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Name: Asmodeus_Amanti
Age: 36

Thanks for dropping by
So this is where I ramble on about myself, is it?
Let's see,
First off, I proudly support the troops
Don't like it? ... get lost.
If you don't stand behind the troops,
Feel free to stand in front of them...preferably in front of a tank
...speed bump!

I am told that I can be a bit sarcastic at times...but only a little.
I'm not evil, I'm just not very nice.
Well, I am nice to a select few.
I like creative, intelligent people who have their eccentricities...
makes things more interesting
When speaking with me or getting to know me,
a sense of humor is a must!
Without it, we're doomed from the start.
I'm told I have a rather bizarre sense of humour,
but that's perfectly fine by me.
If anything I post or say offends you in any way,
Please let me know, as I may want to do it again in the future :p

I work a lot, some say too much, I say not enough.
When I am not at work, I am training,
in the gym, on the range or in the bush
I sometimes have to travel for work.
Once in awhile, that means I am off the grid
So if I don't respond right away, I'm not ignoring you
So don't get your panties in a bunch
I'll get back to you when I can.

So you want to know what things I like...
Well, like the rest of the planet,
I could write a book about the things I like
But I will try to narrow it down just a bit :p

Well, I guess I will start wiiiiiith:
Shooting, fishing, off-roading, football, hockey
OpsGear, 5.11 Tactical, Ranger Up Tactical, Condor
The Unit, Flashpoint, Top Shot, Manhunters, Deadliest Warrior

Plotting to take over the world :p
Writing, reading, learning new languages
Traveling around the world

I do NOT like chick flicks! They bore me to tears...
Instead, I like movies with lots of action, fire power,
things blowing up, running, screaming, that sort of thing.
Some of the favorite movies would be...
Taken, Restrepo, Black Hawk Down, Newsmakers, Night Watch,
Lock Stock & Two Smokin' Barrels, RED, Smokin' Aces

Designing tattoos, graphics and all that other geeky stuff :)
Going to the gym, shooting pool, hiking, camping, having a few pints with friends
MREs, Caffeine from Timmies, Rockstar Punched
Steak and eggs, Bison, Caribou, Bacon!!!

That's right folks, I am a carnivore. Yay meat!
A quick note to the vegetarians out there...
If we were not supposed to eat animals,
then they would taste more like brussel sprouts or lima beans
Speaking of things tasting like crap -
My food shits on your food...Bon appetit! :p

There are of course other things I like and enjoy
If you want to know more, simply ask :)

So here we are...
The section of the things I could live without.
Again, like everyone else on the planet
I could probably write a small novel about the things I dislike :p
But don't worry, I will keep it short
First on my list has to be:
Having to work the day shift
Religious Fanatics - religion is fine, but keep it to yourself
People that are very happy and energetic too early in the morning -
You know who you are and you sicken me lol
The Wal-Mart happy face
Loud Mouth Hockey Parents - Relax, it's a fkn game, and they are just kids!
Two-faced people, back stabbers and drama queens
I can't emphasize enough...I do NOT like chick flicks!
Camel Spiders
There is a good chance, the above includes you :p
Long layovers
Having to wait when you are excited about a trip or event
Country music
Brittany Spears et al - Pop Tarts, they're not just for breakfast anymore...or are they?

I listen to almost any kind of music really.
up to and including death metal,
albeit, not in large doses and not very often.
I listen to a lot of genres from a lot of countries
I do not like to limit myself to the English Language
I prefer to listen to the harder, darker side of the musical spectrum.

Here's a random list of some of the groups I like to listen to:

Слот xxx Tracktor Bowling xxx 3000 Миль До Рая
Alice Cooper xxx Deform xxx Unreal
Ayria xxx The Azoic xxx BlutEngel
Chemlab xxx Combichrist xxx Apocaltyptica
Croc Shop xxx The Cruxshadows xxx Crystal Method
E Nomine xxx Das Ich xxx Dayglo Abortions
Die Form xxx Die Krupps xxx Disturbed
Ellegarden xxx Electric Hellfire Club xxx Fear Factory
Fiction 8 xxx FiendFlug xxx Front Line Assembly
Funker Vogt xxx Grendel xxx Hocico
Juno Reactor xxx KMFDM xxx L'ame Immortelle
Lacuna Coil xxx Laibach xxx Leatherstrip
Linkin Park xxx Military Cadence xxx Ministry
Monster Magnet xxx Motorhead xxx Nebula H
Nightwish xxx Ozzy xxx Quest Pistols
Rammstein xxx Razed in Black xxx Rob Zombie
Rotersand xxx Rotterdam Terror Corps xxx Korn
Skinny Puppy xxx Терпимость ноль xxx Блондинка Ксю
Тонкая Красная Нить xxx Оригами xxx Психея
Spahn Ranch xxx Suicide Commando xxx Switchblade Symphony
Oomph! xxx Биопсихоз xxx Porcelain and the Tramps
God Module xxx System of a Down xxx Talamasca
Сплин xxx Type O Negative xxx VNV Nation
Velvet Acid Christ xxx Саша Дит xxx Wumpscut
and a whole bunch of other stuff, just ask.