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March 11, 2003




Do Actions Speak Louder than Words?


A complaint was issued about one Beljeferon de Centari.  A young vamp, whom was moved by his many speeches, tried to issue him a compliment when passing him in Raven Black City today.  Her effort was rewarded with a much lighter purse than she was carrying before.  Is Beljeferon really as noble as he preaches he is?  Upon hearing this news, he offers to repay his theft and explains his actions.  The young vamp is pleased with the offer but has declined it, for fear him will do the same to her again.




Happiness Around all the Misery



A wedding is to take place in 10 days time.  What a wonderful celebration to lighten the unbeating hearts of us all.  Creperum, daughter of Beljeferon, is to wed Adronicus, of the House of Adronicus.  There have been some threats surrounding this wedding from Blood Spawn, of the Cap Clan.  These threats include the destruction of this event because of snipers in the midst.  There have been assurances that the snipers will be removed from the clans in question.  With that all said, let’s wish these two vamps much joy and happiness in their immortality together.



Lock Down Lifted


Over the past couple of days, the human police have had this fair city in lock down due to some recent events.  The city was to remain in a state of lock down until all their investigations were completed.  Well, they were completed today, and they are still clueless about us.  We should tread a bit more carefully from this day on, so we don’t have to go through that again.






Thieves Guild 1 – Nettle and 84th.

Thieves Guild 2 – Sycamore and 39th.

Immolators Guild 2 – Flint and 77th.




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