The Discussion

The Discussion

She wakes up and the bed is empty, she is alone, the other side undone, warm and empty. Cordelia looked around, looking for Willow. Her Willow. Her wife. Her better half. Definitely the better of the two.

"Will?" she asked in darkness, no answer. Slowly she slid off the bed, feet in slippers, brushing hair in her face back as she fixed the shirt she had on. She only had that to sleep in, Willow's old UC-Sunnydale tees and a cotton panty. "Will?" she asked again as she got to the hall, dark like their room, there were clatters coming from the direction of the kitchen. The apartment was small, small if you compare it to the way others like her live-in, despite her success Cordy had stayed with Will in her adequate San Francisco home to start a family and it was well on its way.

Her wife was a few months pregnant.

Maybe then they'd find a bigger house, but just for now it was good.

Just for now.

"Willow? Sweetie?" Cordelia asked as she saw her finally, standing in front of the stove back turned to her. Her bright red hair pulled back with a ponytail, the rest of her under a pajama. "What are you doing?"

"Oh nothing, just fixing myself a nice warm glass of milk," she said as turned momentarily to her and smiled. "Want some?"

"Only if you're having cookies with."

Again she turned to her, this time longer, "You read my mind. You're really my soul mate."

"I'll get it," she told her as headed to the pantry retrieving the bags of Chips Ahoy and walking towards Will, who gave her a short kiss. She couldn't fight the urge and reached for her tummy, which was hard. Still not bulging but already hard.

"Maybe I should learn to bake so we don't have to buy these anymore," Willow mused as she took the bag from her hands and reached in taking two cookies at once. "Maybe we can open a bakery right next to the Coven, that would be fun."

"Do you want to responsible for the collapse of Nabisco. I think not."

"I was just thinking out loud, besides they won't let me put grass in the brownies."

"Where'd you learn that trick?" Cordy leading her by the hand to the breakfast nook and sitting her down before going back to the stove and turning off the already boiling milk.

"That's a secret."

"I thought husbands and wives were supposed to tell everything to their spouse. No secrets."

"You go first then tell me all your secrets."

"I'm pretty."

"That's not a secret."

"Okay, you win," she conceded, pouring in the scalding milk into a glass waiting by the nook, Will was already on her way to finishing the bag of cookies, stuffing one by one to her mouth as fast as she could. Cordelia watched her make a pig out of herself, amused and at the same time a little disgusted.

"Sorry," Will said as she wiped off her face with the sleeve of her pajama tops, cookie crumbles falling precariously to the floor. "I was really hungry."

Cordelia kissed her on the brow as she placed the glass of milk in front of Willow. "It's still too hot for warm."

"Thanks. I was thinking since we're you know, going to have a baby, maybe it would be good if I sold the Coven and move with you wherever you want tot go."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I was thinking that maybe I could try my hand s on writing."

"Look, Willow, just be cause we're having a baby it doesn't mean that you have to give up on the things you like doing. I mean that bar has been your baby project."

"But we're having a real baby Cordy, a real baby," she reasoned taking the glass of milk and drinking from it, a milk moustache on her. "I'm really serious about it."

Cordelia giggled at the sight, kissing her instead of answering.

"You think I'm just afraid of the responsibilities are you?"

"No, Will. I'm not. Look if you want to sell the bar and move around with me you can. You want to write a book, you can. I'm not going to stand between you and your dreams."

"That's right."

"Yes, now do you want to sell the bar?"

"Not really."

"Okay, finish up your milk and let's go to bed."

"Do we make love after it?" Willow wondered, as she kissed her again. The taste of milk and chocolate chips exchanged between them.

"That's not the question. It's ‘is this table sturdy enough for the two of us?'" Cordy teased her giggling a little when Will gave her a sly grin.

"There's only one way to find out isn't there," she responded, taking the glass of milk off it and putting it on the sink.


Willow sat on it and knocked on it with her knuckles softly.

the end

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