Girl Talk By Inell

Willow chewed her bottom lip, again wondering if this was a good idea. She watched as Bart Simpson insulted his father again and sighed. She was watching tv and waiting. She flipped the channel, find the news.

She was having a slumber party. There was so much tension between everyone lately that it was making it impossible to work. Faith and Cordelia were always glaring at each other. It had been a little over two months since the brunette slayer had fucked Xander. Willow understood Cordelia's pain, but she and Xander had been broken up before he went to Faith. She and Cordelia always had problems between them. They had never bothered trying to resolve them. Buffy was just pushing everyone away lately. Willow knew she and Faith were bad too. She resented the place the slayer took when she had come to town, edging her out of the way.

So, Willow had decided that they should all meet and talk. It wouldn't do to face the mayor if they all hated each other. She saw a car crash on the news and watched a bit longer. It was a seven car pile up in LA. She was glad she didn't live there. Sunnydale might be a hellmouth, but she thought LA might be worse. She sighed as she turned the TV off. They should be there soon.

She walked into the kitchen, surveying the area. She had bought several kinds of chips, cotton candy for Buffy, soda and munchies. She knew that girl talk required food. She went to the cabinet and pulled out a glass. She went to the fridge and looked inside. Her parents had left their champagne in there. She had the impulse to open it, but decided not to. She would probably have to referee most of the evening. Instead, she pulled out a cold coke and poured it into the glass.

The phone rang, bringing her out of her thoughts. She answered it, "Hello."

"Hey Will. I can't make it. Angel and I are going to try a date."

"But need to be here. We planned to get things settled..."

"Will, I'm sorry. I can't tell him no. It's taken me this long to get him to even agree to try. Please don't be mad. Besides, Faith and Cordelia are the two with the most problems. You and I are cool with most of it all. I'll drop by tomorrow. Ok? Good luck."

"Fine...good luck with Angel" Willow said, sighing as she hung up. Great. Just great. She was going to be stuck with snob and the bitch. Just made her night. What else could go wrong? The door bell rang.

Willow took a deep breath. Time to start. She went in and opened the door, "Hey guys. Glad you could make it."

Faith pushed her way inside, glaring at the redhead. She was not in the mood for some serious discussion. What did she care if they all hated her? She sat down, her boots going on top of the table. She watched as the prom queen came in, her distaste evident on her pretty little face. Faith looked at Red, smirking. The girl had no idea what she had opened up with her plans for an evening of girl talk.

"Can someone explain to me exactly why I agreed to this?" Cordelia asked, sitting down. She glanced at Willow, her heart racing more than usual when she looked at the girl. Why did she ask? She knew what she had said yes. Willow had asked her. She could never tell the girl no.

Willow shut the door, grimacing at Cordelia's question. This was a bad idea. Why on Earth had she ever thought they could all iron out their differences? She should just let them leave now.

"Where's B?" Faith asked, settling down.

"Not coming. She and Angel had a date" Willow said, not realizing she had whined out Angel's name.

"He annoys the hell out of you too" Faith said, smiling. "Whiny damn bastard."

"Hey now...No. I like Angel. He's a good guy. Yep. Sure is." Willow said, making a face suddenly, "Who am I kidding? He annoys me to death sometimes. I much prefer Spike....I mean, Spike was evil but he was so yummy....the fantasies I had about him...." Willow turned red suddenly, "I uh just said that out loud didn't I?"

Cordelia nodded, faking a smile, "Yes. So, you like the evil vampire types that threaten to kill us. Great taste in men, Willow."

Faith laughed, "Hell...I wish I could have met this guy."

"New topic" Willow said, hurt by Cordelia's words.

Cordelia slid her black high heels off, cursing herself for being so mean. She always picked at Willow no matter how badly she tried not to. She wanted the girl and that thought scared her to death. "Fine. Why don't we talk about Faith and her taste in men. Oh wait, she fucked Xander. She likes boys."

"Drop it, Princess" Faith warned. She had no interest in remembering her liason with the boy. She regretted it often enough. It had just happened. She wasn't even attracted to the guy...not much. It had been a mistake. A mistake that would haunt her life forever now.

"No. I want to know how he compares to the many, many others you've had." Cordelia asked, pulling the silk ribbon from her hair and letting it fall against her neck.

"He was good. It was his first time. We haven't repeated it." Faith said simply.

"Uh, Faith....why are you upset over talking about him?" Willow asked. She knew the slayer usually loved to brag about that night around Cordelia and herself. The girl knew of their past histories with the boy and loved to remind them she got to him first.

"Damn it, Willow. I just don't want to remember ok?" Faith said, moving her feet. She ran a hand through her hair, sighing. "I'm pregnant. Ok? There. Now you know. That stupid night and now I have to deal with this. I just want to forget for awhile. Ok?"

"You're pregnant? With Xander's baby?" Cordelia said softly, feeling sorry for the slayer suddenly. "Does he know?"

Faith looked up, "NO! And he isn't going to. I'll probably die before I give birth so what does it matter. Can we move on now?"

Willow glanced at Cordelia and then back at Faith. "Of course...but Faith...if you need anything...."

Faith smiled slightly, "Just don't tell ok? But...thanks."

Willow nodded, sitting back against the chair. She couldn't believe she felt sorry for Faith. The girl was a slayer. She was pregnant now and there was a chance she would ever die before the baby was born or she would lose it while slaying. She must be going through hell. And she was alone. Well, not anymore, Willow decided. She could help Faith. She looked at Cordelia and smile softly. They could help Faith get through this.


Willow laughed as Faith finished telling her story. They had been together for over five hours now. So far, no one had tried to commit murder. In fact, things were going remarkably smooth. They had pushed Faith's pregnancy to the back of their minds, just enjoying this night.

"Is that true? My god....I can't believe you had sex in an elevator" Willow said softly.

"What about you, Red? Where have you had it?" Faith asked. She watched the girl begin to blush, confirming her suspicions. She hated to say it, but she was having fun. Even Cordelia was on her best behaviour so far. She was enjoying their company, very much. She let her eyes run over Willow, taking in the firm breasts and flat stomach that were displayed by the t-shirt and boxers the girl was wearing. She felt liquid pooling between her thighs and cursed her reaction. She was bi-sexual, but until then had not had an attraction to any one in Sunnydale. Well, that wasn't true. She'd always been a bit lusty for both of the girls in the room.

"I haven't. Had it that is." Willow said, frowning. "Can't find a guy I like who likes me."

"Doesn't have to be a guy to be fun" Faith said, her eyes playful.

"What? Oh...that. Well, uh..I mean..I never..." Willow drifted off, her face red.

"I'm not saying you had, Red. I'm just saying that girls can be fun too."

"Damn it, Faith. Why are you so stupid all the time?" Cordelia asked, defending Willow.

"What did I say?" Faith asked, curious as to why Cordelia was getting involved.

"It's not that" Willow said softly. "Actually, I've uh played with another girl before. Just kissing and touching and stuff...nothing serious. We had a bit too much to drink and things happened. It was rather nice" she smiled softly as she remembered.

"You what?" Cordelia demanded. Another girl had touched her Willow. She felt jealousy spread through her.

"Buffy" Faith said simply.

"Yeah" Willow said quietly. "I love her to death, but once we were sober, it wasn't something I really wanted to do. Not with her. She's my best friend....just nothing more."

"Man oh and B. This is an eye opening evening" Faith said, looking at Cordelia. Things finally made sense to her. She looked back at Willow, "You said it wasn't something you wanted with her. What about with me....or Delia?"

Willow's face was red. "No comment."

Cordelia leaned forward, "Come on, Wills. Tell us. Do you want to fuck us?"

Willow caught Cordelia's eyes, surprised at the lust she saw there. She licked her lips, seeing Faith from the side of her eyes. Cordelia's perfume assaulted her, the scent sensual and sweet. She swallowed before saying quietly, "Yes."

"Hot damn" Faith said as she heard Willow's words. She was horny as hell. The thoughts of being one of the first people to touch Willow made her feel good.

"Are you sure?" Cordelia asked, wetness seeping through her panties. She must be dreaming.

"Yes....." Willow said softly. "I want to kiss you, Delia."

Cordelia moved quickly, claiming the girls lips. She ran her tongue over Willow's lips before pushing her way inside. She felt hands on her back as Faith joined them. She felt Willow's hands in her hair as she deepened the kiss.

Willow couldn't believe this was happening. She was kissing Cordelia and Faith was licking her neck. She knew what was going to happen that night. The air had been thick with arousal for hours, though they had all tried to ignore it. She was young though. She wanted this memory. It wasn't going to hurt anyone. In fact, it would probably bring them closer together. She felt Faith's teeth nip at her neck as the slayer's hands kneaded her breasts.

Faith unbuttoned Willow's shirt, sliding it from her arms. She raised an eyebrow at the black bra before she unfastened it too. She sighed when the firm perky breasts were bared to her hungry eyes. She leaned between the kissing girls, running her tongue over one rosy nipple then the other. She heard Willow moan and smiled. She turned her attention to Cordelia, stripping the girl eagerly. Cordelia's breasts were large and firm. She took on into her mouth, twirling her tongue around the nipple.

Cordelia pulled back, moaning as Faith sucked her breast. She looked at Willow, smiling at the passion dazed look on the girl's face. She moved slightly, pushing Willow back to the floor. "I've been wanting to taste you for years, Rosenberg."

"Years?" Willow squeaked. She watched in anticipation as Cordelia pulled her boxers down. She felt cool air on her red curls, the wetness dripping from her pussy. She cried out when she felt Cordelia's tongue against her. She watched as Faith stripped, her naked breasts full, her nipples erect. The slayer took her pants off and then moved to Willow's side. Willow felt her mouth on her breasts as the slayer roughly plunged two fingers into her tight cunt.

Cordelia licked Willow's clit, her hand going into her own pants. She slid three fingers inside herself, thrusting them as she devoured Willow's pussy. She let her free hand go behind Faith, running her fingers over the girl's wet cunt. Faith pushed back against her hand, taking in two fingers easily. Cordelia smiled as Willow began to moan loudly. She scraped her teeth over the girl's clit, sending shudders through the petite redhead. Willow arched up, screaming their names as she had her orgasm.

"God Cordy...fuck me...Faith...harder" Willow started to say over and over and she rode the waves of her first release and drifted into her second.


Faith sat up, her breathing ragged. She looked around, her eyes wide. She couldn't believe the dream she had just had. She had been pregnant with Xander's baby. The thought of having sex with that moron made her stomach turn. She hoped she was never that desperate. She got out of bed, walking to the kitchen. She needed something cold to drink.

"You ok?" a soft voice asked.

Faith turned to Willow and smiled, "Yeah. Just had a dream...."

"What kind of dream?" Cordelia asked, walking into the kitchen and sitting down. She covered a yawn.

"Well, we were at Will's for a slumber party. I was knocked up...Xander's kid."

"Gross" Cordelia said, "Thought you said a dream...not a nightmare."

Willow and Faith laughed. "Delia, be nice. He is your ex after all."

Cordelia rolled her eyes, "Don't remind me. So, what else?"

Faith chuckled, "Well, Willow had sex with Buffy..."

"My turn to say gross" Willow said, making a face.

Faith laughed, "Isn't it? Well, we ended up having wild sex on the living room floor."

Willow and Cordelia looked at each other and then back at Faith. "On the floor? Wild sex? Us?"

"Yep. And man, I woke up before the good part."

"Oh really?" Cordelia said, sitting up.

"Yeah. Last thing I remember is Will's screaming for you to lick it harder." Faith smiled fondly.

Willow shifted in her seat. "Oh. I was screaming?"

Cordelia laughed, "Damn Will. You always scream" she said moving her foot up her lover's leg.

"Not always" Willow defended, spreading her legs for Cordelia's foot.

"Always when we touch you" Faith said, kissing her lover.

Willow pulled back, "Well, why don't we head back to bed and finish your little dream. Minus the whole Xander sex thing. I so don't want to ruin the mood."

Faith laughed, "I want to be on top this time."

"You're always on top" Cordelia whined, standing. She put her around Willow, cupping her lover's breast. "I want to be on top."

"You are such a bottom, Delia." Willow said, laughing as Faith kissed her neck.

"Fine.....but I get to use the toys" Cordelia said, laughing as they went up stairs to continue their now traditional nightly sleep over. She couldn't believe Faith had dreamed about having sex with Xander. Why him when she had both her and Willow? She'd have to talk to Willow about arranging some sort of punishment for their naughty lover. She smiled at the thought as she hurried up the stairs to catch up to them.

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