Primal Hiding - Other Buffy?

Things were very quiet at Angel Investigations. Cordelia was bored out of her mind. She sat behind the desk, filing her nails, waiting for something to happen. She was glad for the break, and she wanted to spend the quiet time at home, hopefully getting a back rub from Dennis, but alas, Angel said that she had to hold down the fort while he and Wesley and Gunn went and checked out a vampire nest in the warehouse district.

She looked up when she heard the door being thrown open. She was about to yell at the person for being so rude, when she saw that it was none other then Buffy Summers. She was confused, and then became a little concerned when she saw the state of distress she was in. She stood up from her seat and made her way from behind the desk and walked up to the slayer, unaware of the fact that this is not the Buffy she once knew in high school.

“Buffy, what’s wrong? Oh God, is it Xander? What happened to him?” she asked and then couldn’t stop the surprised gasp when Buffy threw her arms around her and started to cry on her shoulder. She was even more concerned now then before. She’s never seen Buffy cry before, and she knew that if Buffy was turning to her for comfort then whatever it was must really be bad especially since Willow is Buffy’s best friend, go-to-gal. Then she tensed and feared the worst.

“Did something bad happen to Willow? She’s not dead, is she?” she asked and Buffy started to sob harder. She started to rub the blonde’s back, trying her best to calm her, but it just wasn’t working. Then she felt Buffy pull back and she looked into the girl’s eyes, what she saw scared the hell outta her. Buffy’s eyes were yellow, a very bright yellow, brighter then a vampire’s eyes.

“Willow not want me,” she heard Buffy gasp out, trying to bring her breathing under control. She hiccupped a couple of times and wiped the tears away from her eyes. Cordelia wasn’t sure if she had heard Buffy right. She knew that the blonde girl wanted the redhead and she was against everyone’s silence rule, but she kept her mouth shut, not wanting to make the slayer so mad that her life would be in danger.

“What did you say?” she asked and went back to the desk to retrieve some Kleenex. She handed them to Buffy and she waited as the blonde blew her nose and then wadded the bundle up in her fist. She watched as the girl started to pace, still very upset. She took a closer look and saw that Buffy had this blue stuff on her clothes and skin. She looked down at her own shirt and noticed that the blue stuff had gotten onto it when Buffy had hugged her.

Oh just fucking great. I just bought this shirt and it cost me half a damn paycheck. God, if she didn’t have all that slayer strength I’d kick her ass, she thought and she looked back up at the blonde. But because Cordelia has grown as a person she kept her mouth shut about the shirt and decided that she would yell at the blonde later when she isn’t so emotional crippled.

“Willow not want me. I ask her out and she say no. She say it could never work. I think she seeing other girl, and she not want me. I know she want me in past, why not now?” she asked her voice cracking with emotion and she started crying again. Cordelia couldn’t just stand there and watch the blonde be in pain. Her inner humanitarian reared its head and she embraced the other girl in a comforting hug, and let her cry on her shoulder thinking: it is going to take me forever to get that blue shit off of my shirt. Well, that’s Cordelia for ya, what did you expect?

“Sweetie, it’ll be ok. I’m sure she’s just confused. You’ve been hiding your feelings for so long and she’s been waiting a really long time. She’s probably just shocked that you finally asked. And not to come off as rude, but why are you talking like that? I mean, you were never too quick on the uptake, let me tell ya, but what’s with the cave-woman talk?” she asked and she felt the other girl tense and pull back. She watched as the other woman started with the pacing again, and screamed in frustration.

“Other Buffy so stupid! It all her fault! She wait too long and Willow not want us anymore!” she yelled and punched the wall, her fist going right through it. Cordelia was confused, what the hell was she talking about? She was a little more cautious because of the display of aggression from the blonde, plus seeing the yellow eyes was really starting to freak her out.

“What other Buffy? There’s another Buffy?” she asked, sounding as confused as she looked. She watched as Buffy turned to face her, staring at her as if she should know what the hell is going on. She heard her growl in frustration and Cordelia took a fearful step back. She really wished she were home right now, watching T.V. and getting a glorious back massage from Dennis. She decided that tonight is the last night that she ‘holds down the fort’.
“Other Buffy hiding in here,” she said and pointed at her head, letting her finger tip rest on her temple. “Me slayer.” Now it all made sense and Cordelia mentally kicked herself for not figuring it out sooner. “You not quick on uptake, me fine.” Cordelia snorted at that and narrowed her gaze at the blonde but before she could say anything the blonde started crying again and fell to the floor, repeating ‘why Willow not want me?’

Cordelia helped her up off of the floor and led her to one of the rooms upstairs. She got Buffy a glass of water and sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as the slayer downed the water in three large, very loud, gulps. She took the glass when it was handed to her, and she set it down on the nightstand next to the bed. She rested her hand on Buffy’s knee and looked into the yellow eyes that she was slowly becoming used to.

“I can call Angel, I’m sure you came here to see him anyway. He’s out with Wesley, they’re trying to find some vamp nest that’s been kidnapping humans and selling them in some type of black market.” She saw the slayer’s gaze go cold and her jaw clenched. Fear ran through the fashion diva, and she tried not to back up, not wanting to upset the slayer even more.

“Angel stupid, me not want to see Angel,” she said coldly. Cordelia’s eyebrows shot up. Since when did Buffy not like Angel? She thought it was weird but she wasn’t about to question it for fear of dieing at the hands of the slayer. She told Buffy that she should probably rest because she had run a long way. What the blonde said next made Cordelia think that she had been thrown into some weird, strange, backwards-ass dimension, either that or she had gone mad.

“Me came to see you. Me want you with me. Rest with me.” Cordelia’s head was spinning. She stuttered a little bit, scolding herself for looking so stupid. She nervously laughed and ran her fingers through her hair. Yep, she had gone mad. Because if she were sane then she never would have thought that Buffy, the slayer, would actually have wanted to come here to see the former May Queen. Nope, that’s just not possible. It took her a few minutes before she found her voice. By that time the slayer was looking at her with a confused look on her face, her brow furrowed tightly.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see Angel? He’s not so good with the comforting, well, he will be with you, because it’s, well, you,” she said and watched as the slayer’s confused expression contorted to one of anger. She watched as the slayer clenched her fists and slammed one down on the nightstand, her fist broke through it, creating a large hole.

“Me not want Angel! Me came to see you! Me want you!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. Cordelia jumped at sudden screaming and she stood up. She held her hands out in front of her, trying to calm the slayer down. She saw that the blonde was breathing really hard now, and looking at her with a little anger, but mostly sadness could be seen in her eyes. /Why the hell do you want Cordelia to comfort you?/ the human part of her asked sounding stunned. *She better then stupid Angel* the slayer shot back.

“Ok, ok, just calm down. I won’t call Angel. In fact we don’t have to see Angel at all if you don’t want to. I’ll stay here with you. See, I’ll just sit right here…” she sat down on a chair in the corner of the room, facing the bed. “And I’ll wait until you fall asleep and then I’ll go downstairs and make you something to eat after you wake up. How does that sound?” she asked, and watched the slayer shook her head no.

“Me want you here,” she said and scooted over on the bed and patted the empty space with her hand. Cordelia tried not to look shocked. Tried being the important word because when the slayer saw the look of horror her brow furrowed and she started to grow impatient. “Me want you here,” she said a little more forcefully. She glared at Cordelia and the brunette instantly stood up.

“Ok, ok, I’ll just lie down with you for a while then,” she said and sat down on the bed. The blonde scooted over some more, making more room. She waited for the brunette to lie down and when she did she reached over and flipped off the table lamp on the nightstand on the other side of the bed. She waited for her eyes to adjust, that took all of three seconds, to the darkness and she laid down next to Cordelia. She snuggled up really close to her, resting a leg over Cordelia’s thighs, and wrapped an arm around the other girl’s stomach. She rested her head on the brunette’s shoulder, using her as a human pillow. She quickly fell into a heavy dreamless sleep.

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