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Overheard in the E! news daily newsroom....

"A judge has awarded Cordelia Chase and partner Willow Rosenberg a still undisclosed amount of money, it's the result of a civil suit filed against Matthew Hayes, who took pictures of private moments between the two. In a statement released by spokesperson the couple said that they felt vindicated and will give the money to charity.

In lighter news, Cordelia and Willow will be married in a small ceremony next week which will be attended by family and close friends...."

three months later...

She knew the moment the line turned blue that nothing would be the same ever again. It was the fact that she was pregnant that made her want to hurl, though she had been already doing that the past week, but Will knew deep inside her that she could not, cannot be pregnant. If she was married to a guy she would jumped in joy, but she wasn't, she was married to Cordelia Chase and she was, a she. No chance of getting pregnant there.

They had been talking about taking the procedure for months now, they were sure that Xander was ready to give some of his "boys", so would Angel and Giles. And they talked on and on about it, but never found the time and guts to go on with it, however the powerful the desire to have children of their own.

Will picked up the phone as soon as it rang, expecting that it would be Cordelia on the other end and it was. She was in Vancouver overseeing the production of her very first television series, and she was ecstatic about the whole deal.

"Hi sweetie," Cordelia greeted almost in a sing-songy tone, like someone in cloud nine.

"Hey, Cordy, how's the show?"

"Oh you know, scream here, scream there, lame stuff," she sighed. "How about you? How's your day been?"

"Just sitting around, balancing the books and making sure the bar has enough booze," Willow told her in a worried tone that she dropped completely after years away form Sunnydale and demons.

"What's wrong?"

"Wrong? Nothing's wrong?"

"I can tell it Willow something's bothering you what is it?"

"I just miss you," she said. Half lie, half truth.

"I miss you too, you have no idea."

"I do. When will you be home?"

"In a day or two, don't worry we'll lock ourselves in the bedroom after i get back," she joked. "That does sound good?"

"It does."


"Cut," the director yelled for the nth time, he found the whole deal frustrating to say the least, it was bad enough that they were working in sub zero temperatures now he had to contend with young overrated actors. " Let's take five and start from the top."

"Sir," a production assistant told him. "Ms. Chase wants to talk to you."

The director sighed in disappointment and followed the PA to one of the trailers. It was another thing that got his fire growing, the way this producer was such a control freak, like she anything about art. She was just a big time star, that's all.

"Hey, Bob," Cordy greeted him unexpected and he smiled at the pleasantry, however weird it was.

"What is it, Ms. Chase?"

"I'm going back tonight, the wife doesn't feel so good. You think you can handle things for now?"

"Definitely," his surprise grew worlds more. "About the title though, I still think this should called Dark Angel and not just Angel."

"No way, it's Angel and that's final."


"Willow what a pleasant surprise," Giles answered in genuine surprise though beneath it she could hear the frustration incurred by trying to raise a teenage girl all by himself in London. She last saw him during the wedding, years definitely taking their toll and with him Dawn, who has discovered a new underbelly of the European scene, dance.

"I was wondering whether you still had access to old texts," Will unabashedly sounding worried. "I have a problem with myself."

"What is it, warts?"

"Ewwww, not that. I'm pregnant."

Paused for almost a minute, Giles began to blabber incoherence before forming his first legitimate sentiment, "Congratulations."

"Thanks, but see the thing is I have no idea how I could be," Will finally putting the mystery to the table.

"What do you mean you have no idea how you could be?"

"Cordelia and I are both women Giles, unless she has some very weird thing with her anatomy I have no reason to be pregnant."

"Does she?"

"No. She's perfectly perfect."

"Well is it possible that sometime during you were asleep she might have, you know, used a turkey baster and pumped..."

"I don't know where that came from Giles, but that's sick."

"I'm trying to narrow down our options here," he explained.

"Well, how about the possibility of me sleeping around, didn't that enter your mind," Willow said in a hurt voice.

"Have you been sleeping around?"


"Well, I'm sure about one thing, you are pregnant," Giles sighed.


Cordelia could never get the reason the airlines called the last flight the red-eye, it had no logical expalantion, except maybe the fact that it was leaving at a very late hour and the possibilty of the pilot having a red-eye. Other than that it was illogical.

Her seat was first class, window, like she always wanted. Flying fascinated her, the sensation was unmistakable, free and uninhibited like her.

Everything good was like her.

Like her and her Willow. Good.

The flight attendant gave her a knowing grin he was a guy and by the way he walked he was definitely gay, it takes one to know one after all. He offered her drinks but she refused, knowing that Will hated drunk. Ironic because she was running an establishment that lived on selling alcohol.

The guy seated beside her was old and by the looks of it filthy rich, fucking rich like Bill Gates with multiple cars and houses. Rich like her, everything like her. He talked like Doyle, sounded like him and he eyed her with the same lascivious eyes.

In fact save for the face it was Doyle.

"Hey, Cordelia. Miss me?" he suddenly said startling her.

"Do i know you?" she asked in fear.

"It's me, Cordy. Don't freak out!"

"Doyle?" Cordelia asked again, now simply wonder in her voice.

"It's me alright, dropped by to tell you congratulations," he told her, reaching out and touching her hands.

"How did you get that body?"

"Congratulations Cordelia you're a father. Or is it mother?" the old man told her. "Anyway the guy is dead, I just borrowed the body and the credit card to get on the plane."

"Who's going to have a baby?"

"Willow, who else. So I have to get killed to get out of this body and I was thinking of chartering a plane and then jumping out off it without a parachute, you think they'll let me?"

She simply stared at him in disbelief, how could Will be pregnant, unless she was sleeping with a guy. "She isn't," Doyle told her, reading her mind.

"How did you know what I was thinking?"

"A skill we all have apparently, we just have to find peace and it manifest itself. And with peace, I mean death."

"Why is she pregnant," Cordelia rambled.

"C'mon Cordy, it's the Powers that Be. It's them you know, wielding their power and playing hell with us mortals. Think of it as your gift for fighting the good fight. A gift for you two."

"Who's the father then?"

"You are. That child is as much as yours as it is hers."


"Cordelia!" Willow screamed, not almost, she simply screamed when she saw her standing in the doorway.

"Hey Will," Cordy told her as she approached the couch where her wife sat, took the seat beside her and wrapped an arm around her before giving her a long kiss. Will simply melted in her arms and kissed back senseless until they had to let go of each other.

Pulling away Cordy saw her in tears already, and held her again. "What is it sweetie?"

"I'm pregnant," she said in between sobs, holding Cordelia tighter anticipating the reaction of her pushing her away. But Cordelia didn't, because she knew.

"I know, and that child is ours."

Willow turned silent suddenly but still not pulling away, not letting go. "How did you find out?"

"I got a visit from an old friend."

"Do I know him?"

"No, but he said that we should be happy with this gift. He said that it was ours."

"Just ours? But how?"

She smiled then kissed her on the brow before talking again, "He came back from the dead to tell me."

Puzzled, Willow wanted to ask what it meant then decided it was better if she just kept quiet. Just quiet and hold Cordelia close.

Hold her close.

the end

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