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My Pretties

Before any of you go on farther, let me apologize. All of my webpages were lost, so I am just now starting all over again. I found some of my little darlings again, but some were lost. I hope some of you gave them good homes. I also have many new ones. As far as this page, you can tell it is under *MAJOR* construction. Some of my darlings have no introduction, and some of them are being stored in a transitional phase. Those that aren't on here yet can at least have their names and where they were found seen. So, please be patient..... this page will come together eventually.

This is a haven for all of my precious little friends that I have adopted.All of them are linked to where I found them.
I encourage you to visit the agencies, if not to adopt, then at least to show your support for others' sites.
Also, sometimes some of my pics appear to be broken, however, most of the time, all you do is right click on the picture and select "show picture."

I had to start making other pages, as this one was taking forever, and I mean FOREVER to load. So now, there are links to othere pages.

These little sweeties are named fire and ice. They are twins, so I didn't have the heart to seperate them.

I cannot thank the creator for making this enough. I hope you always remember those who lost their lives in the attack on our own soil, and the war on foreign that followed. Peace.

And this lady is holding a candle for peace, with a yellow ribbon for the safe return of overseas troops.

This darling watches over me on my birthday month. Her name is Augusta, and she is very fun-loving. She loves to be around water, as well.

This is China, Hunter, and Holly. They were sent to the orphanage when their parents died by the hand of a non-believer, and they are very timid.

These little guys were just too cute to pass up.

This is Emerald. She is very intelligent and sophisticated. She watches out for the Irish streak in me.

And this is her neice, Lucky.

These are the Waterdancers

And their cousins, the Feildfliers.

This is Redwing and Flame.

These are the performers.They provide entertainment for the rest of my darlings.

This is Ebony.

Go to page two of my adopted friends.

My Other Sites:

My Base Page

Mini Bios Of My Friends and Family

Lines from movies that are hard to forget.


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