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Sweet AnGeL Of mIne
*-=][- TeSsaLyn -][=-*
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My Story Of Love
Sunday, 9 November 2003
The beginning
This is how we started, right from the beginning on how i get to know her.

I was 18 than, and she was 13. Never knew that i would keep in contact with her from the very day that i chatted with her on the miRc and phone that very night. Will not go into detail how i manage to get her to call me though. I found her to be a very wild ger but actually after i come to know her she is a very sweet and understanding though stubborn sometimes.
We chatted on the phone that night and i found to myself to be enjoying every minute and second of my conversation with her. We decided to meet after some time. I was really excited on the day that we are going to meet. Just wondering how this sweet angel on the phone would look like in real live. It doesn't really matter to me back than on how good or awful she would look. The fact that she really knows how to cheer me up and make me happy has already impressed me. As not many ppl or my friends really know how to do that.
We met at bedok mRt station that day. I remembered the look on her face. It was like a proud face.. i was wondering to myself, could that be her. I was puzzled but oh well. She does look pretty attractive though. We went out, and only after a while i guess she got use to me and we chatted along happily like how we did on the phone. She was hell of a mischevious and nonsensical girl. I shall again leave that detail out. Not wanting to shame her past... Haha...
At that point of time i didn't know whether she was attached or not. But secretly i did admire her and had a slight crush on her. We met up a few times after that. I can say that we enjoyed each other company and all. Till one day i finally asked her if she would be my GF. She said ok.... I was really happy. I didn't know what to say or do. We went on as couples for a few weeks.
Than came this day... where i was already in quite a bad mood. It was my fault that i didn't tell her i was in a bad mood. We were going to her place for lunch and all. She was teasing me as usual and being all nonsensical. Which that day i found a nuisance. Didn't tell her this... but i got really pissed off... I told her off and she walked off... I was really angry than... i.... (regretfully) walked off too.... i wanted to turn back... i wanted to go back to her and say that i'm sorry. But when i turn ard i couldn't see her there. So i went off... feeling hurt, angry, guilty and stupid. Why did i let her go...
From that day onwards... we hardly contact anymore... i guess i was the first guy that ever walked away from her. I didn't thought much abt her after that... though sometimes it just pops in my mind wondering how is she and all....
Suddenly 1 fine day when i was at home... a call came for me on my house phone... i hardly receive any phonecall from my house no. as most of my friends would call my hp directly. I answered the phone and to my surprise the voice i heard was very familiar... It was the voice that i waited for 1 whole year. The voice that i really wanted to hear that tells me that there still is hope. She wanted to hang up when i asked who is that on the line... (i was faking that i didn't know who was that) Just b4 she was abt to put down... i called out her name... TeSsaLyn... Beautiful and unique name.
We chatted and catch up on lost time... she had a bf already than... but i will still wait. She shared her problems with me and i was there as a friend to help her and advise her.... it was only after a long while b4 we decided to meet again. The sight of her will always bring a smile onto my face. I don't know why but it always does.
She was already having problems with her bf... You can say that i'm a bastard as i took advantage of caring for her and making her happy everytime she is with me. I see no wrong in doing that as i really want to see her smiling and laughing, instead of looking sad and all.
Ever since than... i wanted to make her mine. I succeded after some time... But of course the thought of her ex in her heart and mind was still there. I couldn't blame her, but instead i understand her and told her to take her time to forget. I Love her alot.... She was already sec 3 than... Amazing how time flies between both of us huh.. its already 4 years now since we knew each other... from the time she was with me till now.... i never regretted one day spending my time with her. She has brought new dreams and life into me. I changed for the better, because of her and for her.
Even though we had our ups and downs.... we still pull through and make it out together... I'm really grateful that she has stick by me all this time that i'm in the army and i'm a real lucky guy to have her as my girl. She is one girl that i'm proud to say that she is Mine! I guess Love can really change alot of things in a person's life. And i thank God for answering my prayer in having a girl like her coming into my life. I'll keep updating... on our love progress... for now... we love each other deeply and we can't do without each other. I Love You TeSsaLyn, from the bottom of my heart!

Posted by vamp/xzionx at 3:03 AM WST
Updated: Sunday, 9 November 2003 3:10 AM WST
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