Connors Plea by Persephone

Willow listened intently as the sounds of the pursers started to die away. The young man that she was pressing into the shadows shifted slightly and she turned her focus on him. Her hand remained pressed firmly over his mouth, her body shielding his in the shadows where they hid. Once she was certain that the two of them were completely alone, she removed her hand. Willow’s eyes were black as she took a step back from him, finally releasing him.

When she had first seen the boy running and had felt his fear, Willow had reacted instinctively to save him. She had thought that he was being chased by demons and had taken steps to shield them both from discovery. It wasn’t until she had him pressed against the wall and the voices had been close enough to recognize that she realized who the pursers were.

His breathing had slowed since she had first used her magic and strength to press him back against the wall and his eyes had lost the fear and apprehension that had been in them. Willow kept a firm hold on her magic as he took a step towards her while rubbing his hand over his mouth. He took another step forward, raising dust in the deserted building, his dark eyes never leaving hers.

“Why did you help me?” His voice was harsh and raspy.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Willow told him carelessly, her own voice cold and uncaring. “You were being chased and I know what lurks in the night. You were also leaking fear everywhere,” Willow gave a careless shrug and turned away. “Now that I’ve helped you, I’ll continue on my way.”

“Wait!” His voice was desperate and his breathing sounded loud in the silence of the deserted building.

“Why?” Willow questioned as she turned back to him. By this time her hair was as black as night and the air crackled with the magic she was holding at bay. Willow’s black eyes took in his outstretched hand before meeting his eyes and reading the confusion there.

“I’m not from this dimension,” he explained as his hand dropped to his side. Conner knew he should be afraid of this woman that radiated evil and yet he felt completely safe with her.

“Not recently,” Willow admitted as she took in the energies swirling around him. “But you were born here.”

“One of my pursers killed my father,” he told her furiously, as his fists clenched and unclenched. “I need help,” he spat the words out like they were distasteful and then pressed his lips into a thin line.

Willow observed him silence for a long moment. She took in the anger, grief and fear that were swirling on the surface. When she looked deeper she saw the same insecurities she lived with and knew that she would help him. Hidden behind all the surface emotions, she saw a boy who had grown up with the belief that he didn’t deserve to be loved. She knew that feeling. After all that was what had brought her here to LA. With a sigh, she released her magic and knew that her eyes were back to green and her hair its normal shade of red.

“Willow Rosenberg,” her voice was soft in the silence.


“My name, it’s Willow,” she told him with a smile. She held out her hand and waited. Her green eyes watched as he first stared at her hand and then into her eyes, battling his own fears and mistrusts. Her smile got bigger and her eyes softer as she watched the play of emotions cross his face. “And until you don’t need me anymore, you’re stuck with me.”

With her statement some of the tension eased from the boy and he placed his hand in hers, gripping her fingers tightly. His brown eyes shimmered with unshed tears as he stepped closer to her and laid his head on her shoulder. “Conner. My name is Conner,” he whispered into her ear.

Willow wrapped her arms around him, rocking him gently as his arms slipped around her waist and he relaxed against her. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Conner.”


Angel and the rest of the AI gang stood silent in the Hyperion Hotel. After preventing Conner from dumping Angel into the ocean, it had become a chase. Angel didn’t want Conner hurt but he did want him caught. That boy must be my child, Angel thought wryly. He can escape from almost any situation. Once they had hit the warehouse district, the gang had lost him. It was like Conner had simply vanished into thin air. Angel felt a clenching in his gut as he remembered what had happened the last time that Conner had disappeared into thin air.

He wouldn’t let himself consider losing Conner completely again. Conner simply had an escape route planned in case anything went wrong. Holt had trained him well; never go into any situation without knowing where your exit is and your enemies’ weakness. Conner knew that they would never actually hurt them. But the question now was where had the boy gone?

“Angel?” Fred spoke hesitantly. Her brown eyes apprehensive as she stared at the dark haired vampire, waiting for him to respond.

“Yes Fred,” Angel sighed slightly. He did his best to keep any anger or frustration from his voice.

“There’s a message on the answering machine,” Fred told him quietly. “It’s from Buffy, something about a willow?” A frown of confusion crossed her face, “but why would she be calling you about a tree? Do you suppose it’s possessed? Or cursed?”

“A willow?” Angel repeated softly, confused for a moment and then a smile crossed his face. “Not a willow, Willow.”

“That’s what I said,” Fred told him. “A willow.”

“Willow is a person. Buffy’s best friend in fact,” Angel explained.

“Oh,” Fred pondered that for a moment. “That would explain why she said that Willow had gone nuts on magic and killed someone.”

“What?!” Angel questioned incredulously. “I can’t believe that Willow would do something like that.”

“But that’s what she said,” Fred told him calmly.

“Who’s this Willow man?” Gunn asked.

“She’s the one who gave me back my soul,” Angel explained.

“You mean the red head that came to tell you that Buffy was dead,” Gunn filled in.

“That’s the one,” Angel agreed. “I better go call and find out what is going on.”


Willow shut the door behind her quietly and rested against it for a moment. While she wasn’t sure how Darla and Angel had managed to have a child, or how that child was now a teenager, it had obviously been done. The fact that Holt had tied Conner up in the woods and left him to make his way back on his own or die filled her with dread. No wonder the boy was so confused. But he was finally sleeping.

Willow had already decided that there was no point in telling him that she knew Angel and the gang. She was running from her own demons and getting involved with the AI gang would be stupid. And while Willow was many things, she wasn’t stupid.

Willow took a deep breath and stepped away from the door and into the darkness of the hall. Dust was raised with each step on the hardwood floor, darkned with age and disuse. There were multiple lanterns lining the hall but Willow didn’t bother to light any of them. Recently she had become accustomed to the darkness and found that she enjoyed hiding in it.

The old house that she had found was on the edge of LA and had been empty for a long time. Spider webs hung from the ceiling and everything was dusty. The house was in good shape for its age and Willow had wondered why no one was using it. Then she had discovered the ghosts and realized that most people would have been chased out long ago. She reached the end of the hallway and began to descend the long sweeping staircase. It’s hand carved railing and wooden brackets a wonder even beneath the dirt. The rose and ivy pattern was smooth under her hand and she gave it one last caress before reaching the lobby.

It was huge, the ceilings rising high above her. The dark mahogany paneling making the shadows even deeper and the moon shone in from the multiple windows. The lobby had a huge fountain in the center of it and the blue and white tile sparkled under the grime. Willow’s one concession had been the fountain. She had cleaned it and got it operating again after her companion had expressed an interest in it. So the sounds of water gurgling and splashing followed her into the kitchen.

Willow had known the moment that she had entered the house that she and Conner would be alone. Obviously her companion was still out and probably wouldn’t be back until dawn. She turned on the lights in the kitchen, not worried about annoying seeing the light. The kitchen was in the back of the house and the windows looked out over the desolate garden and woods.

The kitchen’s tiles were a sparkling gold and black. The counter tops were marble with swirls of white and black. The refrigerator, stove and sink sparkled from the scrubbing that Willow had given it. She had cleaned only the bedrooms that she had needed, the kitchen and the bathroom. She refused to deal with a dirty bathroom. It hadn’t taken much to get the water and the electricity back on. A little magic does wonders.

She sighed as she opened the refrigerator door and looked at its contents. Fresh fruit, eggs, break, milk and vegetables looked back at her. After a moment’s hesitation she took out an apple and closed the door. She walked over to the solid wood table and collapsed into one of the chairs.

Willow’s green eyes were fixed on the windows, looking out over the garden and just letting her mind drift. She didn’t want to think about why she was hiding in this house in LA. A sound had her eyes moving to the door and a smile spreading across her face.

“Did you enjoy yourself,” Willow asked lazily in greeting.

“There’s another heartbeat in the house,” the shadowed figure stated softly and stayed hidden in the shadows.

“I know,” Willow replied and closed her eyes again. “It was necessary. He won’t harm us.”

“He smells of Angel,” the figure spoke softly, a hint of worry tainting the voice.

“Angel’s son to be exact,” Willow agreed and took another bite of her apple.

“Is that wise?”

“Funky things are going on in LA. It won’t hurt to let him rest for a bit.”

“If you are sure.”

“I am,” Willow replied firmly. “Now why don’t you tell me about your evening Dru.”

Druscilla finally stepped into the room, her long skirt brushing against the floor. The dark color of the dress made Dru seem even paler in the light. Her dark hair hung down her back, curling around her face. Her lips were painted with a blood red color and her brown eyes were fixed firmly on Willow’s face.

“I had a good evening,” Dru assured her. “I met a very pretty little girl.”

“I see,” Willow said softly. She bit back on the instinctive wince that notion caused and concentrated on Dru instead. “Did you find out anything?”

”I heard whispers that the Witch was in town and that the Slayer was looking for her,” Dru told her as she settled into the chair across from Willow.

“Hmm,” Willow made a soft sound and smiled at Dru. Her hand reaching out to pat the vampire’s hand where it rested on the table, “we knew that my arrival wouldn’t go unnoticed. Especially not by Wolfram & Hart.”

“Are we still going to meet them tomorrow night?”

“That’s what we are here for. We’ll listen to their proposal and then we’ll decide what to do next.”

“You know what they are like,” Dru started anxiously as she leaned towards Willow. “You know what they did to me and Darla.”

“I know,” Willow soothed and brushed a finger down Dru’s cheek. “But they can’t do that to us. I won’t give them the chance.” Willow smiled and got up from the table. “I learned a long time ago to never go in unprepared. And I’m not going to give them the chance to do something stupid.”

“Are you sure?”


Willow walked around to Dru after throwing away the apple core. She wrapped her hands around the vampire’s neck and rested her chin on top of Dru’s head. Dru’s hands rose to clutch at Willow’s hands as she started to rock back and forth. She pressed a kiss to the top of Dru’s head and felt Dru relax back against her.

Willow’s hands became caressing, slowly drifting down Dru’s chest from her neck. Her left hand cupped Dru’s breast beneath the dress while the other tilted Dru’s head. Willow’s mouth dropped to Dru’s neck and gently pressed a kiss there. As Dru’s moan floated to Willow’s ears she began to suck on Dru’s neck.

Her other hand dropped to Dru’s other breast and began to stroke and tease the nipples through her dress. Dru’s hands reached around the back of the chair and clutched at Willow’s legs and her head lolled back, exposing more of her neck to Willow’s mouth.

Willow sucked harder, nipping at the flesh of Dru’s neck. She delighted in the moans that flowed from Dru’s throat. Willow’s arousal grew with every sound and she used her tongue to trace Dru’s neck and then her ear. Her hands still continued to tease and torment Dru’s nipples, plucking at them and shaping them.

Dru moaned again and then raised her hands to press Willow’s hands to her breasts. Willow responded by catching the nipple between her fingers and pinching hard. Dru bucked up into Willow’s hands.

“Conner is using your room,” Willow whispered into Dru’s ear. “You’re going to have to share my bed.”

“Please Kitten,” Dru moaned as Willow caught her earlobe in her teeth and pulled. “I need,” she panted as Willow’s mouth moved down her neck.

“What do you need Dru?” Willow breathed against her neck.

“I need you,” Dru moaned and wrapped a hand around Willow’s neck.

“Than come to bed.”

Willow drew back and pulled Dru out of the chair. She knocked the chair out of her way and took Dru into her arms. Dru was slightly taller than Willow and Willow’s hand tangled in her hair and tugged her head down. Her mouth brushed against Dru’s, refusing to give her the kiss that Dru wanted. Her tongue painted Dru’s lips as Dru’s hands clutched at her sides.

Willow’s hands cupped the back of Dru’s hair, rubbing the scalp as she continued to brush her lips against Dru’s. When Dru moaned again and tried to capture her lips, Willow pulled Dru hard against her. Her mouth now stormed Dru’s, demanding compliance. Dru gave willings, her lips flowering open as Willow’s tongued charged in.

Their breaths mingled as Willow’s tongued curled around in Dru’s mouth. Their lips grew wet as the kiss evolved. Dru beginning to suck on Willow’s tongue as Willow’s hands moved down Dru’s body. Her hands brushed Dru’s sides, ghosting over the sides of Dru’s breasts. Nipping in at her waist and resting their for a moment as Willow took the kiss deeper.

Dru’s head tilted and rested against Willow’s shoulder. The kiss became wetter, hotter as tongued met in open air and twined around each other. Dru’s body was tilted slightly away from Willow’s now and Willow’s left hand reached up to claim Dru’s breast. Her fingers plucked at the hard nipple beneath the fabric.

Dru moaned and her own hand dropped to Willow’s breast. Willow moaned at the feel of Dru’s hand working her nipple as Willow played with hers. Their fingers mirrored each other pulling, pinching and plucking as their tongues continued to twine together. Willow’s breath was loud and her arousal was thickening with every movement.

Willow’s left hand left Dru’s breast and drifted down her body. It curved around and cupped her as, using it to pull her against her hard. Dru’s hand was now caught between their bodies, its finger pinching Willow’s nipple. Willow pulled her mouth away from Dru’s and moaned. Dru’s mouth moved down Willow’s throat, tongue bathing the vein pounding. Willow’s head tilted back and her hands rose to clutch Dru’s head as she began to suck.

“So good,” Willow hissed and let her head drop back further. “So so good, baby.” Her voice was a breathless moan of sound as Dru bit down on her neck. Dru’s hand pinched at Willow’s breast.

“Please Kitten,” Dru begged as Willow’s hands grabbed her ass and began to squeeze.

“Bed now,” Willow commanded and pulled away from Dru. She grabbed her hand and turned the light out in the kitchen.

The two stumbled up the stairs, not caring if they woke up Conner. At the top of the stairs Willow back Dru up against the wall and took her mouth again. Dru’s hands caught Willow’s head and pressed her closer. Tongues battled again for long moments. Willow’s body began to move against Dru’s, rubbing and stroking against Dru’s. Dru pulled her head back and gasped.

Willow mouth moved down her neck to the nipple budding from beneath her dress. Willow’s mouth closed around it and began to suck. Dru moaned louder and ran her hands through Willow’s long red hair.

“Please. Please,” Dru begged over and over again as Willow traced Dru’s nipples with her tongue.

“Shh Dru,” Willow cautioned and then stepped back. Her hand caught Dru’s and pulled her down the hall to her room. The door closed with a slam and now Dru back Willow into the wall.

Her hands grappled with Willow’s shirt as her mouth tried to consume Willow’s. Her tongue stabbed deep, and her hands finally got the buttons undone. She ripped her mouth from Willow’s and her tongued traced a path from Willow’s mouth down her chest. Willow’s heart was pounding and her breath was coming in pants.

Dru shoved the shirt to the side, slipping it down Willow’s shoulders to drop it to the floor. Willow murmured encouragement as Dru’s hands slipped beneath the camisole she was wearing. Willow’s own hands helped Dru pull it over her head and drop it to the floor.

“So beautiful,” Dru murmured as she took in Willow’s naked breasts. The nipples were standing at attention and Dru bent to take one in her mouth. “I missed you so much,” Dru breathed.

Willow said nothing, tugging Dru closer as the vampire began to suck Willow’s nipple. The air was cool against her bare skin and Dru’s mouth was cool as it sucked at her nipple. Her green eyes were burning as she looked down at Dru’s head, bent over her chest. A moan was ripped from her throat at the sight and Dru raised her eyes to look at her.

Willow’s hands tugged Dru away from her breast, ignoring the slight pout on Dru’s face. Her mouth caught Dru’s and her hands began to strip the dress from Dru’s body. Her tongue swept through Dru’s mouth, swallowing her moans as her hand rubbed and caressed as the dress was loosened. Willow stepped back just long enough to pull the dress over Dru’s head before stepping in close again. Both women moaned as their chests came together. Willow kissed Dru again and began to back her towards the bed. Dru went willingly, her mouth open and her tongue slipping into Willow’s mouth. Willow clamped her lips around Dru’s tongued and suckled.

Dru shuddered against Willow and then lost contact as Willow pushed her back on the bed. Drusciall stared up at Willow, who was still partially dressed, taking in the way her chest was heaving and her skin was rosy with desire. She squirmed slightly as Willow’s emerald gaze traced over her body as it laid open on the bed.

Her thighs rubbed together as Willow’s eyes dropped to the apex of her thighs. Dru could feel fluid beginning to flow down her legs and her hands began to drift over her own body. Willow’s eyes flamed before she dropped to her knees in front of Dru.

“Are you going to do naughty things?” Dru moaned as she let her legs fall open.

“I want to make you scream,” Willow whispered against the skin of her inner thighs.

Willow listened to her lovers’ moans as she knelt between Dru’s lily white thighs. Her cunt was open and glistening in front of her and Willow took a deep breath. She loved the way that Dru smelled when she was excited. Her hands reached out and stretched Dru’s legs wider, placing her shoulders between them.

Her hands drifted lazily over Dru’s skin before her fingers slowly dipped into Dru’s cunt. She stroked lazily, ignoring the nub of her desire for a moment. She teased Dru by pressing gently against her opening but not plunging in. Her mouth came closer and she breathed against Dru’s folds. Dru squirmed above her, one hand digging into her hair. Willow looked up to see Dru’s heated brown eyes staring at her while one hand plucked at her nips.

Willow smiled and then placed her mouth on Dru’s cunt. Dru’s moans filled the air as Willow began to lick and suck at her folds. Her hand clutched in Willow’s hair, grasping and releasing as she began to rock against Willow’s mouth.

“I need,” Dru moaned as Willow caught her hips in a firm grip and stopped her movement. “Please.”

“Shhh,” Willow soothed as she bathed Dru’s cunt with her tongue. Her tongue dipping into her core and thrusting, tasting Dru’s juices flowed freely.

“Please! Willow, kitten… I need….harder…” Dru’s panting voice flowed over Willow’s ears as she continued to torment Dru.

Willow smiled and pressed her fingers into Dru. Dru bucked against her and Willow let Dru move on her fingers. “Yes. Fuck my fingers,” Willow encouraged and watched as Dru bore down hard on her fingers. She watched as Dru’s hands were plucking at her breasts as she fucked herself on Willow’s fingers. As sweat began to drip and Dru’s moans became louder, Willow lowered her mouth to the nub and bit down on it.

Dru came with a scream, still fucking ramming Willow’s fingers into her cunt. When she finally collapsed onto the mattress, Willow removed her fingers and rose from the floor. She watched as Dru’s eyes opened lazily to look at her and then licked Dru’s juices from her fingers.

“You taste good Princess,” Willow told her huskily and stepped between her thighs. “So good. I love watching you cum.” Dru’s legs clamped around Willow’s waist as Willow leaned over her. The rough material of the jeans rubbing against Dru’s raw core.

Willow kissed Dru and let her taste herself. Dru’s arms wrapped around Willow’s neck and she began to rock up against her. “So soon?” Willow questioned as she pulled back to look at her lover. Dru’s eyes were beginning to burn again and her hands were drifting down Willow’s bare back. A smile quirked Willow’s lips up before she reached down to take Dru’s lips again.

Dru delighted in the after climax glow, rocking up into her lovers body. Willow may be young compared to Angelus and Spike, but the woman managed to do things to her that neither of her darling boys had done. And Dru was determined to return the favor.

So Dru pushed Willow off of her and onto her back. Willow’s green eyes burned brightly and she smiled up at Dru. Dru was half leaning over Willow now and her hands were tracing down Willow’s body. Enjoying the heat and the pounding of Willow’s heart beneath her hands.

Dru’s hands cupped Willow’s breast and Willow moaned and arched her back upwards. Dru’s mouth dropped to first one and then the other as she licked and tormented. Willow’s hand buried itself in Dru’s long black hair as she lost herself in her lovers actions.

Dru pulled away slowly and Willow’s eyes blinked open. Dru rose to her knees and began to crawl towards the head of the bed. She settled herself on a pillow and motioned for Willow to follow. Willow took her time, stretching slightly before following her lover.

Dru watched with burning eyes, enjoying the sight of Willow’s breast jiggling and hanging as she crawled towards her. Willow’s red hair spilled around her shoulders and down her arms.

“Take off the pants,” Dru commanded.

Willow smiled lazily and rose to her knees and then feet on the bed. A glance at the radio beside the bed had music filling the room. A throbbing beat filled the air and Willow rolled her head back on her shoulders. Her hands drifted upwards, playing with her nipples as her hips began to sway.

Dru watched with heated eyes as Willow performed her strip tease. Willow’s long white fingers traced her nipples before easing down her belly. Her fingers teased by opening the button and then drawing down her hips. As the beat grew faster, Dru rose up on her knees. Willow watched with heated eyes and raised a hand to Dru’s mouth.

Dru’s mouth opened and sucked on Willow’s fingers, painting them with her tongue. Willow moaned and then drew her fingers away. That hand began to trace her nipples and pluck at them as she stared down at Dru.

Dru’s hands rested lightly on Willow’s hips, balancing her on the mattress. Her mouth pressed to Willow’s stomach, the flesh contracting. Willow moaned and a hand tangled in Dru’s hair as she used her tongue to trace Willow’s stomach.

Then her tongue was dipping beneath the jeans opening without undoing the zipper. Willow moaned in protest as Dru pressee kisses to the outside of the jeans and her fingers clutched at Willow’s hips. Willow’s hips began to move rhythmically against Dru’s mouth and her breath caught in her throat.

Dru reached up and caught the zipper in her teeth; she peeked at Willow from beneath her long lashes before pulling the zipper down. Willow moaned, cupping the back of her head. Slowly Dru pulled Willow’s jeans and panties off. Her hands dipping between Willow’s legs and then cupping her ass as Dru pressed kisses to Willow’s stomach.

Dru back away, dropping to the mattress. Willow followed her, trying to drop to her knees but Dru stopped her with a hand wrapped around her thigh. She stared at Dru confused as Dru tugged her forward. When Willow’s hands wrapped around the head board Dru stopped her. Willow looked down and realized that she was now positioned directly over Dru’s head.

Dru’s hands wrapped around her thighs and tugged her downward. Willow let herself be guided down with a moan, knowing what her lover planned. Dru’s tongue met Willow’s cunt as it came down, drawing a gasp from Willow.

Dru’s tongue circled and soothed as Willow rocked her hips. Her fingers ghosted over Willow, tracing thighs and stomach but not coming close to her cunt. Dru’s mouth nibbled at Willow’s cunt and her hands rose to capture Willow’s. Willow watched in confusion as Dru brought her hands to her cunt and guided her fingers. A new moan ripped from her as she realized that Dru wanted her to hold herself open to Dru’s mouth.

Dru went back to her torment, tongue tracing each fold and corner of Willow’s cunt as Willow gasped and moaned above her. As Willow’s juices flowed Dru laped them up. When Willow was mindlessly moving against her tongue Dru shoved her fingers into Willow’s opening.

Willow screamed above her and began to drive back against her mouth and hands. Dru moaned in approval as she watched her fingers disappearing into Willow. As Willow rocked faster and harder Dru realized that Willow was close. Her fangs sank into Willow’s thigh and rubbed her thumb over the nub. Willow screamed her orgasm and Dru held her up through it. Continuing to rock her fingers in Willow as Willow’s muscles spasmed and jerked above her.

She withdrew her fangs and fingers, and guided Willow to the mattress beside her. “I love you,” Willow whispered as she caught Dru close for a kiss.

“I love you too,” Dru whispered before resting her head on Willow’s shoulders and falling asleep.


“She did what?” Angel voice was doubtful as he paced around his office. “I can’t see Willow doing anything like that Buffy.”

“Ordinarily I would agree with you Angel,” Buffy’s voice was tired and defeated. “But I’m telling you that Willow went nuts after her girlfriend was killed.”

“But killing someone?” Angel shook his head and dragged a hand through his hair. “I just can’t believe it.”

“It doesn’t matter what you believe Angel,” Buffy’s voice was short over the telephone. “I’m telling you that she did it and then completely disappeared. Giles was sure that she was going to go end the world and instead she went poof.” Buffy sighed and paused for a moment, “look. I’m just telling you to keep an eye out. The last we heard was that she was heading to LA for some reason.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for her but I don’t think she would come here,” Angel told her wearily.

“We don’t think she’s coming to you for help Angel. We think she’s after something there. And don’t you have an evil law firm bent on world domination?” Buffy asked.

“You think that Wolfram & Hart are involved?”

“I am not going to rule out anything right now,” Buffy told him. “If you hear anything would you let us know?”

“Of course,” Angel assured her.

“Thanks,” Buffy said softly and then a quiet click told him that she had hung up.

Angel sat there for several moments wondering what was going on. He quietly placed the telephone back on its receiver and stared at the door. He should go let everyone know but something was holding him back. In his memories Willow was always the naïve and innocent one. It never seemed to matter what she went through or what happened, innocence just seemed to surround her.

While Willow and he had never been friends, he had spent time watching her. Or at least Angelus had. Angelus had been fascinated by the innocence and the magic that swirled around her. If he hadn’t been so determined to destroy Buffy, then Willow would have been a vampire. And the plans that Angelus had had for her, even know those images managed to give Angel nightmares.

After she had cursed Angelus with a soul, Angel had resolved to stay away from her. And it had been easy, after he hadn’t had that much contact with Buffy’s friends before. While Willow had gone out of her way to make sure Angel knew he was welcome, Angel had never bothered to thank her.

“Angel?” Wesley’s voice interrupted him. “What did Ms. Summers have to say about Ms. Rosenberg?” Wesley’s pale blue eyes met Angel’s as he entered the room and sat in the chair in front of the desk.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Angel told him with a sigh. His dark eyes pensive and thoughtful as they swept Wesley before focusing on the space behind him.

“Try me,” Wesley invited. “Fred was saying that Ms. Rosenberg had killed?”

“Buffy told me that Willow flayed the man who killed her girlfriend,” Angel admitted. “I’m just having a problem believing that.”

“How exactly did she flay the man?” Wesley asked after a moment, hands steepling in front of him.

“With magic.”


“But is she that powerful?” Angel asked Wesley. “And what do we do if she is?”

“Well she did manage resurrect Ms Summers and help us with dealing with Wolfram & Hart,” Wesley reminded him.

“I know Wes,” Angel agreed and shoved a hand through his hair. “But Willow has always been innocent and completely devoted to her friends.”

“We all know that people can do strange things when they are grief stricken,” Wesley told him. Their eyes met and Angel could see the memory of how he was when Darla had been reborn.

“Let everyone know that we need to be on the look out for her too. We’ll do approach with caution right now.”

“Sounds good,” Wesley told him and stood up. He paused at the door and looked back at Angel, “don’t worry Angel. This is for the best right now.”


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