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May 16, 2003

RavenBlack Attack Update

In the continued onslaught of the Church of Blood, our founder RavenBlack has been dropped down to 43,886 pints from 84,651 pints. So for 56 holy waters have been used on RavenBlack. In a total of five days, the Church of Blood have managed to take almost half of his blood away.

No Respect

Kirkegaard has shown a great lack of respect for the dead. As many of you know, a graveyard was added to the city to honor a fallen player. Kirkegaard has been caught robbing from this sacred place more than once. He had announced that it was stupid to have this no attack zone. Well, a few citizens were not pleased by this and it caused several showers to come to him. After the numerous holy water baths, Kirkegaard apologised and told of others misusing the site also.

Dead Human

The human police had the city in lock down while they concluded an investigation. As it turns out, the human mayor went missing a few nights ago. His body was found tonight with two small puncture holes in his neck. The human police were baffled by this and shut the city down while they tried to piece it together. The offical word on this case is that he was killed in an animal attack. We really have to start being more careful, these humans aren't as dumb as we seem to think.

This Weeks Lucky Lottery Winner

UnicornDream has won this weeks lottery. She won 80,000 coins in the drawling. Monday, the lottery starts all over again. If you want to play, just go to the bank 4 squares north of Clio Station and give 1000 coins to the vamp named The_Lottery. Every Friday there will be a drawling to see who the lucky vamp is and how much he/she won. The winner will be contacted privately before the announcement is made on the board. (Please do not leave me your emails, I will be able to find them myself, and if I cannot, I will find you in the city.)


Want to play the Lottery? Well, you can! Just go to the bank 4 squares north of Clio station and give 1000 coins to the vamp named the_Lottery. A drawling will be held at the end of the week, by me. New week starting on Monday!

Notte Scura: Why not go were fashion sits? Check it all out here!

There is a new group in town, but it is not for all you Vamps out here (there are enough of those popping up), It is for your Human. I figured it was about time my Human got out and socialized a bit with others of her kind, so hopefully some of you will take your Humans by for a chat sometime.

Not for the eyes of children: Have you ever come across a vampire named something like OneBigTesticle? Would you like to see that vampire taught a valuable lesson in respect? That is the aim of this group. We seek out vampires with offensive names and work together to put them out of our misery. ;) Check it all out here! Check out the sister site here!

Don’t like the Capadocious Clan? Want to show them they aren’t really in charge? Join the fight, be an assassin today! Interested?

Bloodbar - tavern for the vampires of ravenblack to relax, sip some blood wine..and be merry. Check it all out here!

Politically incorrect and proud of it: RBB Debate.

For insult free, non clan war roleplaying, join us at:RavenBlack Awakening.

For the older residents of the city, come and play at:RavenBlack Adults.Just about anything goes!

The Chill : Non-clan chat for Vampires!

Attention clanless vampires seeking teachers/mentors/ect.! They do exist and want to help you learn your way around the city and it’s systems. If interested please contact EuphoricLust at

Need a vacation from it all? Act now and receive 50% off for the month of July, includes air, hotel, and car rentals. Interested? Contact Cap’s travel agent at:

Come to the Vampire Underground. It is where we can all be free. All are welcome.

'Need help with spelling but don't want to be in Cap's ESL class (for all of you Capadocians out there)? BlackWings (the one from, not the vampire, since they're two different characters) is extending her claw out to help you. The email's'


Thieves Guild 1 – Kraken and 21st

Thieves Guild 2 – Umbrella and 48th

Thieves Guild 3 – Gibbon and 24th

Immolators Guild 1 – Pessimism and 36th

Immolators Guild 2 –

Immolators Guild 3 – Willow and 20th

Empaths Guild 1 – Flint and 44th

Empaths Guild 2 -

Empaths Guild 3 – Lion and 10th

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