What... no... you can't leave...

Okay, if you insist, at least allow me to recommend a few places on the web which you may care to visit.

This site is run by Mara - aka Shona - who I introduced to the world of building webpages a couple of years ago, and who soon passed me in ability, and is now inspiring me to do my own again. There is various fanfiction by other people stored on here as well, which I can highly recommend, as well as the forum, on which you can find me masquerading as Evil Willow.

Follow this link to my Livejournal

Other fiction sites ~ This is where all my fanfiction stories, including New Blood, are archived. Check out other authors there. I can recommend Shona aka Mara (yup, it's the same one) and Ben Pieper especially. ~'s sister site, this is where all the original fiction is stored.

Near Her Always ~ A Willow based fiction archive.

Charm School ~ A Drusilla based fiction archive.

I Need a Parrot ~ A Xander based fiction archive. These three sites are managed by the lovely Kaz. They have associated forums as well, on which I lurk as Evil Willow

Little Girl Lost ~ A Dawn fiction archive.

Yahoo Groups

As well as my livejournal, and the forums mentioned above. I'm also a member of a few Yahoo groups. I'm most active in The Buffy Beeb Boards and BBBFic, although I'll occasionally put a word in on other boards. I'm known around there as evil_willow_uk.

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