Feather Roads - Risque

"Mmmmmm..." Willow purrs and snuggles deeper in my embrace. One of her feet idly kicks off the end of the covers exposing our feet to the cool night air.

"Hhhhmmm..." She continues to purr.

"I hear the sounds of a content kitty cat!" I say quietly, easing my fingers tips under her chin and coaxing her head to tilt upward. Reluctantly, almost, she opens her eyes slowly.

"Meeyyooww!" She whispers and nips the tip of my ear with her lips.

I turn my head a bit and kiss her back, she deepens the kiss a bit and slips her tongue between my teeth. I taste cinnamon, and sunshine and..heh..a bit of myself. Whoops! Bad Slayer.

She moans a tiny bit into the kiss as I caress her spine with the tips of my fingers. Her back arches away from my touch and her skin gets all goosepimpley.

She pulls away a bit and the kiss ends, that's fine though, there are a billion, billion more where that came from. Our foreheads meet and we remain that way for a while, just breathing, being, y'know..loving type stuff.

"Sleepy." Willow whispers after a bit.

"Are you sleepy my Willow?" I whisper back. She nods.

"Aw. Poor Willow is sleepy." I pull her down so she's using my shoulder as a pillow, I hear her give a contented sigh and snuggle up even closer. She throws one leg over mine trapping them between her. She sighs again.

"This is nice." She murmurs, eyes closed once more.

"Is this nice my Willow." I humm and kiss the top of her head. "Is this nice for my.."

Dare I?

Heck yeah!


Here eyes snap open and she gives an outraged squeal. "Buffy!"

"What?" I ask her innocently. I open my eyes real wide to complete the look. Can't laugh now, gotta keep a straight face or I'm toast. "I'm talking about those little grey fuzzy things, y'know kind of oblong, really, really soft? What, lover mine, were you thinking?"

She blushes a bit and looks away. "Nothin'" She admits.

"Oh." I say. I relent a little with the teasing. I try and veer the topic a bit from innuendos to ..

"I wish I did have a pussywillow." I mumble. "Something soft for this very soft skin." And I trace small white lines along the flesh of her back.

"But you do have a pussywillow." She whispers back to me, lifting her eyes again to meet my own. "She's right here!" And leans forward to catch my lips once more as it's my turn to be shocked speechless. It takes me a few seconds to react to the kiss but I'm soon giving as good as I'm getting, and it's so..so..very, very good.

Finally I break off the kiss. "Willow!" I gasp. "You're such an evil little witch!"

"You betcha!" She chirrups with a nod to emphasis her total agreement.

She puts her head back down on my shoulder, closes her eyes and, I'm guessing, drifts off to sleep.

This is one of many, many, reasons I love her so, and like her. You can love someone and not like them, believe me, I know. You can even love them and still hate them with all the ...well..hate them a heck of a lot. But I like her, and love her. One reason is she can be ..just such a surprise. One minute timid, the next wanton then back to timid. Best of all she isn't even aware she's doing it. It's just her, part and parcel, an aspect of the whole redheaded, Hebrew, wiccan chunk of goodness I have in my arms.

Like? Definitely.

Love? Eternally.

So here we are. In my bedroom. The window beside us is open to let in the fresh air, an occasional cloud moves across the sky, I can tell, as the moonlight shining through fades in and out every once in a while. We're both lying on one half of my big ol' bed. We got so used to sharing such a tiny bed back at the dorms that I guess it's a hard habit to break. We either stick to one side of my queenie or the other. Always together, always in contact. Going all the way to hold each other the whole night long, or, at the very least a hand resting on a thigh, or someone's back. We're always touching in one way or the other.

I look around the room. Mr. Gordo my guard piggy is in his place, the alarm clock properly functioning for the summer. Meaning that it's unplugged and tossed in the corner. Bad, evil alarm clock! For the next few weeks you are dead! Whooha! Clothes are scattered around the room. Well..mine are. Willow always insists on folding hers and putting them in a small neat pile. I think she does it to annoy me, all it really does is make me...uhmm..hungry. Cause, she takes em' off one at a time. First the shirt, folds it, dress, pants, whatever, fold that, pick up the shirt, lay the pants, skirt..again whatever, down, put the shirt on top, reach behind and really arch the back to unclasp her bra...fold that and..bend OVER to put it on top of her shirt.

She's a natural striptease.

Usually by that point I'm having a very difficult time remembering to breathe.

But that was a while ago. Now we're just resting, or..she is. I'm thirsty. I move very, very, slowly, reaching over her sleeping form, I think she's asleep, to my bedstand for the glass of water I know is there. Carefully, carefully, while it would be fun to hear her scream if I dropped some water on her, the resulting suspension of smooch n' snuggles privileges would be not so much fun.

I tilt the glass and begin to drink.

"Y'know why I like being naked with you Buffy?"

It is only through Slayer training I do not spit the contents of my mouth clear across the room.

Really. Slayer training, natch.

I swallow..choke... gasp.. and finally can speak.

"Say..say that bit again?" I ask Willow.

She's kind enough not to laugh at me.
v "Do you know what I like about being naked with you?" She says again. She's got this impish smile, like ..I dunno. Just..wide eyes, broad grin with ..it's just lovely. Trust me on this okay?

"You mean," I cough. "You mean from beside the obvious?"

"Oh the obvious is groovy." She says nonchalantly. "Beyond groovy in fact. It's groovin' past groovy, well on it's way to stupendous, righteous, with just a smidgen of heavenly."

"A smidgen?" I question with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay, just a teeniest bit more than a smidgen." And she holds her thumb and finger apart a few centimeters.

I shake my head, set the glass aside and grab her, spinning her over so I'm on top looking down on her.

"Okay then." I say. Our noses even less far apart than her fingers were a second ago . "Tell me why you like being naked with me." I can smell her breathe, it's hot n'sweet..and..ready.

A few beads of sweat just appeared on her upper lip. I've very tempted to lick them off.

"It's..because..." She gasps out, she then hmmm in ..pleasure I hope! Probably because I'm running my finger tips along her sides with my left hand while the fingers of my right slowly slide along the edge of her ear.

"Yes?" I hiss.

"We're the same height now."

Ohh..kay..that was unexpected. I don't stop what I'm doing, Nothing could stop me now, but it does kind of ...distract me a bit. What did I tell ya, she's a bundle of surprises.

"Come again?" I ask helpfully.

Her eyes are closed and she whimpers a bit when I give a lazy pinch to her ear.

"You're the Slayer." She whispers. "So tall and strong, and powerful and beautiful. Larger than life. Hmmm....tease."

I've snaked my left hand down, past her waist and I'm slowly tracing circles with two fingers on the back of her thigh. She lifts her knee a few inches to...help.

"And?" I ask still stroking her skin, I lean down to her untouched ear and take the tip between my teeth, squeezing just the littlest bit, then, after letting it go, blow cool air across the flesh, over her ear, along the back of her neck. I love watching the hair stand up. She just gives a little gasp and shifts, raising her right leg and crossing it over me, using it, and her arms, to pull me against her.

"Now..though." She still has her eyes closed. "Now your Buffy. My Buffy. Forever n'ever my Buffy. We're the same height now."

And I understand what she's talking about. Perfectly. Clarity. And I have another fantastic reason to lover her, and like her, and cherish her and... I just love surprises.

"Yeah.." I whisper into her ear. "Yeah we are."

It's my turn to purr and arch my back, as her own nails start moving in lazy and exotic patterns over my back muscles. One finger pauses to trace the outline of a few small scars, she knows where they all are by heart and, despite being made from pain, now she uses them for pleasure.


"You know what." She begins to say. I pay half attention. Most of my mind is singing with sensation. I'm all goosepimply now...goosepimply and hot and ..and...content yet hungry and..mmm..lots of 'MMMmmm-factor' pouring through me.

"Wh..what?" I manage to get out. Damn she's good. I rest my forehead against her, all the strength is just pooling away from me, I feel all noodley too.

"There's another reason I like being naked with you." She says between kisses to my face, my eyes, ears...fingers are still moving, hers I mean. I've..sorta fallen behind.

"Why's that?" I say. More sigh really. I'm the kitty cat now. Purrrr...

"Can't tell you." Willow says, her fingers have moved down my back, and now it's my turn to be teased by the edges of nails along the back of my thighs and upward and down.

"Uh..uh...mm..why?" I say.

"Have to show you!" And my eyes shoot open as her hands suddenly clasp my face, she lifts her face to meet my own and I the subsequent is...just so tempting!

With a burst of strength Willow flips me over back onto ..uh..my back without breaking the kiss. Hands, tongue...hunger. Everything.

"Yessss.." I moan into her mouth. "Show me!"

God I love how she surprises me.

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