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March 8, 2003



The Truce Has Ended


The truce is officially done, and was proven so in an attack at Gloom and 73rd launched by Black Haven Coven on Capadocious, leader of the Cap Clan, at noon.  The attack was well planned thought out, but had some minor gliches.  Heavy loses were seen on both sides.  Unicorn Dream and Blood Spawn were both reduced to 0 blood points.  However, there have been reports that Blood Spawn actually wanted to go that low.  Witchy Rune, leader of Black Haven, was reported as losing a large number of blood points, as was Capadocious.  (When I get an estimate on both, I will add it in, sorry I don’t have it right now.) 


This will be the first of many battles between the clans.  And was a fairly even battle, though some will dispute this statement.  More to come as it happens.



Fellowship for the Elimination of Clans


A new vamp is in town, and is trying to make some massive changes.  His name is Monsieur Alessio de Montmartre and he plans to eliminate all clans.  He has been quoted saying, “The structure of clans is against the will of God; no vampire shall rule
another.  God alone is to be obeyed and feared, not the idols created by clans.  His plan to eliminate clans, seems to require the ‘creatating’ of a clan to help with the process.  Personally, it seems a bit fishy.



More Trouble at the Bars



At the Palm and Parson, a bartender was found strangled behind the bar.  Witnesses state that one Mistress Ash, attacked the man after he gave her the same directions the Immolater’s Guild 1 three times.  The scene caused patrons to call the human police, and Mistress Ash fled the bar before their arrival.  This reporter caught up with her later and received this comment on the event, “He watering down the blood.”  Temper temper, we’ll all be found out if these acts keep happening.




Shops (not sure how current these are)


Scroll Mania at Squid and 38th

Discount Potions at Beryl and 41st



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