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Bonfire Night

Amejisuto and Kitty Poker1

Part 2

Part One

Xander pulled the collar of his coat up with one hand and tried to think warm thoughts. Why his flat mate had dragged him out in November, in late afternoon of all things when it was so fucking cold, he had no idea. At least he was with Spike so he didn’t have to worry about driving. He still had problems with his vision and busy highways were bad and the other side of the road thing still freaked him out. Though being driven by Spike had its own share of hazards.

He ached all over; his legs, the shoulder he’d hurt last May, the arm that had been broken by Olaf the troll, his eye socket. It sucked. He wasn’t even twenty-five yet and he had arthritis setting in. Add to that the fact that they were climbing a freaking hill carrying a bag full of god knows what and a trunk in between them, and Xander Harris was not a happy man. At least his cold had gone.

He looked over at his friend in the dying light. Huh, friend. Who would have thought that Spike would end up being one of the best friends he had nowadays? He hadn't even known the vampire had come back to life until a seer in the village he was looking for a slayer for in India had told him of a great evil happening in the City of Angels.

To find out that Giles and the others knew, even knew that Angel, Spike and the L.A. gang were in danger but didn’t trust them enough to help them, had done something to Xander. He still hadn’t figured it out yet. It just pissed him off that the vampire that had died once to save the world was about to die again and no one cared.

So he’d called in favors. In his time in Africa, the Middle East and then Asia he’d located about fifty slayers and made contacts with at least a hundred others with the help of various witch doctors, shamen, and demon hunters. If Giles and his new and improved Watchers' Council weren’t going to help, he would.

By the time he’d gotten there the final battle had already begun. A blue woman who he would come to know as Illyria was standing guard over Gunn, who had fallen and lay dying. Both vampires were injured and Angel…Angel was trying to kill a dragon with a broken sword.

The people Xander had brought had turned the tide of battle and the healers were able to help Gunn and anyone else that had been injured. After it was all over, Spike had immediately started making fun of his Grandsire.

After all, Angel had wanted to kill the dragon but it was Xander’s cross bolt that had done the deed.

He’d thanked his friends and brought the vampires back to his main home with him, along with Illyria. Gunn had stayed behind to protect his neighborhood as he’d started out in the beginning and Xander had arranged with Giles for five of the Slayers to stay on with him to clean the city up from the aftermath of Wolfram & Hart's destruction.

Eventually Angel had gone back as well, after making his peace with Buffy and the others. Giles had been quite surprised at how many of “his people” had answered Xander’s call for help and, while things were still strained, it was getting better between the groups.

Oddly enough, it had been Spike that helped smooth the way. He’d pointed out that of course Xander had come to help; even when they had hated each other and Spike was soulless he didn’t leave the vampire to die in the old high school library. It had surprised Xander that the vampire had stood up for him. Their odd friendship had started just as Sunnydale was ending, and they seemed to pick it up again. And for the third time in his short life he was rooming with the Big Bad, but this time…this time it was nice.

Spike was one of the few people who didn’t look at him funny when he acted differently than he had in Sunnydale. Months of traveling, losing an eye and Anya’s death had changed him and sometimes he’d say or do something and Willow or Buffy would stare at him curiously. But Spike took him as he was.

And he was learning to accept Spike as he was. Even though the vampire had a soul he didn’t act like Angel, for which Xander was immensely grateful. Spike had insisted that Xander needed a break from traveling for a bit when he noticed that he still favored his injured shoulder and had volunteered his services as a guide to living in London. He’d been dragged to Manchester United games and about a hundred different pubs, knew very little about cricket still, and was addicted to British comedy and sci-fi more than ever. He even knew how to navigate the Tube after Spike had left him in a station to find his way home alone.

Still, that did not explain why the blonde had dragged him away from a warm and comfy flat in Willesden out onto Glastonbury Tor, in the beginning of November when it was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

“Spike, my flat mate, my buddy, my friend, tell me why again we’re out here in the middle of nowhere getting frostbite on places I’d rather not mention?”


Spike's eyes slid away from Xander's. He knew this question was coming -- just didn't know how to answer it. The only surprise was that the boy hadn't interrogated him when he'd first insisted on coming all the way here from London. Xander liked his creature comforts. He especially liked the warm. Being California-born and bred, the English weather had been an unpleasant shock to him, even in so-called high summer. When had that been again? Oh yeah, the second weekend in August.

He was worried about the boy. This icy weather wasn't doing Xander's aching joints any good, especially his damaged shoulder. Spike shook himself. Why would he care? Since when had a human, a mortal, been able to slip under his defenses and become an integral part of his life so quickly? Become a friend, for hell's sake. He'd even kept up a barrier between himself and Buffy, although he'd been convinced he was in love with her.

He sighed. He'd always been the same. Desperate to convince himself he was in love and loved in return then hanging on for grim death even when the object of his affection rejected him as ... unworthy.

But Xander did care. He'd gathered together a posse and come to LA to rescue him. Well, to rescue all of them. And the City. And the world. It was only a side effect he'd been saved as well. Much more importantly, Xander hadn't tried to shove him to one side once the mission was over. He'd asked Spike to stay with him and happily accepted his invitation to show him around London. He'd even watched football matches with him and cheered as loudly as anyone when Rooney scored a hat-trick in his debut match for Manchester United. Pity he couldn't get the tactical beauty of cricket, though.

And Spike had his very own key to the flat they shared. He'd never had a key all to himself before. Xander had presented it to him with all due ceremony, complete with skull and crossbones key ring. Spike had pretended it was an everyday event, but his chest had swelled, almost as though a beating heart still resided there.

If he couldn't have someone to love, Xander almost made up for it with his unconditional friendship and acceptance. They'd spent many a companionable evening together watching Blackadder or Red Dwarf on the telly. That Cat reminded him a lot of Lorne. They could recite every line, just like the geeks they were. He chuckled inwardly. Yep, he and the boy had more in common than they'd ever realized and it was ... fun living with him.

Well, it was fun as long as Xander didn't parade around shirtless too often. 'Cause, shit, he was a perpetually horny vampire with no-one to fuck and the boy was too pretty for his peace of mind. The ... um, visual impairment didn't bother him at all. He kind of liked the piratical look. The shower was his only refuge when things got to be too hard. No pun intended. He'd never been so clean in his life.

A little shiver went through him. That's all it was, right? Just a normal reaction to months of celibacy. Wasn't like he was interested in the kid or nothin'. Not like that. 'Sides, he could always go to a bar or a club to pick up a piece of arse. Female or male, human or demon; he wouldn't care. Just so long as they pretended they cared about him for an hour or so.

Well, that's what he'd do if he was interested in a meaningless fuck. But he wasn't. He'd rather stay indoors and keep Xander company. Harris wasn't ready for a new relationship yet. He was still grieving for Anya, Spike figured, although he kept it to himself and rarely mentioned her. But Spike could put a hand on his shoulder; give him a manly, supportive slap on the back when he sensed that Xander was drifting back into his not-so-pleasant memories.

That's why they were here. Xander needed to move on, to find a way past his grief and regret. Spike had long since come to the sorry realization that Xander was never going to turn to him for anything beyond friendship but the young man hadn't deserted him and Spike was going to stand by him, no matter what. The breakneck speed at which Xander had been moving around the world, finding Potentials and taking them to the Watcher's Council for training hadn't fooled Spike for a moment. It was all to keep him from thinking too hard. Inside, the boy's heart need to be super-glued back together and Spike wasn't about to let his friend suffer for any longer than necessary.

Dru had dragged him here to the Tor during their glorious Scourge of Europe days, determined to share her great discovery with her Childe. "Feel it, my Spike. Feel the magic," she'd almost sung as she danced around the ruined church atop the Tor, her skirt floating around beguilingly. "The King calls us to serve him and we must obey." Her eyes had closed in ecstasy as her voice rose. "The wicked King wants us for his very own, to serve him and be his minions."

Spike had wasted no time in hauling his insane lover back to civilization. He wasn't immune to the power thrumming through the hill but buggered if he was going to serve anyone besides his mad Sire and sadistic Grandsire. They kept him busy enough. Not that he thought for a minute that there really was a king residing beneath the Tor, but no point taking chances, was there? Anyway, King Arthur hadn't been wicked, to the best of Spike's recollection.

He'd confided to Willow in a phone call a few days ago that he was concerned about Xander's state of mind and, after some quick research, she'd taught him a heart's ease spell and sent him a bundle of herbs through the post. Since he wasn't a magick user, she'd explained, the only way he could cast it even halfway effectively was by taking Xander to a 'place of magic'. Glastonbury Tor had immediately popped into Spike's wayward mind. Finding an excuse to get Xander there was his only challenge but Spike was nothing if not resourceful.

He dropped his end of the box to the ground, forcing Xander to drop the other end until it lay flat on the lush grass. He rooted around in the bag he was carrying and grabbed a fistful of its contents, pulling it out and opening his hand for inspection. He grinned when Xander's jaw dropped in shock. He was holding a can of lighter fuel surrounded by straw and twigs.

"It's like this, pet. We're gonna have us a little party."


Xander felt his jaw drop in confusion and shock. He didn’t even know he could actually be surprised after everything he’d seen but here he was like some idiot. Then he saw the hopeful and excited look in Spike’s eyes, and for once the vampire wasn’t wearing his trademark smirk but an honest to god smile that made his face light up.

He couldn’t help but think that Spike should smile like that more often; it made him seem more real and less like the Big Bad. Then he grinned.

“A little arson to round out our evening of exercise? We could have set something on fire closer to home, you know.”

“Git. The idea is a bonfire; I hired some lads through Mardoc to come up and build it, and this is just the kindling. Come on, it’s in the back of the ruins so the villagers won’t see it and call the fire brigade out on us. Had it magically screened too, but the spell won't last long."

Xander just shook his head and laughed ruefully. Spike reminded him of a kid sometimes, getting an idea in his head and going with it no matter what. Like the time he got it in his head to prove to Xander that Robin Hood was real and they ended up getting lost looking for a headstone in some shire. It reminded him of better days, when he and Jessie would run off into the wilds of Breakers Woods and Willow would refuse to play with them for a week for leaving her behind.

“Let’s get going, a fire sound great right about now. Hey, did you bring marshmallows? 'Cause they are a must for any outdoor conflagration.”

“Got something even better to toast in the box, pet, just you wait.”

Spike just sounded so earnest and like he’d been looking forward to planning this -- whatever it was -- that Xander let himself be carried along. He helped drag their supplies of kindling and whatever to the ruins of what looked to be an old church on one side of the Tor.

There they found a carefully laid out fire, ready and waiting to be lit. It was stacked kind of big, about six feet tall. “Spike? You are going to let me light this bad boy, aren’t you? I’m thinking big fire plus vampire equals much badness.”

They dropped their burdens about six feet away and Spike looked at him and batted his eyelashes. “Aww, worried about me, Xan?”

Something in the way Spike said that made his stomach do a little flip but he ignored it, even though it had been happening more often as of late. “Yeah, 'cause I don’t think I know how to get home from here and a pile of dust can’t drive. Seriously, though, let me light the damn thing and, hell, I’d better stand far away too. With our luck we’ll end up blowing ourselves up.”

“Not gonna happen. Well, not till I bring out the extra ingredients anyway.”

“God, that so does not comfort me.”

“Pillock. Just you wait and see.”

Xander just had to grin at the enthusiasm the vampire showed, and he realized that he was right. Not much more fun on a cold night than a big fire and hopefully there were hot dogs somewhere. God, it had been too long since he’d done something like this for no reason other than to be doing it.

So he carefully piled the small twigs and sticks all around the base of the logs that had been stacked on end in a circle. Made sure that it covered all sides while Spike stood back and watched. Packed the straw in the cracks and basically ensured that when he did light this thing it will make a big blaze.

Finally he was done, and he took the lighter fluid and carefully poured it around the base and over the top.

“God, I hope I don’t spill any of this stuff on me.”

“Will you quit worrying? God. Worse than Peaches you are, taking all the fun out of it.”

“Sorry if I don’t want to add third degree burns to my list of injuries Spike. Besides, I don’t really think you wanna roll on top of me to put me out. Gimme your lighter, Blondie.”

Spike narrowed his eyes at him and grudgingly handed over his lighter and Xander grinned. It was so much more fun to banter with the quick-witted vampire now that they were friends. Real friends.

It wasn’t just because they were together most of the time either. Giles and Willow made time in their busy schedule for both of them, but they were so different. They both loved the research, the knowledge part of the Watching and Slaying. But for him and Spike? Just give them a weapon and something to point it at and they’d take it down, one way or another.

Buffy and Dawn lived in a whole different world now, Buffy in one of fashion shows, parties, and world-wind tours courtesy of that Immortal guy while the Dawnster tackled school. They were still friends, but Buff just couldn’t understand how he’d rather be at home with a bottle of Guinness, Spike and a footie match than seeing the world, eating in all the finest restaurants and chatting up the rich and famous.

Besides, it was one of the first things that Spike and he agreed on, that the Immortal, Costa, was a complete ass. "Angel is less of a git”, as Spike put it.

“Okay, now is the moment of truth. Do I need to say anything for this little ritual?”

“Well, you could say 'abracadabra' but you’d only sound silly.”

“Gee, thanks.” Xander flicked the lighter on and lit a rolled up piece of newspaper Spike had provided, using it to catch the straw and twigs aflame. Soon the fire was blazing, flames flickering up towards the sky and heat radiating from it and warming his bones.

Xander just stood there, watching. It was almost mesmerizing, watching the blaze.

Suddenly Spike threw something on the fire that caused it to spark and it smelled like some of the stuff he had put up on the shelves for Anya back in the Magic Box days. He looked at Spike questioningly.

“Just some benzoin resin and some other stuff to make it spark nice, pet. Bay and cedar and rosemary. See?” Another handful went into the fire and Spike was right; it did make little extra sparks, and it gave the fire a savory smell that made Xander think of comfort and home.

“Used to love to watch a big fire like this; I’d sit and watch the smoke rise up in the air and it was like it took all my troubles with it.”

“Yeah, it’s nice…peaceful even.” And Xander closed his eye and did as his friend said, imagined all his hurts going up in flames.


Spike lay down on the lush grass, head pillowed on his folded arms, eyes unblinking as he gazed into the flames, willing happiness and contentment for his human friend, praying to the gods he didn't believe in and who he was sure would reject him. He smiled as Xander placed an uncertain hand on the small of his back and began to stroke. He turned over suddenly, and Xander's hand was now rubbing his belly in easy, soothing circles.

He grunted in satisfaction. The waning moon gave extra power to the magic he'd invoked on Xander's behalf. And Xander was touching him. He reached into his duster pocket and retrieved the flask that usually held Jack Daniels.

"Here, pet, take a swig. It'll warm you up."

Xander pulled the top off the flask and looked at it suspiciously, then took a quick sip. He was prepared to spit it out but ... it was hot chocolate! With an irresistible under-taste of honey. And yummy cinnamon, just for spice. He downed it in seconds. A feeling of well-being threatened to consume him. Everything seemed so much better. He could think of Anya without pain, now. The maelstrom of grief was replaced by gentle regret and affectionate memories.

Spike had never felt so content. He could feel the spell sparking around them. He reached out to pull Xander's hand back to his stomach and purred quietly when it began its slow circling again. He gazed up into liquid brown eyes and was stunned by the strength of feeling that jolted through him. Damn! He was in love with the human. At some level, he'd known it for a long time but had been denying it, afraid that his feelings weren't returned. He wanted to pull the boy to him and kiss him breathless, but knew the time for action hadn't quite arrived. He tried to divert his mind from lustful thoughts.

"D'ya know what this is about, Xan? The bonfire and all?"

He smiled when Xander's brow furrowed perplexedly.

"See, it's the 5th of November. That's the day that Guy Fawkes and his merry band tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament."

"Why would they do that?"

"Well, they were Catholics and it wasn't a popular religion. The King was a Protestant. So they figured they'd blow him up and maybe get someone more easy-going to rule them."

"What happened to them? I know they didn't blow up Big Ben 'cause I took a tour."

"Nope. They got caught. One of the nits sent a warning letter to a mate in the House of Lords and it got to the King and his soldiers found barrels of gunpowder in the basement. Had a pretty good secret service in them days. They rounded up the gang and tortured and executed most of them." He sighed regretfully. "Wish I could've seen that. Drawing and quartering isn't a pretty way to die." He licked his lips at the thought.

Xander stifled a laugh. "You're a bloodthirsty bastard, Spike."

Spike rolled his eyes. "I'm a vampire, ya git. Blood's what it's all about."

Xander tried to be squicked but failed miserably. He knew exactly who and what Spike was and only loved him for it. He resolutely pushed down that thought. Love a vampire? That was just crazy talk.

They continued to gaze into the licking flames for several minutes, mesmerised and oddly relaxed. Suddenly, Spike shook his head slightly and jumped to his feet. “Nearly forgot, didn’t I? Getting absent-minded in me old age.”

“Forgot what?” asked Xander, puzzled.

The vampire smiled wolfishly. “Wanna know what’s in the box, Xan?”

Again, Xander was touched by the genuine amusement on his friend’s face. It had never occurred to him before, but Spike had smiled, really smiled, more in the last couple of months than in all the years Xander had known him. Guess he'd never had much fun before. If you didn't count the slaughter and mayhem. And Xander really didn't want to think about the slaughter and mayhem. 'Cause, eeeww!

He grinned back. “Yep. Tell me!”

Spike’s smile widened and he walked quickly to the cheap wooden box they'd lugged up the hill, Xander trailing expectantly behind him. With a flourish, he threw off the loose-fitting lid.

“Bugger me!”

"That an invitation, pet?" Spike almost giggled at the shocked look that swept across Xander's face. The fact was, they'd been living together for a while now and Xander was picking up his speech patterns. Mannerisms too, he thought proudly. He had noticed the boy trying to quirk an eyebrow occasionally. Didn’t work too well but it was kind of cute.

He picked up the straw-filled dummy from the box and proudly held it out for inspection.

Xander returned to the point. "It's ... its Angel! Where'd you get those fangs? And ... you stole some of his clothes?!"

"Wasn't hard. Got the fangs from that fancy dress place around the corner from the flat and ... well, Peaches never was the observant type. He's got so much clobber, no chance he was gonna miss a pair of trousers and one of his zillion silk shirts."

"What's it for?"

"'S'like this, Xan. On Bonfire Night the tradition is you burn a dummy -- an effigy -- of Guy Fawkes on the fire. I just figured, we've got nothin' against old Guy, but," he smiled slyly, "don't care too much for the self-righteous poof, now, do we?"

Xander doubled up in laughter as he realised where Spike was going with this. "We ... we're going to burn him on the ... the fire?" he finally managed to splutter, wiping the tears of mirth from his eyes. He took off the eye patch to make it easier and tucked it in his pocket. He'd long since stopped feeling self-conscious about Spike seeing him ... naked, so to speak. The truth was, Spike was the only creature on earth who'd seen his empty eye socket since he'd left hospital. He hadn't even trusted that Anya wouldn't be disgusted by it but Spike ... Spike was different. He didn't stare, didn't seem fazed. Just accepted it as part of who Xander was.

"Damn right, pet. My Grandsire is gonna burn, baby, burn." He sighed regretfully. "Pity he won't know it."

"Right, let's go!" Xander picked up the legs of the dummy and started to move towards the bonfire, Spike following, still holding the straw man by its arms. "One, two, three!" The effigy flew through the air onto the top of the fire and began to smoulder. They whooped as it caught fire and turned to one another, grinning madly.

"C'mon, pet. No point dragging an empty box down the hill and we need some more fuel." He stepped back to the coffin-shaped wooden box and quickly kicked it to pieces. They threw it onto the fading bonfire, which flared back into life, consuming the straw-stuffed figure atop it. They laughed happily then, quick as thought, found themselves hugging, arms wrapped tightly around one another. Just as quickly, they stepped back from the embrace.

Xander's face was flushed. What the fuck had just happened? Friends hug all the time, don't they? Didn't have to mean a damn thing. Only ... it did. Then it all became beautifully, gloriously clear. He stepped back to Spike and tugged the vampire's arms back around his waist. "You did all this for me and I ... can I kiss you?"

Spike's voice was husky. "Wish you would."

Breathing deeply, Xander leaned forward and pressed his lips to the blonde’s.

Spike thought briefly about asking the boy whether he really wanted this but ... what the hell. This was no time to be a gentleman. He hadn't been one of them since William died.

He kissed those beautiful, lush lips gently at first, almost chastely. When Xander didn't pull away Spike became braver and licked along the seam of the brunet's mouth, willing it to open. When it did, he pushed his tongue inside and proceeded to map out every centimeter of his beautiful boy's mouth. Every tooth, every tiny bit of palate and inner cheek received equal attention. He groaned when Xander's tongue came out to play and duel with his own. His mind nearly went into overload when Xander started to fumble with the buttons of his jeans. He was so hard, so needing relief.

At long last, Xander successfully undid his Levi's and released his straining erection. He wasn't surprised when the boy didn't appear to know what to do next. He reached out and stroked Xander's furrowed brow. "It's okay, sweet. I know you haven't been with another man before. Haven't had all that much experience myself. A few trips to Poofworld with Angel when I first got turned, but Darla soon put a stop to that. Got right jealous when her Childe paid attention to anyone else, she did." He paused for a moment. "Do you want to stop now?" he asked hesitantly. Shit! Maybe William was still lurking somewhere inside.


Spike chuckled and pulled Xander into a bear hug. "Let's get these pants off and see what happens next. Okay?"

"Yeah. That sounds good."

Tugging Xander down onto the grass, Spike quickly unzipped his pants and pulled the broad body on top of him until their erections aligned. He moaned in his boy's ear as he thrust up needily, further igniting Xander's desire. Their lengths rubbed slickly and wetly against one another as they moved, lubricated by the steady stream of pre-come leaking from their weeping slits. "So good, Xan. So lovely, pet. Want you so much, need you so much," he groaned, barely able to think, lost to the wonderful sensations. He returned to Xander's mouth and kissed him again, loving the taste of chocolate on Xander's tongue, loving ... loving Xander.

Xander gasped when Spike reached between their bodies to wrap long, strong fingers around both their cocks and began to stroke firmly. His pace picked up and their moans filled the air, accompanied by the gentle crackling of the fire. An occasional flare illuminated their faces, creating patches of shadow and light and bringing Spike's cheekbones into sharp relief. "Cute li'l devil," he said dazedly.

Suddenly the trickles of want need coursing through Spike's body became urgent and with a howl he spilled his release onto his own hand, onto their bellies. Xander followed almost immediately, head thrown back, body arching, eyes shut tight in ecstasy.

Spike smiled gently when Xander collapsed bonelessly on top of him. "Okay, pet?" he said, running his fingers affectionately up and down Xander's spine.

"Mmmm. Nice. That was nice. Gonna sleep now."

"No sleeping, Xan. The fire's dying and you'll get yourself all cold and damp if we stay here much longer. I've got us rooms at a hotel in the town and there’s a bag for each of us in the car."

Xander raised his head with difficulty and gazed into Spike's eyes. Funny -- they seemed kind of warm, considering they were ice blue. "Think of everything, don't you?"

"Didn't think this'd happen, so that'd be a big 'No'," replied Spike.

Xander chuckled and reluctantly pulled away from Spike's body and stood up, zipping his trousers and trying to wipe away the rapidly drying fluid on his stomach.

"Don't worry 'bout that, pet. You can have a shower when we get to the hotel."

Part Two

The drive back to town was accomplished in silence, both unsure of what to say. This development in their relationship had them both a little freaked out. Xander wasn't sure if they'd actually had sex but, whatever it was, it was a lot more than he'd ever done with another guy-type person before.

They eventually reached the Holiday Inn and checked in, each getting a keycard. Still no words were spoken as they entered the lift, got out on the third floor and found their adjoining rooms. They stood outside Xander's room. The silence was beginning to grate on Spike's last nerve.

"So, Xan. See you in the morning?" He frowned when Xander didn't respond but just kept staring at his shoes. "Listen, luv. You wanna share with me tonight? Don't wanna pressure you or nothin' but we've just been pretty ... well, intimate, I'd say. No reason we shouldn't share. Been living together a long time, we have. Well, a long time for me. 'Cept if you discount the years I lived with Dru but that was different 'cos I didn't have much choice. I loved her and I had to look after her, her being crazy as a loon and all, and she was my Sire and ...” He stopped and sighed. Maybe he was catching the boy's babbling weirdness.

He was taken aback when Xander threw his arms around his neck and pulled him in tight. "Yes, please," came a muffled plea against his neck.

"Good. That's good," said Spike. Holding Xander against him with one hand, he opened the door with the other and shuffled them both into the room, stopping short as he saw the king sized bed. He'd expected a twin-bedded room. "Sure you're okay with this?"

Xander pulled back slightly to look into his eyes. He sighed deeply. "Yeah, Spike. I'm just fine with it."

Suppressing a smile, Spike kicked the door shut and switched on the room light. "Go take a shower." He breathed deeply. "You smell of peat and smoke and ... me," he said wistfully.

"Like smelling of you. Can we just go to bed now? Shower in the morning?"

Spike shivered. What was Xander suggesting?

The brunet moved away and began to shuck his clothes, stopping when he was down to his boxers. "Can I..?"

"Don't stop now, pet! Wanna see you. Wanna see all of you."


Xander slipped off his boxers and fought off the need to blush. This was Spike, his friend. They were flat mates and had seen each other in one state of undress or another before; hell, Spike was the only being on the planet that had known him before his pirate look that didn’t flinch when he saw him. He could be himself with Spike.

Except he had just kissed and had some sort of gay sex with Spike.

And he had liked it.

He stood there, uncertain. It had been a long time since he’d felt this vulnerable; he’d thought he’d left that behind in the hole that used to be Sunnydale. Evidently not. He was glad when Spike held out his hand.

“Beautiful, love, absolutely gorgeous. Come on, we'll just pile up in bed and have a bit of a bit of a snuggle, okay? Just let me get off my kit.”

Spike led him to sit on the edge of the bed while he undressed. As much as Spike had affected him in the past few months, he’d affected Spike. The vampire was actually wearing jeans with a sweatshirt. Okay, it was a black sweatshirt with his usual long sleeved red shirt underneath but it was a different look.

It was odd; Spike didn’t do any deliberate teasing or anything, just pulled off both shirts at the same time but it was like he was really seeing Spike for the first time. Smooth, pale skin, rippling muscles; two pink nipples still sort of…nipply from the cold. Xander wondered what it would be like to lick at them, help them warm up using his mouth.

He shook his head and blushed. He thought he heard Spike chuckle under his breath and remembered the vampire had a very good sense of smell. Damn. That thought only made him blush more.

Thankfully Spike didn’t make one of his trademark comments about that. He was feeling very exposed, sitting there naked watching the vampire undress. Not that it wasn’t a great show. Quite the opposite. He’d always admitted the other man looked nice. Compact and well muscled didn’t quite say it all now that he was seeing what was under the skintight jeans.

Firm, round ass; a part of Xander’s brain thought it was very squeezable. Slender legs with strong thighs. A long, thick cock that laid semi-hard in a nest of honey brown curls. Spike just stood there letting him look and Xander fought for a needed breath.

“You’re so flawless Spike, so beautiful.”

“Thanks, pet. Now squinch up and get under the covers. I know you’ve got to be cold a bit still.”

Xander did as he was told and slid into the cool sheets and Spike followed. Truth be told, he was feeling anything but cold. He felt almost as if all his nerve endings were on fire. Spike’s arms beckoned and he hesitantly curled up with him. This was just all so new but he couldn’t think of anywhere else he’d rather be.

“Spike, what did you do tonight? Really?”

The chest underneath him moved as Spike sighed. “It wasn’t a love or lust spell, Xan, if that’s what you’re worried about. I suppose if I were to call it anything it was a purification spell, or a spell to ease the heart. You’ve been carrying too much around with you pet, and for so long; it was dragging you down and I fucking well hated to see it. Actually called up Red and asked for her help. Got me acting like a nancy boy, you do.”

Xander smiled. He’d always wanted someone to want him for who he really was; he’d just never thought it would be Spike. He knew Spike worried about him; Xander often teased him by calling him a Mother Hen. But this had been unexpected.

“Thank you Spike, for worrying about me, watching out for me. It’s nice to have someone to care about me. And you went to a lot of trouble, so…thanks.”

If the vampire had circulation Xander was betting Spike would be blushing right now. As it was he kind of ducked his head. “Wasn’t that much trouble, Xander. Mostly raided the spice cupboard at home. And I bought you that cedar for you to whittle with so I could use the shavings. Figured having you work with it might give the spell some extra power.”

Xander nuzzled at Spike’s neck and sighed. “You know who you just sounded like right then? Tara. When we first started worrying about Willow we talked. Tara told me that part of the problem was that Willow was doing these big complicated spells when sometimes the simplest magicks were just as powerful. Kitchen Witchery she called it.”

Spike hugged him tightly and Xander all but purred in his embrace. It just felt so good to be held after so long. “You miss her don’t you, pet?”

“Yeah, and Anya, and Nema. And a lot of other people and things. Might have beens you’d call them, I guess.” Xander took a deep breath and pressed on. “That’s part of what I was thinking about, watching the smoke with you. I did what you said and tried to put all of my problems into the smoke and let it take them away. I just didn’t know it would give me you in return.”

Xander knew that this night was going to change things between them; it already had. Figuring he had nothing to lose, he rolled on top of Spike, knowing the vampire could take his weight. Their cocks touched once again and he gasped. He was only halfway hard before but it was if touching Spike sent him from zero to ninety in three seconds flat. He enjoyed the feeling of both their members filling and swelling and leaned forward, initiating a slow kiss between them.

At first their lips only touched but then Spike’s wonderfully wicked tongue licked at the corner of his mouth, and Xander moaned as it slipped in. It was if Spike was trying to taste him, using his tongue to lick and touch every inch of his mouth. The kiss spoke of need and want but above all there was love. Xander inhaled through his nose and sucked at Spike’s tongue, trying to nip at it just lightly.

The effect was instantaneous. Spike growled and used his greater strength to roll them over till Xander was pinned underneath him. Instead of being afraid it just encouraged Xander. He still wasn’t sure what to do and was more than willing to surrender control to Spike.

For now at least.

Instead he just let his hands roam wherever they wanted to. One snuck around Spike’s shoulders to trace the muscles in his back. The other went where Xander had been dying to touch since the sweatshirt hit the floor. He tweaked one nipple and then the other before running his thumb in light circles around them.

Eventually they pulled back and Xander gasped for breath. He’d never kissed to the point of passing out for air before, not even in his closet days with Cordy.

“Spike, are we still going to be friends? I…I don’t want to lose what we had, I just want…”

“More? Yeah, me too. But we can still be friends, don’t see why not. Let's see where this takes us. I’d like that.”

“Me too.” Xander couldn’t help but whisper his reply, but he knew Spike heard it, just like he knew Spike could hear every beat of his heart.

They kissed again, a tender kiss that left Xander wanting anything and everything Spike would give him. He could tell Spike was affected as well; the vampire’s eyes had a gold rim and Xander could tell he was holding back. He raised one hand to Spike’s face and caressed him.

“Let go, Spike, I don’t mind.”

Spike’s features rippled and Xander was face to face with the demon. Slowly and carefully he leaned in for another kiss, careful of the fangs. Spike growled and started a rocking motion with his hips that had Xander arching into his touch. If his mouth had been free he would have begged for more.

Instead he settled for telling Spike in other ways, trying to convey his desire through his tongue while at the same time reaching around and grabbing that perfect ass and pulling the vampire hard against him.

Spike broke from the kiss with a growl, only to start licking his way down Xander’s jawbone and to his ear. His voice sounded heavy with need as he spoke directly in Xander’s ear.

“Want to fuck you, Xander. Want to fill you up with me so you’ll never be empty again. Want to make you mine. Can I, pet? Let me, promise it will be ever so good, you’ll love every touch.”

Xander gasped and felt his cock twitch at Spike’s softly spoken words. Evidently Lil’ Xander was less freaked out at the thought of full on sex with a man than he was. He knew how it worked, but before it had never seemed appealing. Kind of gross, even.

Now, though, he wanted nothing more than to be split open and taken by the man on top of him.

“God yes! Please Spike, fuck me. Fuck me hard, wanna feel it. Want you touching me inside and out!”

Spike’s hand had been on his upper arm and at the declaration it squeezed as if the blonde was trying to gain some control. Xander knew he’d be bruised there tomorrow, in other places probably as well but it didn’t matter. In fact it was kind of nice, knowing he'd have a visible mark of what was happening tonight.

Then Spike started moving down his body, licking and nibbling every inch from the nape of his neck to his nipples and his navel. Just as Spike was getting to the good part he stopped and groaned. It was not a happy, about to get laid groan but a disappointed moan.

“Why’d you stop, Spike? Please, I need this.”

Spike slipped back into his human aspect and looked at him with concerned blue eyes. “You’re a virgin, Xander, and I never in my wildest dreams thought this was going to happen. Didn’t bring any slick and I don’t want to hurt you.”


Xander's eyes opened almost comically wide. It was kinda funny but neither one of them felt like laughing. "There's got to be something we can use," he wailed.

"Don't go anywhere." Spike leapt from the bed and was dressed in seconds, wincing as he stuffed his purple erection inside his jeans. He'd have a matching set of blue balls if he didn't come inside his boy soon. He almost ran to the door, forgetting to put on his Docs in his hurry.

Xander's mouth flapped open a couple of times but it was too late to ask questions -- Spike was outside and hurtling down the stairs, taking them two at a time. Sod waiting for the lift. He reached the reception desk in record time and waited impatiently while the clerk dealt with a middle-aged couple who were checking in.

Once he'd dealt with them, the clerk finally noticed the good-looking, barefoot platinum blond tapping his polished nails on the counter. "Can I help you, sir?"

"Know of an all-night chemist or supermarket 'round here?"

Danny wasn't stupid. He'd seen the beautiful blond arrive with an equally toothsome brunet and was surprised when they took separate rooms, considering the sexual tension radiating from the pair. He had a pretty good idea why the man staring hopefully at him needed ... supplies. He glanced down discreetly and noticed a bulge in the blonde’s jeans, confirming his suspicions. As well as being perceptive, Danny had a romantic streak a mile wide. "There's nothing nearby ..." Spike groaned in frustration, "but if you wait here for a moment I might be able to help out." He walked into the tiny office behind the counter.

Spike was confused. Where the hell was the kid going? To get him a map, maybe? Bugger it; he was too wound up to drive around all night looking for an open shop. He'd just have to order a sandwich from room service, with extra mayonnaise and butter. But he wanted Xander's first time to be ... perfect.

His musing was interrupted when the lad came back. Looking around to make sure there were no witnesses in the lobby, he handed Spike a brown paper bag. "What the f--?" Spike opened the bag to see a packet of condoms and a tube of KY Jelly nestling inside. He treated Danny to a blinding smile and pulled a £50 note from his pocket.

"Good guess, kid. I'm not even going to ask why you had these behind the counter," he said, handing over the note.

"And I'm not going to tell you," said Danny with a laugh. "This is too much, you know. That's only a tenner's worth of stuff."

"Believe me, it's worth fifty quid to me. Worth a lot more, as it happens, but that's all I've got on me. Now I've gotta go see a man about a ...” He winked and spun on his heels, heading back to the stairs.

Danny sighed. He hoped Mark would have some spares on him when he arrived to ... 'entertain' him during his break. He brightened. Oh well, guess he'd just have to make do with a blowjob tonight.


Xander lay back on the bed, cock throbbing painfully, frustration level rising. Where had his hopefully-soon-to-be-lover gone? It had been at least five minutes and he missed the gorgeous blond. He wanted Spike to pop his cherry. Now!

He had to fight against the urge to take care of his not so little problem. He was damned sure Spike would want to have a hand in that.

Spike opened the door and stalked across the room, smiling at the welcoming look on Xander's face. "Look what I've got, pet," he said, brandishing the lube. He discarded the paper bag, condoms still inside. They wouldn't be needing those. A vampire couldn't get or pass on STD's, but there'd been no need to share that little snippet with the desk clerk. He stripped off his clothes and turned to face Xander. The brunet's arms opened and he launched himself into them, needing to feel those warm arms close around him again.

Snuggling into Xander's side, he began to slowly lick and nip down his neck, cock becoming impossibly harder and thrusting gently against Xander's hip as he traced his jugular with his tongue. His fingers began to roam across Xander's body, tweaking and thumbing brown nipples which hardened at his touch. One hand slid lower, stroking softly across Xander's belly.

Xander giggled. Spike's fingers danced across his ribs and Xander's giggles turned into laughter. Spike snickered quietly. Xander had been too melancholy for too long.

While Xander was distracted, he took his place on top of the broad body again and leaned down to kiss him, bracing himself on his forearms and allowing his long fingers to run through the boy's dark, silky locks.

Xander groaned as his laughter was stifled by those mobile lips and a greedy tongue began to play with his, darting and teasing between his parted lips. Shit! If Spike could make him feel so wanted and turned on with a kiss, what would it be like to be fucked by him? He shivered with anticipation and ... nervousness. He was kinda scared by this whole man-lovin' thing.

Spike pulled his mouth away and began to slither down Xander's body, licking, kissing, nipping and sucking at every inch of skin he could reach. He dipped the tip of his tongue into Xander's navel, a rigid cock prodding his cheek, then raised his head a little to stare into Xander's eyes and slowly drew the dripping mushroom head into his mouth. He moaned as he tasted Xander's pre-come on his tongue and hungrily took the whole shaft into his throat, his nose pressing against springy dark pubic hair.

"Fuck, Spike!" shouted Xander, trying not to thrust.

"Mmmm?" asked Spike wordlessly, unwilling to release his prize, and the vibration around his prick strained Xander's self-control to the limit.

Spike began a slow bobbing motion on Xander's cock, tongue swirling around the tip and occasionally dipping into the weeping slit, while he reached down to fondle and roll his balls with his hand. He suppressed a smile when Xander pulled his legs back to give him better access. He released Xander's cock with a slurp then pushed at the drawn-up thighs until the entrance to the man's body was revealed. "Now, that's the prettiest sight I've seen in a long time. You, all laid out and open for me."

Xander whimpered when Spike began to suck his balls, drawing them into his mouth one at a time, then started when the vampire moved down to lick the strip of skin leading to his pucker.

"Shh, pet. Gonna take good care of you, I am. Gonna make you feel so good."

Retrieving the tube of KY Jelly he'd stashed under the pillow, he unsnapped the cap with one hand and squeezed a generous amount onto the fingers of the other. Sucking hard on Xander's cock, he circled the man's pucker then began to slowly push his index finger inside, grunting in satisfaction when Xander's channel accepted it. He added another well-lubed finger and searched...

Xander's body arched and almost left the bed when Spike's fingertips stroked his prostate. "Do it again, do it again, do it again! Pleeeease!"

Any thought Spike had of suggesting that this may be too quick for Xander vanished as the man writhed on his fingers, face contorted with lust, panting gasps filling the room.

"More, Spike. Need more."

Spike's voice was husky with want and need. "You'll have more, baby." He sat up and knelt between Xander's legs. "Put your legs over my shoulders, okay?"


He smiled at the trusting expression on Xander's face. After coating his shaft with more lube, he carefully lined it up with Xander's hole and pushed forward slowly, grunting when his careful preparation paid off and the head slipped in easily. Taking a deep breath to maintain control, he pushed in a little deeper, watching Xander's face intently, ready to withdraw immediately if he saw any sign of discomfort. He almost came when Xander tilted his pelvis so that his cock slipped in further. Finally his balls were resting against Xander's buttocks.

Xander's eyes snapped open and he stared down at their joined bodies. Spike followed his gaze and they groaned in unison at the beautiful sight.

Spike leaned down and took Xander's face in his hands. Xander's eyes returned to his, unsurprised when he saw they were once again glowing golden.

"I love you, Xander Harris. You're the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm never letting you go."

"I love you too, Fang. Now move, already!"

Chuckling at the urgency in Xander's voice, he began to thrust, slowly at first then more quickly as his passion rose. Bracing himself on his right forearm, he wrapped the fingers of his left hand around Xander's cock and began to stroke it hard and fast. He felt the familiar tingles up and down his spine which signaled he was about to come and couldn't hold back for another second when Xander's release spilled over his hand for the second time tonight and the walls of the boy's hot, velvety channel tightened around him.

"Fuck, Xan, so good. Beautiful. Love you so much, need you so much." He buried his face in Xander's neck, sharp fangs nicking the tender skin.

"Do it, Spike," whispered Xander.

Spike raised his head again. He didn't pretend to misunderstand. "You mean it?"

"Bite me, please." Xander grinned, tired but determined. "You must be hungry after all that exercise."

"Oi, you ain't food! You ... you’re...”

Xander reached up to stroke his ridged brow. "I know exactly what I am to you, Spike. You just showed me. That's why I want to bite me, so I can feel even closer to you."

With a groan, Spike buried his fangs in Xander's neck and they both came again as he drew on the sweet blood, overwhelmed by the powerful emotions coursing through them.


Spike's eyes opened slowly. He was wrapped in a warm cocoon of lightly tanned flesh and could happily stay there forever. He felt Xander's heart-rate begin to speed up and knew his lover was awakening. Those words had a nice ring to them: 'his lover'. Suddenly agitated, it occurred to him that Xander might regret what they'd done, might not want anything to do with him ever again. He didn't think he could stand it if that happened. Maybe he should offer to go back to being just friends? Give the boy an out if he was sorry they'd taken this huge step?

"Uh, Xan..?"

"Hmmm?" came the sleepy response.

"I was just wonderin' if you ... you know, if you'd rather we hadn’t...”

Xander had reached full consciousness but was bemused by the hesitancy in Spike's voice. What was the silly vamp nervous about? Aah. He swiftly released Spike from his embrace and pushed him flat against the mattress, pinning him there with his own larger body. His gaze drilled into Spike's. "Don't tell me, Fang. You're repenting having your evil way with me and you wish it had never happened."

"No! It was bloody brilliant. I just thought...”

"You just thought that, me being such a manly man and definitely not the 'hey, let's get it on with the beautiful blond male demon' type, I'd be all torn up with doubt and insecurity this morning."

"Well, yeah."

Xander scratched his head and pretended to think it over. "Nope. No doubt, no worries. I just feel..." he bent down to brush Spike's lips with his own, "happier than I have in a long, long time."

Spike smiled widely. "That so, pet? Glad to hear it."

"I'm damned sore, though. Might be an idea to steal a pillow from this dump so I've got something soft to sit on when we drive home." He winked at Spike, then ran his fingers lightly across the puncture wounds in his throat. A shudder pulsed through him at the memory of everything they'd done. "Does this mean I belong to you now, Spike? I mean, I've read about claiming in Giles' books, so...”

"Nah, there's more to claiming than one bite, Xan. Though, if you wanted to, that's something we could think about in the future, when we're both sure this is going to work out."

Xander frowned. "Why wouldn't it work out? We love each other."

"That's not always a guarantee, love," said Spike softly. "You're so young and you might meet someone else. Might want to have nippers one day." He raised a hand when Xander opened his mouth to protest. "Let's just enjoy what we've got and see what happens next, eh?"

"Okay, I guess." Xander pouted then a sly smile crossed his face. "Speaking of what happens next, can we take that shower now?"

Spike laughed and pushed out from under Xander then picked him up and carried him to the bathroom.

An hour later, two sated and newly exhausted males staggered to the bed and fell back into it, arms wrapping tightly around one another.


Xander snuggled, into Spike’s embrace and kissed the closest body part he could reach, which just happened to be Spike’s shoulder. He could understand why Spike was nervous earlier. This was new and different for Xander, but he couldn’t find a single regret in his heart or mind.

“So, what now?”

Spike blinked confusedly at him and Xander let himself admit how damned cute it was. “What do you mean ‘what now’?”

“I mean, what do we do now? Like when someone says “Manny Ramirez, you’ve just been voted the MVP of the 2004 World Series and helped the Red Sox bring the trophy home, what are you going to do now?” and he says he’s going to Disney World. That’s what I mean by what do we do now.”

Spike snorted. “Hate to tell you this pet, but if you think I’m going to any place with giant rodents you’ve got another think coming.”

“Shut up, Fang, you know what I mean.” Xander slapped playfully at his boyfriend’s? arm. Boyfriend didn’t seem to fit someone like Spike that well, but lover worked, as did partner. Xander resolved to stop by a bookstore and look for some sort of guide to living as a gay man since he had apparently switched teams.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I just…hadn’t thought about it.”

“Well, I guess I could move into your room, since it’s all sun proof, and turn mine into a guest room. Might come in handy if we can get Buffy to let Dawn visit during long weekends and stuff if she’s not going to visit with her. Maybe even let the Dawnster redecorate it or something.” Spike was looking at him as if he was insane. “What?”

“You’ve decided to set up house with a male vampire and you’re deciding on what to do with the extra room? Did I fuck your brains out or something, 'cause if so I’d like to brag about it! I mean, what are you gonna tell the Watcher and Red and all them?”

Xander laughed and let his hands roam down his…partner’s torso, hoping to find some ticklish spots of his own. “I hate to tell you this Spike, but if Wills helped you with that spell she probably already knows what we’re doing right now, and Giles is a Watcher for a reason. Buffy will probably be freaked when she comes back from Vienna or Amsterdam or wherever she is with Costa,” his voice sneered the name of the Immortal, “but she’ll just have to deal.”

Xander looked into crystal blue eyes and couldn’t help but grin. “And as long as our relationship doesn’t interfere with Illyria having the chance to kick your ass once a week, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass what us lower life forms do. We’re not around Gunn and Angel enough, although I do think we need to send pictures to Deadboy, just to make his eye twitch.”

Spike laughed, a deep rich sound that went down Xander’s spine and straight to his genitals. If he hadn’t have had such a good workout in the shower he’d be hard again. “Xander luv, I can’t believe you can make the poof’s eye twitch. Been annoying him on and off for a century and I’ve not been able to do that!”

Xander grinned and wiggled around in the bed enough to make Spike gasp. “It’s a talent, I know. I think it’s because I’m human, and a kid to him. He can’t hit me like he would you.”

“That and you killed his bloody dragon.”

“Well, it’s not like Deadboy had his name on it or something! For someone over two hundred and fifty years old he sure can be a big baby. We’ll get the digital camera out when we get home, email Gunn and Oba to make sure no one else but Angel looks at them.”

Suddenly Spike moved and was above him, leaning on his arms to hold up his weight. “You are really going to let me send nudie pics of the two of us to the poof?”

Spike’s eyes were wide and Xander laughed and leaned up to kiss him. “Yes, only because I really doubt you’d let him see anything of mine, and he’s seen yours at some point in time. Plus we can ask Oba to take a picture, see what his face looks like when he sees it. It’ll be fun! She needs some cheering up.”

“Hmm, maybe we’ll make up some Christmas cards while we’re at it, get you a Santa hat to wear or something.” Spike slowly lowered himself down and Xander felt every inch of cool skin hitting his own. He gave a mental cheer for the fact that Spike managed to hit all of his places and the fact that he wasn’t freaking out that it was Spike. Like his partner, he kept on waiting for the babbling and nervousness to start, but it hadn’t yet.

Of course, when you had Spike’s tongue in your ear like that you don’t have enough brain cells to freak. Or do much else.

They didn’t get up to much, he was too tired and sore and Spike seemed to understand that, but Xander just enjoyed touching and being touched. It had been so long since he’d been touched by anyone but himself. Even that one tumble he and Anya had before the final battle against the First had been more of a desperate thing than about love.

But Spike was treating him as if he was special, precious. It was nice, more than nice. They continued to kiss and Xander felt as if his head would spin, either from the amazing feelings that were growing within him or the lack of oxygen.

They broke apart, Spike rolling to the side and holding him as he gasped for air. He couldn’t help but think the damned vampire looked proud he’d almost passed out from snogging. Xander definitely had to go buy some books, or look on the internet or something when he got home just so he could learn more about the man-loving thing and surprise Spike, wipe that smug look off his face. If there were Doctor Who groups on live journal there had to be something about male sex.

“So, is this how it’s gonna be, pet?”

This time it was Xander’s turn to look confused. “Huh?”

“No panicking? No blushing at the thought of me licking you all over?’

Guh. “No blushing, but only because you just sent all the blood in my body to different places besides my face. There will probably at some point be panicking and babbling, but not because you’re a guy or a vamp. That’s just…what I do. It’s worked for me pretty good for the past twenty-four years, don’t see any reason to change it now.”

Spike poked him in the side and he jumped, glaring at his grinning partner. “Rather like hearing you babble Xan, you haven’t done it too much in the past few months.”

“Yeah, well. Thanks…for helping with that. You’re right; I was letting myself get trapped in the past too much.” Xander grinned at Spike. “Now I’ve got something to look forward to. Instead of the Xander/Spike buddy comedy we can do the Xander/Spike romantic comedy.”

“What’s the difference there, Xan? Always thought Starsky looked at Hutch like he was a treat.”

“The difference? Huh, pay-per-view specials I guess. That fun x-rated stuff you can’t show on the telly. And I so don’t want to be considering Starsky and Hutch shaking it up.”

Xander’s stomach chose to speak up and demand food, and he realized he hadn’t eaten since yesterday.

“Come on, let’s order you up some nosh; don’t want you getting all weak in the knees unless it’s because of me.” Spike leered at him and sat up, digging through the drawer in the motel stand for a menu.

Xander leaned back into the pillows and listened as Spike ordered for him. The vampire knew him well enough that he didn’t even have to ask what Xander wanted. He realized that he’d never had that with anyone else he’d been involved with before and grinned.

He had a feeling this relationship, or whatever it was, was going to work out great.

The End

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