Feather Roads

We walk the roads that fate lays before us. More often than we'd like that path is strewn with blades and teeth. Shadows with claws that try to gut us from within, most of us struggle forward, over, under, through all these obstacles hoping, even in the face of all evidence, that we'll be stronger for it.

On occasion, through mercy, or mayhaps the whim of Gods needing entertainment, allow Fate's way to be softened. Cool breezes flow over our skin, all the living things around seem to be talking to us and our existence is not only possible but worthwhile. The road is soft and comfortable and we can rest as we journey onward, wounds heal, blood stops and strength returns..just so we can face the next shadowy terror with a far too wide, sharp, grin just around the corner.

On occasion we're gifted with Feather Roads. This is theirs.

Talking The Talk


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