Primal Hiding - Meeting The Slayer

There was no questioning who stood before them now. Buffy was gone, this was the slayer pacing in front of them. They could tell by the way she was pacing, extremely cat like including soft growls, and her eyes were no longer the deep hazel of Buffy Summers. They were the bright yellow of the slayer. Almost the exact same color as the vampires that she slays every single night. This was no longer the woman that they knew and loved, this was the primal force that she fought to keep away from them for fear of what might happen.

They were a little afraid. Mostly by the way the slayer was pacing. Like a caged lion looking for a way out, walking back and forth behind the bars that confine her in this little prison. That’s what they were all comparing her to now: a fierce lioness begging to be let out, to hunt, to kill. Every once in a while she’ll look over at them, let her eyes skim over their faces, and she’ll let out a loud growl in frustration. All of them were afraid to approach her. This was the frickin slayer for Christ sakes. You don’t just walk up to a frustrated slayer and expect to come back alive.

They were especially worried by the way she was looking at Willow. She would eye the redhead’s body longer then she would the rest of them. And her expression changed just the slightest every time her she caught sight of the other girl. It would soften and her body was tense as she inhaled a deep breath and then let it out quickly and then would return to her pacing. It was starting to scare them more then just being in the room with her. Xander is especially afraid. Willow is his best friend since childhood after all. And they all know that if the slayer were to try and hurt Willow there would be nothing they could do to stop her.

“Maybe we should…chain her up? I mean, you still have those shackles that Oz used when he would change into the werewolf right? Won’t those be strong enough to hold her?” he asked and looked over at Giles, who was very tensed up, not taking his eyes of off Buffy. He fought the temptation to send Xander a nasty look and then he spoke.

“If you’re volunteering, then I do say go ahead and try because there’s no way I’m going to. Do you honestly think any of us will be able to contain her and come out of it in one piece?” his voice dripped with sarcasm, and he watched as the slayer eyed Willow again. He wondered how long this was going to last. How long the slayer would just stay here and pace before she snapped and took off into the streets of Sunnydale.

He didn’t fear her seeking out and hurting humans. He knew that she would only hunt down demons and other types of evils. But he did fear what might happen if a human got in her way of hunting the demons, or even worst, what she’ll do after she’s done slaying. Being a Watcher he’s very well aware of the ‘double H rule’ as Faith called it. And he was afraid that Willow would become her target for release by the looks that she’s sending the young redhead.

“Buffy,” Willow said softly and held out her hands, as if she were trying to calm a large beast. She watched as her friend stopped her pacing and turned to look at her. Seeing the bright yellow eyes was really starting to freak her out. She just wasn’t used to seeing that, and the way Buffy was looking at her was sending chills down her back. It was a look of unadulterated desire and she wondered for a second if maybe Faith’s little saying was more then just a Faith thing, maybe it was a slayer thing: Want. Take. Have.

“Giles, why is she acting like this? Buffy’s always been able to control her slayer side before, and now it’s like it’s completely taken over. What happened?” Xander asked and watched as his blonde best friend eyed his childhood friend with this look of pure lust. He didn’t like it one bit and he hated the feeling of helplessness he was getting, knowing that if Buffy jumped Willow they wouldn’t be able to stop her. The face that they wouldn’t be able to stop Buffy from hurting Willow sickened him and he vowed to research this when it was all over. Try and find some type of restraint that’s strong enough to hold a slayer.

“Well, I’m not sure exactly. Buffy’s been going through a hard time lately, it’s possible that her human half has receded into her mind, hiding away, if you will and she’s let the slayer take charge. What I would really like to know is what in bloody hell happened that was so horrible that she can’t face the world anymore.” Willow felt a twinge of guilt at his words. She looked into the slayer’s eyes, the desire was starting to fade and was replaced with sadness. It seems that the slayer is aware of what happened to human Buffy. Willow knew nothing good was going to come out of this as she saw the sadness start to set into determination with a splash of anger.

“Why you not want me?” she yelled and took and step closer to Willow. Willow swallowed hard with fear. She tried as hard as she could to ignore the confused look on Xander and Giles’ faces but it was hard. She kept her eye contact with Buffy, however, afraid of what might happen if she looked away. She couldn’t answer that question. She couldn’t even answer it for the human Buffy. The question was answered with silence that was full of tension and confusion. The slayer finally snapped, she growled loudly, a force strong enough to make some of the pictures hanging up on the wall to shake, and she dashed out the door, slamming it behind her.

“What the hell was all that about?” Xander asked and looked at Willow who was on the verge of tears. She didn’t know what to say so she stayed silent and sat down on the couch and covered her face with her hands and silently wept.

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