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Adam Gres/Silent Strider/Metis

Brianna Deluce





6'5" at his hunched height and 6'8" when he stood up straight. Big and muscle bound like an Ahroun but he is a Galliard. When he was 6 he got an early grasp on shifting and staying in his human form. His father was a great hero and elder of the Get of Fenris and always hated the child. His mother was a Silent Strider elder and died giving birth to him and his twin sister who lives in Necro as well. His father dumped him on a group of supernatural haters called Hunters. They tortured the child for ten years before another Hunter called Anna saved him and dumped him near Necro. He managed to find a kin of the Children of Gaia named Brianna when he first arrived in town. He stays with her, though most of the time he just feels he is in the way. He still leaves Necro sometimes but can never just leave and not return. So he comes back after like a month or so to stays with Brianna and her newborn baby girl. He is gruff and not very friendly towards anyone, and most of the time just stays away from people. His hair is long and black, and he usually just lets it do as it pleases. His clothes are big, really big, and ratty looking. Making him look more like a Gnawer than a Strider. He carries a lot of scars from the past both mental and physical. If you can actually get past his gruff outside he is a likeable guy, though is kinda of a smartass, and he doesn't appear that bright.