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Actress Biography

Holding a degree in psychology, Emma Caulfield began her acting career in television on shows like General Hospital and Beverly Hills 90210. After a couple of brief film appearances, she landed her breakthrough role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the demon Anyanka, reborn as the human Anya Emerson, at Sunnydale High. Her popularity on the show led to an expanding role for her character as well as a lead in the thriller Darkness Falls (2003).











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Character Analysis

Anya started off in Buffy as a vengence demon, first brought into the show because Cordelia wanted to exect revenge on Xander. Anya later on got trapped in Sunnydale and was forced to become human and learn all the ways of being normal. She forced herself on Xander as his girlfriend and they later decided to marry. When Xander stepped out of it at the last minute Anya became a vengence demon once more. Anya died during a recent apocalypse which tore Sunnydale right off the map, she died fighting.