Changes Continued

"This is crazy...crazy I tell ya."

"Oh calm down, sweetie," Anya said, looking at the pacing Xander. "This is nothing compared to last year. At least this Willow isn't taking our skin."

Dawn nodded. "I gotta agree with her there...I mean, they're evil, ok, but they're not, like, mean...ya know?"

"B and Red...hellmouth mafia." Faith snorted out a chuckle. "Damn, this taps the weird ass meter, people. "

"I think it's a fine idea. It's a good way to clean up this town."

They looked at Anya.

"It's true, " Dawn noted. "It's not like the police are any good...they were the first ones to leave town."

"Bit's got a point," Spike mused, drawing on his clove.

Xander looked at them all.

"Am I the only one seein' the crazy here? Buf and Will are in the living room, all with the evil now. Giles, come on, tweed man, let me hear some support."

"Xander, I haven't worn tweed in years."

"Fine, sporty, English guy, support me."

Giles sighed deeply, running a hand through his hair.

"Xander, this is still Buffy and Willow we are talking about...and I do say, they seem to be, no more crazy or, truth be told, evil than when they left hours ago."

"Buffy actually seems alot happier," Dawn pointed out.

"Evil makes a happy, Dawn!" Xander cried. "Hello, they are now the First...e...v..i..l.."

"Maybe, but like Red said, aren't we all evil?" Faith clepped.

Spike nodded. "Here here, pet."

"So," Willow purred from the kitchen doorway. "Have we decided yet?" She moaned softly as Buffy came up behind her, giving her bum a good pinch.

"I'm a big yes," Anya quipped, smiling. "Go Buffy and Willow!"

"As long as there's no killing, I'm in," Dawn noted. "There's not gonna be any killing, right guys?"

Buffy smiled. "None that you will ever know about, little sister."

"I can deal with that."

"You can count me in...bloody hell, I lost a chip and gained a soul in one year...this seems to fall into the natural order of things."

Willow squealed happily and ran to hug first Dawn and then Spike.

"Hey, hey!" Anya baulked. " I was the first to join...I even said, go Buffy and Willow, very enthusiastically...why don't I get a hug?"

Buffy awed and went to hug her. Anya hugged her back, smiling.

"Thank you...I like this new, evil Buffy...she's surprisingly nicer and highly agreeable."

"I'm in," Faith purred., smiling. "Long as I don't kill innocents, I'm in with a grin."

Buffy rolled her eyes and looked to Willow.

"Do we really want her?"

"Hey!" the dark haired slayer cried.

Willow giggled, letting go of Spike. "Yes, we really want her...welcome to the family, Faith."

Faith held up a hand. "No hugs, Red, wouldn't want godslayer over there thinkin' I was coppin' a feel."

Willow giggled and turned to Giles. Buffy did the same. The Englishman looked at them.

"You will rebuild the council? I shall run it?"

"Yes, but you will be working for us...remember that," Buffy pointed out. "But you will run it...pretty much any way ya just have to clear stuff with us...and not kill anyone we say not to."

"Are you listening to this?" Xander shrieked. "Is anyone listening to this crap?"

"I am."

All eyes turned to Kennedy, who was now standing not far behind Buffy.

"Yo, Ken, ya might wanna go back to bed," Faith quipped.

"Or at least move away from Buffy," Dawn suggested.

Kennedy eyed the slayer. "I'm not afraid of her."

The whole room winced when the wannabe was suddenly pinned to the wall.

"Buffy, please," Dawn pleaded.

Buffy turned to her sister, winking, then turned back to Kennedy.

"You hit Willow...correction, you hit MY Willow...she's bruised."

Kennedy swallowed hard, now officially wishing she'd minded her own business and stayed in bed. Something was definately not right here.

"Baby, remember the plan," Willow cooed into her slayer's ear.

Buffy released her prisoner and roughly sat her in a chair next to Faith.

"Faith, as my right arm, your first job, is to make sure she stays put."

"Oh come on, B, say it."


"Come on, it's wicked cool!"

Faith, this isn't role play here."

"Say it, B...Red, make her say it."

"Buffy, just say it," Willow gently prodded. "It'll shut her up."

Buffy sighed. "Fine, Faith, my enforcer. Happy?"

Faith smiled big. "That's wicked cool!"

Dawn giggled and Spike chuckled.

"So what about it, Giles?" Buffy asked, stepping to him. "You gonna leave me now, just because I'm a little tainted, Ripper?"

"Good one, boss!" Anya chirped.

Giles' brow went up, his eyes on his slayer's. "I left you once, Buffy...I shan't make that mistake again."

A smile spread across his lips and Buffy hugged him hard.

"Thank you, " she whispered in his ear.

"Thank you, " he whispered back, returning the embrace.

"What the hell is going on here?" Kennedy demanded. "Enforcer? Ripper? Boss? What the hell happened?"

"Buffy and Willow had wild monkey sex and became the First."

Everyone looked at Anya.

"I didn't say it."

Dawn smiled proudly.

"Good one, brat," Faith cooed to the youngest Summers, grinning from ear to ear.

"Ok, that's it!" Xander exclaimed. "You guys can join the evil party, but not, no I'll be the lone wolf, single guy, fightin' the evil...that used to be my family...slay Batman and Spiderman mushed together...only without the cool car...or webbing."

"Xander," Willow purred, stepping to him and placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Forget it, Will...kill me now, I'll never, ever surrender to the dark side."

"We were gonna put you in charge of the Ms. Sunnydale pagent."

"I don't care what you Ms. Sunnydale pagent?"

She nodded. "Uh huh...since this is our town now and, well, it's kinda abandoned, we were hopin' to, rebuild...start new, make it a place to be proud of. With slayers and us in charge, we can make it safe. We thought once we had people back, we'd throw a Sunny Days know, a, hey look at us all Americans, kinda thing...and what's a festival without a pagent?"

"A sad, sad thing, " he replied.

"Plus, " Buffy noted. "You're the rebuild expert...this town so needs some serious're our guy."

She smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Well...I mean..." he stammered. "I don't have to like, do anything evil, right?"

"You will if ya do the pagent," Dawn clepped. "Those things are so cheuvenistic."

He smiled. "Bikini evil, I so can do."

Anya pft-ed him.

"So is that a yes?" Willow cooed, grinning.

"Hey, someone's gotta make sure you guys don't get too evil," he replied and found himself smothered in slayer/witch hugs...which he happily returned.

"You guys are...I mean...this is...evil!" Kennedy jumped up and ran out the back door.

"Nice work, enforcer," Buffy cracked, shooting Faith a look.

"I'll get her," Faith said, getting up.

", I'll get her."

Buffy smiled and took off out the back door.

"Ok then," Willow purred. "Tomorrow, we talk to the girls...those who wanna stay, will get taken care of...those who don't, will be sent safely home. Giles, um, maybe you can help with that?"

He smiled and nodded.

"Thank you...ok, I better go find them. Be back soon, guys, bye."

And with a small wave, she poofed away.

"Pagent guy," Xander chirped, grinning from ear to ear.

"Ya know, Chubbs...Xander, you're gonna need an assistant...lots of hard work that is."


Kennedy finally stopped running and collapsed onto the sidewalk. This couldn't be was over, finished...the good guys were now the bad ones. She had to get out of there...Angel...Willow had told her about their vampire friend in L.A. He would know what to do.

"Gotta be a car around here I can borrow...just to get to Angel."

"Now see, that's just a bad idea."

She jumped at the sound of Buffy's voice, getting to her feet and into her fighting stance.

"I can fight're coporial...First or whatever, I can hit hugged Xander, Giles...I can hit you."

"You can try...tho', I've seen you in're really not that good."

Kennedy took a leap and swung a fist and promptly fell on her butt. Buffy smirked.

"Point proven. Ya know, Kenn...I gotta be honest here...I've never liked you. Tomorrow, we're offering the girls a deal...they can stay and become real slayers, working for us...or they can decline and go home, to be regular girls."

She reached down and pulled the wannabe up by her collar, making them eye to eye.

"You don't get that choice. I have special plans for you."

"You're hate me because I had Willow first."

Buffy growled and slammed her into the nearest wall.

"You're really not bright, are you? I mean, here you are, about to meet your destiny and trust me, it's not the one your watcher told you about...and what do you do?"

She placed her hands on the wall, trapping Kennedy, her eyes locked into the girl's.

"You run that smart ass mouth of yours...just like you always do."

Kennedy swallowed hard, realizing that she was about to die.

"Go ahead, kill me...some big bad you are...super strong, how hard is it for you to kill a girl weaker than're worse than the First...least they had some mystery about're just a boring ass, played out killer."

"Buffy, the plan."

Willow's soft voice rang through the air and Buffy smiled.

"Oh you want creative, bitch? You got creative."

Buffy stepped back as Willow stepped forward and before Kennedy could blink, she felt a jolt of electricty shoot through her. Staring into the blackest of eyes, Kennedy became a slayer. It took less than two minutes and once it was done, Buffy knocked out her out cold.


"Oh goddess, baby, mmmmmmmmm...right there....."

Kennedy was brought to by the familar sounds of Willow in pleasure mode. Ok, not exactly familar, because the witch had never sounded that pleased before. The new slayer opened her eyes and found herself in a cage.


Willow's cry turned her attention from the dirty floor beneath her to the stage in front of her...the stage where Willow was on hands and knees, Buffy behind her, fucking the hell out of her. Growling, Kennedy jumped up and shook the bars, her slayer strength coarsing through her body.

But slayer strength was no match for the prison that held her. She was trapped...and even if she closed her eyes, the sounds of her former being Buffy loved couldn't be drowned out.

"'Gawd, Will, mmmmm, love this ass, damn tight...mmmmmmm....."

The slayer thrusted hard and deep, her hands on Willow's hips as she slammed the strap on in over and over again. Willow pushed back, just as hard, her fingers twisting the blanket beneath them, eyes shut, head thrown back. Buffy grabbed a handful of red hair, roughly, growling, "MINE," as she rode her witch hard and fast, sinking her teeth deep into Willow's shoulder.

It wasn't long until they both came, loud and hard, their cries, professions of love echoing throughout the empty club. Buffy pulled gently out, de-strapped herself and laid down, taking Willow into her arms and holding her tight, kissing her over and over.

"," Willow panted.

Buffy giggled. "I love you, Will."

She held her for awhile and once her witch finally drifted off to sleep, her eyes back to their emerald green, Buffy slipped off the stage and went to the cage. The smile on her face was priceless.

"Ya know, Kenn, I don't recall ever hearing Will so loud before...or so's it feel, bein' a slayer?"

Kennedy growled and reached out through the bars. Buffy mocked a hurt face and slapped her hands.

"Bet when I told you you didn't have a choice, you thought you were gonna be sent home, huh? Or maybe even going to die? Little secret, Kenn...between you and me...Will, she's not big on the killing. She's more, mind torture and head games...and even then, not on innocents. Me, on the other hand...well, let's just say that I put the f in First." She winked. "But I admit, evil I may be, I have no real desire to go out and hurt innocent people. Guess it's a good thing for me you aren't innocent, huh."

Buffy's eyes narrowed and she gripped Kennedy's arms through the bars.

"I know what you did to Willow...when you were together...I know about the little bruises...that slight temper problem of yours..." Her grip tightened. "We really need to work on that, Kenn...ya see..."

She released her and begin pacing slowly.

"I'm a hands on kinda gal...and now that the guys are all in, taking care of the slayage and what not...well, I have plenty of time to devote to you." She leaned in a bit. "In case you're wondering, I had Will make you slayer. It'll be much more rewarding each time I torture your sorry ass."

Kennedy's heart sank.

"Giles...Xander, Faith! They'll never let you do this!"

"True, they would have a slight problem, even tho' they don't like you, either. Maybe when they find out how you treated Will, they'll change their minds." She thought for a moment, then shook her head. "Nah, I want you all to I'll let them know that you declined and went back home...and just to make sure there's no doubt, you're gonna call Giles from wherever the hell it is you come from and thank him for all of his kindness while you were here."

"Willow...she won't let you!"

"Kennedy, Kennedy, wake the fuck up! You beat her! You abused her! And oh yeah, we're no longer sweet and innocent Buffy and Willow...we iced the First! It's in us now. Just because we're not out makin' with the bloodshed, don't think we'll have mercy on your pathetic ass!" Buffy smiled sweetly. " case you haven't figured it out, Kenn...this is your destiny...your our pet, to torture and torment...for the"

The End

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