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Interior right as you would walk through the door this is what you would see. the fire is always going even in the summer time. Not for warmth as much for beauty
Welcome to the BlueStar Tavern, come please sit and have a drink, rest for a night or
even take residence here. Everyone is welcome here in our home. A little info on the
place. My dearly departed sister Rose BlueStar and I, Angel Xyle(BlueStar), built this
place almost 600 years ago. We chose this location because it was out in the middle
of nowhere deep with in the woods where we would not draw attention to ourselves.
Now we have a family and children. Our little place thrives. Though we do not get many
 visitors the ones that do come are treated with hospitality and warmth. There are not
many things I ask, just three rules. Number One: NO fighting within the tavern walls.
There are children here and we wish the not to be hurt. Number Two: If a fight or spar
must occur it will be taken to the field and once again the tavern, the dock and the
forest are not to be harmed. Since i accept no gold or silver from my patrons i have not
 the funds to fix anything if it should happen to be destroyed. Last but not least
Number Three: NO SMOKING with in the walls of the tavern. There are children here
and we wish for them not to get sick. If you must smoke please take it outside. Thank
you and have a wonderful stay here.
This is not a fancy tavern, but we try to keep the rooms looking nice. This is what our Guest Rooms all look like
I visit my dearly departed sisters grave as often as i can. Goddess Bless you my lovely sister, i shall see you when my times comes that i must leave this earth and join you.
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