Primal Hiding - Regrets

The slayer lunged at the demon that was currently running away from her. She knocked him to the ground and started to beat his back very roughly. He cried out in pain, and tried to get her off of him, but he was powerless. A bright flash caught her eye and she looked over and saw a piece of scrap metal lying on the ground in the warehouse, a light from the street was reflecting off of it. She quickly picked it up and stabbed it into the demons neck, severing the cervical vertebra, killing him instantly.

She stood up and threw the sharp object across the room, the sound of it hitting the wall echoed throughout the large area. She was shaking with rage. First Willow and now Cordelia. Maybe she should have gone to Angel after all. No, he wouldn’t have taken her either. She shook her head, growling loudly trying to get all of the bad thought out of her mind. Her stupid human half wouldn’t stop talking to her. Like an annoying little bug or something she just kept buzzing around, yelling at her for the mistake that she had made.

She could feel herself being pulled by some very strong force. It didn’t feel evil, but it did feel mystical. It was setting off all of her slayer senses and she knew that she had to find it. She knew that whatever it was it needed protecting, and she had to be the one to do it. She left the warehouse, tears still stinging the corners of her eyes and started to run, not really knowing which direction she was heading (Northwest) just knowing that she needed to get to wherever she was being pulled to.

She had been running for three hours before she finally needed to stop to take a break. She went into an alley, not sure where she was, and not really caring. The closer she got to her unknown destination the louder the buzzing got. The buzzing being her little annoying human half that was telling her to turn around and go back to Sunnydale.

The pull was getting stronger and her senses were becoming stronger then they’ve ever been before. She felt stronger, faster, like something was going into her and making her a better slayer then before. Because of this it only took her a couple of minutes to catch her breath before she stood up and started running, still traveling North, only knowing that she had to get to whatever was in need to protection.

She thought about everything that had transpired at the hotel. Everything that she had felt and everything that she had done. She knew that Willow would never want her but she felt bad for kissing Cordelia. But the urge, the feeling of need had been too strong to ignore. She was starting to feel it again. The scorching heat between her legs was starting to grow even more intense then ever before. She knew that she would need release soon or it would drive her to the depths of insanity.

She tried her best to ignore she, she tried her best to ignore the human part of her trying her best to ignore the feeling also. But she just couldn’t handle it. She stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and let her senses roam. She could feel the vampires near by and she started to run towards them. She looked around and broke the end off of a picket fence knowing that she just needed to get some and get gone.

When she found the vampire walking through the dark she slowly started to stalk him. She knew that he could smell her, and she watched as he stopped and turned around. She was concealed by the darkness and the truck she was standing behind, hiding, waiting for her opportunity. She watched as he started to walk towards her and just when he was about to turn the corner at the end of the vehicle she pounced.

She lunged at him, making sure the makeshift stake stayed far away from his heart. He was confused at first but he soon gave into her need. She kissed him with nothing but raw need. She pushed him back into the alley he had been walking down and she pressed him roughly up against the wall. When she ended the kiss for air he was in game face but she ignored it. She started to grind her hips against his and he moaned and closed his eyes. They started to kiss again, and the burning she was feeling only increased. Just doing this wasn’t enough, but she was so close it would only take a little more, just one little extra push.

*He cold. He like Angel. I hate Angel.* she thought feeling disgusted, but it went away because the feeling of need was a lot stronger.

/Angel is better then this. He has a soul, this is just some demon that you’re fucking because we need it. Just hurry up and get it over with so we can get the hell out of here./ the human half told her. She agreed that this needed to end soon so she hurried up the process.

She threw him to the ground and jumped on top of him. She straddled his waist and undid his pants, pulling them down. She ripped off her underwear and pulled up the skirt she was wearing. She held onto his shoulders, forcing him to stay down as she rode him. It didn’t take long for her to be thrown over the edge and into a screaming climax, and even then she needed more.

She was off guard as she wallowed in her high and he was able to flip her over. He kept jumping into her at a furious rate and she met his thrusts with just as much vigor. She cried out when she felt his teeth sink into her neck and they were both rocketed into another climax. As she came down from her high she was aware that he was still feeding from her. She quickly brought the stake up and into his back, he screamed out in pain as he dusted and sprinkled all over her.

Now that she had fulfilled her most basic need she stood up and straightened her skirt. The human part of her was still swirling from their release. She took a few minutes to compose herself and calm down. She sat down on top of a dumpster feeling dirty, feeling like she was worthless. If Willow ever found out about this she would never want them, at least that’s what they both thought. But the need had been too strong, she hadn’t been able to control. That didn’t stop all of the feelings of guilt and remorse to stomp through her body, making her shake, on the verge of tears again.

Ten minutes later she stood up, she felt the pull getting stronger and she started running towards it, making sure to ignore all of the little tinges she gets whenever she senses a vampire or demon. If she was going to get there without making herself feel any worst then she couldn’t slay because if she did then she wouldn’t be able to control the strong need for release that she gets whenever she kills. All she thought about was Willow, and what Willow would think of her. And imaging the look of shame and disgust on the redhead’s face was a very big motivator to run faster, to get away from Sunnydale and L.A. and everything else that reminded her of her love.

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