Changes By Red

Buffy walked the empty, dark streets of Sunnydale, tears in her eyes. After seven years, it finally happened. Willow, her beautiful, always there by her side, Willow, had finally lost faith in her. The slayer had died 3 times, had sent her first love straight to hell, had fought vampire after demon after frankenstein soldier to hellgod. For the past seven years, Buffy Summers had lived the word pain every day of her life.

And every bit of that paled in comparison to the pain she felt at the moment...the pain of her Willow, no longer believing in her.

She wiped her eyes as she stopped in front of the Bronze. The once fun, party place now just a silent shell. Her teary eyes looked up as her heart remembered and she couldn't help but want to go back...back to the good old days, when Willow still believed in her.

Buffy had to smile as she saw them there that first time after starting college. Even Giles had shown up, creating much choked back laughter. They had so much fun, the Scooby gang...she, Xander, Giles, Willow and Oz...Oz...Buffy found herself growling under her breath and furrowed a brow at herself. She liked Oz...yeah, he hurt her Willow but he did come back, apologise and make things right. And when he saw how much Will loved Tara, he didn't cause problems. Tara...Tara...and again, the slayer found herself growling.

"Ok, what's up with this?" she muttered aloud.

"You love her."

Buffy turned around and came face to face with herself.

"Oh man, you have to be kidding...I can't even get one of the big bads I've killed? I get myself?"

The First Buffy smiled. "What can I've always been a bit vain."

Buffy's jaw dropped in insult. "I am not vain!"

The First shook her head. "Look, I don't have time for this...neither do, you're being all avoidy about the, you love Willow stuff and I can't let that happen. It's time you realize the truth."

Buffy glared at her evil twin. "What I am, is the slayer that's gonna kick you ass back to hell, which is where I assume you came from."

"You and what army? Oh gawd, did I so just say that? I swear, this whole Sunnydale gig, really wearing on my creativity. Look Buf...can I call ya Buf?"


"Ok, Buf, here's the, are alone...look around you..." The First looked around, then brought their eyes back to the slayer. "I see you, poor little slayer, all watcher, no sister, no Xander...and no fine red witch." The First smiled. "She is fine...hello, that ass alone is-"

Buffy swung her fist and, of course, fell right through herself. The First giggled.

"Uh oh, someone's a little touchy about their witch's ass."

Buffy picked herself up, glaring.

"I don't like evil talking about my family and"

The First grinned. "Giles ass...Xander ass...Spike ass...hmmmm, attempts of face bashing, even tho' you know it's impossible. Now, let's try this one...fine, sweet, Willowy ass...all naked and-whoa there, champ!" It laughed again, as once again, Buffy attacked. "Can ya see it here, Buf, or do I need to get Hot Pocket here with his markers? You so have a thing for Red."

Buffy turned to face herself. "Willow is my best friend...I don't like things of evil discussing her...Willowy parts, got it?"

"Best friend...evil creature...ok, ok, so then, the little slayer...the one named after the great American president...what's her name...Lincoln? Clinton? Oh yeah, then, she's not evil, she's one of you, so it's perfectly ok for her to not only discuss, but to actually be all over said Willowy parts." It smiled evilly. "Naked, sweaty, Willowy parts."

Buffy growled so loud, she scared herself. The First smiled contently.

"I rest my case. Come on, Buf, don't stand there and lie to yourself love Willow and for so much more than a best friend...I bet you have spent a good time since the juniors arrived, thinking about your fellow slayer. Willow, your Willow, fucking a slayer that isn't you. First Tara...who was a beautiful blonde, by the way and now a me out here, Buf...math, never my strong point. 2+2=OPEN YOUR EYES! She's got it just as bad for you, duh!"

Buffy wanted nothing more at that moment, than to twist the neck of her other self slowly, until he felt the bones snap in her hands.

"You're lying...that's what you do...lie, try to make us go crazy, go bad."

"And speaking of bad..." The First grinned. "How about that dark haired Willow, huh? Can we say hot stuff! That was some bad ass fight you two had...very impressive, Buf...tell me, honestly..." It moved closer, close enough that if it were corpeal, their lips would have touched. "How wet were you?"

Again Buffy swung and again, she fell. And again, the First laughed.


"Willow, we did what we ha-"

"Giles, shut up!"

The Englishman looked more taken aback and sickened than Xander had ever seen him...and that was saying alot. After all, he never thought Giles could look more sickened than he did the time he found Xander and Anya doin' the naughty in his bed.

"Will," he began, taking her hand.

Willow pulled back as if she'd been burnt. "No Xander...we were wrong...oh goddess, more wrong that we've ever been..." She look at him with tears in her eye. "We turned on her, Xander...we betrayed her...Buffy, our Buffy...oh goddess, I turned my back on my Buffy."

"Your Buffy?" Kennedy cracked, coming into the kitchen. "So it's true then...all the crap Faith and Anya have been saying...all this, Willow and Buffy are too stupid to see how they really feel about each other, crap." The slayer eyed the witch hard. "You're in love with Buffy."

"Hey, Anya and Faith have issues," Xander quipped. "Will and Buf have been-"


Willow's soft yet firm declaration stopped Xander in his tracks and he turned to his oldest, bestest friend so fast, it hurt his neck.


"Dear lord." Giles removed his glasses and rubbed his temples. How the bloody hell could he have missed it? "How the bloody hell could I have missed this?" he muttered, leaving the room.

Kennedy stepped closer to Willow, her dark eyes hard on green ones. The slap surprised everyone...and Xander truly believed that it hurt him more than it did Willow, his own hand flying to his cheek as he eyes watched his friend not flinch under the impact of the slayer's hand.

"Go find your precious Buffy...I don't want anything to do with you." And with that said, Kennedy left.

"Will," he began.

"Don' wanna come help me find her?"

"She's outta control, Will...I love Buffy just as much as you do, you know that...but she's wrong on this one."

"No, no she isn't...Xander, goddess, I'm so sorry about your eye, you know that...and Buffy, the guilt...but you followed her, no questions asked...just as you have for the past seven've always had faith in her, Xander...we've always had faith in her...I can't lose faith now."

"That's good to know, Red."

Willow turned and found the smirking dark haired slayer.

"I'm going to find Buffy."

Faith nodded. "I figured as much...gotta admit, Red, seeing you turn your back on her, wigged the hell outta me."

"Willow, you can't go out there alone," Xander said.

She turned to him. "So you're not coming with me?"

He shook his head. "I can't, Will...not this time."

Without another word, Willow turned and made her way out the back door...she had to find Buffy.

She had to.


"So ya see, Buf...Willow...the whole, evil veiny Cher hair thing...was due in part, alot, to you."

Buffy ran her hands through her hair. She couldn't believe she was sitting on the Bronze stage, listening to the world's oldest evil...who incidently, looked excatly like her...explain how her dearest, beloved Willow was in love with her just as much as she was in love with Willow.

The slayer wanted to argue, to yell, scream, hit, slay...but all she could do, was listen. From the moment she allowed herself to believe that everything being said could in some, minor way, be true, listening was all she could do. She was in love with Willow. She had been since that day on the bench at Sunnydale High. Oh, she loved Angel...and Riley, in some small way. Hell, she even had a soft spot for Spike.

But as she sat there, her mind replaying every second spent with each of them, she knew, knew without a shadow of a doubt, her heart had always been with the redheaded witch. Anger and jealousy, long pushed back flooded through and showed itself...Oz, Tara, Kennedy...

She could have more understanding for Oz...after all, she had been all, oh Angel, oh was only fair that Willow have someone to oh over. And Tara...well, Oz had been such a was easy to understand why Willow had found comfort in those gentle arms. Plus, can we say, soldier boy? Buffy really wanted to kick herself at that moment...had she only been more aware, less self involved, she could have been those gentle arms. Oh well, no use kicking over stupid selfishness. That was then, this was now...and now there was Kennedy...

Buffy growled and the First smiled.

Kennedy who was, no doubt at the moment, comforting HER naked, sweaty ways.

"Buffy, just admit it...admit that you love Willow...that you are in love with her...and I promise you, you will have her."

"She hates me now...she was with them...she was ridin' the 'throw Buffy out' train."

"She was scared...of her feelings for me, she's as in love with you as you are, with her."

Buffy cocked a brow at herself. "Trust you? Ok, where do I begin with that one?"

The First chuckled. "Ok, I'll give ya that. But seriously, Buffy...all good, evil, work stuff aside, don't you think it's time you have some real happiness?"

Buffy sighed. "Would be nice."

"Then admit it...for your own sanity." Buffy thought about Willow and smiled big. "I am in love with Willow...MY Willowy witch."

"Feels good, huh?" The First smiled. Buffy nodded, smiling herself. "Yeah, oh gawd yeah...I'm in love with Willow! I'm IN LOVE with MY WILLOW!"

"Sing it, sister!"

Buffy laughed...actually laughed, falling back onto the stage, holding her tummy, laughing as she repeated her new mantra over and over. The First grinned evilly and made it's move.

"Well, now that that's out in the open...tell me, slayer...what are ya gonna do about Kennedy?"