Prisms Part Seven - Yellow're kidding right? I mean, we just got here less than..okay..we've been here an hour and you want to leave? Kick back, relax I'll get us another beer. Yeah, I know it fuckin' sucks what's yer point? I mean if we cared about quality we'd be..somewhere else. It does the job.
I'm satisfied.
Oh, you're not satisfied. Well fuck that, what the fuck do you think will satisfy you then huh fancy boy?
Huh? A woman?
Well..okay there's plenty to choose from. Yeah, well they're skanky assed whores again..your point ya stupid fuck? Jeeze picky sonuvabitch ain't ya.
Jeeze maybe you have had too much to drink. I told ya not to slam that fifth shot, 'Wanna grab one' right. Okay..I think you've gone round the bend Saul. Just…just sit your ass back down okay? We ain't goin' nowhere.
No, no no! You chill compadre! I still wanna drink so sit down or I'll lay whup ya upside yer head! Better. No, I'll order you just better be here when I get back.
Oh Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, I didn't think it was possible! The whiskey sucks ass more than the beer! Remind me why we come here would you? No I fucking doubt very much it's for the fucking atmosphere. C'mon, let's head for the back, I gotta take a piss.
What..what? What do'ya want can't ya see I'm busy here? Jeeze, lemme at least get my zipper up n'..aaww shit man now I gotta wash my hands! Thanks fuckin' heaps. Okay, what's so damn important you have to interrupt my quality time?
Yeah..yeah I see her so? Yeah she's nice looking..though with that tent dress it's kinda hard to tell. Like the hair though. Oho! You want a woman like her eh? Good fuckin' luck, man half the time even the whores won't give you the time of day, jeeze man, chill with the delusions of grandeur! Hey man, hey..hey! What's the fuck you..I said no..No! Man…aww..fuck.
God damn man are out of your fuckin' mind? No way in hell am I helping you, no you want her you can handle it, you're a grown boy ain't ya. Momma must be real proud of you now. Oh quit yer bitching, fine fine..yeah I got her. Alright, what now hotshot?
You got her mouth covered? Man Saul, you better not lose it or we are so screwed..what the fuck I talkin' about, we're already screwed. Okay..okay..I'll shut up. No, no of course I'm not scared, jeeze you callin' me a coward cause if you are I'll just have to drop the bitch and take you out. No? Good. So where too?
Yeah, yeah..I got her legs she can't kick us. eyes! Cool.
Whoa, easy with the blade man, we're trying to cut the clothes! Hello?!! Earth to Saul, I'm not into blood. So, you're hands shaking, fine gimmie the fucking knife I'll do it.
Whoa..check those out..soft lookin'. Aw..don't cry baby..this won't hurt. I'll be gentle. Now Saul? Well, can't really speak for him can I? You'll be gentle won't ya Saul? Oooh. He's smiling, not a good sign.
Yeah, was your idea you can go first blah blah blah..will you just..y'know get it done already? Damn..I'm thirsty.
Jesus fucking balls Saul! One thing I did not need to see was your skany, white ass. Fuck, get some god damn modesty. I'll be over here, want a cigarette. And try and keep her from screaming okay? Gettin' a headache.
Alright! Play time..Well..shit. She's passed out. There goes half the fun right there.
Yeah, yeah chill man, let me take my time, I swear, no romance in your soul at all.
Yup, all done. C'mon let's go. Nah, she's still out. was a good that doesn't mean I'm buying the next round it's your turn.
Sheeit, beer don't taste so bad no more does it? Gimmie a ciggie.
Ha! Yeah..I said I'd think about it, fine..maybe a repeat performance. Yeah, yeah it was fun, now..c'mon, let's jet. S'late and I got a shift in the morning.
Huh? Wha..? A question? Yeah..well sure, 'Sgo ahead.
The word 'No' say wha..HOoog..
JesusJesusJesus oh fuckin' Christ! face…what..what the fuck..who..what? OH MY FUCKING CHRIST!! Oh fuck, oh christ, oh fuck, Mary's wheeping oh shit..OH GOD!! gonna fucking kill you you stupid pu..OOOF ..nnnnaaaa…
Nnnuuhh….nuu…hh….nnuu..hhh….godgodfuckgodfuckshit..nuuuhh..nuuhh…wha..wha..put me down..ya..psycho..bitch…
Oh shit..oh shit..oh shit..ohshitohshitohshit… I see you..I see you you red haired whore! I see you and you're killing us..fuck stupid fuck you've killed us both..can't keep it your goddamn pants..can't breath..can't…
AIR!! Oh sweet, sweet air..God my throat..oh man..Jesus Saul stop yer crying ya..fuckin….baby…
Oh No. No, no can't be're not real. You're not Real! YOU'RE NOT REAL!!!
Well…shit. I can't see a thing. S'dark.
Out..want out.
Yeah..out. Out is good. Where is out?
Gotta get out, gotta get out..out up..out..up…light! I see light..almost out..almost out..damn this is easy.
Yeah baby! Out and up!
Where the hell am I? How did I get here? What time is it anyway? Holy shit! The ..the cemetery? I..I…I just dug my way out of my own…gosh I'm hungry.
"Rise and shine fuck face."
Wha? Who said that? You…I know you, you're that..that blonde bitch. Yeah..I know you and who's that behind you..why hello my lil' redhead. I know you. I know you real well.
"It's the ending of a brand new day."
Yeah, yeah whatever bitch. Oh man, I feel fan-fucking-tastic! Hungry though and look yummy. You and yer lil pal. Oh yeah baby, two for the price of one! Saul, looks like you get sloppy seconds this time.
Ooo..a pointy stick. I'm supposed to be afraid of that?

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