Forge Part Six - Blade

"Pizza?" Buffy mumbles.
"Yeah..I forgot to order it." I say.
"Pizza?" She repeats. She looking at me, really looking at me. Like she can't tear her eyes away and it feels so wonderful to know that me, little Willow Rosenberg, is doing this to one of the most exotic, powerful, persons this world has ever known.
I feel all goosebumpily.
"Pizza." I say. "That..uh..round thing? Made out of dough? With sauce on it and various ingredients? You like pineapple on yours and I've never understood how you could like a fruit on pizza but who am I to judge. It also tastes best when it's hot."
She still seems to be a little lost. Her tongue flickers over her lips.
"Hot." She mumbles. "Hot is, by far, a very good thing."
I move across the room to stand directly in front of her. She still looks like she's caught in a fugue state. I gently reach out and take her wrist and then, pulling it up, slowly rub the back of her hand over my cheek. Her skin feels so soft and rough at the same time. Sorta like a physical representation of what she is..
A woman, who I love.
Who also happens to be The Slayer.
She doesn't resist what I'm doing and I close my eyes so I can concentrate on the sensation.
One of many tonight I hope.
"You're cold." I say.
"You're..not." She replies.
I open my eyes and look at her. Her mouth is a little open, she seems to be putting all her weight on her left leg.
"Are you hurt?" I ask. Dumb question but that's okay.
"Slightly bruised. I'll be fine." She says. "Willow ..uh.. "
I know what she's going to say, or what she's going to try to say but I'm not going to let her. I've heard it before, and I don't want to hear it again. It's not what I want, she is.
"Dance with me." I say.
"Ah.." She says. "There's no music though."
I release her hand and put my finger over her lips. "Doesn't matter." I say. "Please?"
Wordlessly she nods.
I take her hands in mine and we move together in a rhythm only I can hear. I know what I'm dancing too, I can feel it, when did it come, why or from where's not important. I close my eyes again and lean into her. She releases my hands and wraps her arms around me.
I think she can hear it too now, our movements are seamless, we move together, I'm not leading her, she's not leading me, we're just..dancing.
We turn and move..her body is next to mine, I can feel her warmth. I said she was cold but I was the cold one. It was inside cold, wrapped around my tummy like a band or fist. But she's here now, pressed up against me and she's so warm and wonderful and it's melting..trickling..falling...I feel warm too.
Without breaking rhythm I turn my head and give her a soft, simple kiss on her neck. She doesn't say anything but I can feel her smile. Her arms tighten around me.
I don't stop. Small kisses along her throat. In time with the music which only we have right now. Step, kiss, sway, kiss..move..kiss. With every one she pulls me closer though there isn't a lot of closer to get. She's Buffy though, she can do anything.
She rests her head on my shoulder now. I can't see her face as I'm still kissing her neck.
And we dance.
Hot liquid burns into the skin on my shoulder. I try not to sigh in disappointment. I'm really sick of tears, my own, anyone else's. I wanted tonight to be one of laughter and..other ..uh..things.
"Shhhh.." I say. "It's okay. We..we can wait..I guess."
She shakes her head, "S'not that." She says.
When I was a little girl I once read 'The Phantom Tollbooth' and learned about the 'Isle of Conclusions' where lots of people can jump too. The Canbe lives there and now I'm as 'confused as can be'.
"What?" I say.
The only reply I get is a tightly whispered "I'm so sorry."
She can do almost anything. Except maybe forgive herself. Which, as I think about it, is making me slightly cross. I don't blame myself for what happened, I blame them and they paid for it.
They're..dead..and they deserved it.
Wow, I'm getting blood thirsty. Least it's not ketchupthirsty.
I stop kissing her, actually I stopped a while ago, and pull away from her a few inches. My hands are wrapped around her forearms, she's gone all limp, her head is hanging so low I can't see her face.
"Stop this!" I fiercely whisper. "Stop it right now!"
She shakes her head, a few tears land on my wrist, they're hot, almost burning.
This isn't fair! How long will the echoes last? I know what I want, I want her! I want to feel good. I want to be able to wake up tomorrow morning and look back and think 'That was a good thing. I have a good thing to remember now.' Now something's getting in the way again but this one time, just this one time I'm not letting it go. Not tonight, I'll be quiet, non-confrontational Willow tomorrow, tonight I'm going to fight for what I want. For what I think we need. Maybe I'm being selfish, maybe I am I pushing too hard but it's something... I just want to be with her. To get on with our lives, together Goddess willing.
That's not selfish, isn't it?
She tries to pull away from me but doesn't seem to have the strength. That's funny, I've seen her knock down walls.
"Please stop." I whisper again. "It's not your fault! You have to stop blaming yourself, you have to let it go!"
I sniff.
"And you have to take a shower." I finish.
This catches her off guard and I hear a wet giggle work it's away around her tears. Buffy sniffs a few times and wipes at her eyes.
"You say the sweetest things." She mutters.
I envelope her in another hug, we've stopped dancing of course and I'm content just to be the source of comfort in this instance. Feels good too. Being the one bringing peace not the one being comforted. I love her you see, and love isn't about just taking, but giving as well. At least that's what all the I've done indicate.
Buffy's given me so much and I've wanted to return the favor for a very long time. I think this is a good chance.
"Thanks." I whisper into her ear.
She returns the embrace and we stand like that for a few seconds. She kisses me on the tip of my ear before pulling away.
"Have to blow my nose." She explains.
"Mmmmm..what a seductress you are." I giggle.
She grabs a tissue out of the box well..she doesn't sound cute now but..I don't care.
It's probably very hard to retain a status of 'pretty' while sounding a bit like a foghorn.
She tosses the tissue into a wastebasket and moves over to the closet. She takes of her jacket and begins to unfasten the buttons on her jeans. 501's, Cordelia would've approved. She bends over to remove her shoes, now I'm approving. Hey, I love her yes, but I'm honest enough to admit there's a healthy dose of lust involved as well.
She continues to undress and slips on her robe. She heads for the door and turns back to me halfway out the door.
"You're beautiful Willow." She says and is gone.


The hot water is relaxing. Sliding over my skin, erasing aches and dirt. No blood is mixing with the water and running down the drain this time, a pleasant change. No, all the blood is on the inside, where it should be, frantically rushing around my body as my heart beats out a madman's rhythm.
The hot water can't reach inside where.. there's no hurt that needs to be eased, but a healthy dose of panic that I could do without.
Sometimes I want to damn my Slayer mentality.
Everything, I can remember everything in that room..her room..with crystal clear recollection. Where every candle was, what the shadows on the wall looked like but most of all I can remember her eyes. Willow's eyes.
They were so hopeful. I can't pretend that she might be making a mistake, that she isn't ready or is fooling herself. She is knows completely what's she's doing and what she wants. Because I'm so aware of this I have no place left to run. It's not her that isn't ready, I think it could be me. Which is odd because if I test myself I find no questioning of my feelings for her, there's no doubt about the feelings I have for her which became so much more a few short weeks ago. A lot more, so much wonderful and fuzzy..a lot heavier too.
I'm not even sure if I'm not ready either. I can't take comfort in either absolute.
To screw, or not to screw, that is the question.
That last though makes me want to laugh but I clap my hand over my mouth to muffle it, it's not supposed to be funny. Bleah..soap. Yuck.
To commit, or not to commit...that is the question. Not funny either but more accurate on the whole.
I reach for a bottle of shampoo, the whole cleansing ritual is being done automatically, I don't even remember grabbing the body soap or what it felt like to be moving my hands over my skin. Why can't life ever be like those porno movies? Where I could just close my eyes and imagine it being Willow's hands and get lost in the fantasy, maybe get so caught up in the idea I wouldn't hesitate to accept the real thing. It's obviously being offered.
I can't believe I just thought that.
Now I'm rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. I'm almost clean..completely clean which means
I'm almost out of time.
Willow knows what she wants.
Do I know what I want?
I think I'm of two minds. Love and Duty.
'She loves you, you love her. She's been looking for a harbor, a safe place.'
'That doesn't mean she loves you, and you can't offer her safety, not with your life.'
'She needs you.'
'You may need her, but you can't take the risk.'
'So you'd push her aside, give up yet another critical aspect of your life? What are you afraid of? The thought of putting her further at risk or the risk of loving her?'
Yeah..that's a good question.
'There will be a price.'
'This is news how?'
'The price will be high.'
'Again, this is news how? It will be paid.'
"Uh-huh. It will be paid." I startle myself by speaking out loud.
I still feel the panic rolling around but.. WHAMO there's this.. uh..anticipation with it now.. I.. Yeah.. I know what I want! It's intoxicating but I really, REALLY know what..who I want. Where was this confidence a second ago huh? Better late than never.
I can feel the last of the soap run down my skin. I think it's the first time I've felt something since I stepped in the shower and that was..whoa..far too long ago.
I hurriedly dry myself off, toss on my robe, don't bother to tie it anyone in the hallway gets a free peep show. I can't afford to waste time, I have something I have to do.
Okay I admit it, I run down the hall. Where a few minutes ago I was walking to the showers in a daze, now I know where I want to go and where I want to be. I should be cold, cool air, wet skin, it's always really chilly stepping out of a shower but now I'm really, really hot.
Know just the thing to cool me down though, and thinking about it makes my mind panic but my heart..really..just my heart simply says to me. 'Good'.


I'm fine.
That's what I tell the lump in my chest, black and heavy it is but I'll be fine.
She's not rejecting me, she's just not ready. I refuse to acknowledge the possibility she'll never be ready or anything like that. She's..we.. I know she loves me and I know all sorts of things that I can't explain. I mean if it was explainable than it wouldn't be as mysterious and mystery can make things magical..right.. and..uh.. If it was not magical it.. um.. wouldn't be love. And because I'm confused and I don't know how to explain everything than it must be love. Right? No not really but it's love anyway. I know it. There.
The love is there but maybe the timing is off.
It figures, the one time I'm really ready to fight for something the option is taken out of my hands.
'You're beautiful Willow' she said. Then took off like she was shot out of a gun.
It could mean nothing, could mean she just wanted to really take the shower I mentioned but, as I said, I'm not that stupid. I saw her eyes.
She was about a second from bolting through the wall. Ever see a horse panicing? Eyes rolling around wildly that kind of thing? She wasn't quite that bad but it was close.
I blow out another one of the candles. Only a few are lit now..all the ones on my desk. I'll have to blow those out too then pull the bed apart. She can keep the comforter, I'll use my old blanket it'll be nice to have something comfortable around..I guess. New was awfully attractive..
Too much too soon...
One of these days I'll catch her, I swear but not this time. She glides up behind me and I'm totally unaware of her until I'm bending over one of the candles on my desk about to blow it out. Her arms slip around behind me and her hands move down the skin of my arms..almost perfectly smooth but the cloth of her robe is certainly jarring from the sensation of her skin against my own.
I let out a surprised squeak I'm ashamed to say.
"That's a good idea." She whispers in my ear. Little ripples jump along my skin.
"Huh?" I reply. Higher brain functions..drowned air..mmm..
"Huh?" I say's that or purr.
"Blowing out some of the candles I mean." She says and pauses to nip at the tip of my right ear.
"Now it's just right..warm and cozy." Nips me again. "Don't you like warm and cozy?"
"Eeek!" I say. "Er, uh..yes please!"
She releases my arms from her grip and I turn around in her embrace. I wrap my own arms around her and she pulls me in.
"There." She's still whispering. "Warm and cozy."
"S'nice." I mumble, resting my cheek on her shoulder.
Somehow she manages to turn on the stereo, I can't really hear the music and so I can't tell you what it is. I think too much of my mind is concentrating on other things. I know it's there though and I know it's perfect for the moment because.. we move.
Our room is not big. The take up over fifty percent of the floor space and then there's the cupboards, closets, desks..and other stuff. But we move across the floor never bumping into anything or have to shorten our steps. I couldn't even tell you what or how we're dancing it's just that real. I'm not even sure if I can remember the feeling of the rug between my toes.
The music ends and I'm not sure where I exactly am in the room anymore.


That was spooky. I have to have a real talk with Willow about her magic thing 'cause that was really spooky. I'm repeating myself but that's because I'm distracted... but I can understand why I'm distracted. We were dancing three feet off the ground!
Which was spooky.
I wonder when we can do it again?
The music ends and we just drift back to Terra firma. Did she even realize she was doing it? Despite the fact that we were floating I still lead the dance, around the room, over the desk which was kinda neat and now we're standing before each other. I still have my hands on her hips and she's gently holding my arms. She's looking at me, she's got a that little half smile of hers, head tilted a little to the left, and she's looking at me. I think she's waiting for me to say something but.. I have absolutely no idea what.
"Kiss?" I whisper. Oh that was cool.
"Thought you'd never ask." She whispers back before bringing her arms up around my neck and steps forward through the few inches separating us. Okay, it was cool.
A kiss, she gives me a kiss. We've kissed before and, if this is anything like what the future holds, I'll demand them on a regular basis.
The mechanics are simple enough and I've had enough experience to know what I'm doing.
Our lips meet, my lips are soft, cause I moisterise em', her lips our soft..probably the same reason our lips our soft.. they kinda squoosh together. Very squooshy my Willow's lips.
But I'm not paying attention to that.
The kiss isn't deep, just soft, on and off. Over and over... her hands move up from my behind my neck, she works her fingers through my hair. I know how a cat feels.
She nuzzles me as our lips meet again, once more in..who's counting? She nuzzles me, her cheek moving against mine, like she's asking for..mmm..permission. She doesn't need to ask.
I open my mouth slightly, a sliver of space.
Mechanics, I ..uh..understand so..oh..who the hell cares?
I link my hands behind her and pull her even closer, careful..careful..don't want to break the kiss. Gonna drink this up, gonna drink her up forever and ever...
She has my face in her hands, tilts my heads up a little no don't do...
I sneeze. This breaks the kiss of course. Sneeze again.. look at Willow's face, she's giggling behind her hand.
"Gonna get you for that." I growl.
"Who knew the big, bad Slayer doesn't like getting tongue tickled on the roof of her mouth?" She chuckles.
I snarl slightly, she eeks and tries to run around the bed but I'm faster..better at this chasing stuff too. Had lots of practice. I vault over the bed, duck in midair so I don't nail myself on the ceiling and land in front of her. She can't stop herself in time and runs right into my arms. Though she does try to backpedal in vain.
I fall back on the bed, pulling her with me. She's on top, she's in charge. Odd that, I'm usually the take charge type.
I reach up with my fingers and stroke the skin of her forehead, she sighs a little bit before pillowing her head between my breasts. I curl my arms around her head and hold her close, kissing the top of her head.
"Too fast?" I ask.
I feel her shake her head which is..interesting.
"Fast is good." I hear her muffled reply.
"Really?" I say.
Now she's nodding. This also feels..uh..interesting.
What other stupid questions can I ask so she
"Gonna sound silly Wills but.." I hesitate
She shuffles upwards a little bit and kisses the hollow of my throat, I have to grit my teeth at the feelings. Zips up my spine, I'm so tweaked...can't think..
"I want Magic." She says to me. Kisses me again, her hands slide down my neck, over my shoulders, underneath my arms and down my side. There's a layer of thick cloth between her fingers and my skin but it still their's nothing there between us. What'll it feel like when there is actually nothing? I want to know.
"You''re the witch." I give a little gasp.
She lifts herself up and straddles my chest. Her hands move over my belly, and I learn that, in the face of all tradition, the belly can be an erongeous zone. Then she stops. Grrrr..
She takes my hands in my own and kisses the palms.
"I'm sure you can make magic with these hands." She whispers to me. She looks..predatory.
Willow? Predatory?
How did Dr. Furter say that line in Rocky Horror? Annnttiiicciii..pation! Oh yeah, I know where he's coming from I am seriously in the 'now' of anticipating.
"How?" I whisper back.
"Touch me." She says. Uh..huh.. We have new candidate for the most appealing, yet most terrifying sentence in the universe.
My hands move from her own and make their way up her arms, sliding over the sleek material of her gown toward her own belly, a copy of her caresses a moment before. Her hands grab mine though.
"No." Her tone is insisting. "Touch me!"
Guiding my hands with her own she moves them back up to her shoulder and slides the straps holding her gown
Uh.. I swallow. Fast is good!
Still guiding my hands she says one last time. "Touch me here."


Oh Goddess!
I don't arch into her touch, I don't throw my head back and moan, I don't even close my eyes. The feelings I'm being hit with would make all that pale. I don't have the strength. I look straight at Buffy so she can see what she's doing to me. Okay, what I'm making her do to me but I was just so hungry!
Her hands are on my breasts.
Her hands are on my breasts!
I think my brain is going to explode from an overload...
Her fingers squeeze just a little bit. A touch harder, ah, there's my strength..or the lack of it.
My arms give out and I collapse on top of her with, what sounds to my ears like a sob. Damn, why can't I gasp in ecstasy or something I just know she's...
Her arms wrap around me and she starts frantically whispering she's sorry over and over again.
I want to assure her that I'm alright, never been better, didn't even know that such a level of 'better' existed thought I had hoped, is gratifying to release my hopes were justified. I just don't have the ability right now. Minds all fuzzy with.. just..really, really fuzzy. A warm pleasant humm and this is just the beginning. I have to act fast though or it'll be the ending!
"...sorry..didn't mean it..let's st.."
Takes some doing but I manage to life myself up again a little and manage to get my hand over her mouth.
"Shhh!" I insist. "It was a good thing Buffy, a very, very good thing! If you stop though, that'll be.." and I pause for emphasis, and time to move my face closer to hers. "Bad." I finish.
Need restores more strength and my lips clash with her own as I move my hand quickly out of the way.
Hungry I was, now I wanna feast!
I grab Buffy's hands again but she pushes them aside, she's going to do it on her own! Oh please, now..please..oh you Slayer, big meanie! She plays with her vamps, she plays with her food please, please don't play with me!
Her fingers are over my breasts again and she just holds them, moving her thumbs in small, concentric circles, I find it amazing that I can concentrate enough to track the feelings. She pushes a little and I move back so she can sit up slowly, never breaking the kiss, never letting her hands fall away...
She breaks the kiss and moves her way, along my cheek till she reaches my ear, a playful nip between her lips captures it for a second before I hear her whisper to me. "Robe."
I want to pull away, I know what she's saying, I know what she's offering and for some reason I feel a need, despite the fact that I'm already topless, to look her in the face, I need confirmation..I don't know why but I know I do.
I move to pull away but she intercepts me by moving her palms down, over the rise of my flesh and across my nipples. I..ara..shudder..can't think..but.. yeah..that was definitely an assurance of her own desires.
Who am I to question the wants of my... lover.
Buffy is.. she's going to be.. already..always? Yes. Lover. Mine.
... cool.
My own hands aren't trembling, they should be but they're not. Eye of the hurricane maybe. I reach up, try to be slow, trying to go slowly but I want to see, touch..taste..smell..want to everything so very, very much. Calm..calm Willow..just move the hands damnit!
And I do. Up to the v-neck her robe makes and slowly close my hands over the material.
Loose..loosely silly Wiccan, not too tight..just slide it open, the tie holding it shut has already come undone. Just slide it down over her shoulders and..
"Beautiful." I manage to croak.
Buffy cocks her head to the left, a wicked grin across her face.
"Just my tits?" She asks.
Now my hands are trembling..I reach for her ..breasts hands won't move. I want her to take my hands in her own like I did for her but she doesn't. Just leans back a bit putting her weight on her arms.
"I thought you wanted these." She says.
I nod..can't seem to speak. There goes the strength again, sheesh this is getting kinda irritating. Then I shake my head.
"Not just those." I manage to say. "Everything."
"Why didn't you say so." She murmurs and disrobes from the uh..robe..completely.
When exactly did I lose control of the situation?
She crooks a finger at me. "C'mere." She says still resting on her elbows.
Have you ever noticed that when to women hug they bend over just a little bit to make sure their breasts don't connect? Why they're worried about such a little bit of physical contact? Me neither but as I fling myself forward into her, now naked, embrace and are breasts mash together I can say I don't think I'll ever do it again, at least with Buffy.
Sure, it's erotic yes, but between the two of us.. we don't care about that anymore.
Subtly, grace, patience..don't wanna play by those games anymore. Don't wanna play any games, just wanna be with my lover. MY lover. Nobody elses. Tired of waiting, tired of simply being, tired of nightmares and tears and pain and emptiness and whatever silly other words you want to throw in. Gonna fill myself up with Buffy-Goodness and not even .. screw that.. just gonna do it.
How like Nike I am. The Goddess, not the sneaker.
We're kissing and my hands are moving and I can feel her body against mine, I'm not naked yet but all this sliding around on the bed has bunched my dress up around my waist so I might as well be. It's all..that..we.. gimmie a sec.
Everything feels right, it clicks into absolute focus and the room, the incense, the music, the candles, the neighbors in the next room who might be able to hear our cries, the cries themselves..just not a important. Being with Buffy, being with BUFFY is important. Not just that, me being with her too..important, critical..needed... Oh Goddess...
I feel wetness on my cheeks, in the flow of sensation I can make that out, I can make out the tears and I can make out how they taste. They taste good, not of anything like it... good memories are in the making.
About damn time.
Buffy's lips kiss away my tears like the other night but now nothing is going to stop us. Let someone knock on the door, let the phone ring, who cares? Not us!
"Love you Buffy." I gasp as I intercept one of her tear kisses with my own lips.
"Love you back Wills." She says as the kiss ends. "Now..touch me my Wiccan lover. Quid pro quo and all that."
She called me her lover! Wheeeee!
I move my lips to one of her breasts and gently nuzzle it and she does arch her back, and she does whisper something along the lines of 'Oh Gods.' her hand finds the back of my cheek and I lean against and continue to suckle. Freudian? Maybe. Needed? Oh yes. Healing? That too.
Thank you Buffy.


The phrase 'Brain Implosion' springs to mind when Willow takes my left nipple between her lips. Never..nevernevernever..gonna get tired of this.
Funny, I was in the mood for movies a short while ago and now if I never see another movie in my entire life that will mean no-never-mind to me. I don't even feel the bruises of my graveyard encounter anymore. I don't feel anything anymore accept her heat, her lips, and my need.
Nooo..she stopped! Don't want her to stop!
"Willow..damnit.. that's not fair!" I whine.
She moves up so we're face to face and gives me a little peck on the cheek. "Give me your hand." She says.
She holds up her own, fingers outstretched and I link my own hand with hers. Fingers twinning like a miniature version of how we now lay on the bed. She tugs my hand down..slowly..and I follow suit. Halfway, though are hands are still together she stretches out her index and middle finger, lightly scraping the skin, I do like wise while trying to whimper. She's not so successful in her effort to remain silent and I smile inwardly, she always was more vocal, why should lovemaking me any different?
Slowly..slowly our hands move, I know where she's going, I know what she's doing. No fear though, no hesitation..oh yes, yes, yes, yes..almost..don't stop..slow..almost..
We..uh..touch each other at the exact same time.
Can't..think..don't..just.. instinct, and..she's..kiss her, find her lips, where are her lips, come on Willow kiss me yes..and more..move..gotta move too.. Can tell I'm grinding my pelvis up to meet her..she's doing likewise only taste so yummy..yummy, yummy Wiccan Flavored Redhead. Redhead flavored Wiccan? Don't..her other hand...beside my face, I can feel her clenching the comforter in rhythm with her movements. I have my other hand, fist actually, wrapped in her hair as our kiss deepens and in time with ..oh...the's so ..foreverish. Just the beginning of foreverish stuff, got forever for the foreverish stuff.


Buffy..gotta..concentrate cause..just receiving isn't very nice. I want to be nice but what she's doing is very, very nice! Overwhelmingly nicety that I'm .. that..
It's white inside..I'm white inside. She's close..we're close. Together and..and .. no..this isn''t worry about the isn't now..this is..and it is and is and is and it is ising so yummily.
"Willow..." I can hear her. "Willow..kiss me again." She begs.
"Good things." I murmur and kiss her.
Maybe..maybe it's in that second when our whole bodies move in perfect timing, or the way our breasts just lightly rub against each other, or the feeling of her tongue twirling around mine or her whimpering into my mouth or..anything. But..not caring I am of what it is..either's enough.
We're gone. I may be an 'Innocent Jewish Girl' but I've seen my fair share of porn. Kinda hard to miss it in collage. Saw the movies, saw all the gasping, moaning, heaving that porno 'stars' do. S'not like that, at least for us. Maybe next time but not now.
Contact. That's it.
Something..swells inside me and then lets go and .. and.. I relax, underneath me I feel Buffy, hear Buffy giving a tiny, tiny, keening sound beside my ear, her back arches off the bed just a teensy bit and our bodies press together as her free hand wraps around my back and I pull her head into the crux of my neck and it's going and going..and going...and...


We come together. Okay that sounds blunt but lets face it, it's the term for the physical reaction our bodies experience, but that's not what I'm talking about.
Willow and I _COME_ together.
I know her.
She knows me.
I can feel the sympathetic pleasure purring in my mind knowing I did this to her. Her eyes are squeezed tight and she's just hissing in my ear and I have my own pleasure just ringing around in my body, my mind and I know she's feeling wonderful because she made me feel wonderful and it's this big wonderful..uh..loop thingie. Onward and onward..round n'round. Oh God she's so beautiful like this.
And it stops.
Which is bad because it's over but it's good 'cause there'll be other times. Soon I hope. Very soon..five minutes sound good.
Woah..nymphomanical much Slayer? I turn my head to where Willow has collapsed beside me, her eyes are shut and she's breathing heavily. Our legs are still wound around each other with our two hands still trapped within. I watch her chest heave, I see the few locks clinging to her sweaty forehead and feel her hot breath move over my own skin.
Nymphomanical much? You betcha!
We rest.
She opens her eyes. "Hi." She murmurs.
"Hi yourself." I mumble back. I look in her eyes and the green there is brighter and more alive than in a very long time. I was scared of this? Faith was right, I was a fucking idiot. Not anymore.
"Lover." I say.
"What?" Willow gapes a little.
"You're my lover." I say and smile before pulling her close to give her a kiss. Our legs disentangle and we both, subtly, wipe our hands on the comforter not saying what we're doing but knowing we're both doing it. Who cares really.
"Say it again." Willow says as we break off the kiss.
"You're." and I poke her gently in the chest. "My." Poke again. "Lover." one last poke.
"Yay me." She says and moves in for another kiss.
"Yay us." I get out right before our lips meet.
My mind and body are still all a'buzzin but..I'm thinking five minutes might be too long.


I jump down out of the tree outside their room. Wow. That was one hell of a show. I unzip my jacket and let some of the cool night air in. Gonna remember that for a long time.
I look back up at the window which still has a slight glow coming from within. The source of the glow could be questioned as to whether it's the candles or the lovers. Either way, someone is happy.
Way to go Willy.
I feel him before I see him. He slides out of the shadows with practiced ease.
"Y'know luv if the Slayer up there ever finds out your remains wouldn't fill a thimble." He says and with a move of years of practice lights a cigarette with a flick of his lighter.
"Yeah, part of the thrill." I say and give a nod to the pack of cigarettes he's holding.
"Last one blast it. Stealin' from the undead. How low can you get?" He grumbles handing me a smoke.
"I brought my own lighter at least." I say and demonstrate.
"Well, yippie tee-rah for you." He grumbles.
" Spiky jealous cause he didn't get to watch too?" I tease.
"Can it Slayer." He growls. "Sides," he taps the side of his head. "Vamp ears..source of all sorts of naughty goodness."
"Whatever." I say.
We smoke together in silence for a while. Every once in a while Spike cocks his head then looks up at their room while wearing a huge grin.
"Insatiable ain't they?" He asks.
I shrug.
"Got yer ticket." He says and flicks his but out into the darkness.
"Back to the big city." I reply and do likewise.
"Fast times and the highlife of the concrete jungle." He snaps back.
"This witty banter is fun but I am actually kind of glad to see you." I say and give him my best 'wicked girl' grin. He doesn't fall over himself though, just rolls his eyes.
"Yes, well..what with my natural good looks I can see.." He starts but I interrupt him.
"Here." and I toss him a small paper ball. He catches it without looking and reads what I wrote there shortly after my fight with B. An address.
"I've decided to take you up on your offer." I say.
He nods slowly. "Right. So who is this fine fellow I'm about to aid into the afterlife?"
I tell him.
Ever see a vampire do a double take?
He stares at me for a few seconds, his face doesn't change but the air around him does. It becomes charged with something dangerous and I begin to think his name isn't quite so silly anymore.
"I'm positive I didn't hear that right." He says.
I just put my finger over my lips and go "Shhhhh."
He looks at me for a few more seconds then back at the paper in his hand.
"Under those circumstances it'll take a little while longer then." He finally says.
"Why's that?" I say and cross my arms.
"Well, I gotta travel there myself, and it'll take a little while to nix a camcorder cause I am going to record this. Want a copy?"
I seriously consider the offer before shaking my head.
"No." I say. "Just let me know when it's done."
"Fine." He nods. "I'll be in touch." And walks off into the darkness.
"Hey!" I shout after him. "Where's my bus ticket?"
A paper airplane zips out of the shadows to land at my feet. I unfold it to reveal a ticket and a piece of paper with the words 'Sod off' written on it. Predictable.
Ah..back to LA where I get to play more games of Bowling With Perverts. Fun, fun, fun.
I look back at their dorm room and, without realizing it, shrug again.
"Maybe I will be in touch Willy." I whisper. "Be a good girl."
Then I think about what exactly is going on up there.
"Not too good though." I chuckle and head off to the bus station.


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