Primal Hiding - Happily Ever After?

They’re on their way home now. Giles driving to give the girls a much needed rest, Cordelia sitting in the front passenger seat talking as if she thought if she stopped her head would fall off, and Buffy and Willow in the back. Once Buffy had woken up she told them that she remembered everything, and she avoided eye contact with Willow. The redhead witch wanted to talk about their problems then, wanting to get them out of the way but the blonde said that they would wait until they got home because they had too much to talk about and she wanted to do it in a familiar place.

Giles thought that he was going to go insane. He didn’t want to turn on the radio to drown out the brunette’s words because Buffy was sleeping in the backseat and he didn’t want to wake her up. She needed to rest if she was going to recover from being the slayer for two whole days and running all the way from Sunnydale to L.A. and then to San Francisco. He also knew that she needed the energy if she was going to get over the emotional damage as well. He had seen the look in her eyes when she said that she remembered everything. It was painful to see and he couldn’t even imagine what she had been feeling at the time.

He cast a glance over at Cordelia who was looking out her window, talking to anyone who would listen, which apparently was herself. He had put up with her and Willow’s bickering but he didn’t know how much more of this never ending conversation he could take. So he concentrated on the road in front of him, and started to think about what might happen in the near future. Choices needed to be made, big ones and they consequences of those choices would be devastating or make everyone jump for joy.

If Willow did indeed get together with Buffy he knew that the two would be extremely happy. They were practically made for each other. But if word ever got out in the demon community, which it would, that the slayer is dating someone then Willow might be at even more risk then normal. A demon might try to use her to get to the slayer and he knew that if anything bad ever happened to the perky little redhead then everyone’s hearts would break.

Or they could live a long fulfilling life, buy a house together, adopt a couple of kids and have the happily ever after that they so rightfully deserve. But he knew that it wouldn’t turn out that way. Buffy is one of the oldest slayers in history, and he knew that luck would surely run out and one night she would zig when she should have zagged and receive the fatal blow. Or die trying to save the world. He knew that if that happened then Willow wouldn’t survive the loss. They’re only friends now and they get so upset and worried when something big is going to go down, and he knew that if something happened to the other then the surviving one would be heartbroken. Hell, Willow even said that she would kill if the Halliwells had done anything bad to Buffy.

They finally arrived in L.A., all of them needing food and rest. Angel was glad to see that all of them were ok and he exchanged an awkward hug with the blonde. He had been so worried about all of them, mostly his ex-lover, that he hadn’t done anything all day but pace around his office. He tried to be normal around her, but she knew that something was up. Just the fact that she wouldn’t allow him to see her when she was the slayer had him pretty upset. He knew that they weren’t the same, that the human part of her had once loved him, but it was really hard to separate the two in his mind.

The first thing Giles did when they walked into the hotel was run for the stairs and found a room on the third story of the building. It was a little dirty, and cramped because it was being used for storage but he knew that if he was going to stop himself from killing Cordelia then he needed to get very far away from her. He fell asleep very quickly wishing he had a bottle of scotch to help get rid of his headache.

The two girls decided that it would be best if they stayed in separate rooms. Ok, well Buffy decided and Willow just agreed because she didn’t want to be difficult. She knew that they had plenty to talk about, but she had missed Buffy so much, and she had been so worried that she just wanted to take the blonde in her arms and never let go. But she didn’t. She kept her silence and she felt like her heart was being ripped out when Buffy walked down the hall after saying a quick goodnight and went into her own room. Willow walked into her room, they would all just have to sleep in either the clothes they were wearing or their underwear, Willow opted for her underwear, knowing that she would be more comfortable.

She and Buffy were walking hand in hand through the cemetery. The fates had definitely worked in their favor. They’ve been together for three years now, both in their senior year of college. Willow was going to be a computer teacher here in Sunnydale, and Buffy already has a job as a physical fitness instructor at the local gym. It had flexible hours and is easy for her to do, so she took the job. Slaying is going great, and after they closed the hellmouth for good a year and a half ago the town has been real quiet when it comes to demon activity. Except for the occasional vampire or two, which is why their out here tonight.

“Have I told you that I love you?” Buffy asked and looked over at the love of her life with a sly little grin on her face. She was starting to get bored. They couldn’t find the vampire anywhere, this being the third cemetery they’ve been to so far, and she could think of way better things to be doing right now. She didn’t really give Willow much time to answer before she stopped and pulled the redhead into a lip bruising kiss. She let her hands roam the other woman’s body.

Being surprised by the kiss it took Willow a few seconds to respond, but once she did things only got more heated. They stood there in the middle of the cemetery kissing for what seemed like forever, tongues locked in a passionate battle and Willow thanked all of her lucky stars that she had come to her senses and gotten together with this incredible woman. She pulled back from the kiss first, needing the oxygen that her lungs and brain was lacking. As soon as she pulled back Buffy attacked her throat, leaving strong, but not painful, bite marks, before taking the soft flesh into her mouth and sucking hard, leaving a mark that would remain for a week or two.

They stumbled back behind a tombstone, hiding their bodies from plain sight. Willow pulled Buffy down on top of her and they continued their desperate kisses. Willow just loves it when Buffy is spontaneous like this. Their most recent sexcapade (other then this one happening right now) had been at the movies two days ago. Buffy had slid her hand under Willow’s skirt and fingered her right there and it had been hell for the redhead to keep quiet. It turns out that Willow is quite the screamer.

Buffy straddled Willow’s waist, gently biting down on the redhead’s tongue before releasing it and working her way down her collarbone where she left a very painful looking hickey. She felt Willow’s hands on the insides of her thighs and she was so glad that she had decided to wear and loose fitting skirt. She felt Willow hike up said skirt and start an agonizingly slow rhythm on her clit with two fingers. Buffy moaned with pleasure, and slowly started to rock against her lover’s talented fingers.

She cried out in a small scream of ecstasy when she felt those magic fingers enter her needy sex. The slow rhythm started to quicken and pace and they both knew that Buffy was close. She looked down into the green eyes that she just loved so much and she whispered an ‘I love you so much’ before Willow pressed hard on Buffy’s G-spot causing the blonde to skyrocket over the edge into a mind blowing orgasm that was screamed out for everyone to hear.

Willow smiled to herself. She loved it when she was able to make Buffy scream. She closed her eyes, feeling her lover’s inner walls constricting painfully tight around her fingers. She loved how Buffy’s body responded to her and she knew that even though she was on the bottom she held all of the power. Then she felt something wet and warm hit her face. She suddenly realized that Buffy had stopped screaming, and yet more of the warm stuff was splashing onto her face, running down into her hair and her neck. She scrunched her eyebrows in confusion before she opened her eyes, curious as to what was happening.

She looked into Buffy’s hazel eyes, wide with pain and fear. Her mouth gaping open and closed as she tried to speak but couldn’t.

Willow was in shock as she looked behind Buffy and saw the vampire standing behind them, the one that they had been searching for. She couldn’t see his face, her vision was blurry from the liquid getting into her eyes. She looked back at Buffy, the love of her life, the only person who she’s ever loved and probably ever will. She looked down at the blonde’s chest and she screamed out in agony, in shock, in anger, in pain. She heard the demon that had done this start to laugh coldly.

She wanted to badly to reach out and remove the stake from her lover’s heart, but she couldn’t move. The vampire had snuck up behind them while Buffy was screaming out in ecstasy and driven the wooden stake that had been dropped, into her lover’s back, through her heart and the tip could be seen on the other side. The blood was rushing out at a furious rate, spraying Willow, covering her entire face. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t speak and her voice had left her a couple minutes ago.

“I-I...I l-love y-y-y-you,” Buffy whispered before collapsing on her side off of Willow. The redhead sat up, the blood running down to her chest, staining her clothes. She felt the tears but she couldn’t hear her sobs, nor was she aware that she was crying as she looked into the cold, cruel eyes of the monster who had done this. The demon they had been hunting for before they engaged in their passionate act of love, with just a splash of lust. She was suddenly standing on her feat, being held up by the demon as he vamped out and looked into her eyes.

“I’m sure you love her too,” Angelus said before sinking his fangs deeply into the redhead’s throat. Willow felt her life being drained from her. The only thought on her mind as she started to get woozy from the loss of her blood was the her blonde lover who had died right before her very eyes. The only regret she had was waiting too long. They had spent years in fear of the other and because of that they had lost precious time. Now she just wished that she had given Buffy the ring that was in the small black velvet box in her pocket right now. She had put off asking Buffy to marry her and now she would never get to.

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