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A Slaves Prayer
Freedom Prayer

Allow me the strengh too answer questions I can't fanthom...
Allow me the spirit to know his needs
Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts
Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace..
Allow me the love to show Him in peace...
Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him...
Allow me the light to show us the way...
Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him...
Let me be able to show Him each day my love by my service to Him...
Let me open myself up to completely belong to him...
Let my eyes show Him each day my love by my service to Him...
Let me open myself up to completely belong to him...
Let my eyes show Him the same respect, rather I sit at his side, or kneel at his feet...
Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman...
Let me learn to please Him, beyond myself...
Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely...
Give me the strength to please us both...
Permitt me to love myself, in loving Him..
Allow me the peace of serving Him.
For it is my greatest wish, my highest power to make his life complete, as he makes mine.
Through my degregations
And my tribulations
My lynchings and my weariness
Let my soul be free
Lead me toward the norther light
Protect me from Mastas spite
Create in me a temple of glee
I shall be set free
Towards the light beaten and torn
I will still crawl
For this is no free for all
Dear Lord let my soul be free
With freedom I shall be a better man
Will you grab this outreached hand
So I can protect my fellow woman
And raise my offspring free
No mo disrespect
No mo lynchings
No mo hard work and muscle flinches
I breath just to be free
Pass me a sign
Nothing of complicated design
I will do all it takes for me and my people to be
She was about 5 years old when her father sold her to some traders, she has never figured out what she was sold for. She is 21 yrs old now and has been a slave for most of her life. In her mind set she will be a slave forever.
Her first and last master often beat, starved and raped her. He beat her so bad once that she became deaf and mute so now she can only talk in sign but to her master she can speak telepathically. Her master went to war one day and never returned she is now in search of him or a new master someone that will take her in.
Traveling through many lands now she has finally found a master to take her in. She doesn't know what the rest of her life will be like here in this strange place called RhyDin but her thoughts are that it will be better than it was in her last land.
She has now run away from her master hiding wherever she can. She found some crazy man that followed her around for a while, but for some reason he stopped. That scares her more than having him follow her. She never knows when he is going to appear again. She went to the forest one day, there she met an Elven man who called himself Sylvan.
He is a Warlock and he restored her hearing and speaking)(somewhat anyway)(. She still mumbles a little when she talks and still signs a little when she cannot be understood. This man that calls himself Sylvan and her are seeing a lot of each other and she hopes it turns into a little more, but she will not be surprised if it does not. After all who wants to be with a slave...or well former slave, when her hearing was restored the collar was removed from her neck. Now she has to hope and pray everyday that her master doesn't find her.Well it turns out that Sylvan was evil and went away with another.
She was lonely for a while until one night, sitting in the forest she meets a group of people. Tokra, Drake and other she didn't get her name. Gwen and Drake, became friends that day and started to hang out.
As she was sitting in the bar one day, a man came to her, his name will not be revealed, He enslaved her with no problems, she went without hesitation because she did not wish to be harmed. She was his slave for a for about 3 days, she would feed his prisoner that he had in the cages, she guessed that the prisoner knew him for she was calling him by his name and she called him love, her name is Angel.
A few days later another woman was brought in, her name is Lysa, she was put in black energy chains. She didn't know why then but knows now that Lysa was a magic user and those energy chains prevented her from using the magic to escape. A few more days went by and Tokra had somehow placed her on the back of a lava monster with Angel in front. This man named Micheal came and destroyed the lava monster. Angel and Gwen escaped quickly to a small cave nearby until everything was safe. When they came out of hiding Gwen saw Drake, Tokra, Angel and Lysa in the forest. They seem to be friendly, but she soon found out that they where fighting something evil.
She mostly hid in the trees until Drake was hit bad.
 When what happened she ran out to him kneeling to him, that was a big mistake. The evil being grabbed her up by her neck. Tokra saved her by hitting him where it really hurts. Tokra then picked up this evil being and threw him into the sky, well the evil being levitated in the sky. Tokra fired an energy ball from his hands at the evil being, but the evil being fired one back at him, the energy balls met in the middle of the sky. Tokra's was winning for a while but evil started to prevail. Lysa started to pray it looked anyway.
A white light came down from the clouds and mixed with Tokra's making his stronger, but that still wasn't enough. Angel stood right next to Lysa and started to pray, she thinks. Another white light came down from the sky and mixed with Lysa's and Angel's attack making it even stronger. That still was not enough so Drake took his sword and flew up behind the evil being and stabbed him. Well the evil being turned around taking the sword from his gut and stabbing Drake in his. BIG MISTAKE!!!! When he took his eyes from the 3 attacking him their attacks overwhelmed him blasting him away into oblivion. Drake fell to the ground hitting it hard.
All 4 of them, Angel,Tokra,Lysa and Gwen ran over to him. Tokra tried to heal him first but was unable to, Angel tried to magic healing but it didn't work, so she cut her wrist with her fang and placed it over the wound and it healed instantly, when he was healed they all went to have breakfast and Drake proposed to her and of course she said YES!!!!!! After that they went on as a happy couple, but soon Drake started to not ever come around and then one day she just never saw him again.
Well Angel, Lysa,and Rose all adopted her and brought her to the "The BlueStar Tavern" where they all lived, and she met a nice man there by the name of Vayine )(Dryfandale1)(. Nothing has come of this yet but she thinks soon it might. He comes there almost everyday to see her.
Yes and as you can imagine, Vayine stopped coming to see her as well. She was all alone.
Though now she had a family. Or well as close to one as she thought she would ever have. Gwen and Tokra spent a lot of time together after the attack. Soon becoming romantic. After that they were almost inseparable. Everything was good until about a month after they were together. A man named Diego came to the tavern...he snuck into the tavern.
Raping Gwen over and over again. He did this over a course of months. Making her..or well her mind escape in to a "safe place". She acted like a five year old now. An adult child as you could say. She stayed like this for some time, but no one seemed to care. Or well they never showed it anyway. She went into the tavern one day with Tokra and saw a tiger laying by the fire. Of course as curious children are she walked up to him. And thus another chapter in her life begun.
The tigers name was Volbrin. He was a friendly cat and so she immediately invited him back to the tavern. That turned out to be a very great thing. She bonded with him quickly and another he brought back to the tavern, a manicore tail....
 Her and Aunous played and had fun everyday. Diego still came around but was dealt with very quickly when he did, for she was not left alone any longer for any amount of time. Tokra, Volbrin or Augnos was there with her at all times unless she happen to wander out to the field and pick fresh flowers, which she does everyday.
Now as time went on, everyone got used to how she talked and acted. On night she went to bed as usual and had a horrible nightmare. This caused her not to sleep for days. She became delusional, having halusinations and such. Finally when she did get to sleep, Oh i would say about a week later, she was having a horrible nightmare once again. Tokra and Volbrin had finally had enough. Tired of her being tortured like this. They both went into her mind, seeing the demons she faced, they both were horrified but still they defeated them saving Gwen from them. And once again all was well in the Blue Star Tavern.
Well that is until Drake came around once again. He found out she was with Tokra and he was furious. now wanting to kill Tokra. Of course Gwen interviened. Drake made a forcefield around Gwen and himself. That was IT she had finally had enough of his crap. Balling up her fist she hit him as hard as she could in his nose, making it bleed. She then walked away and looked to Tokra. It was right then and there that she learned that she was herself again. She no longer was in her "safe place" in her mind. She was a woman once again in mind and spirit.
Tokra and her continued on as they were, Gwen asked tokra to marry her and he accepted, making jokes about how she asked instead of him, but he still accepted. And once again all was well at the tavern, for her anyway.
One day, she began to act strange, she was being more aggressive than she usually was. She didn't want to talk to anyone, she just wanted to stay in her room and look out of her window. Link made the mistake of walking into her room and she shot him with a ball of energy, didn't hurt him, it was like a warning. She looked into her mirror and began to talk to herself in two different voices. That is when everyone knew that something was up. It took a while but they finally coaxed it out of her that Angel, Rose, and Lysa's Goddess had taken over her body. The Goddess wanted a body of her own and Well....Gwen was the weakest out of all the woman there.
Tokra went up to "The BlueStar Heavens" to look for this Goddess, and to destroy her. Some trials and tribulations came and went along the way. but for the most part everyone thought that the Goddess had died because Rose, Little Tom, Malio, and everyone else that was in the heavens had come back down to the tavern.
Drake came back one day, he was summoned by Diego whom had come to see Spirit. Well Gwen and Drake talked and talked, cried and did some more talking. Finally he somehow persuaded her to leave Tokra and to marry him. Well when Tokra found out he was furious, though Gwen was still acting strange sitting and staring at that ring like it would jump off her finger if it didn't. Well this went on for a few hours. Finally Malio came in and heard Gwen once again speaking to herself but couldn't understand the words that she ahd said.
It then came down to a fight as Malio realized that Gwen was being controlled by the Goddess once again. That she had told Drake she would marry him. Gwen threw an energy ball at Malio, but instead of stunning him, she had summoned Veil, The Cat Spirit of Darkness. He had taken over Malio's body but a small patch of Malio's hair could be seen. As the fight continued that patch grew a little larger. By now, Tokra was fighting her and Veil. Suddenly she had called Angel out of the children's room. With her standing outside she immediately grabbed Angel's neck and began choking the life out of her. This enraged Malio, that patch of hair had grown immensely and now Malio was himself. Malio immediately sprang into action and broke Gwen's arm, making her release Angel. Once that was done Angel began to chant loudly, an expel spell, then Rose got into it, and last but not least Lysa got into it. The sisters chanted as loudly as they could, and with one more blow from Malio and Tokra the Goddess was expelled once again from Gwen's body.