Primal Hiding - Searching And The Phone Call

The three members of the scooby gang were driving around in Giles’ car, searching for the slayer. Giles was driving, Xander was in the front seat and Willow sat in her back, blaming all of this on her. She refused to explain what had happened between Buffy and her. She just didn’t want to talk about it, and she didn’t want to see the look on Xander’s face when she told him that she had shot Buffy down.

They’ve known for years how Buffy feels about Willow, they just didn’t want to say anything, they wanted to wait until Buffy was ready to talk about it. Willow and Xander had entertained the idea of Willow dating the blonde slayer. Willow did want to date Buffy, has wanted to date her since before Oz came into the picture, but she had grown close to him, and she then when he left she grew close to Tara. She had gotten tired of waiting for Buffy to come forward with her feelings.

She was for sure that when Oz left Buffy would make her move, but then nothing happened. She was comforted sure, and Buffy was very good with the best friend thing, but other then that nothing. And then time went on and Willow got over the feeling of hurt she felt with Oz’s departure, and she got over the longing she had for Buffy. She didn’t think that she could go back to that now. The feelings for the blonde had caused her more pain then joy, and she didn’t think that she could stir them up again.

“Ok now, if one of us were a slayer where would we go?” Xander asked absently as he looked out the window. They’ve been looking for three hours now and they can’t find her anywhere. They’ve already checked all of the cemeteries, the Bronze, a couple of the demon bars, and she’s nowhere. They did learn from the gossip in the bars, however, that the slayer is still in charge, and she’s killed at least twenty-five demons, and fourteen vampires so far. One of them being the blue lizardy demon that she hadn’t been able to kill the night before.

They gave up their search. Giles knew that finding her was important, but since they had no idea where to look then it would probably be best to give it a rest and go back in case she came back on her own. He dropped Willow off at her dorm before taking Xander home. He had a suspicion that whatever was going on had to do with Willow. The young woman had been too quiet ever since they showed up earlier for the meeting about the demon.

He knew how much Willow meant to Buffy. Not just the human part of her, but the slayer half as well. He could see it in her eyes every time the blonde looked at the redhead, or talked about her. Her eyes would get a little yellow in them, meaning the slayer within was also thinking of Willow, wanted to come out and claim Willow for her own. But Giles had remained silent about it, thinking that it would be best for it to act out in its own time. But then this had happened and he was starting to second-guess himself and his actions.

He had just made it home and locked the door and was on his way towards the kitchen when the phone rang. He cursed under his breath, hoping that it wasn’t Joyce calling and saying that something horrible had happened to the slayer. He answered the phone and listened to what the person had to say. His face paled and he took off his glasses and he started to clean them, his little OCD in times like this.

“When did she arrive?” he asked, sighing loudly and waiting. “I’ve no idea. She’s been acting a little off the last couple of weeks, more on edge then normal. She was fine when I saw her this morning, but when she showed up tonight she was completely out of it, non-responsive, and then the slayer took over.” He explained and then listened again.

“Yes I understand. Try to keep her there, do your best to keep her calm…She what?……Why do I get the feeling that you’re not joking?……I’m on my way, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He hung up the phone without saying goodbye or waiting for a response. He grabbed his car keys off of the table and left. He headed straight for L.A. deciding to leave the other two out of this. He would call when he gets there and tell the younger ones about the situation, but he didn’t think it would be a good idea if they went with him, mostly because of who the slayer had sought for comfort. He knew that would not go over too well with the others at all.

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