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June 7, 2003

Mentor Program

written by, Dirktou

It seems we have many in this city who show no respect, or restraint when it comes to holy water!! For the second time this week, I have either been involved, or known someone involved in a holy water attack upon their vamp for no reason whatsoever. The latest was because a bank was full and my friend had to scroll it to get in to deposit some money. One of the vampires scrolled took exception to this and holy watered the scroller! I'm hear to tell the city that if I, or one of my friends is unjustly holy watered, the attacker will pay with coin and/or blood. I hope that even non roleplayers that read this (paper) will heed this warning. They are usually the ones that are making these unjust attacks. I realize that some of you might mock me, hell, might even test me, but know that the latter will result in a very slow, mentally painful death to your vampire. Here is my suggestion. Those of us that have been playing for a while need to find a newbie and give them some of the groundrules of the city. Tell them of the gravesite. Tell them what happens when holy water is sprayed just for the fun of it. I for one am tired of waking up with news of an attack on me by somebody I've never seen or heard of before.

Where is News?

written by, PersonMan

There's a severe lack of news tonight. No idea why, it's just slow. Anyway, nothing to really report on, so this'll just basically be an update that yes, the guilds are still in those places. So... ummm... GO DO SOMETHING!!!


Want to play the lottery? Well, you can! Just go to the bank 4 squares north of Clio station and give 1000 coins to the vamp named The_Lottery. A drawling will be held at the end of the week, by me. This weeks prize is up too: coins!

Notte Scura: Why not go were fashion sits? Check it all out here!

Looking to get powers? Want to build some vampire muscle or skill? Come to The Dojo, a place of teaching and training for the vampires of Ravenblack City.

There is a new group in town, but it is not for all you Vamps out here (there are enough of those popping up), It is for your Human. I figured it was about time my Human got out and socialized a bit with others of her kind, so hopefully some of you will take your Humans by for a chat sometime.

Not for the eyes of children: Have you ever come across a vampire named something like OneBigTesticle? Would you like to see that vampire taught a valuable lesson in respect? That is the aim of this group. We seek out vampires with offensive names and work together to put them out of our misery. ;) Check it all out here! Check out the sister site here!

Don’t like the Capadocious Clan? Want to show them they aren’t really in charge? Join the fight, be an assassin today! Interested?

Bloodbar - tavern for the vampires of ravenblack to relax, sip some blood wine..and be merry. Check it all out here!

Politically incorrect and proud of it: RBB Debate.

For insult free, non clan war roleplaying, join us at:RavenBlack Awakening.

For the older residents of the city, come and play at:RavenBlack Adults.Just about anything goes!

The Chill : Non-clan chat for Vampires!

Attention clanless vampires seeking teachers/mentors/ect.! They do exist and want to help you learn your way around the city and it’s systems. If interested please contact EuphoricLust at

Come to the Vampire Underground. It is where we can all be free. All are welcome.


Thieves Guild 1 – Aardvark and 4th

Thieves Guild 2 – Jackal and 85th

Thieves Guild 3 – Jet and 89th

Immolators Guild 1 – Tapir and 27th

Immolators Guild 2 – Ivy and 10th

Immolators Guild 3 –

Empaths Guild 1 – Flint and 44th

Empaths Guild 2 - Teasel and 69th

Empaths Guild 3 – Lion and 10th

Travellers Guild 1 - Holly and 16th

Travellers Guild 2 - Pessimism and 41st

Travellers Guild 3 - Uranium and 16th

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