Changes Continued

"So they had sex."

Faith looked at Anya.

"I didn't say that."

"You said they worked things out...then you smirked...a more lude smirk than your usual. My 1100 plus years tells me that means orgasms are involved. Orgasms usually involve sex."

Dawn's brow shot up. "Usually?"

"Well, I did have one or two, back when I ran the after Thanksgiving sale, day after Christmas sale..." She smiled, remembering. "All that money...mmmmm..."

Faith looked at her, smirk in full force.

"You wanna be alone?"

"Ew." Dawn made a sour face. "Please, let's so change the subject...I really don't need any visuals of ANYONE in this house doin'...stuff."

Faith nodded to Xander, who was wearin' a smile that could only be described as, frat boy.

"I think Xan is already there, brat.

Anya frowned and slapped his arm, jarring him out of his fantasy.

"What about you?" Faith look to Spike, who had been sitting quietly in the corner. "Any thoughts about slayer/witch screwin'?"

Spike merely smiled.

"Oh gawd." Dawn's eyes widened in horror. "He and Xander are like, agreeing...OH IS the end!"

"ARE NOT! Xander and Spike quipped in unison.

Faith laughed, Anya smirked and Dawn just shook her head.

"Wannabes all tucked safely away? Faith asked, as Giles came down the stairs.

"Yes, thankfully. Any word from Willow or Buffy?"

The gang looked at each other and Faith started to let him in on what she'd seen. Anya, however, didn't give her the chance.

"They are having orgasms in the street."

"And I repeat, ew!" Dawn baulked.

Xander and Spike looked at the Englishman, waiting for it.

"Dear lord."

They smiled.


Buffy kissed the bruise that had now formed on Willow's cheek, growling.

"She'll pay for hurting you, I promise, love."

Willow smiled and kissed Buffy's lips.

"We should get back...they sooner we get this over, the sooner my ass gets proper attention paid to it."

Buffy grinned and stood up, helping her witch to her feet.

"Ok, we so need to get you clothes...'cause no one is seeing the full Willow."

"Not a problem." Willow snapped her fingers and was leather clad.

Buffy wholeheartedly approved.

"Oh yeah, leather Willow," she purred, running her hands over her witch's ass. "Gawd I wanna spank you in these."

Willow smiled back, cocking a brow. "What's stoppin' ya, slayer?"

Buffy pinned her, face against the wall, carefully and let her hand fall.

"Oh gawd yes!" she moaned, her hand falling hard and fast. "Gawd, Will, spanking you makes me so damn wet! I LOVE this ass!"

Willow replied with a moan and a weak, "uh huh", her eyes closing, her bottom pushing back to meet her slayer's strong hand. Buffy gave her a good two dozen, then turned her and kissed her hard.

"Bad witch, made me all wet."

Willow smiled dreamily, snapped her fingers again and Buffy found herself in spankin' new leathers herself.

"Can't be an evil force to be wreckoned without lookin' cool, huh, baby? she purred, taking Buffy's hand.

"I love you, Will."

"I love you, Buffy...come on, let's take care of business."

Hand in hand, the slayer and her witch headed for 1630 Rebello Drive.


Giles stared at Faith.

"Come on, G, you're startin' to freak me out with the whole, shocked expression thing," she said.

"Maybe he's fantasizing, like Xander and Spike did," Anya suggested.

"EW EW THE BIGGEST EW~" Dawn cried, covering her ears.

Spike started to laugh, stopping suddenly and moving to the window.

"What is it?" Xander asked, standing and grabbing a wapon from the table.

"They're back...and they've changed."

"Well yes, sex will change a per-"

"Not like that, demon girl," the vampire hissed. "Tho' yeah, they did shag like bunnies...can smell it."

"Did you have to say that? Thank you, now I'll have visuals...scary ones...bunny orgasms with carrot chomping afterwards...thank you, Spike." Anya pouted big.

"What do you mean, changed?" Giles asked, snapping out of his haze.

Spike looked at him grimly.

"They're evil."

"What? Evil?" Xander cried. "Look, just because Buffy dumped your cold ass and is happy now with Will, doesn't give you the right to start cryin' evil!"

Spike cocked a scarred brow. "One, she didn't dump me...alright, she did, doesn't matter...two, my arse is rather toasty at times, thank you very much and three, I'm tellin' ya what I smell...bleedin' evil...all over them."

Before anyone else could say anything, the front door opened and Buffy and Willow appeared.

"Ok, deadboy junior may have been right," Xander stated, taking in Willow's black eyes.

Dawn whimpered and moved closer to Faith, who put a protective arm around her, her eyes not moving from Buffy and Willow. She had heard all about dark Willow.

"Your hair, it's still red," Anya pointed out, furrowing a brow.

"I have black tips," Willow replied.

"Yes, so then, are you just semi-evil? Evil on certain days of the week, maybe? The diet coke of calorie of evil?" the ex demon inquired.

"I like my Willow red...with just a little dark thrown in for fun," Buffy cooed, pulling the witch to her and kissing her hard.

"Dear lord or bloody hell?" Xander mused, looking at Giles. "Which will it be?"

"I rather think both, actually...Buffy...Buffy, what happened to you?"

The slayer reluctantly ended the kiss and moved to the empty chair, taking a seat and pulling Willow onto her lap, arms wrapping around her. Willow winced deliciously as her well spanked bum pressed into her slayer's lap.

"It's simple, Giles," she began, running her fingers through Willow's black tipped hair. "I had a heart to heart with myself...well, my dead self..." She smiled. "I'm pretty smart...alot more than I gave myself credit for. See, I've been doing this whole, fighting evil thing for what? Seven years...and ok, yeah, saved the world more than once, made some cool friends...traveled to heaven...but aside from that, well, hello, look at me...have you ever seen someone so miserable?"

"I haven't and I've seen hell dimensions."

"Anya!" Xander snapped.

Buffy smiled at her. "You know, Anya, I owe you an apology...I've never given you the credit you deserve and for that, I am sorry."

Anya returned the smile. "Thank you, Buffy...I'm sorry I used to think you were a self involved bitch alot of times."

Willow growled, glaring at the ex demon but Buffy soothed her.

"Hey, can't fault the girl for accuracy, sweetie."

"So, what? You go for a walk, get all insightful that your life sucks and say hey, First, I hear ya got an opening?"

Buffy eyed her fellow slayer.

"I didn't go for a walk...I was kicked out, of my own house, remember?"

"Buffy," Giles began. "About that...we were terribly wrong and are terribly sorry."

She shrugged. "I'm not." She continued to Faith. "And if memory serves me correct, that's kinda what you did with the mayor, huh, Faith? Waltzed right into his office and said hire me. Diff is, I didn't have to kill anyone to get my posistion...least, not yet."

Spike started to move towards them but stopped as Willow's hand shot up.

"Do it and dust, blondie," she hissed, a perfect smile on her face. Turning to him, she added, "And we got big plans for you, sweetie, so be a good boy, ok?"

"This is fuckin' shit!" Faith growled, standing up. "You wanna kill us, you can try...but I promise you, you won't win."

Willow and Buffy looked at each other, giggling.

"You were right, honey, she's perfect."

Willow smiled proudly. "Told ya, baby."

The politeness, the giggling, the whole presence of his best friends was unnerving for Xander.

"What the hell is going on? You're evil now, ok, I get that...then please, for old times sake and all that good stuff, get it over with, 'cause I don't think I can take much more of this."

Willow looked at him. "Does that mean no yellow crayon speech, 'cause if it does, then gold star for you!"

Buffy giggled. "Yes, that really was lame, Xan...and hello, repeato boy, way way overplayed."

Giles cleared his throat as Anya pulled Xander back to her.

"Buffy, Willow, I do not wish to be disrespectful or rude in any way, but may I ask, what are your plans now that you are, aligned with the First?"

Willow giggled. "Can I tell them, baby, please?"

"Yes, since you're my good little witch, you can tell them," Buffy cooed, kissing Willow's nose.

"Bloody hell, this is the sickest evil I've ever sodding seen," Spike groaned. "I need a bloody insulin shot."

"He who cooed Dru shouldn't throw smart ass remarks," Willow scolded.

Xander nodded. "She's so got ya there, deadboy."

Willow turned back to the room and began.

"The First isn't what we thought it was. See, we all thought is was some big bad enity that could end the world. Hello, remember last year?"

Buffy's fingers moved up and down Willow's leather clad thigh and she smiled.

"I do."

Willow smiled at her and continued.

"Ok, well, it occurred to me, earlier, while Buffy and I were...talking...the First isn't one big's every all of us...the evil in you..." She pointed to Giles. "In you." To Anya. "Even you, Dawnie. So the whole, how do we stop it thing...we can't. There is no stopping it. There's controlling it, which is what we've all been doing the past seven years, but I had this idea."

"Brilliant idea!" Buffy quipped.

Willow blushed. "Buffy."

"Oh come on, it's brilliant and you know it."

"Anywho...since we can't stop it...why not make it work for us?"

Giles removed his glasses, wiping them on his shirt.

"The old, if ya can't beat em', join em, thing," Xander stated. "That's just beautiful...hey, can I be evil, too?"

"Xander, do shut up...go on, Willow."

"See, evil, it's always gonna be long as the earth I figure, instead of bein' evil's bitca, why not make evil my bitca."

Spike laughed. "Bloody hell, you're as insane as Dru."

"And for the second time tonight, a scary things happens...I agree with Spike."

The vampire looked at Xander.

"Ok, you know what, here's the bottom line..." Buffy growled, glaring at Xander. "We are now the big bad either work with us, or die...your call, Xan."

"You killed the First?" Dawnie asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Willow and Buffy exchanged a smile.

"Somethin' like that, Dawnie," Willow replied, just before her slayer's lips took hers.

Faith and Giles looked at each other, then at the rest of the room. No one was exactly sure what was going on.

"Oh, I get it!"

Everyone looked at Anya, including Buffy and Willow.

"Can I buy a vowel please?" Xander said.

"When they had sex, they killed it."

"B and Red screw and that kills the First? Damn, maybe you should've told them to do that weeks ago."

"It's not that simple,'s more than's-"

"Love...their love, their was stronger than the First..."

Giles paced slowly, rubbing his chin. "Dear didn't kill the drew it into them."

Willow smiled." Told ya Giles would get it, baby."

"Fine, fine, I so owe you a mocha," Buffy sighed.

"So they get busy, all with the lovin' and now they're evil?"

"I'm with Chubbs...again, bloody sodding hell, can I be dust please?"

"Xander, both Buffy and Willow have extremely charged emotions...great stress...the chosen one, magicks that are beyond normal power...Buffy being thee slayer...Willow's brush with darkness last year...factor in that we are, in fact, living on the hellmouth..."

"Not to mention, seven years of pent up frustration and lust," Anya added.

Giles stared at the slayer and witch cuddling in the chair.

"So, then, you're gonna kill us? And take over the world?"

Buffy looked at her sister. "Not Pinky and the Brain here, Dawn...and why would we want to kill you?"

"'Cause usually that's what evil does." Xander and Spike looked at each other, having both answered at the same time with the same words.

"Oh gawd, four times...I think I'm gonna be two, you did're whole, slayer/witch doin' the naughty somehow made deadboy junior and I all...agreeing."

"Thee slayer and her wicked ass powerful witch are now the First and you're worried about having shit in common with Spike?" Faith growled. "Reality check, man...get one."

"Buffy, if you shan't be killing us, then what are you planning on doing? If I may ask."

"You may...Will."

Willow smiled. "You're gonna work for us."

Giles furrowed a brow. "I beg your pardon?"

"I know how to make the juniors full fledged slayers...and I will, but only if they agree to work for us...they will have the one's gonna force them too."

"And if they don't? You kill them?"

"No more movies for you, Dawnie," Buffy scolded. "All of this killing in your head. No one's killing anyone. If they don't want to work for us, they will lose their regular girls."

Willow nodded. "And if they do choose us, I'll do a rite over them, so they can't be killed...kinda like an immortality spell, of sorts...with a clause...can't give them free reign now, can we? What kind of evil would we be?"

She giggled and Spike's brow shot up. "Work for you, how?"

"Yeah, Red, doin' what?"

Dawn opened her mouth but Buffy cut her off. "Do not say the k word."

"Doin' whatever we want them to...which is mostly gonna be what slayers in general do."

Giles looked at Willow. "You want them to slay...demons and evil?"

"Uh huh..." Willow nodded. "See, bein' thee big bad now, there are so gonna be demons and vamps and all sorts of lowlife evil tryin' to get in on our good side."

"Like when ya win the lottery and family you never knew you had shows up."

"Buffy smiled at Anya. "Exactly. We have big plans...and aren't gonna have the time to deal with all of that...hence, the slayers."

"It's the Corleones." All eyes turned to Anya. "The Godfather, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, it won several academy awards."

"Know the movie, pet, just not sure what you're gettin' at with the slayer and Red here," Spike noted.

"They are Marlon Brando...the slayers work for them...take care of the wetwork," Anya explained.

"Leavin' them free to do..." Faith's brow furrowed. "Do what exactly?" She looked at Buffy and Willow, who grinned at each other, then her.

"Whatever the hell we wanna," Buffy purred.