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March 13, 2003



A Formal Challenge


Due to the long standing feud that Blaidglas and Heimdag have, a challenge was issued.  The challenge is for a battle with no outside help at all.  The rules are simple and quite fair.  The next question is will Blaidglas accept this challenge and if so when will it take place?



Territory Claimed


Clan Savage is now following in the footsteps of the Sun Clan, and claiming a section of the city as their own hunting grounds.  The area between Lonely to Ruby blocks 70th through 100th have been decided upon.  Whether this will last is yet to be seen, as the Cap Clan is know claiming that it is theirs.  Only time will tell what happens within these few blocks.



Capadocious a Comedian?


Capadocious, founder and leader of the Capadcious Clan, is now having a go at comedy.  I know it’s hard for us all to believe, but I had the privilege of watching him get up on the stage and perform his impersonation of one Count Beljeferon.  Maybe Cap is having a change of heart in his ways with his comedy act; personally, I think he was drunk while doing this act.  When asked about it afterward he mumbled something incoherently and then hollered “CHARGE!” and ran into a wall.





Assassins Guild looking for new members.  Upon joining you will receive up to date info on your enemies and a tactics guide!

Interested?  Click here.



Notte Scura:  The nightclub that has it all.   Come and have a look around.



Need questions answered?  Come and visit the ghost of Mooncalf at Gypsum and 78th.





Thieves Guild 1 – Pine and 50th.



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