The Master spins her around and his fangs sink into her neck as she watches the fighting, realizing that it is she who's going to be taught a lesson. Her fight is over, the next Slayer will be called and she'll just be dead.

She tries to send her most deadly thoughts to him as he drains her, hoping maybe she'll make him sick.

Xander enters then to help the others take care of the meat and smiles at the site of The Master draining the Slayer.

The Master pulls his fangs away and locks eyes with Xander before cutting his arm and placing it gently in front of the Slayers face.

Buffy is aware of what this means but as she sees her last chance for life bleeding in front of her she can't help but drink. No matter how tough she pretends to be she didn't want to die.

With the Slayer down and the extra help from Willow order is restored in moments.

Xander notices Willow frowning, "Puppy still dead!"

He chuckles, "we'll find Willow another Puppy then."

Our Universe:

"Wow you guys must have been really wigged," Willow says thinking it's great to know how much they care for her, as they enter her bedroom.

"Yeah we were," Xander replies more serious than Willow has ever heard him.

"I'm just glad you are still·"

"Breathing," Willow finishes for Buffy. "Me too. Seeing her was pretty scary."

Buffy smiles at her, "I'm more glad than ever that I came to Sunnydale. I hate the thought of what would have happened to you two if I hadn't," Buffy says putting her arms around both of them.

Xander takes Willow's hand in his trying to express the depth of feeling he has for her.

Willow looks at Buffy and sees something that she never expected to see on her friends face at least not while that face was facing her, hunger.

Willow stammers wanting to say something, but Buffy has other ideas. As soon as her mouth opens Buffy covers it with hers.

Xander thinks maybe he should go but Buffy has wrapped her free arm around him and Willow won't let go of his hand.

That's no problem, he thinks, he knows he would kill to watch this.

But watching is not what Buffy has in mind as she pulls her lips away from Willows and turns to him.

Xander feels shock from his head to his feet. His vixens. He was going to be with his vixens. He was in heaven he didn't think he could feel any happier.

He realized he was wrong again as Buffy kisses him.

Willow smiles. She was always a tiny bit jealous of Xander's crush on Buffy for many reasons. One was that she wanted Xander and another less known reason was that she wanted Buffy.

But watching Buffy and Xander kiss here and now only feels her with happiness. They are her best friends and while they love each other they love her too.

Buffy pulls away from Xander and they all smile at each other.

"So now what?" Buffy asks shyly.

"Well," Willow responds with a wicked gleam in her eye.

Xander gulps, "you aren't going to play Mistress of Pain with us are you, cause I don't like pain. Despite the fact that I'm always getting beat up·"

"Xander. Shut up," Willow says as she covers his moving lips with hers.

Xander enfolds her in his arms and kisses her like he has always wanted to kiss her.

Buffy grins. Not entirely sure what she's doing but knowing she wants them and hopes that Angel will forgive her. And maybe even be happy for her. No matter how much she loves her friends she still loves Angel but knows that love can never be. But this love can be and she wants what love she can have.

Unknown to her Angel knows. Standing outside Willows house watching them Angel actually smiles. He knew he couldn't be with her, be the man she would want and need. There were things she needed that he could never· would never be able to give her. But Willow and Xander they could. As a matter of fact Angel wanted more than anything to go in and join them, but he also knew he couldn't do that.

He wasn't going to say it didn't hurt because it did. But in the end what made Buffy happy made him happy.

Sniffing the air he realizes Oz is coming. He turns to lead Oz away. Because he knows Willow would rather tell him than have him find out this way. So doing what he does best, protecting Buffy and those that she cares about he approaches Oz and leads him away.

Alternate Universe:

As Buffy's eyes flicker open she is aware of only one thing. Hunger a thirst that won't quit.

Rising from the bed she sniffs the air as Xander and Willow enter.

"Look who's all awake now," Willow says.

"She looks hungry."

Buffy growls as a new smell reaches her.

Xander grins leading in a human girl, Buffy growls again but this time from the scent of fear rising from the girl.

Xander shoves the girl toward Buffy the girl tries to escape, but in one swift movement Buffy is on her feet with her fangs buried in the girls neck.

"It's so much better when they're all are afraid," Willow says to herself. While she didn't like the Slayer her double was in love with the Slayer so there had to be something to this girl.

As Buffy drains the girl and lets her fall to the floor she looks at Willow and Xander.

"Bored now?" Willow asks walking toward Buffy. Buffy nods.

Grabbing her by the hair and pulling Buffy to her Willow whispers, "now lets find out what is so special about you."

"Yes lets," Xander agrees coming up behind Buffy.

When Willow latches onto Buffy's mouth Buffy goes wild her hands find Willow's breasts and knead them through the tight leather outfit.

Xander grips Buffy's hips from behind pulling her out of her old clothes.

Willow steps back and slowly strips enjoying the expressions on Buffy and Xander's faces.

As the last piece of clothing falls she nods to Xander, "naked now."

Xander grins and with less show looses his clothing.

Buffy leans down to suckle Willow's breast. Xander latches onto her other one.

"Fun now," Willow says scratching her nails down both of their backs.

When Buffy pulls away to drop lower and taste Willow, Xander pulls away to kiss Willow.

Willow pulls away quickly having something else in mind she pushes her fist into Buffy as Xander gets down and starts sucking on Buffy clit and biting Willow's fist as it moves in and out.

As Buffy nibbles on Willow's clit she wonders why she fought these creatures so hard. It was a wonderful feeling being one with them and letting go of her mortal coil.

Buffy puts her fingers into Willows ass one finger at a time until they are all in.

Willow goes wild pulling Xander away from Buffy's clit to kiss him.

Xander growls and gets up bending Buffy over and shoving himself roughly into her tight virgin ass.

As Buffy screams Willow chuckles moving into a position where she can fist Buffy and kiss Xander.

Buffy begins crying out wanting more. And loving the feeling of Xanders cock being inside her rubbing against Willows fist.

Xander begins muttering as he beats against Buffy's ass. Willow leans over bearing her fangs and sinking them into Xanders neck.

Seeing Willow bite Xander, Buffy is struck with an idea and she sinks her fangs into Willows leg.

As they drink and fuck The Master stands at the door smiling. It's always nice to see his children happy. As they come together he walks away thinking he's hungry and hoping he can find a fresh young girl that won't watch him.

Our Universe:

As Willow falls to the bed with Xander on top of her she moans. They are barely on the bed and Xander shoves into her and they both cry out.

Buffy lays down beside them and starts rubbing her hands over both of them. Willow looks at her and raises her neck to kiss her, not wanting Buffy to feel left out.

Xander touches Buffy's arm with his also wanting to show her how much he loves her too. This is a dream come true for him and he wants both of them to know how much they mean to him. Willow climaxes more quickly than she ever has, Xander pulls out of her and spreads Buffy out to finish off in her.

Buffy continues kissing Willow and when Xander enters Buffy Willow swallows her gasp.

Willow pulls her lips away and squeezes her head between them to suckle on Xander's nipples. Causing Xander to plunge into Buffy harder making Buffy cry out and then bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming.

As he feels the pain from her bite he realizes that he doesn't mind pain as much as he thought he would. As matter of fact he likes it.

Xander tries to hold back not wanting to finish before Buffy but when Willow drags her teeth across his nipple he looses it and climaxes.

Willow smiles and pushes him off of Buffy and straddles her.

"My turn," she says happily, and goes down on Buffy.

Buffy moans as Willow sucks on her clit hard and fast. And Willow being a woman knows just what Buffy needs and brings her over the edge.

As they lay sweating and panting beside each other Xander thinks of how lucky he is.

Willow thinks of Oz and freezes. After just making up and working things out with him she doesn't want to hurt him again. But she knows this is what she wants and she will have to face Oz.

Buffy thinks of Angel and again hopes that he will understand and then she looks up and sees him through the window.

She freezes, then relaxes when she notices he's smiling. Then she notices Willow tense up and turns to sooth her friend along with Xander.

Xander also sees Angel and wonders if Dead Boy will come charging in and make a scene then he notices that Angel is smiling at Buffy. Relaxing, he goes back to holding Willow.

Willow smiles at both of them, "I love you guys so much."


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