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This article is very personal to me. I wrote it back in february 2003, for the local campus magazine on its valentine issue. I found it again after a year, and tried submitting it to inquirer online ( Surprisingly it became one of the finalist for the Editor's pick for the national issue of the newspaper. It talks about my very own Beloved. The Love i could not live without.

Waiting for a Miracle. A memorable entry written two nights after i was denied my license to graduate. Amidst the tears, i managed to crawl back to my greatest enemy at that time.. (my pc, hehehe) and came up with this journal entry. I'm glad I did. After writing this one, I'm not so scared anymore.
The End of the Wait. This is a very happy entry. A sequel of "Scared to Hope". Surely, a taste of heaven here on earth! hehehe