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Angel lived in a very small town on the other side of the world, she was the princess of the town that was called BlueStar. She lived there with her sister Crystal Rose. One day when they where traveling they came upon this small village, it had been demolished and the people annihilated Or so they thought, they heard a small cry from a baby. They found her soon after that and took her home. Their Mom the Queen said that they would adopt her since her family was all dead. So they named her Lysa and raised her as their own, Angel took a real liking towards her. But one day a large pack of Vampire slayers came and demolished their little town and annihilated what they thought to be everyone, but Angel, Rose, and Lysa escaped unharmed. Unfortunately their parents never made it out alive, their bones along with all the other villagers bones where found scattered throughout the town. The way the could tell it was their mother and father was by a necklace that only royalty wore, it was a ruby colored stone inlaid in gold with a gold chain. After they found their mother and father dead they all set on a quest together and ended up here in RhyDin. They took a liking to this humble place and settled here making a home for themselves in The Forest. Once here everyone kind of spits up and goes their own separate ways having their own lives.  Angel, was alone for along time before she met anyone. She used to stay either in the forest or the Red Dragon Inn )( which will be referred to as the RDI from this moment on )(.  The RDI was practically her second home. One day she met a man named Azaroth. They talked for a while. A few months after her knowing him he joined a Klan. The name of it was Xyle, soon after he joined they where wed. They had what seemed like to be the perfect marriage, they where happy with 1 son. Their sons name was Sephiroth. Soon she realized that he didn't love her anymore but she tried to hold on to it with all of her strength. Finally she couldn't do it any more and she let him go. When he did finally leave he kidnapped their son. She had let him take their son out to tech him to fight, but he never returned. After about 2 days she began to worry, so she went looking for them. At the battle fields she looked all around and didn't find them. When she came back to RhyDin her heart broken from a failed marriage and it ripped from her chest with the kidnapping of her son there was nothing left. But about a year later she met a nice gentleman by the name of Tokra, she fell head over heels in love for him. But once again she got her heart broken when he left so she left RhyDin as well vowing never to return.  But one day she got a strange communication from a woman telling her to meet her in RhyDin. The voice sounded vaguely familiar, so she set off once again for RhyDin. When she got there she found out it was her long lost sister Lysa. She told her that Tokra was back in RhyDin and that he wanted to see her. Well, she did that one day and fell head over heels in love with him once more.  
Well, of course Rose was going to find out about this and she was not happy. So to settle the argument Angel suggested that they both marry him. Well, that worked for the longest time until Alex came back into their lives. He wasn't the nice brother they had remembered. He came back with a man named Shozamon and killed Tokra in a huge fight that almost destroyed the tavern and everyone else as well. Well, this made Angel and Rose go into a semi coma like state, they were like zombies just cleaning around the tavern. Well, Tokra came back, but not as he was, he came back as a child and didn't remember either of them. They began to come out of their state and tried to get Tokra to remember them, but it was no use. But soon he began to remember and one day he came back to the tavern and was his old self. Angel and Tokra began a relationship once more and were very happy
*she pulls an old worn out picture from her pocket, as she looks at it a small tear of blood flows down her cheek  staining her skin red. She shows this picture to all that will look*
This is what my son looked like the last time I saw him. He was just so little when Azaroth took off with him. But one of these days we shall meet again. I pray to God that Azaroth is not around when we do!
 One day a strange man came and gave him a black odd looking pendent, for helping him. Tokra began to change, when him and Angel were fooling around and she bit him. He became.....evil. Angel was thrown into a cage when she didn't want to go along with his evil plans. And that is where she stayed fighting for survival. When it was almost over she suddenly found herself attached to a lava monster. She, Lysa and Gwen were being used as shields so that Micheal could not attack this monster. He soon found a way. Micheal made it rain upon the lava monster and soon it began to harden. Crashing to the ground shield were put around the girls to protect them from the hardened lava. Soon after that Lysa and Micheal went off to fight the "evil" inside Tokra. They found out that it was Sephiroth. Her first born son. He had killed his father Azaroth when he had gotten strong enough, and now wanted to kill the rest of the family for being too weak to stop him. Well, of course that didn't happen. Everyone fought and fought until Micheal and Lysa were able to kill Sephiroth, by cutting the pendent from his neck and destroying it. After going home Angel got into a depressed mood, never leaving the tavern, not really caring about much. Until the day came where she met Cyrus. They became quick lovers and got married. Though she went home one day with a severally black eye. Bruce, whom had just came to the tavern the day before, he didn't know any of he story though he got angry. He would not let Angel leave the tavern, nor see Cyrus. She was angry at first, but soon came to realize who loved her truly and who did not. So Cyrus and Angel became divorced and soon after Angel became involved with Bruce and quickly became pregnant with their child soon after they were wed. Angel then became basically obsessed with the safety and order of the tavern. Not really anyone understood. She had David in the tavern, and began to take care of the other children as well, Ruhn Jr., David, children, and Ariana. She was so stressed that she began to go off on everyone. So much so that she just told Bruce to leave, she could take his haggling anymore. So he left after many months of fighting and arguing with her. She really didn't have anyone to talk to really after that. So she became even more obsessed with keeping the tavern in order. Until she found someone that had been there all along. She began to talk to Malio, seeming like they were talking more and more every day she became calm once again, like she was. They talked and talked for what seemed like hours everyday. They took walks in the forest, they sat by the lake, they talked about everything it seemed like. But no feelings were involved.....after all he had just left his wife as well. No feelings until a few months after they began to talk. That is when she confessed to him how she felt. He felt the same way though they have vowed to take things slow so they make sure this one works out. It has so far. Though there have been other problems. Gwen has become possesed by their Goddess and has tried to choke her. Though Malio saved her. Tokra and Malio took most part in defeating her for good. Or so we all live and hope. So now Angel, Lysa and Rose have no "magical" powers since the Goddess is gone. But Gwen is teaching them as well as Spirit how to heal by using herbs. Like they once did.
*another picture she had in her pouch she looked at and smiled* This is Lysa, Rose and I back at the BlueStar before it was destroyed by the hunters. We were almost inseperable then. We seem to have grown apart just a little since this picture
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