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For those who knew be before, they knew that I used to be this goody goody Angel....well I still am an Angel just a just not such a nice one anymore. You see if you wish I shall start at the beginning.
 I had a pretty hard life you see, I was a slave to my Goddess when I first came to RhyDin. I was broken of that cursed life by a man named Tom. We started to get to know each other and soon we where wed. It was a happy life but only a few short months later I found out that I was going to have a baby. Everyone was delighted...all but The BlackHawk Guild, soon after they found out i was to have a baby they had me attacked and rapped in the Red Dragon Inn.
 By this time Tom was getting more and more furious, he went after them. He killed  almost all of them, but the ones he didn't get to searched him out for many months and when they found him they killed him. He is buried in the Forest along side his son right by the lake under a tree. Soon after he died I nearly lost my mind.
    I searched this land for someone, someone that maybe could love me like he did. I didn't have to search very far. One of Tom's as well as my own friend and, colleague was going through something similar, his wife, Viviane, died tragically and we found comfort in each others company.
      Micheal and I tried to have a relationship but it didn't work out to good. He was gone from RhyDin all of the time and I was very lonely. We are still the best of friends to this day and I shant never forget the things he did for me in that saddened part of my life.        
 After Micheal and I figured it wouldn't work we went our separate ways and we both left RhyDin. Before he left though he gave me something that I still have to this very day. It is a gold and silver lightening charm bracelet. He always told me that he would make sure that I was always safe and he never ever broke that promise. The bracelet allows me to get out of trouble when I get in over my head.
When I left RhyDin, I traveled for many many years, all I remember is that it felt like forever. I finally found a companion to travel with me. Though he was a Demon, we seemed to make good travel partners. We traveled together for many years becoming  friends, but then something happened to him and he began to get domineering and overbearing.
  One day a messenger came to me with a message from my Goddess. It said for me to come back to heaven before me and this demon had a child. I laughed and politely told him that me and this demon where not like that and sent him away.
After I stayed he started to beat me, I tried to use the bracelet but the demon had some kind of magic over me that it made it not work.
One night, in the middle of the night he tied me up and raped me. With all the screaming I could not get him off of me but finally it was over. Almost immediately after he was done something strange happened a white light then came down upon him and burned him into ashes. The wind slowly carried the ashes away. About 4 months later I felt a movement in my belly and I almost died then and there. I cried and wanted to kill myself for the next 5 months, but I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  
        I didn't know what was going to happen to my son or I. But just as I was bathing my son for the first time i saw these little burn marks on his skin. I looked up to the heavens and saw a white light come down upon him. Turning him to ashes just as they had turned his father into ashes.  
A few months later I returned to RhyDin. Looking around for my family I began to change. My hair turned dark not the sunshine blonde it had once been. My skin tanned not pale as it had once been. My wings leathery and black no longer white and feathered as they where before. So now I look this a demon.... I would guess. That is what I think I look like now.
out a picture and smiles* this is me and my sisters back on BlueStar. We were so close then

=Me after i died and was brought back as an angel =-

My sisters I later found out where not my sisters. There was a huge war between where i was living and another land. Everyone was killed on  my lands side but i was quiet until everything died down. My adopted-sisters names are Angel and Rose. They are half Angel and half Vampire. They are identical twins but Angel had more of an attitude, that is how we told them apart.
We moved here to RhyDin from BlueStar which is where I grew up at, because BlueStar was attacked by slayers.
We managed to escape but the others were not so lucky. Our parents and everyone else, or so we thought everyone else in our family died. So we came here to RhyDin but on out way here I was tragically killed. I went to the Goddess and begged her to let me watch over my sisters. She agreed, but while I was watching over Angel and Rose I was bitten by a vampire. Well, now that made my Goddess furious with me. She knew now that she could not bring me back up to the heavens unless I willingly went. I continued to watch over Angel and Rose making sure they stayed out of trouble but of course as usual they didn't.
 Angel married Azaroth and she had 4 children with him. They separated about 6 yrs after they got married so now she takes care of the kids on her own somewhere in another land.
Rose...well she fell in love with a Xyle his name was Legend, but they never married.  I never know to this day why they didn't. She left as well soon after Legend went to battle and never returned. I haven't seen either of them in about 2 years.
AVIA Empire.....
Lysa BlueStar
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Blue Satan Top
Full Armored Charlie A.T.A.G. Uniform
Lv. 1 Focus
Lv. 1 Thunder
M1A6-101 "Apian Speed" Heavy Machine Rifle.
2x MCH-RUSS^N [MCH = Multi Custom Harvestmen]
Military Engineered Feild Katana
4-D8 Grenades. - Demolition grenade - 8 in a pack
Team Custom All Terrain Troop Ship Uniform
Encrypted Hands-free COMMLink PHS Transceiver Implant
Wrist-mounted Limited-Utility PDA a.k.a "Wrist Comp"
MIL/IS-BV-109 "ROADHOG" Troop Vehicle
hD-92 "Gex" Motorcycle
MCM 05/05/05
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Charlie Plate Comp. Helmet
Re-enforced Demolition Bot-Legs Covers
My sisters have finally returned to RhyDin....and I, I have finally gotten the chance to get a second shot with Micheal. He came back to RhyDin soon after I did, and told me how he felt. We hit it off very well and are engaged,  soon to be married.
 We all live in the BlueStar Tavern now and have been having a very great life. Although we have some trouble here it isnt anything we cant handle.
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