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March 10, 2003



Mooncalf Drained to Zero Blood Points Last Night.

While conducting an interview with Cap, about the Battle of Gloom, he informed me to wait a moment and I would have a new and better story.  So I waited patiently, and got a new interview with Cap and BloodSpawn about the attack on Moocalf.  Here is the
interview as it went:  (I will be using the first letters in people names, but mine will be an R for reporter.)

R:  So, what caused the attack on Mooncalf?
C:  First of all, he is my Immortal Enemey.  He has also caused our clan to be the target of every happy toating gun maniac in the city by creatating the snypers.  He is also seen as an icon for Black Haven, and we are at war with them and need to break their
B:  Mooncalf gave add to the snypers and is a member of their guild if you look at their message board.  If someone gives aid to the enemy, they too are now the enemy also.  And now he is dead.
C:  He was also giving locations of our members to the attackers.
R:  Why only the two of you in this attack?
C:  That was all it took.  We didn't need anyone else.  They are getting ready for another attack this week.
B:  He wasn't worthy of the whole clan to attack.
R:  Any comments for our readers about the attack?
C:  It's sad we have to do these awful things, but when you stand up to the authority in Raven Black City, we will take you down.
B:  Any vampire who opposses the Capadocious Clan, will not live long in this city.

And that concluded my interview.  The vampire, Mooncalf, started out this attack with 642 blood points.  He was attacked with a total of two vials of holy water and sixty-one scrolls of turning.

May you rest in peace, Mooncalf.  You will be missed by your fellow clan members and your friends as well.



Clan Rankings Update


Clan Savage has pulled into the lead this week with a total of 659 pints gained.  Dark Lotus has brought home second place this week with 239 pints.  Clan Savat is bringing in third with 186 pints gained.  Both Clans, Black Haven and Cap, have actually lost over a 1000 pints each this week due to the Battle of Gloom that took place earlier in the week.  Clan Savage is now in the lead for the title of “best” clan by 400 pints.  The top three vampires for the week are:  Motorola (765 pints gained), Jimmy Mac (263 pints gained) and Yogi (187 pints gained).  The big loser for the week is none other than Cap himself, with a lose of 1581 pints.



Submission Articles





"Mesdames et Messieurs,

There has been much confusion as to my intention in creating the FEC. Many have claimed I am a fool and a hypocrite for creating a clan to destroy other clans. I will no longer argue about my faith, as clearly my words alone will not convince these heretics. Action will have to be taken against them. However, I would like to attempt to clear up any confusion about the FEC. It is NOT a clan. My quarrel with the clans lies in their structure; vampires are leaders. Not only those who lead clans, but also those who are
follow as well. Humans are simple and need leadership and guidance,which is why it is necessary for them to have government and
hierarchy. We are superior creatures capable of commanding our own thoughts and actions. No vampire should be forced to call
another "Lord." Our only Lord is God.

Monsieur Alessio de Montmartre"






Thieves Guild 1 – Nettle and 84th

Thieves Guild 2 - Sycamore and 39th

Immolators Guild 2 – Flint and 77th






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Notte Scura:  You know you want to go and let lose for the evening.




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