Happy Endings By Locke

He's not just in it for the hot three-way sex.

But a lot of people seem to think he is.

Some of the guys he supervises tease him about his relationship. They ask him for details he never gives. They don't push too hard – he is their boss, after all – and he puts up with it, figuring it's to be expected from a bunch of young construction workers.

Mostly they talk about it behind his back. He overhears them sometimes, talking about how lucky he is to have hooked up with two women, and two extremely attractive women at that. They complain that it's not fair that they can’t meet any "hot bi chicks."

He supposes that the labels are inevitable, even if they're wrong. But he doesn’t bother to correct them. He doesn't bother to explain that Willow's gay-with-a-Xander-exception and Buffy's straight-with-a-Willow-exception.

After all, he doesn't care what they think.

They can't possibly understand how deep his relationship with Buffy and Willow really is. They can't possibly understand the kind of things they've faced together over the years. They think that vampires only exist in horror movies. They think that he lost his eye in a car crash.

There's no way they can understand the kind of closeness you develop after almost a decade of fighting alongside people.

So if Xander's crew wants to think his relationship was just about sex, it doesn't really concern him.

He knows he's not just in it for the hot three-way sex.

He loves them – both of them – more than life itself.

It was true that they'd drifted apart for a while. But after they'd settled in Cleveland following the destruction of Sunnydale and sealed the Hellmouth here, they'd grown closer again. They'd turned to each other to deal with the pain of lost loved ones and trying to learn how to live a normal life now that their long struggle was over.

And, as they'd rediscovered their friendship, they'd found something beyond it, something even more beautiful and more precious.


It had taken some time for them all to adjust to the idea. A big part of the problem had been that initially, they'd all been waiting for the other shoe to drop, because over the years they'd learned that it was when they were at their happiest that life would throw tragedy their way.

But eventually, they'd come to accept that they’d finally found their happy ending. It may not have been what any of them expected, but as far as Xander was concerned, they'd earned it, after all they'd been through.

So now, when Xander comes home from work and Buffy and Willow greet him at the door of their house, he is happy.

He cooks dinner, and tells them how his day went. Willow talks about her classes, and Buffy tells them about the high school students she counseled that day and their perfectly normal problems.

After they eat, they cuddle together on the couch and watch the sun set through the living room window. They talk, and laugh, and enjoy each other's company.

And then Willow mentions that she bought some new underwear earlier that day, and asks them oh-so-innocently if they’d like her to model it for them.

After she gets the answers she expected, she giggles and springs up from the couch, Buffy close behind her. And, as Xander follows them upstairs, he thinks about them and what they mean to him.

He really, truly loves them.

And they love him, and he knows it. It's the greatest feeling in the world, and it’s all he'll ever need.

But the hot three-way sex is nice too

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