Changes Continued

"Buffy? Buffy, I'm sorry, goddess I'm sorry!"

Willow looked around as she walked, her sad green eyes searching for the woman she'd loved for seven years.

"Buffy, please, come out...yell at me, be all grrr mad...just please, please don't shut me out now. I was the bad, I know I was wrong...we were wrong...I was wrong...bad bad Willow."

"Mmmmm, I do love the sound of that."

Willow turned and found a smiling Buffy leaning against the lamppost and smiled herself.

"Buffy, thank the goddess! Are you ok?"

The slayer's smile grew.

"Oh Will, I'm better than ok...I'm...reborn."

Willow felt her hair stand on in at the tone of her slayer and wondered if a stray vamp had hung around long enough to make one last childe.

"That's um, great, about we go home and celebrate with peanut butter ice cream and cookies...I don't think Faith found the bag hidden in the laundry room."

And maybe garlic bread, just for kicks and um, safety.

"Mmmmm, peanut buttery witch," Buffy purred, walking towards Willow. "I love the sound of that...almost as much as the, bad bad Willow." She stopped directly in front of her witch and smiled, her hazel eyes locked into green ones. "But the, bad bad Willow...mmmmm, that really gives me a happy."

Willow couldn't deny what she was feeling...the rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, damp undies. And those things multiplied by a million when she felt hands of Buffy on her bum.

But she had to push all that away...they needed to focus on the evil at hand...not, naughty yummies.

"Buffy, let's go home....everyone's sorry...we need you."

The slayer leaned in close, her lips grazing her witch's ear.

"I need you, witch..." Slayer fingers squeezed witch butt tenderly yet possessively. "Need to show you who you belong too."

Willow moaned without even realizing it, her eyes closing as she swallowed hard. How many times had she had this dream? Without the big bad evil, mind you...well...most of the time...big...bad...EVIL!

"Buffy! The First!" Willow's eyes opened. "We gotta make um, plans, you know...fightin' the goo-"

Buffy shut her up with a hard kiss, her hands gripping Willow's ass hard, pulling her closer as her mouth took what was hers. For her part, Willow didn't give a floating pencil at the moment, not about anything. Buffy...HER Buffy was kissing her, claiming the, mouth is so very the warm so she isn't dead way...and as far as she was concerned, Giles could be tap dancing naked, the juniors backing him up with Mick Jagger tunes, Spike and Xander tangoing in hula skirts while Anya read Shakespeare and Faith played Twister with Dawnie and still, she wouldn't blink, far too lost in the heaven that was a Buffy kiss.

When the slayer finally let her up for air, Willow sighed.

"I so love you, Buffy."

"I so love you, belong to me...always have...always will, Will." She winked at her little play on words, then leaned back to Willow's ear. "You were a naughty witch, Willow...throwing me out of the house."

"Oh Buffy, I'm so so sorry...I don't know wh-"

She stopped talking when Buffy took her hand and led her to the curb, sitting down and then pulling her over her slayer lap.

"Um, Buffy?"

"Naughty witch gets spanked, Will," Buffy purred, rubbing Willow's jean covered bottom. "Mmmmm, so been wanting to do this for a long, long time."

Willow swallowed hard, way past damp and well on her way to flood.

" have?"

Buffy smiled. "Oh gawd, yes! Ever since that first year of college...Halloween...the frat house party, haunted house thing...gawd, I so wanted to just bend you over that railing and set this hot little ass on fire!" She smiled even more. "Yeah, well, so's your ass!"


Willow gasped...that stung...but at the same time...mmmmmmmmmmm...


"No talking, will take your punishment like a good little girl and, if you do, your slayer will reward you." She rubbed and Willow moaned. "That's my good little willowy witch."


Willow's moans grew louder as she squirmed on Buffy's lap. Ok, her slayer was seriously spanking her...and boy oh boy, was it turning her seriously on...and seriously turned on just switched into OH GODDESS as Willow felt her jeans being tugged down and a cool breeze on her very warm bum.

"Buffy smiled down at the pink teddy bear udies. "Very cute, but nuh uh." With one flick of her wrist, they were off, torn in two and cast aside with Ms. Levi. "Much, much better." Buffy growled as she rubbed the perfect, pink flesh in front of her.

Willow growled a bit herself...raising for her slayer's touch.

"Did Tara spank you, Will?" Buffy asked, already knowing the answer. Thank GOD for thin walls.


"Did you like it?"


Buffy smirked. "Did you wish it was me?"

"Oh goddess, yes!"


She rubbed gently and Willow maoned, her wetness rubbing against Buffy's own. The slayer smiled.

"Me too...I would lie in bed and angry, hating Tara so much because she was touching this perfect ass and I wasn't."





Willow moaned louder, nodding emphatically, tears falling. Buffy wasn't hurting her...not in the bad, the tears were for everything...years and years of repression...of denial...eof guilt...all came crashing down as she lay over her slayer's lap.


She was so close to the edge, she could taste it...and unlike evil, there was so no chalky here!

Buffy spanked on...five good ones, then a minute of rubbing...then five more and so on and soon, until Willow's bottom easily matched her hair and then, only then, did Buffy stop. And when she did stop, Willow felt the soft, loving, gentle lips of her Buffy all over her red hot bum.

"I so love you, Will...and you were such a good little witch, taking your spanking so good." Buffy gently, carefully, laid her down in the street in front of them, then knelt down in front of her and kissed her softly. "Mine."

Willow smiled, despite the rather active fire on her backside which, ok, she had to admit, felt darn wonderful!


Buffy kissed her again, taking a moment to tug on Willow's bottom lip...the one she often pouted out...and oh gawd, did that ever turn Buffy on!!!!! She played a minute, then slid down between her witch's thighs, prompting Willow to gasp at the first lick.

"Oh goddess!!!!!!!!!"

Buffy smiled up at her...and Willow could have sworn it was a smile equal to her vampire twin's.

"That's right,'re my goddess...and it's time I worship you."

And worship the slayer did...her mouth taking it's time exploring Willow...light licks and gentle flicks of what Willow would soon dub, OH SO TALENTED TONGUE O' BUFFY...

Willow moaned, groaned, whined, arched and gasped, her fingers twisting gently in blonde hair as Buffy finally stopped teasing and slipped slowly in. Never had the witch felt such ecstacy as that first moment when her slayer entered her for the first time.


One word that held so much meaning. Willow came hard right then and Buffy took every sweet bit of it in, savoring the deliciousness that was her Willow...then slinking her tongue in deeper, searching every inch, tasting, learning what made her witch twitch, gasp, squeal deliciously and when Buffy found her Willow's special spot, she lost all control and hammered it mercilessly...pounding her tongue hard at the small bundle of nerves that she dubbed, WILLOWY MISSION CONTROL...slipping to fingers in to massage her witch's throbbing little clit as she did.

Willow's fingers tugged, pulled at slayer hair, her body coming off of the pavement more than once as Buffy literally took her...her slayer's mouth tenderly vicious in it's claiming. Never, in her wildest dreams, had Willow imagined that it would be this wonderful!

And she had a great imagination!


In the shadows, unseen by either slayer or witch, Faith grinned.

"About damn time."

She had followed Willow...making sure she was ok, unbeknownst to Willow and had sulked back when Buffy showed, watching the slayer/witch sitch unfold. Surprised that it had actually taken two of the smartest people she'd ever know so freaking long to get smart, she shook her head and made her way back to the the laundry room.


Willow lay spent in the middle of Elm, panting, gasing, moaning still as Buffy cradled her in her arms, stroking her hair.

"Did I mention I so love you?" she panted, looking up at the blonde.

Buffy smiled, giggled even and nodded.

"I think ya may have mentioned that, sweetie. I love you, Willow...and I meant what I are mine, now and forever."

Willow returned the smile.

"I love you, Buffy...and I and forever."

Buffy leaned down, kissing her witch tenderly and when she pulled away, she had an evil grin on her beautiful face.

"After we finish our mission, I'm so gonna take that hot little ass seven ways from Sunday, witch...spank it, fuck it, make love to it...over and over...until you can't sit."

The words made Willow cum again, her eyes closing and a soft moan escaping her lips. Buffy's smile grew and she lifted Willow into her lap, careful of her sore ass, the witch's head resting against her. After a few minutes, Willow's eyes opened, she raised her head and the slayer stared approvingly into the black that looked lovingly at her.