Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

This is all the Buffy fanfiction which I've written to date.

Dark Dreaming  Rating ~ PG
Dawn tries to contact Buffy after her sister has died, and meets someone who Buffy has defeated before.

The Burning  Rating ~ PG
Drusilla amuses herself one Hallowe'en by looking back on what might have been.

The Greatest Love  Rating ~ G
Willow remembers a promise she once made to her Grandma.

Their Greatest Fears  Rating ~ G
Find out what Buffy, Willow and Xander are really scared of!

New Blood in Sunnydale  Rating ~ PG
A new Slayer-in-Waiting arrives in town, with very close ties to an existing member of the Scoobies, AU S5.
I'm currently re-writing this piece, and so I am not going to put it up here until I have completed this. The original version can be found here!

Original Fiction

These are original stories which I have written.

The Assassin  Rating ~ PG-13
A young actress discovers the truth about what really happened on November 22nd, 1963.

The Boy  Rating ~ PG-13
A scorned woman plans revenge, but things don't go quite as planned.

Maria, Princess of Darkness  Rating ~ PG-13
A young woman is bewitched by a handsome stranger, but he has a dark secret.

Other Writing

Here is where you will find non-fiction writings, poetry, and monologues.

Monologues & Scenes

I've always used writing to let out my frustrations, and these first two monologues were written because of this.

Where is Love?
A monologue written when I was frustrated at not being in a relationship.

Always Acting
This monologue was written when I was angry at one of my College tutors.

Is Blood thicker than Water?
A non-venting one this time. I wrote this to help understand character feelings after an improvised scene in an Acting Class once.

Best Friends
A scene I once wrote to amuse myself.


A poem which was written as part of a University entrance portfolio, although it was based on real life experiences.


Review of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
This is one of the first pieces that I wrote in College, just after I'd seen this cult film for the first time.

The use of Language in 'A Clockwork Orange'
Another college essay. One for my A-Level's this time. I got an A on it so I'm quite proud of this.

Note: I ask everyone to be paitient whilst I get everything loaded up, I don't have all that much free time, but I shall try my upmost to get everything up as soon as possible.

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