Spirit Darkthorn
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I used to be in a small village in poverty. My Mother and father loved all 10 of us very well. There was 9 girls and 1 boy. I was the oldest out of all of them. When it happened I was 17. What happen you ask? When i was 17 a slave raid was done on the village. I could hear them coming. Coming for me and my sisters. I got a knife from out kitchen and went to my sisters and killed them one by one. When i was getting ready to plunge the knife into my own chest they broke the door down. They immediately took the knife from my hands and took me as I was the only one left alive in my house. They knocked me out as I was struggling with the guards.
The next thing I knew I was at a slaves auction. I was sold for a minimal price, to a really nice Master, but unfortunately he caught the plague and died.  The guards came once they heard of his death and once again sold me, but this Master was mean. He beat me everyday because he would feel like it. He did as he wished with me unlike my former Master.
                             I ran away several times from him but he would somehow always find me. What I found out later is that he knew to use magic very well. I ran away I believe if I remember right it was a total of 7 times in 2 yrs. I tried and tried to get away from him. But to no avail. Finally he said that he would let me free only if he could take a token to remember me by. Of course i said yes but I did not think he would take what he took. I thought he would take a lock of my hair or a bracelet or something like that. No, that is not what he took at all. He took my eye sight. That is right I, I Spirit Darkthorne, is blind at the tender age of only 22. I dealt with this though it took me a few days to get used to it.
 I wandered the forest for about 2 days before I came across a clearing. I went through the clearing and met a man by the name of Kamhal. He picked me up to go to the nearest Inn or Tavern. Which happened to be called "The BlueStar Tavern" in which is my home today. I went wandering after a good nights rest and a great meal.
 I fell upon the Red Dragon Inn where I met a man by the name of Ruhn. He was a pirate but he had a certain charm about him....well at first. We hit it off quickly. I took him back to the tavern. Soon he began to speak harshly to me and a couple of time he struck me. Soon I became very afraid of him, though I continued my relationship.
I met the Captain of his ship Captain Bludworth and a ship mate of his Flounder Boyd. Boyd was quite nice to me. He got me drinks and such, and he got me this beautiful bracelet. It was not soon after that, I realized that he was trying to get me from Ruhn. But by that time, well I didn't care. I wanted someone who was going to treat me well and Ruhn was not cutting it. So, yes I did leave and yes I did get married....i left Ruhn and married Boyd. Oh he was so furious when he found out. But I didn't care, I was very happy with Boyd. One day Ruhn found Boyd and the Captain in the Inn by themselves and he attacked Boyd. Boyd didn't have a chance against Ruhn and Ruhn killed Boyd.
Well, that devastated me. I thought my life would end right then and there. My husband was dead. My life was turned upside down. So when I found this out I immediately moved to the forest from the Sea Rose, our ship. I would come to the Red Dragon Inn every once in a while to eat and drink, then go back to the forest to stay away from everyone else. One afternoon I went into the Inn to look for a dear friend, Nihr. Upon entering, getting food and drink, this man would come up to me. Later I would find out that he would be the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life. He was one of the 3 Draven brothers. Though now trying to recall their names, I cannot. But anyway I shall press on.
The first Draven brother offered me a place to stay, but when I went to his castle I found out he wanted my "services " as well. So in the state I was I really didn't care. I became his wench for a place to stay. Through all of this, I did not know I was carrying a child. Though I found out soon after.
The Captain came to me one day when I was visiting the Inn and told me that Boyd had been brought back to life, but he didn't remember me a 'tall. I was outraged but knew why she had done it. I took him to the BlueStar Tavern, he had spent a night there with me before. I tried and tried for hours to make him remember me, and finally after many hours had passed, I have given up all hope and thrown my bracelet that he had given to me at him. Well, I guess that jogged his memory enough to were he at least knew my name and knew that we were married. We went from there, I told him that I was carrying a child but I didn't know if it was his or if it was Ruhn's. He was happy that he might be having a child. It didn't last very long. Ruhn found out that Boyd knew who I was so once again he killed him, brutally.
When that occurred I began staying at the Draven Manor once more. While I was staying there, the second Draven brother came to visit. By this time I had my son and immediately knew whom the father was. Ruhn was the father.
Once this was figured out I was devastated all over again for I had found out that Rose was pretending to be me and Ruhn's fiancee Shi had killed her and stolen her soul because she thought Rose to be me. So now I knew that I had to stay here in the Draven Manor.
The second Draven brother was a little more kinder than the other two turned out to be. But in tell you why he came there, well someone had poisoned his brother, the first Draven brother. I was the number one suspect. I didn't do it, and I believe the second brother believed me. But I was going to have to go see their King anyway. I pleaded with him not to go. So he said that he would go himself. Well, he left to go see the King. I was left there at home with the baby. When a third Draven brother came to the manor. He was all right, he was the most passionate of them all in bed.
Yes, think what you want but I needed things and wasn't getting hem anywhere else. Soon the second brother came back and he was....acually going to take me as a wife. We all got together, Nihr, Wynters the second Draven brother and the third. But a fight broke out between the two and the third killed the second in a struggle for a dagger. I then looked down at that dagger and watched the blood run from the second brothers body. Pulling the dagger out, I looked at the blood staining my hands and just well had a moment that I just went crazy and I stabbed him over and over and over until his death.
Nihr took care of Wynters when she came towards me. We both them washed up in a small lake outside. We then went back to the Red Dragon Inn and had a drink. There I met a man by the name of Ryu. We conversed for a while and getting along pretty well. Though he did not know of my past. We became instant friends, much the way Nihr and I did. But before even that conversation was over I was attacked by....well to this day I do not know what it was all I know is that is attacked me something horrible, it left scars across my back as well as claw mark scars across my face. When Nihr saw them he was angry. Though he healed them for me. So I never really went around him again unless I had Nihr with me to protect me. Oh my Goddess, he has saved my butt more than once, I just wish after all the years that we have been friends that I could have done the same for him. Maybe I will one day. Maybe one day I will be able to show him how much his friendship means to me.
Well, after all of that drama my life cooled down a bit and I was able to come back OT the Blue Star Tavern. I learned from my past to just stay there. I have seen Ruhn a few times and his child, he is taken care of by the loving Angel Xyle, whom takes care of the other children as well in the tavern. I go out into the field every now and again with Maximus and sit in the fresh flowers, with the warmth of the sin touching my skin, and the scents that come in through the afternoon breezes are just delightful.
One day I was out there, sitting in the field enjoying myself when Maximus caught someone watching me. He then walked up and introduced himself, his name was Diego. Though we did not get to talk long. I can still remember the sensual sound of his voice, the scent that came from his body as he got close to me.
My life after that was pretty much a blur. I mean I would go out every now and then but other than that nothing much really happened to me. Until one day Diego came back to the Tavern....he came back for me. I couldn't believe it when I heard those words come from his mouth. He felt the same as I, and he came back for me. Well, to bring you up to date. He stays with me in the tavern now and just recently he has asked me to marry him. And of course I have said yes.
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