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Inside the Mind of

Here you will find some poems I have written, I will add more stuff later.

Just Wondering...

Ever wonder what it's like to die?
To have one of those
Near death experiences
That people talk about?
Ever wonder what it would be like?
To feel your last breath?
To feel your heart slow down,
And finally stop?

I mean,
Do you suppose you can even feel that?
Do you suppose your mind still works?
Do you think you'd feel insane?
Or would you just think,
It's all a dream!

Would it not be creepy?
To see your own body below you?
Do you think you'd try to get back in?
Or do you suppose...
You'd just...
I dunno...
Float there,
Looking at yourself?
Is this really happening?

Do you suppose it would would scare you?
Do you think you'd tell 'god' that you would change...
If only he would just,
Let you go back?
Do you think you would even know
What was happening?
Would you be able to comprehend
The sheer magnitude of it all?

Come here
Let's find out...

Let me know how it goes.

Asmodeus Amanti 2004

Dark Stranger

You have seen me many times in your life
It was me whom you saw at night
Walking alone in the distance
I am the one
That sent that shiver down your spine.
I am Death
That shiver,
Was my sparing you...
For a time.

I send you fair warning, my friend
Beware of the stranger passing you in the night
For when the time comes
That you do not feel that shiver of my presence
It is then...

That I have come for you

Asmodeus Amanti 2004

The Room

Did you know,
That in a tiny little room
In the back of your mind
Sits a lonely being?
Needing your company.

This little being
Sits on a chair
In the middle of the room
Patiently biding its time.

Awaiting your arrival

You often neglect this little being
Leave it locked in the tiny little room
Way at the back of your mind

But does the little being complain?
Say it's lonely?
Kick and scream to be set free?

Because it knows
It knows
One day you'll come knocking
One day you'll come running up to that door
You'll barge in and blind it
With the burning light
That you've kept it from

It knows
That you will set it free

One day you'll need it.
And so it sits
In the darkness Of the tiny little room
In the back of your mind

Content in the knowledge
That one day...

One day
Someone or something
Will push you
Hard enough
Far enough
To set it free
Allow it to seek the blood of others
Allow it to do the things you can't

One day you will
You will let it fulfil it's destiny
It's purpose

And so it waits
In the tiny little room
In the back of your mind

you can't...

Asmodeus Amanti 2004

True Love

Whoever said love was a cute little cupid
was on glue!
Love, my friend
Has many faces
But not one of them is of a cute little cherub


Love is a many fanged monster
With an insatiable hunger
Love is a beautiful Siren
With an appetite for blood
Love is a black widow
Silently stalking her prey
Love is a virus
That attacks the heart and soul

They say love hurts

Surely that should tell you
That love has nothing to do
With a chubby little cupid
Cute as can be

Asmodeus Amanti 2005

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