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-----Spike played by james marsters----spike played by james marsters-----spike played by james marsters----



Actor Biography

He is instantly recognisable chiefly for his platinum blonde bleached hair. 
Has a HUGE cult following in the Sci-Fi/fantasy community. There are (literally) hundreds of websites dedicated to him and his immensely popular vampire character.  His appearance at the 2002 Shore Leave sci-fi convention was so popular that a great number of fans had to watch his Q&A sessions from specially set up monitors outside the conference hall. Despite the almost Beatlemania-like overcrowding at the event, he stayed on for over 2 hours after he was scheduled to leave to ensure every single fan who'd waited in line got an autograph.
He lived at one point (possibly still living there) in a house right on the beach. He once said during an interview that the worst part of living there was that because of his role on 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', he couldn't go out on the beach for any length of time because he'd pick up a tan.
He gained the scar on his left eyebrow when he was mugged whilst living in Queens.Won the Sexiest Male Vampire Award at the Nocturnal 2K Convention in London, England. [July 2000]
He fronts a band called Ghost of the Robot. The band's first album, 'Mad Brilliant, was released in February 2003.











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Character Analysis

Spike entered Buffy as a tough vampire, with his own gang and his long time love, Drusilla. He tried to kill Buffy on numerous occasions to no avail. He was kidnapped by Riley and his team and scientists implanted a chip in his head that meant he couldn't harm anyone normal without getting a severe pain automatically sent to his brain. He then started to help Buffy and the scooby gang, because if he couldn't fight humans he might as well be killing vamps and demons instead. He began to fall for the slayer and they had a brief affair. He died again, this time for the cause but rumor has it he may rise again...