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Yanto's Vampire Photo Gallery

The Cunt shows Daz who the king of the Bellies is. Next he's taking on Jerome. Be warned Yag, be warned.

Spot the drunk (*hint - he's in the bottom right corner....)

Big Ste Dixon get's oiled up before the 1st annual Midnight Knobsies tournament.

Ah, the good old fashioned rabbit-ears joke. Does it ever get old....?

Keeping sketch for Predator.

There's nothing more natural than love between two grown men. Mmmmmmm....penises.

Ali, Vicky and Tinker visit the set of hit movie "GEAR 2". Ali is said to be moved.

The Leinster and Irish champion warm their cocks up before midnight knobsies.

Daz tries to get in on the act by creating his own game "Ballsies". Once again it's a "Can I dance?" situation and all ends badly.

Dust showing some respect for J.C. Ya'll better axe somebody.

A decieving sense of fun.

Dixon getting ready for his trip to Compton. He assures us that the "homies in the hood" would respect him and he'd "probably only get shot accident".

Simply Kev.