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March 31, 2003



New Way of Dining


A new study has shown that if you feed on a human after they have just eaten dinner, their blood contains traces of the meal. The few vampires involved in the study have had remarkable success with it. We now know that pizza, seafood, steak, and pork work with this method. Guess this means that if you are in the mood for a tasty snack, wait outside a resteraunt and see what you get.



New Forms of Punishment


Always something new in the Cap Clan. It has recently come to my attention that Capadocious has special ways of dealing with his heads of house. If they speak up against him in any way at all, He pulls them around by their ear taunting and belittling them infront of the entire clan. Heimdag has recently done something (it cannot be released at this time, because it has not been confirmed) that has made him worry that this will be done to him. (Gee, I?d like to be a fly on a wall for that one.)





Notte Scura: Why not go were fashion sits? Check it all out here!


Don?t like the Capadocious Clan? Want to show them they aren?t really in charge? Join the fight, be an assassin today! Interested?


Politically incorrect and proud of it: RBB Debate.


Want to represent your clan in the next session of the clan ratings? Email Mooncalf (or his ghost, whatever he is) at New session starts May first.


Attention clanless vampires seeking teachers/mentors/ect.! They do exist and want to help you learn your way around the city and it?s systems. If interested please contact EuphoricLust at


Need a vacation from it all? Act now and receive 50% off for the month of July, includes air, hotel, and car rentals. Interested? Contact Cap?s travel agent at:




Thieves Guild 1 ? Anguish and 84th

Thieves Guild 2 ? Hessite and 75th

Thieves Guild 3 ? Pyrites and 79th

Immolators Guild 1 ? Beryl and 29th

Immolators Guild 2 ? Ruby and 39th

Empaths Guild 1 ? Steel and 65th

Empaths Guild 3 ? Unctuous and 20th





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