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Willow Rosenberg sighed contentedly against her boyfriend. The pair was sitting in the front seat of his Zebra-striped minivan, saying goodbye to each other. They had been saying goodbye for nearly half an hour. Oz was leaving for Arizona for a week, to visit his Aunt. Willow was missing him already.

Oz broke off the kiss and stroked her cheek. She clasped his hand in hers and tried to hold back the tears that were starting. Oz kissed her lightly then released her from his grasp.

"I'm sorry, baby, I have to go." His heart ached at her expression, and he knew it was going to be a long week for both of them. But Oz knew he had put off visiting his Aunt for too long.

The summer had started off badly, with Willow and Xander being injured, and Buffy had vanished. Giles was still searching for his lost Slayer, but had found nothing. The entire gang had searched the vampire's hangout, but no one was there. Just that damn statue, silently mocking them.

"I'm not crying. I'm not crying..." Willow started crying. She had been hit hard by Buffy's disappearance. Oz knew she was spending much of her time searching Police Reports throughout the state for any mention of her friend. He pulled her close again and whispered soothing words in her ear. Her tiny frame shook with sobs for a few minutes, then she pulled away from him and wiped her eyes.

"See? Resolve Face. No more crying." Her lower lip was trembling, but the tears had stopped. Oz smiled at her and winked.

"Good. I'll call you from Arizona." Willow hopped out of the van, then leaned in the drivers' window to kiss him one more time. She watched him drive off, then turned and trudged up the driveway to her house. Another long night of hacking into Police computers awaited her.


Cordelia Chase was furious. First, her parents had the nerve to go to Naples and leave her home. That wasn't the worst of it. Her boyfriend had decided to go on some icky nature thing with his dad and uncle. Harmony and the others were in Las Vegas for the week, so Cordelia had no one to hang out with. Then again, she mused; she probably wouldn't be all that welcome with Harmony. Oh well.

"Moron! He could have at least thought about me before going!" She dropped down on the couch in the family room and pouted. Then she noticed a small yellow envelope taped to the big screen TV. Puzzled, Cordelia opened the envelope. Her face lit up when she saw the contents.

A Gold Mastercard was in the envelope, along with a hand-written note from her father. She glanced at the note, then squealed with joy at the prospect of a shopping trip. Then it hit her.

Buffy was gone. Harmony and the gang were gone. Xander was camping. Everyone had left town, and she had no one to share her joy with. Then she remembered : Willow was still in town. Cordelia bit her lower lip and looked at the phone. Willow had never been a friend, mostly due to how Cordelia had treated her. Since Buffy had come to town, and the weirdness had enveloped them all, Willow and Cordelia had grown a little closer. Fighting vampires and other undead things was a strange way to bond. But, it was Sunnydale. Cordelia picked up the phone and dialed Willow's number.


Willow was waiting at the end of her driveway when Cordelia screeched to a stop in front of her. She asked herself if she really wanted to risk her life by driving with Cordelia. 'It's better than being alone for the next day or so,' Willow told herself, making sure she buckled the seatbelt securely. Cordelia had a Natalie Imbruglia CD playing, which suited Willow just fine.

"Hey, Willow. Thanks for coming along," Cordelia said, putting the car back in drive and roaring off. The Hacker tried to keep from looking nervous as the car zoomed up the entrance ramp to the freeway.

"Sure. I'm glad you asked me to go." Not really, Willow thought glumly. But it beat sitting alone in her room, wondering what had happened to Buffy. Giles hadn't talked to anyone in the past week, and Willow was wondering how the Watcher was holding up.

"Well, you know so much about computers, and I've been wanting to get one. So, dinner and stuff is my treat." Cordelia glanced over at the redhead, trying to keep her tone light. She didn't show it, but she was feeling nervous around Willow. Cordelia knew how to do a few things with a computer, so she was hoping she wouldn't appear stupid around the Hacker.

'Must be nice to be so smart.' Cordelia regretted the thought as soon as it was out. Willow was smart, funny, and cute. Cordelia wouldn't admit it, but she envied Willow in some ways. Willow could be herself around people, and get accepted for it. She didn't have to please anyone. Cordelia was secretly happy for her new friend, as Willow had become more assertive in the past year. Of course, much of that was Buffy's doing, but still....

"So, which store first?" Cordelia asked, using her free hand to adjust her sunglasses. Willow shrugged and looked out the side windows.

"Any one in the mall will be good. Do you have an idea how much you want to spend?"

"Yep. Daddy set a limit for me." Cordelia smiled inwardly and patted her purse.

"Oh. No problem, then."


Willow sat back in the chair and cracked her knuckles. Cordelia had bought a new 400Mhz Pentium II with all the trimmings. It had only taken a few hours to settle on the system, despite the salesman trying to increase his commission with offers of classes and training. Cordelia had declined, knowing Willow could teach her more than anyone at the store could.

Cordelia was picking up things reasonably well for a beginner. The computer had come with 50 free hours of Internet access, and Willow had shown her how to search for sites that would be of interest.

"So, this little icon is another link?" Cordelia asked, pointing to the screen. Willow stuffed the rest of the pizza slice in her mouth and nodded. Grinning, the other girl continued with her exploring. Cordelia picked up things quickly, surprising Willow. Usually she was a compete airhead around computers.

Willow's eyes opened wide as she watched the website load. It was one of those adult lesbian sites, complete with graphic images of various sex acts. She tried not to choke on her dinner, and Willow could feel her face flushing. She looked away from the monitor, hoping Cordelia hadn't noticed her reaction. Cordelia looked through the images, then logged off and shut the computer down.

"That was wild. You weren't kidding about some of these sites." Cordelia drained the last of her Pepsi. "You need another?" Willow nodded and followed her to the kitchen.


The sun had set as the two girls sat in the family room. Willow was about to call her parents when Cordelia interrupted her.

"Why don't you stay here tonight? I mean, I have some extra clothes, and you're welcome to them. We can have our own little party. What do you think?" Cordelia tried to sound earnest, as she didn't want to be alone on a Saturday night. Willow hesitated; she wasn't sure if it was a good idea. Where was this nice Cordelia coming from? 'The skanky- ho is actually asking ME to stay over?'

"It's been awhile since anyone has stayed over..." Cordelia's voice trailed off, and she glanced at Willow. Her face revealed just how hurt she was over that fact. Willow touched the other girls' arm.

"Sure, I'd like to," Willow said. 'She is actually LONELY! And I know what that's like.'

"Great! Listen, I have something I think you'd look cute in. I mean, how about a makeover?" Cordelia started pulling Willow's hair into a ponytail. "I mean, if you want." There was none of the usual taunting in the brunettes voice, and her eyes had a hopeful expression. Willow felt a twinge in her heart for Cordelia.

'She is actually being nice. And she has changed, a little, from the Cordelia of old,' Willow mused, wondering what Cordelia's 'makeover' would entail. She smiled shyly and answered the other girl.

"Thanks for asking me. I'm sure we'll have fun." Cordelia smiled in reply. She led the Hacker back upstairs to her room. Willow sat down in front of the vanity while Cordelia starting pulling clothes out of her closet. Finally she made a little noise and showed Willow what her search had found.

It was a deep blue sundress. Willow had a puzzled expression on her face as Cordelia handed it to her.

"You would look better in this than I would," Cordelia admitted, moving behind the Hacker and fixing her hair in a ponytail. "And with the right eyeshadow, I think you could drive Oz crazy."


"And then, he just goes off with his dad, not one damn word!" Cordelia fumed, and took another swig of her beer. The two of them each had a bottle, although Willow didn't really care for the bitter taste. Cordelia had told her it was some kind of imported beer, and it tasted better than any American beer. Willow thought it tasted terrible, but decided to try it anyway. She carefully put the bottle on the floor beside her and tried to pay attention as Cordelia continued ranting.

"What the hell is it with Xander, anyway? Does Oz do anything like this?" Cordelia was slumped on a love seat in the family room. Willow was lying on an open sleeping bag. The two of them had gotten started on finding fault with Xander, and men in general.

Willow had listened wide-eyed as Cordelia had described some of her dates, often with graphic detail. She had read several adult novels, and had participated in some of the adult chat rooms, but hearing it first hand was another experience. Cordelia just kept going on about it. Willow briefly wondered if the girl was trying to make her jealous, but decided she just need to vent about things.

"Men. Why can't we just do without them?" Cordelia asked, waving her bottle aimlessly.

"Why are they so clueless?" Willow added, bracing herself against an easy chair. "I mean, Xander didn't pay any attention to me all those years. And then Buffy came along, and, oh shit!" Willow glanced at Cordelia and hastily added: "I didn't mean that." The redhead had a chastised look on her face.

"It's okay, Willow. I knew... know what you meant." Cordelia looked at Willow. She was looking quite cute in a soft blue sleep shirt. The color set off her red hair to good effect. And her skin : so pale, so creamy, in stark contrast to Cordelia's well maintained tan.

"Once Buffy came to Sunnydale, he never noticed me," Willow said sadly, staring into her bottle. "He was always talking about Buffy this, Buffy that. Damn him anyway." Then she sighed and wiped her left eye with the back of her hand. "At least Oz pays attention." Cordelia just sat silently, wishing she knew some comforting words for this girl. "I've always wondered, if I looked like Buffy, would Xander have noticed me?"

Cordelia knelt down next to Willow and hugged her while she started crying. Then Cordelia let her go and brushed some of Willow's hair back in place. Willow sniffed and blew her nose in a Kleenex.

"Look, I know Xander's my boyfriend and all, but he still doesn't notice what's right in front of him." Cordelia had a pensive look on her face as she considered her next words. "Sometimes I still think he's wishing he was with her."

Willow nodded and pushed some stray hair out of her face. Cordelia touched Willow's cheek in sympathy. The two girls locked gazes, each noticing the other's breathing. Willow closed her eyes as Cordelia stroked her cheek. Then she opened them again as Cordelia drew her close and kissed her.

Willow hadn't kissed many boys, and she figured Cordelia had. It showed when Cordelia slowly forced Willow's mouth open with her tongue. Feeling just a little wild, Willow opened her mouth wider and stuck her tongue against Cordelia's. Then her arms were going around the other girl as the kiss deepened.

Cordelia was enjoying herself. Willow tasted fresh and just a little sweet. Willow's head was spinning, trying to process all the new sensations. Oz's kisses were never like this. Cordelia released Willow and sat back, watching the Hacker's face. She smiled when Willow opened her eyes and looked at her.

"How was that?" Cordelia asked. Willow thought about it for a moment, then spoke.

"Strange. A good strange. A good feeling." Willow noticed that Cordelia had a troubled expression on her face. It looked like she was deciding, or debating, something.

"Cordelia?" Willow asked, puzzled.

"I have a something I'd like to tell you. But you can't say anything to anyone, okay?" Cordelia added, gripping Willow's arms tightly. Willow nodded slightly. Cordelia released her and took another drink from her bottle.

"When Harmony and I were twelve, we kinda made out. It was neat, but different. I mean, I know I like guys, and sometimes I sleep with them." Cordelia stared into Willow's eyes with an odd expression on her face. "But every now and then, I like to do it with a girl." When Willow didn't answer, a horrified look came to Cordelia's face. "Now you think I'm a freak!"

Willow shushed the other girl and hugged her. "No, I don't. It's normal, okay?" Willow looked Cordelia in the eye and held her gaze. "You think something's wrong with you, right?" Cordelia nodded, looking a little distraught. "There isn't!"

Willow held Cordelia close for a minute, then decided that it would be only fair to share something of her own.

"I've, um.. that is, I've done something like that. But on the computer, never for real." Willow shrugged and looked at the floor. "I just wanted to know what it was like." Cordelia watched as Willow struggled to get her words out. "I mean, I know I like guys, but I wondered about it too, you know? Two women together?"

"Would you like to know?" The corners of Cordelia's mouth were turned up in a small smile. Willow wasn't sure if she wanted to do what Cordelia was suggesting. The other girl noticed her hesitation.

"If you don't want to, it's okay. I mean, we're not exactly friends or anything. Shit," Cordelia said, exasperated. "You know what I'm getting at?"

Willow nodded slightly. Part of her, the old, don't notice me Willow, was trying to get her to leave the house. But there was something else inside calling to her. Something new, different, that wasn't afraid to try things. Where was it coming from? Willow listened to it, and looked up at Cordelia.

"I'd like to, um, try it. Okay?"

"Okay. Come here." Curious, Willow knelt in front of the other girl. "If any of this makes you uncomfortable, just say stop or something like that. Okay?" Willow nodded, afraid to trust her voice. She wasn't sure if this was right, but is felt so good, she didn't care. Cordelia had obviously done this before.

Willow ignored the butterflies in her stomach as she settled against Cordelia. Cordelia started stroking Willow's legs, then moved up to her arms. Her touch was soft and practiced.

Willow jumped slightly as Cordelia's hands slipped under her shirt and cupped her breasts. Then she sighed and relaxed, snuggling against the other girl. Her body was on fire with all the feeling that Cordelia's touch was causing. Cordelia kissed Willow on the cheek, then on her neck. Willow moaned slightly and reached down to rub Cordelia's calve.

Something was stirring inside Willow, something she usually felt when thinking about making out with Oz, or the occasional fantasy with Xander. She could feel a heat spreading between her legs. Cordelia knew exactly what she was doing, as she slipped a finger under Willow's panties and started stroking her with a soft, gentle rhythm.

The fire was spreading, and Willow started panting as Cordelia's strokes moved faster and faster. Her entire being was centered on the building tension between her thighs. And then it happened. Her body started quivering, then shaking as she came. Cordelia stopped stroking and just held her while her body shook.

Willow sighed and turned to look at Cordelia. Without another word, Willow kissed her and smiled.

"That was... wow. Um, good, um..." was all she could say. Willow tried to think of something to describe the experience, but the words just wouldn't form a coherent sentence.

Cordelia had a strange sparkle in her eye, and Willow knew what she wanted. Hesitantly, she ran a hand up Cordelia's thigh, and then an idea formed in her head.

"I might need some help. Okay?" Cordelia nodded happily. Willow had her lay down on the sleeping bag, then straddled the other girl. She slowly pulled Cordelia's T-shirt over her head. Then she sat back and looked at Cordelia's body.

Cordelia's brow furrowed at the expression on Willow's face. "What?" Does she think I'm deformed or something?

"I've always wondered about these," Willow said, rubbing her hands over Cordelia's breasts. They were firm and soft, with small pink nipples. "Why is it that men always go for one's like yours?" Cordelia moaned an answer as Willow played with her nipples.

"Because it's right in front, I think," she replied, as Willow leaned down and took one of the other girl's nipples in her mouth. "You did this on the Internet?" For someone who hadn't done this before, Willow seemed to know just what spots to touch, and tease.

"Shh. No talking." Cordelia shut her mouth as the Hacker started to kiss her other breast, then moved upward to kiss her neck. Suddenly Willow grabbed both of Cordelia's arms and pinned them over her head. Then she used her teeth to lightly bite one of Cordelia's nipples. Cordelia gasped and arched her back. No one had ever held her arms down, and she struggled slightly in Willow's grip. She was starting to get excited, and her breathing quickened. Willow sat back and watched the other girl's breasts move as she breathed, fascinated by the image.

Sensing Cordelia's need, Willow slowly slipped a finger under her silk panties and started rubbing the brunette's clitoris. "How's that?" she asked, slipping her finger in deeper. Cordelia just moaned and thrashed under Willow. Smiling, Willow slowed her stroking, then tried it from a different angle. Cordelia thrust her hips upward, matching Willow's strokes. Sweat broke out on her forehead as Cordelia moved her hips faster. Willow just matched her motion, then watched as Cordelia came. Willow had just experienced an orgasm, but she never thought she would see one happen. Cordelia's body trembled all over with release, then she let out a small sigh and went limp on the sleeping bag.

Willow dropped beside her and regarded the ceiling. What had she just done? Something new, strange, and totally unlike her. She was reveling in the experience, wondering where this new Willow had come from. She looked over at Cordelia, who was watching her closely.

"You okay?" the other girl asked, looking just a little worried. Willow nodded.

"And no, you're not weird. No more than I am, anyway," Willow joked, smiling at Cordelia. The other girl returned the smile and stroked Willow's face.

"Thank you. I mean it," Cordelia replied, putting as much sincerity in her voice as she could muster. Then she pulled her T-shirt on and padded off for the bathroom. Willow closed her eyes and curled up in the sleeping bag, feeling content and oddly relaxed.

'Just wait until Oz gets back,' she thought to herself, as she dozed off.


Cordelia washed her face and stared at her reflection. She felt good, but the nervousness was still there. Willow had been very bold tonight, and Cordelia felt a new sense of respect for the Hacker. She shuddered slightly as an aftershock hit her, then turned off the lights and returned to the living room.

Willow was sleeping, curled up in the sleeping bag. Cordelia laid down beside her and gently touched her shoulder. Willow's eyes opened slightly, then she yawned and nodded at the other girl.

"Hey. Thanks. For being here, and the other stuff," Cordelia whispered, hugging the redhead. Willow sighed and murmured something in reply.

"Does this mean we're friends now?"

"Sure. I'd like that." Cordelia answered, looking at Willow with an uncertain expression on her face. "Look, I'm not sharing this with anyone. Promise. This was just something between you and me, okay?" Willow nodded sleepily.

"A very good something." Willow paused for a moment, then continued. " I've always been afraid of doing new things. You were so nice about this, not mean like you have been." Willow's eyes widened and she hurriedly added: "I mean, like you were."

Cordelia hushed the Hacker. "I know what you meant. Thanks, friend." Cordelia crawled over Willow and settled on the couch. She looked over at her new friend, and winked at her. "Good night."

"Night, Cordy."


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