Willow slowly opened her eyes, sitting up suddenly when she realized that she had no idea where she was. She looked around the room as memories of the night before came to her in flashes. She remembered Xander and Buffy and their horrible words. They had pushed her away. She had lost her friends because she had fallen in love with someone that they did not approve of. She couldn't even feel too bad about losing them. If they couldn't accept Cordelia's place in her life, they could all go to hell. She didn't need them. She had Delia and Angel. Other bits of that night came to her. Flashes of a beautiful woman with dark hair and a lilting accent. Of bleached hair and a sneering smile. Voices speaking of things she did not understand. Why had they taken her and why was she still alive?

"Are you hungry, my pretty?"

Willow looked up, her eyes wide as she looked at the woman standing in the doorway. She wasn't sure what to say so she said nothing.

"Did you sleep well?" the woman came closer, a small frown crossing her pretty face. Her hand came up and she brushed her fingers along Willow's throat. "Spikey was very naughty. He bruised your pretty neck."

"It doesn't hurt," Willow said softly, the coolness of the woman's fingers moving along her throat.

"Such a brave little flower," she said with a smile. "My name is Drusilla, pretty one. Do you remember me? You are going to be my guest for a little while. Until Daddy comes and fixes me up. Then, I'll have to go." Her statement grew wistful as she continued, "Spikey says we can't stay here and play. We have to leave this place when I feel strong."

"Why me?" she asked quietly, not having any idea who this Daddy was or why it would matter that Drusilla had her.

"Don't you know, lovey?" Drusilla looked at her and smiled. "Daddy wants you. He'll help me to save you."

Willow watched the woman sit down, a look of soft pain covering her face for a moment. She asked, "Are you O.K.?"

"I'm fine, my pretty. Just tired. It's been such a long day," Drusilla sighed softly. She brightened, "Are you hungry? You must eat or you will be sick. Daddy wouldn't want me to make you sick. He'd be very unhappy. He's gonna be upset with Spikey for hurting your pretty throat as it is."

"I'm not very hungry," Willow said, feeling an urge to protect this woman that was holding her hostage. She shook her head slightly, not understanding anything that had happened to her.

"You aren't hungry?" Drusilla's face fell. "I sent Spike to get you something to eat. I thought we'd have a tea party."

"I guess I could eat something," Willow said as she watched Drusilla smile brightly. "A tea party sounds nice."

Before Drusilla could respond, the door opened and the blonde guy entered. Willow decided that this must be Spike since he was carrying a bag of food. She saw the top of a bag of potato chips and had to wonder what else the bag contained. He looked at her, his blue eyes cold. They moved over her, seeing Drusilla's hand laying on her arm. His eyes narrowed at that before moving to Drusilla's face and softening. "I got her some food."

"It's not hot," Drusilla said, her tone scolding. "I told you to get her something warm to eat."

"Damn it, Dru. It's four in the bloody morning. Nothing was open but the store," he cursed, tossing the bag to the floor and searching his pockets. Willow almost smiled when she saw him pull out a cigarette and light it. He looked at Dru again and said, "I got her chips and some crackers and a bunch of other healthy things. Daft chit can't eat that much."

"I like chips," Willow said softly, earning her a glare from Spike and a smile from Drusilla.

"Goodie. She likes chips. You're forgiven, Spikey. There shall be some tea for you," Drusilla said, smiling at him.

"Aren't I the lucky one?" he muttered before moving to pick up the discarded bag. He tossed it on the bed beside Willow and sneered, "There you are, pet."

"Thanks," she said softly, watching him carefully. While Drusilla seemed harmless, Spike was an entirely different creature. He scared her.

"Have you spoken to Daddy yet?" Drusilla asked as she began to brush Willow's hair with her fingers.

"No," Spike said shortly. "Don't want to talk to that miserable bastard anymore than I have to."

"He must be worried," Drusilla said softly, looking at Willow then back at Spike. "His pretty pet is missing. You should have phoned and let him know she was playing with me."

"That wasn't the plan, Dru," he said tightly. "We'll call him tomorrow, after he realizes his little harlot is missing."

Willow listened to them with confusion. She still didn't understand who this Daddy was or what he had to do with her being taken. She studied Spike as he and Dru continued to talk of some plan, his face vaguely familiar to her. She frowned, running through her memory. Suddenly, she sat up as it hit her. She looked more closely, knowing she must be imagining things. She wasn't. The same scar, the slight sneer, the cheekbones. She had commented that it was a lovely face less than forty eight hours before. "William."


Spike froze at the redhead's whispered word, his eyes narrowing as they looked at her. "What?"

"You're Angel's William," she said quietly.

"I'm not that wanker's anything," Spike said in disgust. He tossed the cigarette to the carpet, grinding it out with his boot as he lit another. He waited a minute before saying, "He told you about me?"

"He told me a bit. Showed me a sketch," Willow said.

"The poof still has his sketches, ey? Wonder if they keep him warm at night," Spike said. "Wait, guess he's got you for that now, right?"

Willow frowned, "What? Angel? And me?" She started to laugh, "That's insane."

"The stars never lie," Drusilla said, her eyes watching her childe as he kept his eyes on Willow. "They say that you are the key. Daddy will help me to save you. He wants you, pretty pet."

"Angel is your Daddy?" Willow asked, wondering what he was supposed to help Drusilla with.

"Yeah, he's her bloody Daddy," Spike said, spitting out the last word in disgust.

"He's her sire?" Willow asked, wanting to make sure she understood.

"Yes, he's her sire," Spike said. "Curious little mouse aren't you?"

"I'm just trying to understand," Willow defended.

"You know what they say, Red," Spike smiled slightly. "Curiosity killed the cat."

"But satisfaction brought him back," she shot back at him, smirking slightly.

"Children," Drusilla's calm voice suddenly interrupted, "play nice or there shan't be tea for anyone."

"I always play nice, Mum," Spike said, winking at his sire and lover. His smile faded as he saw how tired she looked. He stood, moving towards her. "You need to rest, pet. You're pushing yourself."

"Not that weak, Spikey," she said with a smile. "But I am tired. Are you tired, lovey?"

Willow nodded, finding it amazing that Spike could practically kill her with one look and then treat Drusilla as if she were a porcelain doll. It made him seem a bit more like Angel's William and contradicted the image of him that she had seen. She looked at Drusilla, ignoring the blonde vampire that was kneeling at the dark haired vampire's feet, "I'm actually quite tired. It's been a hectic day."

"Then we shall sleep now and have tea when we awaken," Drusilla said as she stood. She cupped Spike's cheek and smiled, "Are you tired, Spikey?"

"I wouldn't mind getting you into bed, Princess," he said with a leer as he stood.

"Naughty, naughty, Spike," Drusilla said, laughing softly. She pushed the sleeves of her dress off her shoulder, causing the dress to fall to the floor. Standing nude, she looked at Willow, "Are you sleeping in that, lovey?"

"Damn it, Dru. The little wench is not sleeping with us!" Spike said, annoyance in his voice.

"I'm cold," Drusilla said softly, watching Willow's eyes move over the scars that were slowly fading from her body. "It doesn't hurt, pretty pet."

Willow tore her eyes away from Drusilla's pale skin and looked into concerned brown eyes. She glanced at Spike and saw him tapping his foot, the lit cigarette still dangling from his lips. "It doesn't?"

"Happened months ago," Drusilla said. "All the pain is gone. Just makes me tired."

"We need the wanker's blood for a ceremony," Spike said, catching the human's green eyes. "To fix my Princess, we have to have him."

"Why couldn't you just ask him?" Willow had to ask.

"Daddy doesn't like to think of us," Drusilla said softly, her eyes haunted. "We remind him of the past, of things he can't change. Bad memories. For you, he will help. For good memories that are not yet made."

"I don't understand," Willow said.

"That's a shock," Spike snorted. "Dru, honey, can we go to bed? I'm tired."

"Of course," Drusilla said, her eyes clearing as she smiled. She moved back onto the bed, her hand taking Willow's. "We shall sleep, pretty pet."

"Not here!" Spike cursed, kicking the chair. He froze when Dru looked at him, her eyebrow raising. He reluctantly pulled his T-shirt off, hearing a soft gasp. He looked up, his lips smiling when he saw the girl staring at him wide eyed. He knew she was innocent, that much was obvious. But, he'd assumed she must have seen a man nude before. Hell, she hadn't batted an eye when Dru had disrobed. Speaking of, he tossed his shirt to Drusilla, "Put this on, Princess. Don't want to upset your little pet, do we?"

"Willow doesn't mind if I'm uncovered," Drusilla said in a matter of fact tone. She glanced at Willow and saw the girl's red face and the way she was looking at her hands. Frowning, she sighed. "Maybe you're right, Spikey."

Spike smiled as he kicked his boots off, leaving his jeans on but unbuttoning the top few buttons. He watched as Drusilla put his T-shirt on and the redhead seemed to relax. Trust Angelus to fall for some prissy little virgin. And a human at that. Only thing worse he could think of would be falling for a slayer. His lip curling in disgust, he shuddered at that nightmare image. He crawled onto the bed beside Drusilla, his arm snaking around her waist. He felt the human stiffen as his hand brushed against her back. He smiled, deciding he could have a bit of fun with this after all.


It was nearly dawn before Angel and Cordelia entered his apartment. The cheerleader looked haggard, her hair limp around her flushed face. She collapsed on Angel's couch, her hand going to her face as she simply breathed in and out. Angel shut the door, removing his coat and tossing it on the table before taking a seat. He leaned forward, his hands going to either side of his forehead as he rubbed his temples.

Cordelia moved her hand, staring at the white of Angel's ceiling without speaking. She couldn't speak. There wasn't anything she could say. They had spent hours searching for Willow. They had found nothing. Not a single sign of the redhead. They had retraced every possible route that Willow could have taken from the school to her house and hadn't even seen a footprint. Cordelia's voice mail was empty so the girl hadn't even tried to call. With each dead end, Cordelia had grown more and more worried. She knew that Angel was concerned. It wasn't anything he had said, him having only spoken maybe a dozen words since leaving his apartment, but it was what he wasn't saying. He wouldn't meet her eyes anymore when she asked if he thought Willow was all right.

Angel heard Cordelia sigh and he looked at the cheerleader. He wished he could say something to cheer her up, but there was nothing he could say. They had traced and retraced several paths with no signs of the diminutive redhead. He had thought once or twice that he had felt her, but he couldn't swear. It had been a slight prickle of familiarity on his flesh, but nothing more. He hadn't even been around her enough to get a good trace on her. Had he simply claimed her when he had first had the inclination, there would have been no need for an exhaustive search. Now, he felt foolish for waiting. Of course, he had only been slightly interested in the girl for the past few months with no true hint that he wanted more than a passing friendship. He didn't even deserve that really. It was only within the past forty eight hours that he'd realized just how deep his feelings for her ran.

"Is she alive?" Cordelia finally asked, just wanting to hear him say yes.

"I don't know," Angel replied honestly.

She flinched at his honesty, wishing for once that he was the type to lie to make girls feel better. But, no, she was stuck with the only truthful vampire in the free world. She moved against the couch, pushing one of the cushions under her back as she sat up slightly. She looked at him, studied him as he looked at nothing. "You care about her, don't you?"

"What?" Angel looked at Cordelia and frowned.

"I can't believe I didn't see it," Cordelia shook her head and laughed. "Here I thought you were helping me because she was your friend."

"She is my friend," Angel clarified with a puzzled look.

"Angel, I look in the mirror all the time. Since Willow came into my life, there's been this light in my eyes that she caused. I can't believe no one has noticed that I've been glowing," she said with a soft smile. "She's special, isn't she?"

"Yes," he admitted.

"I knew it the first time I saw her," Cordelia said, leaning her head back and talking to try to forget that Willow was missing, "We were like six I guess. She had this bright red hair back then. It's darkened as the years have past but back then she looked like Strawberry Shortcake. You probably don't know who that is, being the whole secluded vampire guy. Anyway, that's not important. She had the cutest little smile and the biggest eyes and even then she was so smart. Always knew the answers. It was like the second week of school that I knocked her down on the playground. I just wanted her to look at me and smile. She was so quiet and she never smiled hardly. But, when she did, it was just...special."

Angel sat up and listened to Cordelia talk, watching the statements flash on her pretty face. He knew he wasn't meant to say anything. This was her way of not dealing with Willow's disappearance, getting lost in her memories. Of course, he was also very curious as to how this pairing had come about. He knew Willow's side from her babbling the night before. Cordelia seemed to have spent a lot more time feeling for the girl than Willow probably even knew.

"Unfortunately," Cordelia sighed and smiled wryly, "that wasn't exactly the way to introduce myself to Willow. She ended up being helped up by Xander and a friendship was born. I guess that was the day that she and I became enemies. I never realized just how much I'd regret that push." Cordelia paused as she got lost in thought. "I was thirteen before I realized what I felt for Willow exactly. It took me months of inner debate to realize that it was OK. That I wasn't weird or that I wasn't alone. Of course, I also knew that she hated me. I couldn't really do things that one would normally do if they had a crush on a guy. So, I just continued the same routine. The only way I could get her attention was to pick on her, so I perfected that art. Now, I can't believe that she'd even think of me as a friend much less anything else. Some of the things I said to her, must have made her feel...I'd probably hate me."

"Willow doesn't hold ones past against them," Angel said quietly.

"Anyway," Cordelia moved her head and looked at Angel, "I can see it in your eyes. That same look that are in mine every morning. You're in love with Willow."

"I'm not in love," Angel protested weakly. "She's special, you're right about that. I won't lie and say that I don't have feelings for her. I find recently that I do. But it isn't love."

"Yet," Cordelia whispered softly, not sure she liked the idea of Angel having feelings for her girlfriend. Of course, that was if they found Willow. Her face fell as she brought her legs up, balancing her chin on her knees as she felt a tear slide down her face. "She's got to be OK. I don't think I could...."

Angel moved without thinking. Soon, he was on the couch, holding Cordelia as she began to sob, soaking his shirt as she continued to insist that Willow was fine and that they would find her. He brushed her hair with his hand, whispering that everything would be all right. He just hoped that he was telling the truth.


Willow woke slowly, bringing herself from a pleasant dream about her and Cordelia and a sunny picnic. She whimpered softly as she felt a gentle squeezing around her breast. Her eyes suddenly flashed open as she looked down and saw a large hand holding her breast. She felt a coolness behind her and the feel of a woman's breasts pressing against her back. It took her several moments to remember where she was and who was lying naked behind her. She felt Drusilla move, the woman's leg entwined with hers. The hand around her breast continued to hold her though it no longer squeezed. Her eyes followed the path of the hand up a muscular arm to a point in the shadows that she could not see. Drusilla was not the one holding her. The hand belonged to Spike. She looked back down and resisted the urge to jump from the bed.

She was lying in the bed of two vampires that had kidnapped her and were now fondling her as they slept. It was like something out of a twisted nightmare. While she believed both Spike and Drusilla to be very attractive people, she didn't want to be put in this position. She loved Cordelia. Loved with a capital L. If anyone should be laying pressed naked behind her and caressing her breasts, it should have been her girlfriend, not a duo of vampires that were only using her to trade for Angel's blood. Oh, she knew that Drusilla seemed to be fascinated with her. That much had been made obvious throughout their talking before they had slept. Spike didn't seem to care about her at all as anything other than a way to heal Dru. In a way, his loyalty and love for Dru were refreshing. She felt no fear at him holding her unknowingly in his sleep. She assumed that he believed her to be Dru, or was using this as a way to make her blush, something he had taken great pleasure in doing since they had met.

Thinking of Spike and Dru brought her thoughts around to Angel, the reason she was there now instead of watching a movie with Cordelia. She still didn't understand Drusilla's ramblings about her being anything important to Angel. They had just actually become friends over the past week. Less than that actually. How did such a tentative friendship prove to be something worth him risking his own life over? Of course, Spike also seemed to believe without a doubt that Angel would perform the spell to save her. Spike was a bit biased, though, believing anything that Drusilla said. It was silly, but it gave her a bit of a thrill to think that she meant that much to Angel, even if she knew it was probably exaggerated.

Her mind began to wander again, moving from Angel to Cordelia. She smiled softly, her body warming as it always did when she thought of the cheerleader. She still couldn't believe that she, Willow Rosenberg, was dating Cordelia Chase. She knew that dating was the only word to describe their relationship. What had started off as friendship had drifted into something far more serious. She was in love with Cordelia. Even now, kidnapped and held for the ransom of Angel's co-operation in the spell, she could only wonder if Delia had realized she was gone and, if so, hope that the brunette wasn't too worried. She hated the idea of Cordelia being upset. Especially considering that she, herself, wasn't. While the situation was a bit terrifying, she felt none of the fear that she knew she should feel. Spike normally would have had her scared to death, but she knew he would never do anything against Dru's wishes. And Dru wished for Willow to survive.

Willow's eyes suddenly widened when she felt the hand leave her breast and begin a slow sensual journey down her stomach. She caught her breath, feeling the cool flesh against her own heated skin. This was not happening, she cursed mentally. What was she supposed to do? There was no way in hell she was going to simply lay there meekly as Spike did who knew what to her body in his sleep. Of course, she was talking about an obviously strong Master vampire. Not someone who usually got turned down, she suspected. But, while he was very handsome, he wasn't Cordelia. Her mind suddenly flashed to a particularly delicious vision of Cordelia and Angel joining her in bed with the naked vampires behind her. She felt a blush spread over her face as she pushed that particular vision away as cool fingertips brushed against the soft swell of her stomach. If he ventured just a little bit lower, she knew exactly what he would be touching. She gasped as she moved quickly off the bed, knowing that, despite her lust addled mind, she wanted Cordelia to be the first person who touched her like that, not some vampire who was acting in his sleep.

Willow's eyes narrowed as she looked at the bed, hearing the low sexy chuckle rumpled by sleep. She crossed her arms across her chest as she glared at Spike. The room was cast in the soft glow from a lamp as Spike moved into a sitting position, pushing a pillow behind his back. His lips curled into a lazy smile as he looked at her, his eyes lit with amusement. She saw Drusilla move against the place that she had been laying, her arms reaching out as if for her warmth. A small frown formed on the brunette's face as she was met with empty space. Willow looked at Spike, angry at him for teasing her.

"C'mon, luv. It was all in fun," he said with a wink. "Honestly didn't think you'd let me get that far...."

"I didn't!" she whispered harshly, not wanting to wake Dru. "I was dreaming."

"Tsk, tsk," he shook his finger at her as if scolding a child, "I know you were awake, pet. I heard the change in breathing and heartbeat. You've been awake for nearly half an hour, I'd reason."

"You're impossible," she said, not able to deny his words.

"I do wonder what aroused you so," he said thoughtfully. "The scent is heavenly, luv, but I don't think I was the only cause. Next time I touch you, I'm going to be the only thing you're thinking about."

"There won't be a next time," she said primly. "I was thinking about someone else."

"Your little girly friend?" he said lazily. "The brunette? She definitely is a looker."

"You've seen Cordelia?" she squeaked, suddenly worried for her girlfriend.

"We've been watching you, pet. Drusilla saw you in the park and the stars told her that you were the one," he shrugged as if planning his life by the stars was a commonplace act. For all she knew, it was for him and Dru. "We started following you then. It wasn't till we saw you with him that I realized that the damn stars were right yet again."

"You'd been following me?" she looked at the bed, surprised by his words. "How long?"

"Just a few days. We haven't been in Sunnydale for a week," he said, his hand moving over Drusilla's side as he spoke, a soft smile on his face as he looked at her.

"She was really hurt, wasn't she?" Willow said quietly, seeing the marks still blemishing Drusilla's beautiful body.

"They almost took her from me," he said, looking up at her, "Do you know how that feels? To almost lose someone that is a part of you? Of course you don't. You're still a child. Trust me when I tell you that you never want to feel that pain."

Willow sighed as she heard the emotion in his voice. Seeing them, her entire belief about vampires was lost. They did not fit in with her idea of monsters that killed for food and fun. There was love between them. She hadn't been aware that vampires that could love. Sure, she assumed that Angel had cared for Buffy, but he had a soul. She had thought he was the exception. It seemed that she was wrong. In Spike, she saw a devotion and love that had grown over a hundred years or more. "I'll do everything that I can to help her."

He looked at her, studying her closely before he smiled, the first true smile that she had seen from him. There was no arrogance or amusement, just truth. He said, "I somehow think you will."

Willow watched as he gestured to the empty space beside Drusilla, moving slowly back towards the bed. She paused a moment and looked at him, smiling slightly, "No touching?"

He sighed a dramatic sigh, "If you insist, I'll be good.....for now."

She laughed softly as she moved onto the bed, seeing Drusilla smile as she moved against Willow's warmth. She made herself comfortable again and said, "I guess that will have to do....for now."


Angel woke slowly from his sleep, frowning when he heard the sound of breaking glass. He got out of bed, pulling on a pair of pants and grabbing a shirt that he slid on, leaving it unbuttoned as he wandered into his living room. His dark eyes swept over the rumbled couch until they settled on the brunette girl that was sitting on his kitchen floor with her head resting on her knees and tears silently falling down her cheeks. A broken mug was beside her, coffee covering his white tile. Resisting the impulse to clean up the mess, he moved into the kitchen. He knelt beside the crying girl, gently touching her hair, "Shh, Delia."

Cordelia looked up when she felt him touch her hair, her hand self consciously moving over her face. She laughed weakly, "I'm sorry. It slipped and it broke. I'll buy you another."

"It was just a mug," he said, using his thumb to wipe a tear from her cheek. "Besides, haven't you heard that there's no use crying over spilled coffee."

She sniffled, "That's milk, you idiot."

"Is it? I prefer coffee myself," he said, smiling at her.

"She isn't home yet," Cordelia whispered, "I called her house this morning and there was no answer. I even drove over there but it's all dark. She's gone, Angel."

"No, she isn't," he said, "we just have to find her."

"It's been more than thirteen hours," Cordelia pointed out. "I know Willow. There is no way that she would just up and leave for that long and not tell me. She knows that I'd worry."

"Do you trust me?" Angel asked.

Cordelia nodded, "Yes."

"She's going to be fine," he repeated again. "We'll go out when it get dark and we will find her."

"OK," Cordelia nodded, feeling a little bit better but still missing Willow. She hadn't realized just how important Willow was to her until she couldn't find her. Now, it felt like part of her was missing. They had to find her.

Angel started to speak when he heard his phone. Reaching over, he picked it up and said, "Hello."

"I love my new friend, Daddy. She's so pretty and smart and she likes tea."

Angel froze, his eyes closing as the familiar voice washed over him. No, it couldn't be. "Drusilla?"

Cordelia sat up when she heard Angel's voice, looking at him and seeing his closed eyes.

"Daddy remembers me," she said with glee. Turning serious, she said, "I need your help, Daddy. I'm so very tired. My new friend promised me that you would help me. Will you help me for her?"

"Your new friend?" he repeated, his eyes opening. "Do you have Willow?"

Drusilla giggled, "She's special, isn't she Daddy? Spike is playing with her right now or I'd let you talk to her. Will you help me?"

"Drusilla, do not hurt her."

"I'm not going to hurt her!" Drusilla said, annoyance in her voice. "Daddy doesn't trust me anymore. She's my friend, silly. I would never hurt my friend. Will you help me?"

Angel looked over to see Cordelia watching him with wide, worried eyes. Sighing, he made a deal with his own personal devil, "I'll help you. What do I have to do?"


Cordelia looked around the dark warehouse, trying to ignore the fear she felt. She moved closer to Angel, asking, "Is this the right place?"

He nodded, his dark eyes searching the shadows and finding nothing. He glanced down at Cordelia, seeing the fear in the girl. "It's going to be fine, Delia. I won't let them hurt Willow."

"What if we're too late? What if they already hurt her?" Cordelia asked.

"They didn't," Angel said. "I trust Drusilla."

"I'm glad someone does," Cordelia muttered, not trusting anyone until she had Willow back in her arms.

Angel was about to respond when the door opened and he found himself staring, old memories washing over him as he looked at his beautiful daughter. "Drusilla."

"Daddy, you're here," she smiled, her dark eyes moving to look at the girl beside her. "You're my lovey's pretty pet. She'll be happy to see you."

"Pretty pet?" Cordelia whispered, looking from the pretty vampire to Angel.

"Where's Willow?" Angel asked, not forgetting the reason he was there.

"She's playing with Spike," Drusilla said, her eyes moving over Angel's face in a gentle caress. "I missed you, Daddy."

Angel's face softened as he looked at Drusilla. "What's wrong, Princess? Why are you here?"

She frowned, "I'm so tired, Daddy. It hurts, but you can help me."

"I want to see Willow!" Cordelia said, annoyed that they were still standing outside.

"Feisty one, isn't she?" Drusilla said, smiling slightly. "You'll be good for my lovey."

"Drusilla, can we see Willow?" Angel asked, knowing that Cordelia's patience was near the end.

"Of course, come in," Drusilla moved allowing them to enter the warehouse.

Angel and Cordelia followed Drusilla deep into the warehouse, both stopping in surprise when they heard familiar giggling.

"You're cheating!" Willow said, glaring at Spike.

"Eh, pet, you injure me," he said, holding his heart. "I'd never cheat."

"Willow?" Cordelia whispered, angry and relieved at seeing the redhead who was laying on a rug playing Clue with a guy that had bleached blonde hair.

"Cordelia?" Willow smiled, getting up and rushing her girlfriend. She hugged her tight, breathing in the scent of shampoo and lotion. She pulled back, turning back to look at Spike, "Don't touch that!"

"Who? Me?" Spike said innocently, chuckling as his blue eyes moved to Angel. The smile faded as he sat up, his face shutting down as he simply stared at his grandsire.


Willow looked at Cordelia, not sure what to say. She had so many things on the tip of her tongue that nothing would come out. Instead, she hugged her girlfriend, hoping that somehow Cordelia could hear her thoughts through the hug. She felt Cordelia's hands on her back and smiled, feeling at peace.

Cordelia couldn't believe it. She had been worried for more than a day. Concerned that Willow was dead, being tortured or one of a dozen other horrible images. She hadn't even been able to sleep. Now, she walked in to find the redhead playing Clue of all things. Clue! She was so mad she could spit, but she was also so relieved that Willow was all right that she said nothing. It wasn't Willow's fault that her mind had brought forth such nasty thoughts. Of course, who would believe that the girl would be kidnapped by two evil vampires and end up on the floor playing Clue. Only Willow.

Angel studied the bleached blonde vampire, fighting the whispers of his demon at the sight of the boy. He reluctantly moved his eyes from the beauty of his grandchilde and looked at Cordelia and Willow. Another kind of beauty that made his demon whisper like a madman. Both girls were hugging, not saying a word. But, they didn't have to speak. Their words were coming through in their embrace. He finally settled his eyes on his childe, his beautiful daughter that looked so weak. "Drusilla, why?"

"That's all you have to say?" Spike said as he gracefully got to his feet. "Why?" he imitated in a whiny voice. "Still a bleeding poofster I see."

"William, I was not speaking to you," Angel said in a tight tone, his demon moving forward for a second.

"The name is Spike, Peaches. Course, you'd know that if you'd been around the last eighty years or so," Spike said in a hiss.

"You had earned that horrible nickname when I was still there, WILLIAM," Angel reminded, "and I hated it even then."

Spike snorted, "Yeah, course you did. Not good enough for Angelus only cause you didn't create it."

"It wasn't good enough for you," Angel amended in a quiet voice, studying the blue eyed devil that even now haunted his dreams and memories. He saw Spike's eyes soften slightly before hardening once again into that cold icy blue.

"Let's get this done. I want to get away from this place," Spike said, moving past Angel and deliberately bumping into him. He growled when he felt a hand around his throat, yellow eyes glaring at him.

"Do you not have something to say, William?" Angel demanded, finding himself falling too easily into the pattern of the past. His cock was throbbing after just a few sparring words with Spike. Even now, it was taking every ounce of control not to push the blonde to the floor and fuck him into exhaustion. His eyes softened to their normal brown as he saw the emotions in Spike's eyes, before the younger vampire could hide them. He loosened his hold.

"Sorry, sire," Spike hissed, ignoring his body's reaction to Angel. It had been too long. He had loved his grandsire, would have done anything the dark haired vampire had told him to do, yet, Angel had still left them. As if having a soul would make them want him any less. Stupid ignorant damn bastard.

"No, I'm sorry," Angel said quietly, letting go of Spike and facing Drusilla again. He saw Willow and Cordelia watching him with curious faces. Of course, Willow knew of his past with William. Knew of the love that Angelus had felt, that he too felt. He had forgotten for a moment that he had the soul, that he was not part of Spike's life any longer. Unfortunately, reality quickly reminded him of the facts. "Drusilla, what do you need from me?"

"My Daddy back," Drusilla said in a soft voice, looking at her lovely sire. Her eyes moved to caress Spike's face before looking back at Angel. "My family back. I missed you, Daddy."

Angel felt her arms go around him and he sighed, hugging her against him. He looked at Willow and Cordelia and said, "You girls, go on home. I'll take care of Drusilla."

"I'll walk you, brat," Spike said suddenly, looking at Willow. "Need some air."

"Spike," Angel looked at him, seeing the stubborn look and rolling his eyes, "Smoke when you're out. I still hate the smell of tobacco."

"Come on chits," Spike said, grabbing his duster from the floor. "You two can show me the sights of Sunnydale."

"Won't take very long," Cordelia said with a snort as she followed the blonde, her hand holding Willow's tightly.

Spike shot her a cocky smile, having forgotten she was there, "Name's Spike. You're Red's girl, right?"

"This is Cordelia," Willow said as her face flushed.

"Red's girl," Cordelia added with a large smile.