Primal Hiding - Magical 'Pixie' Dust

They continued to talk, Phoebe and Willow were having a very long conversation about magic and Willow was tryin got explain the concept of tinker bell light, Giles and Piper were in the kitchen he was making a pot of tea while she fixed lunch for everyone. They were talking about the hassles of being supernatural and all of the burdens they have. Cordelia and Prue were talking about their favorite types of clothes and which ones are better to wear when fighting demons. Buffy on the other hand, was sitting next to Willow, only half listening to the conversation while she and her slayer half were talking.

*Me want Willow. Make Willow ours,* the slayer said, getting very impatient. She’s been waiting for almost three years to tell Willow how she feels, but her stupid human half is too scared to do it.

/I’ll talk to her when we get back to Sunnydale, ok? I’m not going to just pull her aside and ask her out here. I’ve never even met these people before and I really don’t think that my personal life is any of their business./ she said in a matter-of-fact sort of way.

*You just scared. Me want Willow now. Make her ours now!* she screamed so loudly that Buffy physically winced drawing the attention of the two Wiccans. Willow looked at her with concern and she put her hand over Buffy’s and laced their fingers together. Buffy couldn’t help but think: ‘what the fuck?’

“Buffy, you ok?” she asked and Buffy nodded her head yes. She was getting shy she knew, but she had to act normal in front of Willow or else the redhead would bother her until she told her what was wrong. Or at least lie to her and Buffy hates lying to Willow. She smiled and she nodded her head yes.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just a little tired.” She looked down at her body and noticed for the first time that she was wearing pajamas. Silk pajamas to be exact. She really liked them and she wondered when she had boughten them. It’s all so weird, she doesn’t remember spending the night here last night. And everyone else is dressed, why isn’t she?

“Um, Buffy? There’s something we need to talk about,” she said and then felt relived when Buffy said ok. And then she turned to Phoebe. “I’m sorry, but is there somewhere a little more private we can go?” Phoebe led them out into the backyard and said that she would come and get them when lunch was ready. They thanked her and then she went back into the house. Willow sat across from Buffy in the very comfortable chair. She looked into the slayer’s eyes and she saw the confusion. She was surprised at the way Buffy was acting. It was almost like Wednesday night never happened.

“Listen Buffy, I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I just…I was scared. I know that you were scared too, and I know how hard it must’ve been for you to ask me out and I can’t even imagine how much it hurt when I said no but…what? Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked. Buffy was looking at her as if she’d grown five heads, sprouted wings, and was speaking Khmer.

“What are you talking about? I never asked you out,” she said, her eyebrows scrunching very low, causing many wrinkles. Willow was dumbfounded. What was Buffy talking about? Was the memory so horrible, had the pain been so unbearable that she was repressing it or something? Willow shook her head and took Buffy by the hands, worried about her now more then she had been when she had let the slayer free.

“Buffy, what day is it?” she asked and Buffy’s expression only became more and more confused. She couldn’t help but feel a little sting when Buffy pulled her hands away and stood up, backing away from Willow. She was shaking her head, and starting to pace, and Willow was afraid that she was going to let the slayer take control again.

/What is she talking about? I never asked her out. Do you know what she’s talking about?/ she was confused, and she really wanted to know what the hell Willow was talking about. Her sanity depended on it.

*No.* was all she got in response. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

/Yeah you’re quiet now when I need you but all of those times I wanted you to be quiet when Will and I were changing at the same time in the dorm and you kept telling me to turn around and check out her ass, you just kept running your mouth./

*Me right. You should have look at her.* Buffy rolled her eyes again and then she sat down in the chair again. Then she remembered that Willow had asked her a question and she shook her head roughly, trying to shake out some of the confusion.

“Day? Today’s, uh, Tuesday. It’s Tuesday and yesterday we took that psychology quiz that we studied all of Sunday for. But Willow, I never asked you out. I’m sorry if you think I did…” she paused and remembered another thing that Willow had said. “What do you mean you said no? Why did you turn me down?” That suddenly took priority over the whole ‘three days gone from her memory’ thing. Willow shook her head and looked down at her hands.

“I don’t know, honestly. I was just scared and saying no was my first reaction. But I went all the way to L.A. to find you so that I could tell you that I’m sorry for hurting you and that I’m madly in love with you and I really do want us to date. And I know that you didn’t mean to make-out with Cordelia because it was your slayer side and not really you, and I forgive you because I’m sorry and I love you. And why are you looking at me like that?” She looked at Willow as if the redheaded witch had grown to eight feet tall, has nasty sores all over her now purple skin and has a nose as long as Pinocchio’s when he lied, on top of the whole five heads, sprouted wings and speaking a different language thing.

“I think I really am going crazy because not even you rejecting me would drive me to make-out with Cordelia,” she said and she started to laugh. Then she realized what else Willow had said in her babble. “What do you mean it was the slayer?” Willow could not believe all of this was happening. Willow thought that maybe it was because of the slayer. Maybe letting the slayer out longer then she ever has before is effecting her memory in very bad ways. She told Buffy to stay there and then she went into the house and got Giles. She had to practically drag in out of the kitchen he was so caught up in his conversation with Piper.

“Yes, Willow what is it? What’s the big emergency?” he asked and then he saw Buffy, looking very confused. He was very unsettled by the lost look in her eyes. He would tell that she was on the verge of tears. He sat down in the chair across from her and she ducked her head down, avoiding all eye contact. He just hoped that she didn’t surrender and let the slayer take charge again. She needs to learn to face her problems like an adult no matter how bad they may be.

“Buffy can’t remember anything since Tuesday,” she said and Giles looked up at her as if she had gone mad. Then he looked back down to Buffy who had silent tears working their way down her face. He leaned forward and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. The members of the scooby gang are like children to him and he hates to see them in pain, physically, emotionally or psychologically.

“Giles, did I really let the slayer take control?” she asked sounded scared, like she was afraid of whatever answer he might be able to give her. He took a deep breath and answered yes. She was quiet for a few minutes. She had no idea what to think. She’s always been afraid to unleash the slayer in front of her friends because she knows that the first thing she would do was tell Willow who they both feel, or worst. “Did I hurt anybody? Humans, I mean. I didn’t hurt you guys, did I?” she asked and looked into his warm eyes. He shook his head no.

“On the bright side,” Willow added meekly. “All of the demons in Sunnydale are afraid of you even more. You even slayed that blue lizard thing that attacked us a few days ago.” Buffy tried to smile, she knew that Willow was only trying to cheer her up, but it just wasn’t working. Not only could she not remember anything for the last three days but she had let the slayer out completely, and, if she believes Willow which she does, she made-out with Cordelia. She still isn’t sure how the hell she got here though.

“Where are we? Why are we here?” she asked and looked up at Willow and then over to Giles. They weren’t too sure how to answer that. They weren’t even sure why the slayer had come here. They just had the theory that she wanted to protect the Nexus, but it was only a theory. Giles sighed and took off his glasses and started to clean them.

“This house is on top of a very powerful energy source called a Nexus. We think that maybe your slayer half was able to feel it and felt like she had to protect it, but we’re not entirely sure.” There was a long uncomfortable silence. Willow couldn’t handle it anymore. This was just too much to think about. She and Buffy were supposed to be happy now. Willow had found her and told her that she wants to date her, she confessed her feelings. Things shouldn’t be all sad and gloomy like they are now. This isn’t how it was supposed to happen!

“Lunch is ready if you guys…what’s wrong?” Piper asked, looking from one distraught person to the other. She had been watching the little conversation from the kitchen window and she did not like where it had been going. The blonde was looking increasingly upset while the redhead and the ex-watcher were looking deeply concerned. She thought that now would be the perfect time to interrupt and see if they would talk about it with her, it’s in Piper’s nature to help others, she can’t help it, she’s the middle sister.

Giles was about to lie and say that everything was fine when they heard a loud scream come from inside of the house and they all ran in to see what the problem was. They saw Cordelia and Prue standing in the conservatory, Cordelia was backing away fearfully, Prue was looking down at her own hands with a shocked expression on her face, Phoebe was standing in the doorway that leads into the kitchen, it looked like she just got there as well. The only thing everybody noticed right away was that Cordelia’s hair was blue. A very bright sky blue, and she was holding a lock of it in her hand, staring at it with horror.

“What did you do?” she yelled at Prue. All eyes were on the witch and her mouth kept opening and then closing, much like a fish out of water, but no sound was coming out. She just kept staring at her hands, flexing her fingers. On closer inspection it looked like she had tears in her eyes, which is so not like Prue. She doesn’t get emotional in front of total strangers, not like this. Piper and Phoebe stepped forward and gently grabbed her by the arms and led her to the kitchen for a ‘sisterly-powwow’.

“What happened?” Buffy asked and took a step towards Cordelia. She noticed that the brunette was tense around her, and she wouldn’t look Buffy in the eyes. She found it a little irritating, but then she remembered what Willow had told her, and she thought that Cordelia probably thinks that Buffy is going to be mad about what happened, even though Buffy can’t remember what happened.

“She was showing me a trick. She tried to float the newspaper and then this blue powered stuff that this color…” she pointed to her hair. “Came out of her hands and onto my hair and turned it blue! What the hell is her problem?” Buffy was not surprised that Cordelia had screamed at the top of her lungs as if a large were-beast was about to rip her throat out just because her hair was turned a different color with magic. Hell, it was almost expected for her to overreact. But she would pick on Cordy later. Right now they have a witch to yell at.

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