No Ordinary Love By NuPhalanx

The zebra-stripped van was the only vehicle in the deserted parking lot. The two people inside had watched the others leave the Bronze, and waited as the Club owner turned out the lights. A streetlight cast long shadows in the darkness. There was a breeze in the air, cool and soothing. A sudden gust of wind rocked the van.

Willow giggled as the van stopped moving. Oz looked up from his current task, which was removing Willow's bra. Willow giggled again as his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

"What?" he asked, wondering if he was doing something wrong. The girl smiled at her boyfriend and ran her hand along his face.

"I was thinking, of that old saying - if you see this van rocking, don't come a knocking!" Another giggle escaped her throat as Oz smirked and winked at her. Then he returned his attention to Willow's breasts, which soon had her quietly moaning.

Oz liked making Willow feel good. He hadn't done anything like this with before. Until he had met Willow, he hadn't felt the need, or found the right person. Now he slowly nibbled on her hardened nipples and ground his groin against her pelvic region. His fingers danced lightly over her skin.

Willow had her head thrown back, just letting the sensations overwhelm her mind. Her long, auburn hair was fanned out over the carpet. She let out another moan and started moving her hips in time with Oz's. Oz used his free hand to grasp her ass and hold her closer to him.

<...her finger slowly pushed its way inside Willow, finding the sensitive spot...>

Willow tried to push the images away, and failed. When her eyes were closed, Cordelia's face kept forming in her mind. Willow could feel the heat building between her legs, but it wasn't from Oz's ministrations. She remembered the sight of Cordelia's breasts, and how it turned her on to see them moving as the brunette breathed heavily.

<...and it happened. She came, shaking with the release...>>

As the tension in her crotch grew, Willow reached down between Oz's legs and cupped his erection. Unfortunately, she missed just a little, and squished his testicles with her fingers.

Oz yelped, and pulled away from her. His hands went to his groin, and he stifled a groan.

Willow was aghast. She hadn't meant to do that. She had reached down there...

'And you were thinking of Cordy. What the hell's the matter with you?' Her thoughts were a jumble of Oz, Cordelia, and feelings she couldn't explain. Sensations that were exquisite, but it wasn't Oz she was sharing them with. It was Cordelia.

>From the Journal of Willow Rosenberg:

I can't believe it. I actually did it. I made love with another girl. We touched each other, kissed and held each other - just like I've fantasized about for a few years now. It was nothing like what I imagined - it was better. I can still feel the sensations running up and down my body, like an electrical charge. It was the most intense feeling I have ever had. Oz can't make me feel this way, which is sad because I love him so much. Am I being unfair in comparing what we do?

The shocking thing about this is whom I did it with. Cordelia Chase, the bitch of Sunnydale High. No, that's not fair. She's changed, just as the rest of us have. She let me see the other side of Cordelia - a person who uses her brashness to hide her fears. There's more to her than most people suspect - and I find myself wanting to explore Cordelia's hidden side. I want to make love to her again - where are these feelings coming from? Did she bring them out?

I can feel my body stirring as I imagine the two of us together. She had the softest touch, and my nipples are hardening at the memory. Damn. And the sights of her naked breasts, with the nipples hardening under my touch - damn, it's turning me on again.

I know what we did is perfectly normal, as many teens experiment with their sexuality. Yet it still doesn't quell all the confusing, muddled thoughts and feelings that surface when I think about this. I should probably talk to Cordelia - it's been about ten days, and we haven't spoken to each other. It's not like I could talk to Mom about this - she would totally freak.

Poor Oz. We were making out, and it was good. But I couldn't - and can't - stop thinking about her. I hope Oz forgives me for nailing him. He was so sweet, but I could tell he was in pain.

Willow stopped typing for a moment and re-read the words on her screen. She had stopped keeping a written journal once she had a computer. She knew her parents would never read anything of hers, as they honored her privacy. Of course, she had never given them a reason to believe otherwise. Willow ruefully reflected that she couldn't decide what was worse - her parents found out about Buffy and the vampires, or read about her feelings for Cordelia. She shuddered and tried to think of something else.


"Damn it! Cordy, what the hell's wrong with you?" Xander asked, pulling back from his girlfriend. The two of them were parked near the beach, in a lot with a good view of the ocean. Of course, neither of them were there for the view.

Cordelia Chase straightened her top, and glared at him. "Well, for one, why the big rush? Can't we just sit here and cuddle?" She huffed slightly and turned to stare out the driver's window. 'MEN!'

Xander gently touched her hair. Something had changed with her, and he didn't know what. She had been distracted and unattentive the past week. Xander felt his stomach tighten as he started thinking.

'Could it be another guy?' Xander knew how hard it was for her to date him, and how it had strained things between Cordelia and her clique. Were they pressuring Cordy again? Why hadn't she said anything to him?

"Cordy? Tell me what's wrong," he asked, his voice soft. When she didn't answer, he could feel the dread growing inside him.

"Please?" He tried to keep his voice level, but it betrayed him. After another few minutes, Cordelia sighed and turned to face him. Her expression was guarded, with just a hint of worry. What was going on?

"Xander, we.. I need a break," she admitted, her eyes meeting his for a moment, then darting away. She laced her fingers in his, and watched his face as he processed her words.

"Why? Did I do something?" Her heart gave a little flutter as she shushed him with a finger to his lips. Cordelia shook her head, then met his gaze again. His dark brown eyes held sadness, confusion, and hurt. Cordelia held back the tears that were stinging her eyes.

"No, it's not you. I mean it," she said, emphasizing her words. 'I can't tell him the truth. I still can't believe it.' She started the car before he could offer a protest. "I'll take you home, okay? I just need to think about some issues in a major way." Xander crossed his arms and turned his head away. She risked a glance over at her silent companion. 'Fine, be that way. I need to talk to Willow,' she added silently.


With a click of a mouse button, Cordelia sent the message, and its attachment, to Willow. She watched as the system uploaded the file, and sent it on its way with a cheery "File's done" message. Idly, she wondered how much money the voices' source was paid. It would be an easy way to make a living.

Cordelia's stomach was churning. She had never shared her artistic skills with anyone, and she hoped Willow would approve of her latest sketch. And then there was the letter. She had debated with herself for nearly an hour about its contents. Was it too pushy? Was it understandable? Why am I worrying about this? It's Willow, everybody's friend. She glanced at the words on the screen.

Dear Willow: We don't know much about each other. Have you been thinking about the other night? If you are, it's okay. If you want to talk about it, call me. Anytime. I'd like that. Or you could use this e-mail thing if you want.

The drawing I sent with this is just something that came to me.



Cordelia sighed, shut down the computer, and started getting ready for some social event her parents were hosting.


Willow was surprised to see the message. 'She wants to talk to me? How am I feeling? Why don't you tell me how you are feeling?' she wondered, downloading the attachment. 'Or is it because you have no feelings?' Willow closed her eyes and chased the last thought away. It had occurred to her that Cordelia had done this just as a joke. But another part of her, the rational, thinking side, practically screamed a reply at the thought.

'Stop doing that! She's probably just as confused as you are. Talk to her.' The analytical side won, at least for now.

Once Willow had finished with her mail, she looked up Cordelia's phone number. She really didn't need to, but it gave her more time to compose her thoughts. And more time to try and settle her nerves, which were starting to go wiggy on her. Willow picked up her phone and dialed.

The answering machine came on after the third ring. She listened to Cordelia's voice yammering about the importance of leaving a message, followed by a beep. Willow took a deep breath and started talking.

"Hey, Cordy - it's me, um, Willow. I got your message, so when can we get together? Call me, or whatever you want - you know where I live." Willow sighed with relief as she put the phone back in its cradle. 'I wonder how long I'll have to wait?'

She opened the attachment, and her breath caught in her throat. It was a beautiful collage of herself. Cordelia had three sketches in the file. Willow felt her eyes widen as she looked the images over.

The sketches were done in pencil. One had Willow looking up from an old Library book, another was of her smiling at somebody. But the third one, taking up most of the page, really caught the Hackers' eye.

It was herself, asleep in a sleeping bag, with her hair tousled and hiding part of her face. The corner of her mouth was turned up in a small smile. 'I look so peaceful,' Willow thought, printing the images. 'Why didn't she tell me about this?'

Willow glanced over at her phone. 'If she hasn't called in twenty- four hours, I'm going out there.'


The last of the guests had left the house. The Caterers were clearing the tables, and the maid was sweeping the deck. The Chases' had hired two college age students to park cars, and they were walking down the driveway, done for the evening. Cordelia watched them from the small balcony outside of her bedroom, admiring how they fit in their uniforms. Then she turned and went back inside.

She carefully placed her earrings in the velvet covered jewelry box, then brushed her hair. She decided to take a shower, then noticed the light flashing on her answering machine. Her heart started racing as she pressed the play button.

"Hey, Cordy - it's me, um, Willow. I got your message, so when can we get together? Call me, or whatever you want - you know where I live." Cordelia felt her face flush. Damn it, of course she would call while company was here! Great! She quickly changed in to some old jeans and a knit top, and was rushing down the stairs to the garage.

She breezed by her parents with a hasty "Later!" Her parents watched their daughter run by without a second glance, as Cordelia was always rushing off to someone's house. A few moments passed, and Cordelia hurriedly backed her car out of the garage. The red Dodge Cirrus was soon tearing down the driveway. She veered hastily to one side to get around the Catering van, ignoring the angry shouts from the driver. Didn't those guys see she was in a hurry? What happened to the rules of the road, anyway?

Twenty minutes later, the May Queen was standing on the front stoop of Willow's house. Her palms were sweating, and she wiped them dry on her jeans. She popped another Mentos, certain that her breath wasn't fresh enough. Cordelia took a deep breath, raised her right hand, then promptly sat down. She was actually afraid of what Willow would say. Would she just chalk it up to experimentation, or did she feel the same way? In spite of what Willow had said that night, did she now think of me as a freak? Or maybe she was so ridden by guilt that she had confessed everything to Oz? Cordelia squeezed her eyes shut and tried to force all the bad visions away.

Damn it! The Willow I know isn't like that. When Harmony and I do this, it's not bad. But that night with Willow was different. It felt... natural.

Steeling her nerve, Cordelia rose and rapped on the door. Then she noticed the doorbell and rang it a few times for good measure. She heard someone thumping down the stairs, and saw a flicker of movement in the doorway. Her heart started thumping when the door opened.

"Willow! Hi, I got your message," Cordelia said cheerfully, trying to keep her voice level. She made her way past the Hacker and stopped in the small hallway. Willow had shut and re-locked the door. Now she was leaning against it, with an uncertain look on her pale features. As Cordelia watched, more color seemed to drain out of Willow's face.

", I wasn't sure if you would... I mean, come on in," Willow answered, leading her guest towards the living room. Cordelia noticed that the decorations were a little spartan, with only a few small pieces hanging on the walls. Over an old, roll-top desk was a large collage of Willow at various ages. Cordelia looked at the pictures and couldn't help but smile. Xander was in several of them, and Cordelia wondered if Willow knew how lucky she was to have such caring parents.

"I've got some extra Coke, if you'd like some," Willow called. Cordelia followed the sound and saw Willow in the kitchen, pulling some cans out of the fridge.

"Sure. Thank you," the brunette replied, taking a can from Willow's fingers. When their hands touched, both girls looked at each other. Neither one wanted to let go. The refrigerator door swung closed behind them. Willow licked her lips, and Cordelia could feel her face flush.

"Um, we need..."

"Willow, can we.."

Both girls giggled a little and let go. Cordelia opened her drink. Willow has sat down at the table, and motioned for Cordelia to do likewise.

"I liked the drawings." Willow looked at the other girl, then cast her eyes downward at the napkin holder.

"Thanks. I wasn't sure, but I wanted to give them to you." Cordelia kept both hands on the soda can. The cold metal felt good, and it kept her palms from sweating. Willow was engrossed in studying the pattern on a napkin. Sensing the other girls' discomfort, Cordelia cleared her throat and started speaking. She had thought about what she wanted to say on the drive over, and now Cordelia hoped it wouldn't make her sound like a loser.

"Are you okay? About what happened, I mean?" Cordelia reached across the table and took one of the Hacker's hands in her own. "I can see you're a little freaked about it." She stroked Willow's palm with one of her fingers before continuing. "I'm a little wigged, too."

Willow's head shot up at the admission. Her eyes met Cordelia's, and she could see none of the usual snootiness in them. She feels the same way I do! Well, at least about some of it. Maybe I can tell her how I'm feeling.

"I'm... okay. I liked it, I mean." Willow dropped her gaze to the table again. Cordelia waited for a minute, knowing that the other girl was trying to say something.

"I've been thinking about it. Almost all the time. And about you," Willow added. "Why did this happen? I'm so confused... I love Oz! But all I can think about is you." Willow sat back in her chair and watched Cordelia closely. I've admitted it. I actually said I liked it to her. Now what will she do? Laugh at me? Tell me how this was just some... game? Or her own version of a fling?

Cordelia hesitated for a moment. She was thrilled to know about Willow thinking about her. It was different from when she knew a boy was going to ask her out, or try to make out with her. And what she and Harmony did together - it didn't even register compared to this feeling.

"I know. I liked it, too," Cordelia answered. "Really!" she added hastily, as doubt surfaced on Willow's features.

"And now what?" the auburn haired girl asked, starting to pace near the sink. "What's next?" And what do I want? Do I want a... relationship?... with Cordelia? What about Oz? And Xander?

"Well, we're friends now, right?" Cordelia asked, feeling her stomach fluttering. This is where she could blow me off. People want to be my friend, but not because of me. They just want to be seen as popular. Willow's not like that - but what does she want?

Willow nodded slightly, and waved her Coke at Cordelia. "I'd like to be." But aren't you worried about being seen as a loser? Or is this real?

"I liked the sketches. Why don't you do them more often?"

"It's just not something that a social queen does. So, I've only shared it with you," Cordelia explained. Willow would understand that, she hoped.

"This is bizarre. I'm sitting in my kitchen, talking to another girl about an attraction. Not that it's a bad thing - It's just different," Willow explained. She saw a small smile perk up the corners of Cordelia's mouth.

"Willow, I have to admit - I always thought you were a loser. Now I see something else, and I want to see where it takes us." She saw the look on Willow's face and instantly regretted her choice of words. "I'm sorry - I didn't say that right. Ever since Buffy came to town - well, you've changed for the better."

"You're not doing this to be cruel," Willow mused, toying with her now empty can. She glanced up at Cordelia and actually saw some hurt on the girls' face. "I mean, the old Cordelia would do that." Cordelia nodded slightly, and extended her hand across the table. She grasped Willow's small fingers firmly.

"I've been a royal bitch. I still can be," she admitted, looking down at the table. Willow waited; she felt that Cordelia had more to say.

"But I'm not faking this - attraction - I feel for you." She sat back in her chair and studied her well-manicured fingernails. Then her gaze met Willow's. "I trust you, Willow. I know I can. That's why I told you about Harmony."

"Does she know?" the Hacker asked, curious. Cordelia shook her head.

"No. This is our secret. You want to keep it that way, right?" Cordelia's voice had just a small hint of caution in it. Willow smiled broadly and nodded, easing the other girl's fear. Cordelia visibly relaxed and finished her Coke. She checked her watch, and saw it was time to get home. The longer she stayed out, the more apt mother was to ask too many questions. Right now, Cordelia didn't feel like answering anything.

"Would you stay at our guesthouse this Friday? We'd be alone, with no one to bother us. I'd really like to talk more about this," Cordelia said, picking up her purse. Willow didn't even have to think about it for more than a second.

"Sure. Should I bring anything?"

"Just yourself, and some spare clothes. I'll take care of the rest," Cordelia stated. Willow had pushed her chair back under the table, and was sneaking glances at her guest. Deciding to make the first move, Cordelia hugged Willow tightly. As the two girls broke away, she placed a light kiss on Willow's lips. Cordelia smiled at the expression on the redhead's face. Then she whispered a goodbye and left the house.

Willow returned to her room, turned on the radio, and tried to compose her thoughts for another Journal entry. She couldn't do it. She had just kissed Cordelia in her own kitchen! It had been a nice, friendly kiss. But there was more to it than just friendship. What was happening? Willow felt that her whole life was about to change, and in a way far different than just dealing with vampires and other supernatural baddies. Would it be a better thing, though?

The Hacker sighed and leaned against her bed. Cordelia wanted her to stay overnight again, and it would be the two of them in the Chases' guesthouse. Willow could feel part of herself stirring at the idea of lying in bed with Cordelia, dozing the afternoon away, limbs intertwined. It was almost as if another person was inside her head, with all kinds of wicked thoughts. Willow closed her eyes and visualized Cordelia beneath her, naked and struggling. It seemed that the brunette liked being held down.

What is happening to me? Where is this coming from? Willow still had feelings for Oz, but they weren't the same as what she felt for Cordelia. Oz didn't make her want to get naked with him. It would be an interesting experience, but not something Willow wanted to do lightly. She still loved his smile, and how calm he could be over any crisis. And his eyes - they were absolutely gorgeous! There was no way that Willow could talk to him about this. She had sworn to Cordelia to keep this from everyone else, at least for now.

The phone started ringing. Willow jumped slightly at the sound, then reached over her bed and picked it up. She hoped it was Oz.

"Willow! Hey, this is Xander," he said, sounding a little strange. Willow felt her heart rise to her throat, then she turned her head and coughed. "Are you okay, little buddy?"

"Sure... I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" Willow stammered, mentally screaming at herself not to blow it. This was not something she wanted to do right now.

"Good. I've got a problem. I think." She heard him take a deep breath before continuing. "I don't get what's up with Cordelia," he finally stated.

"Why? What happened?" Willow tried to put some concern in her voice.

"Well, I'll spare you the grisly details, but things aren't the same when we... umm..."

"Xander, does this have to do with groping? Because I'm the wrong person to ask." She tried to put a little hurt in her voice. Normally Willow wouldn't mind helping her friend. But this was... different, somehow. She has just finished daydreaming about groping Cordelia herself. It gave her a wiggins thinking about it while trying to keep Xander from entering her thoughts.

"In a small way, yes."

"Xaaander," Willow wailed, throwing her stuffed frog across the room. She could hear his snickers on his end of the line.

"I'm sorry, Willow, but this is bugging me. Bugging me like nothing else. Damn hormones, anyway," he mumbled. "I still ask myself - why her? Why the bitch of Sunnydale?" Willow could hear a slightly plaintive note in his voice, and her heart went out to him. He was just as confused as she was, and Willow felt a stab of guilt. In a way, she was responsible for what had happened between her best friend and Cordelia.

"Xander, why don't you just give her some space?" she asked, closing her eyes and cursing her soft spot for this boy. After all, he would rather kiss Cordelia. She had practically thrown herself at him, and he had never noticed. Maybe this was some kind of strange payback. "I mean, its not like you guys share everything, is it?" Willow tried to project as much innocence as she could muster with the question. Hopefully he'll remain as clueless as usual.

"Because - you'll laugh, Willow," he said, with just a little hurt in his voice. Willow gripped the phone tighter and waited. After about a minute of silence, he started speaking. "I'm actually afraid that she's bored. Can you believe it?"

"Oh, Xander, I'm sure that's not it," Willow soothed, knowing full well what really was happening. There was no way anyone, not even Xander, was getting this out of her. As much as she'd like to talk about what was going on between herself and Cordelia, Willow was smart enough to know that this was not the time.

"I don't know. She's been acting strange. I mean, Cordelia strange. It's something that must be experienced." He took a deep breath before continuing. "While we're on the subject of gropage, what about you and the hairball? Has he tried anything?" Xander was unprepared for what happened.

Willow heard the words, and something snapped. She still couldn't believe what she said.

"That is none of your damn business! If you would pay more attention to what you have, maybe you'd know! God, Xander, I didn't think you'd be this stupid." She took a breath before continuing. "Then again, seeing whom you're with now, maybe you are." And then Willow slammed the phone down, hard. She giggled at the thought of Xander's face. Looks like your 'little buddy' has a mind of her own.


"You actually said that? Willow, you're getting an attitude much, don't you think?" Cordelia gasped a bit and smiled broadly at her guest. Willow giggled in reply and nodded happily. She has a strange grin plastered on her face.

"It's about time I told him off," she answered. Then she shrugged. "I just wasn't in the mood to be bothered." And, Willow wasn't ready to share Cordelia with anybody. It was getting easier to think of the two of them as special - not a couple, not officially, but something else. Cordelia was a person that could share an intimacy. It gave Willow an illicit thrill just thinking about it.

They were in the bedroom of the guesthouse. Willow's mother had dropped her off a few hours ago, and Cordelia had shown her around the Chase Estate. Willow had particularly liked the stables. Cordelia promised the two of them would take a horseback ride the next day.

Willow had been nervous about the night, but once Cordelia had shown her around, calmness had settled over her. She had followed Cordelia around the Estate in a very detached manner, but she could remember everything that had happened.

"I'm sure he'll call in a few days and want to talk about you. I can just see his eyes, and that puppy-dog look he gets when he doesn't understand something." Cordelia glanced at Willow's body. Willow was wearing a Denim jumper with a black top underneath. Her pale thighs contrasted sharpley with the dark blue denim, and Cordelia had to restrain herself from touching Willow's skin. Not yet, she told herself. But soon, she promised.

"It was hard, trying to give him advice. And I really didn't want to. I'm always advising, or listening. When is someone going to listen to me?" Willow mused. She looked at Cordelia and noticed the brunette was studying her.

"What?" Willow asked, licking her lips.

"That is so - sexy. And it's turning me on," Cordelia said, moving closer to Willow. Before she could react, the redhead caressed Cordelia's cheeks lightly, then shyly kissed her. Willow's lips tasted like cherries. Her tongue touched Cordelia's lips, and the other girl opened her mouth slightly. Willow increased the pressure of the kiss, and was rewarded by a small whimper from Cordelia. Then she pulled back a little and looked at her friend's face.

Cordelia opened her eyes and smiled. "Wow. That was nice."

"Want some more?"

"Yes..." Cordelia's response was cut off as Willow gently kissed her again. Her arms pulled Cordelia closer as the kiss deepened. Cordelia was pushing her tongue into Willow's mouth, and her hands were running underneath Willow's T-shirt. Willow could feel her body responding to the other girls' touch. She could feel her nipples hardening and gasped when Cordelia's fingers started stroking her breasts. She felt free, uninhibited. Willow decided to get in to the action and cupped Cordelia's breasts. The other girl threw back her head as a moan escaped her throat.

Willow soon had her fingers unbuttoning Cordelia's top. Cordelia was starting to breathe hard, and Willow could feel her own heart racing. Cordelia was slowly lowering Willow on the bed. Then she sat up and straddled the smaller girl, looking down on her with half-closed eyes. Willow cocked her head slightly and wondered what the other girl was thinking. She didn't have long to wait.

Cordelia's fingers stabbed outwards, tickling Willow. Willow shrieked, arched her back, and tried to roll away from the other girl. But Cordelia had her firmly pinned. She tormented the Hacker for another minute before stopping her assault.

"I hate being tickled!" Willow cried, but couldn't keep a chuckle from escaping. "Xander told you, didn't he?" Cordelia grinned in reply and nodded.

"He is so dead..." Willow started, only to let a moan escape her throat as Cordelia started to rub her breasts. She stopped for a moment, and pulled Willow's shirt off, followed by her panties. Willow tried not to blush as she watched Cordelia gaze at her naked body.

"You have a nice body, Willow," Cordelia breathed, running her fingers up the other girls' thighs. She gazed at the flat stomach, and small, firm breasts with rose-colored nipples. There was a small island of red colored hair between her legs. Cordelia gently stroked the area between her legs with skilled, quick fingers. Willow's eyes snapped closed as the probing fingers found her hot center, and pushed their way in. Willow gasped, then tried to force her body to relax. Cordelia saw the tension on her friend's face, and bent her body forward. Willow opened her eyes to see Cordelia's breasts swaying just above her mouth. She reached up with one hand, and guided a nipple to her teeth.

Cordelia threw her head back and moaned as Willow continued to tease her nipple with her teeth. Willow started moving her body in time with Cordelia's fingers, enjoying the explosion of sensation that followed. The tension between her legs was back - and it was rapidly building.

Suddenly, Cordelia removed her fingers and drew back from Willow. Willow stopped her hips in mid-thrust, and opened her eyes. What was Cordelia doing?

Before Willow could react, Cordelia had shifted her body, moving so that her face was just inches away from Willow's mound. Then she planted her face in Willow's pubic hair, and her tongue darted out, finding the redhead's clitoris.

Willow nearly screamed from the sensation. Cordelia's tongue was teasing her clitoris, lightly stroking it. Willow clenched her legs around Cordelia's head, not wanting to lose this incredible sensation. She did let out a shriek when Cordelia's hands started fondling her breasts. Then she felt her body start to quiver as she came. Cordelia just kept nibbling on Willow's clit, and stopped only after Willow let out a loud sigh. Cordelia smiled at the peaceful expression on the Hackers' face.

"How was that?" Cordelia asked, drawing Willow close to her. The redhead was almost limp; she lay in Cordelia's arms like a small child. Willow opened her eyes and looked at her friend.

"Damn," Willow purred, nuzzling Cordelia's neck. Cordelia hugged her close for a minute, then released her and gazed into Willow's eyes. They were wide, dark, and had a sparkle in them. It was the look of a woman who's been satisfied.

Cordelia snuggled up to her friend, wrapping her arms around Willow's slight frame. She had just closed her eyes when she felt Willow's fingers starting to stroke her. Willow was pushing her body backwards, so she could get access to Cordelia's breasts. Cordelia obediently laid back, content to watch Willow at her work. She giggled slightly at the serious look on Willow's face, then let out a squeak as Willow inserted three fingers into her vagina. Willow was using her thumb on Cordelia's swollen clitoris, and slowly stroking one of the brunette's breasts with her other hand.

Willow slowed her fingers, inserting them only part way. Cordelia whimpered and tried to thrust her hips upward, straining to meet Willow's fingers. Willow merely pulled them out further, and watched as the other girl thrashed on the bed, trying to get some release.

"More?" she whispered in Cordelia's ear. The other girl nodded slightly, and Willow felt something - powerful - growing within her. "Tell me!" she demanded, removing her hand completely.

Cordelia opened her eyes and looked at her friend. Something different was showing in Willow's eyes - and it was scary. It excited Cordelia more - what was this new side of Willow? Where had it come from?

"Please?" Cordelia asked, her voice low.

"Please? You want it? Do you want it bad?" Willow asked, keeping her voice low and throaty. Cordelia nodded slightly.

"Please. Finish it...ohhhhuhhh..." the girls' voice trailed off as Willow continued stimulating her sex. Cordelia threw her head back and practically bellowed a moan as Willow increased the force of her thrusts. Willow could feel Cordelia's vagina tightening around her fingers, and knew she was close to orgasm. She leaned down and bit one of Cordelia's nipples as the girl started climaxing, the force of it making her hips buck. She waited until Cordelia's body stopped its motions, then hugged her close and kissed her behind her ear. For a few minutes, the only sound heard in the bedroom was their panting. Willow pulled away and used her T-shirt to wipe the sweat off her face.

"Damn, girl, you learn fast," Cordelia said, taking a deep breath and blowing it out. "That was great." She perched her body on one elbow and looked at Willow. "Where did you get the idea to tease me like that? It was so good..."

Willow shrugged and dropped the T-shirt on the floor. "Payback. I hate being tickled," she said, a grin coming to her face. Cordelia smiled and rolled on to her back.

"I'll keep that in mind. Payback's a bitch, you know," Cordelia said, winking at Willow. Willow merely grinned in reply. She hugged Cordelia close to herself, and held her there. Cordelia didn't seem to mind. Willow rubbed Cordelia's back for a few minutes, then decided it was time to ask a few questions. Set the ground rules, she told herself.



"Um, how should we..." Willow swallowed hard and continued. "How much... when should we see each other again? Do we talk on the phone? Or on the computer?" She looked deeply into Cordelia's dark eyes. "I'd just like to know," she finished. Cordelia reached out and stroked the side of Willow's face, with a look of pure understanding in her eyes.

"Tell you what - let's just talk every few days, and see where it goes, all right?"

Willow nodded and sighed happily. Cordelia kissed her lightly, then rolled over and pulled the sheets around her.

"I don't want to hurt Oz. I'm not sure how to do that. I know I want to keep seeing you." Willow held her head up with one arm and traced lazy circles on Cordelia's back with her other hand.

"Believe me, this is not something you tell the world." Cordelia shuddered at the thought of everyone knowing about this.

"How do you and Harmony handle it?" Willow asked, curious.

"We just don't talk about it. We haven't actually done anything for a few months now. " Cordelia hoped Willow wouldn't press the issue. Thankfully, she didn't.

"And Xander? Are you still going to see him?" Willow's voice held just a tiny bit of trepidation in it. "You wouldn't say anything, right?" Cordelia shook her head and hushed Willow.

"That's not going to happen. Ever. Xander would so not understand."

"Xander probably won't notice," Willow said, her voice even.

Cordelia giggled and looked over her shoulder at Willow. The girl had stated a fact, and her face had a serious expression on it. Then Willow smiled, very slightly.

"He's still my friend. Although he can be irritating, I like to have him around. Sometimes," Willow admitted, closing her eyes and letting her head hit the pillow. "Does he get to you, too?"

"All the time. I think that's kinda why we hit it off." Cordelia glanced over at Willow. The Hacker was obviously tired. Cordelia felt comfortably sleepy herself. " Goodnight, Will," Cordelia murmured.



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